Oh Personality from a/cs geo bot than what I saw from John at streamer camp Well, it’s crazy how much he’s changed since then. It’s death of feels good man Well, there should be on rare insults Your mom in French is ha ha ha is your feminine Mel is mother mal Tom man Tom mal à une Julie madam, your mother is a beautiful lady Or I guess that my mom but that’s more like your mama, I don’t know dad my mom I Guess I did kind of say it as an insult, but it’s cuz you get your mom this like kind of insulting I’ll shovel up and die if I eat bacon I’m a mi stream and come down and clean. I promise maybe he just people in the tower on East They’re far away you’re not I see him Hope you have fun with your first day on a schedule I sure liked the street is this video? Also, thanks for making you said you’ll time adaptable for the EU peeps. Hope you have a nice day further I’ve already kinda sleepy. I’m feeling with the afternoon sleepiness right now. It’s like It yeah, yeah my thought I was like 12 what? 8 a.m. You say I’ll just wash a ton of Naruto. I Go back I’m awake while the Sun is up and it’s not because I’m just not going to bed. It’s because I’m like genuinely awake How does that happen you barely hit that wall Maybe maybe maybe because I hit him maybe cuz I throw Molly, you know, oh You know Oh standard standard procedure honestly tactical high pricks up the oh and F&G a lot What They have like shows in studios they have music videos for summer saying hey grab your mouse and your keyboard is the sambar Potter’s and We’re out here Like hey, can we all connect on discord to figure out who loves who and who just wants a host from them. I Cannot for the love of God remember what this area is called every time it’s always called like your town center. It’s your resin It’s the tent in Animal Crossing upgrades to your residence Residential You character looks like Hawaii, thank you It’s you know to mimic I uh You know I think the best part about playing Games where you can like customize the character is that you can live your dreams of looking a certain way that you just can’t live in your life because You’re you’re granted an orangy of how you look more or less at birth and you can’t you can’t change that So like it’s like playing games like this. Is that way to express yourself I’m not saying I want it to look like a kawaii bell Japanese girl. I mean, yeah, but Honestly no matter how a person looks ever I Am inclined to think that no one’s actually completely happy with how they look French speakers. I Don’t know Pokey say do you eat poo Esquivel Maajid you TECA Like it s-curve was they made mala shade you TECA I Actually Oh like I can’t man what in the fuck I actually can’t believe that he all he does is eat like this is a this is a four minute thirty seven second video of him just eating Ok chap. What do you guys want to learn today in French? Curve voulez-vous a pump I’m saying Your mom okay Today, we’re gonna learn your mom in French Your mom in French is Tom math tom is your feminine math is mother math Tom man Or keep it up to you oh Oh My god, oh Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah You’re welcome I went to Maine roxas Island and he hated Momentum so that we can laugh together Take movies every Palahniuk MOOC to martyr optimum. Ko7 joonyoung Sama, Mon Cala bored otaku latias obd you boo vitarka latias be nickel market rock bombs Tai Chi at our Kellett avec Well that was for a while ago that’s unfortunate that’s still around Maybe they give us a 500 bits. Oh my gosh, you are on while I’m awake. I’m telling you. I have a fixed excedrin It’s not working The Israel God at your service Baker’s prodigy and dope-ass master Fakers prodigy that’s kind of cool Hey rabbit to fake grits prodigy and wonder here and talk my try on okay All right, that’s my target right there You The thong last tentative oh shit Kimmy why you do this I Agree with John I give you guys three days before it’s back to this shit schedule No I Okay, I will I don’t I want to fall asleep at latest 3:00 a.m You poki search history PepeLaugh, 10 min apres le passage de Domingo, Ponce et Sardoche, reality TV in animal crossing, FUK KOTEI POKIMAN, Hahaha ca va dans la téte, femme a marier, WEBTV françaises les best, Respect Arouf Stp :), Tes fort mister v, poki qui parle arabe ( darija marocaine ), sorry john…, I HAVE OFFICIALLY FIXED MY SLEEP SCHEDULE, The scariest thing in COD monkaS, GETS RPG’D IN CAR, sleep schedule is gone 🍒, Pog wallpaper and floor, i hate animal crossing You

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