hey welcome back and in today’s video
we’re going to be taking a look at Poppy’s power crystal and the awkward
interview that she had on beats radio one it’s very interesting and we’ll talk
a little bit about what happened to the computer boy YouTube page it’s gone but
where did you go we’ve got some mysteries to figure out first we’re
going to take a look at this interview I had this sent to me from a Hollywood
mayhem here the same letters world record is an artist right now that is
currently occupying a fair amount of interest on the Internet people who
watch it videos know her people it starts to get awkward near the end of it
of wingtai code okay excellent is there gonna be a band you can buy tickets on
Wednesday hopping out computers good and will we be seeing a human being or will
this be some other type of life-form you can buy tickets I guess on Wednesday the
brand-new it’s kind of get it almost seems like he’s kind of getting
frustrated he’s definitely gotten awkward he’s she’s repeating over and
over the same thing so he probably hasn’t had this happen to him before
let’s see how he he’d endure it was called into web no doubt it will feature
as part of a forthcoming tour and apparently you can buy tickets on
Wednesday I love when they let me talk to people all right pop be today’s world
record interweb up on Apple music what do you think about that I’m not feeling
like something feels fun I feel funny okay okay all right he’s just like he’s
just like okay alright so that did make for one awkward interview and we already
know that poppy is going on tour we did we did the video on that before and you
can figure out the dates and times on that so let’s go ahead and look at the
power crystal you guys would like go check out the power crystal ribs Dylan
check out the power crystal when she started shaking her hand that
my exact thoughts were mm-hmm mm-hmm just does leave some questions I can see
what you guys wanted me to check this out what what the hell is a power
crystal what is this do we have anything in the description of this video – what
is this power crystal what kind of magic does it hold dear god that’s what I want
to know hmm this is this is a mystery in itself I literally can’t draw anything
off of it is it could it be an Illuminati symbol I just don’t know
let’s go to Google we’re going to type Illuminati power crystal luminary power
crystal the dark crystal is the first thing that pops up the Dark Crystal was
a Jim Henson production okay that didn’t own the crystal crystal Spears of the
Illuminati what is this it’s a book crystal spheres of the Illuminati 700
years ago what does this mean crystal spheres of the Illuminati 700 years ago
religion made much more sense to people than it does now it was part of a
coherent worldview linking all knowledge of the world then available including
science and cosmology of the time crystal spheres of the Illuminati I
don’t know what this means I don’t know if this is connected I have
no idea I don’t know I cannot draw a conclusion do you know anything about
the crystal spirit if you know anything about the crystal spear hit up the
reptil of twitter the DMS are open you can just tweet it and you seen that fly
I do want to point out something this is off topic completely 100% now there I
went out to get some I guess fly strips because there’s gnats and there’s like
an epidemic going on because they were sold out at the
at three stores that I went to three stores but I ended up getting them and
they’re doing the job but I still see some gnats around here but fear not it
will not stop me a lot of you guys wanted me to talk about the the computer
boy YouTube disappearing let’s go check that out I had a couple tweets got one
here from cth 103 RevZilla rip computer void the channel was closed and note is
no longer available that is the evidence that the the computer boy YouTube is
down why why is it down though what happened I do have a theory now I pay
attention to my youtube channel quite a bit and if I go over here on the right
side and related channels we got poppy titanic’s and Clara Charlotte VEVO there
used to be computer boy there used to be a lot of other YouTube channels team
poppy different ones there was the plant there were different things like that
they’re no longer there anymore they are not oh they’re out so what
happened to these YouTube channels it’s obvious that they no longer exist but
why now I don’t know if you’ve noticed but over the past week not only has
these channels went down and there were smaller channels than mine
but I’ve had false privacy claims and false claims and false copyright claims
and many different things coming at me and a lot more frequency it feels wrong
unless I have this with me in a lot more frequency my theory is that maybe
possibly the same people that are sending false strikes towards me did it
to every one of the other channels except for since I’m a bigger channel I
was I’m able to get around stuff like that but the smaller channels they
probably don’t have the knowledge equipped to deal with things like that
and I guess they just went down there done de nada they don’t exist anymore
I guess I guess that’s just it such as life
as far as the power crystal goes it could have something to do with
Illuminati symbolism I’m not 100% sure I’m going to have to look more into it
but while I’m doing that you can look into it with me and send me any
information to the Reptil Twitter as well as the Twitter dams are also
available and the awkward interview with that puppy talking about the tour was
very amusing and I think it’s just adding on to what type of tour this is
going to be it’s going to be a very interesting tour it’s going to be
something that you’ve never seen before the world possibly has never seen before
very interesting and something that I don’t think that should be missed or a
moment miss to talk about so this is very interesting but there’s always one
more thing that’s more interesting to me that’s right you guessed it I want to
know what you think so why don’t you go ahead and leave your creative and/or
interesting responses in the comment box beauty sometimes like that’s always
brothers and sisters I will see you in the next video trying to quit the sodas
again oh it is a tea in lemonade it’s the oral Arnold Palmer solos horseman
Palmer but you guys stay safe out there and don’t forget that this channel loves

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