Hello, Hello everyone it’s TomInbound and
welcome to how to play old game maker games. Now I made a video a while ago called my shit
game maker games, unfortunately you can’t go ahead and download those or any other games
because they removed the sandbox, for example if I go to it takes
me to there new one which isn’t very good. So the way that we can go back and get some
of these games that we want. First of all we are going to want to get to this sort of
site. To do that we go to internet archive wayback machine. Once we are on this website
all we have to do is type in Once we type that in we get a nice archive
so we can go to 2015. Because it closed in 2016. We can choose a random date, this one’s
got more snapshots. I’m going to choose the 3 snapshot one here, November 7th 2015. What
you will notice is the archive is slow to load but that’s fine it will take a little
while especially if you want to find a game you don’t know the name of then it’s the best
way. First of all we are going to go ahead and let’s say what about this game called
gore? Let’s have a look. Click on gore, I’m assuming the search and stuff work. They should
do. So once the page has loaded we can go ahead and grab part of this url this 147242-gore.
The reason I’m doing this is because sometimes this version when you click download game
doesn’t appear and we don’t want to have to keep going back and getting dates until we
get it. We go to this little project, I’m just trying to find the natural way of getting
there. So if we type in yoyogames archive we can go to gamemaker sandbox archive. Once
we are on here we can go to this link here, which is an example for crimelife 2, which
is not the one we are downloading. Remember we are downloading that gore game. We are
going to remove this part and leave this end part. So we do that…gore. Press enter and
now we have several different downloads, not all of these will work so you might have to
do some trial and error. Let’s click this one now we have gore exe. Once this is done
we are going to open it up. So it’s downloaded make sure you use the links that say send
download. Okay greatly overused rude elements. Let’s click kill or press enter, how do we
play this game? space! Okay and now we have got a gamemaker game. Which I don’t know how
to attack on! But he don’t know the controls haha. Oh err z apparently. Anyway you get
the idea so let’s exit out of this. And that is how you download old gamemaker games. I’ve
been TomInbound make sure to subscribe and like the video and I will see you next time.

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  • nice !

  • What was the first game in the intro?

  • youll make it big one day your good youll make it big

  • Thank you so much, I'm hoping to find my older games I made on here as a kid and some older classics I loved 🙂

  • Thank you for that man! ☺
    I'm trying to download a game with the ID "123003-mini-maple" and I can't seem to find it.
    It was removed somewhen back then for a lack of screenshots, the only things I know is that it was available for download in 2009 and 2010, and was already removed by 2014, though I don't know exactly in what year it was removed.
    Could you please help me find it?

  • I fucking hate the new YoYo layout. It's almost impossible to find anything there because the search options are abysmal. Even if you do like some of the games, the layout is horrible and it's really hard to find things there. What is it with game companies having to complicate everything? Sometimes simplicity works best. Yes I know there was a lot of crappy games (countless tutorial ripoffs in particular) on the Sandbox as well, but at least you can do a simple search there.

  • This worked for me until recently. Can you make sure it still works? Now i keep getting a network error on the download. Also on the download page the one timestamp that always works is 2014

  • all over 60 000 id's of games from Sandbox YoyoGames

  • Thanks man !

  • Thanks man !

  • Thanks man !

  • Thanks man !

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