Places you must go when you go to Jeju Island [Battle Trip/2019.08.18]

(They take the ice-cream down to the beach) My gosh! Goodness gracious. This is insane. How can a place like this exist? (Seobin Baeksa) (It means white sand beach in the west) (The sea is emerald) (Which looks beautiful with the white sand) It’s coral sand mixed with calcium compound. That’s why it’s so white. Sometimes the sand looks like popcorn. Sometimes it looks like broken dog teeth. (Clear water and mysterious sand) (It’s a must-visit place in Udo) Let’s sit here. Try the ice-cream. It’s peanut ice-cream. (How will the peanut ice-cream taste?) It’s nutty. Yeah. I’ve never had peanut ice-cream. (Her first time trying the nutty peanut ice-cream) Nutty and deep flavors. Look at this, Hyeri. This is sand. It looks like popcorn. Can you even call this sand? All the sand is like this? I guess all the sand is like this here. – It’s like chocolate. / – My gosh. (How does it smell?) (Rhodolith) (Red algae accumulate calcium carbonate) (Through photosynthesis and get rock-hard) (It’s scientifically scarce) (It’s been designated as natural monument 438) – What is this? / – It’s like popcorn. – That’s sand? / – Yes. They’re more like pebbles. The beach is filled with that stuff. Like popcorn. Gosh, this feels like I’m touching tiny beans. This sand looks like popcorn. It doesn’t even stick to your skin. Look. It brushes right off and it’s moist. (You just brush it off like dust) (Clean) – This is fun. / – How is the sand like this? They look like tiny teeth too. And kind of like chocolate. Gosh, you’re right. This isn’t dirt or sand. They’re like crushed clamshells. This is amazing. How can it be like this? You could take some home as a souvenir. I was going to, but it’s a natural monument. – They won’t let you take any. / – Right. You’ll be in big trouble if you’re caught. You can’t even take a single grain of that sand. I wanted to take a handful. Things in Jeju-do has to stay in Jeju-do. Yes, that’s right. There are almost no other beaches like this. And this is the only beach like this in Korea. So nice. (This sand has a mysterious charm to it) (They relax as they look out into the sea) How can the sea be that color? It’s so pretty. – Let’s get closer to the water. / – Okay. It’s so pretty and clean. Everyone has to go here. (Excited) My gosh! The water looks so beautiful! This is so nice. (Pretty and clear water) (They feel like kids again) So refreshing. (They feel like kids again) (Just walking together feels therapeutic here) So pretty. I want to dip my feet too. – Me too. / – It’d feel so refreshing. I really want to walk on this beach. It was so refreshing on my feet. – Good acupressure too. / – Yeah. It’s so beautiful here. That’s all I have to say. Hyeri, what did you think of Seobin Baeksa? Oh! It was radical! Radical? So outdated. Not since the song, ♪ I was radical ♪ “Radical” and “cool beans” mean it’s really good. I made such amazing plans for you. This is the best place you’ve taken me to. Right? My stress is just melting away here! No need to go far. Jeju-do has so many hidden wonders. – You’re right. / – This is wonderful. It’s incomparable. I’m going to tell everyone about this place. It’s such a shame for just us to know. Yeah. – Udo really is beautiful. / – Yeah. – I have to go there. / – It was the best. What do you rate this place? Is she finally going to give out a 5-star rating? Ask me nicely. What do you rate this place? (So awkward for her to be nice) Umm… 4.2 stars. – 4.2 stars? / – This place is 4.2 stars! It’s the best place we’ve been to! The highlight! I thought you’d give it a higher score. 4.2 out of 5 is a great score. Stop being so disrespectful. We have a lot of other surprises coming up. Udo is a small island, but there’s a lot to see and do. So let’s head to the next place. – Where to? / – Just follow me. Where are we going? (What does Soorin have planned next?) (Therapeutic Jeju-do Tour in Udo) (Boat tour) (A 3-minute drive to the boat tour) (Riding along the beautiful coastline) The sea looks so beautiful! I want to stay here for a few more days and walk around like a local. It would be nice to stay here for a few days. That would be therapeutic. (After driving along the coastline) It’s a boat tour. Gosh! I was really relaxed at that time. There’s a lot to see in Udo. But there’s a boat where you can see all the best places. We can also see Udo from the sea, so let’s check it out. – I can’t wait. / – Let’s go. (The beautiful island of Udo) (There’s a special reason for this boat tour) You can look forward to this. You all can look forward to this. This boat tour was amazing. (There’s a special reason for this boat tour) (The 8 sights of Udo) – The 8 sights of Udo. / – Wow, I didn’t know this. (The sky and ground of Udo) (The front and back of Udo) (The east and west of Udo) (And 4 spots you can only see on a boat!) We saw Udo from the inside. Now, we’ll see Udo from the outside. You’ll really feel how beautiful it is here. (You can see the true beauty of Udo) (30-minute boat tour, $15 per person) Amazing view. – $15 per person. / – Why haven’t I been to Udo? (They set off in hats, sunglasses, and raincoats) (Do I hold the handle or my hat?) It’s going fast! (The boat is going faster than expected) (Argh!) That looks more fun than the one we went on. (Argh!) (They arrive at the first spot) Wow, look at that view! (Jeonpomangdo) If you look to Udo Peak on the left, it looks like a cow lying on its side. See those two areas caved in? The one on the right is the front leg of the cow. – They explain everything. / – That’s the front leg. – It really does look like a cow. / – Like this. It’s called Udo because it’s shaped like a cow. (This cliff looks like a cow’s leg) (5th sight, Jeonpomangdo) (A view of the island from the sea) If you take a look, that’s the cow’s head, the front legs, chest, rear, and tail. It looks like a cow lying on its side. That’s why this place is called Udo. “U” for cow and “do” for island. (They’re all busy pointing at the cow) That’s the head? (This is confusing) – That’s the tail. / – That’s the tail? It doesn’t look like a cow to me. It was hard to find the front leg at first. But it looks like a front leg if you keep looking at it. (This is the shape they mean) It really does look like a cow. Udo tour is really starting now. Here we go. (The Udo boat tour really gets going) (Jeonpomangdo to Huhae Cliff) (They arrive at the second spot) See that cliff? This is one of the 8 sights of Udo. This is Huhae Cliff. (6th sight, Huhae Cliff) (A cliff right by the sea) (The cliff is 20m high and 30m wide) Look at the color of the water. Wow, this place… So pretty! It looks like a pastry! You can see how it was weathered by time. Imagine how long that took. This is Elephant Rock. (Elephant?) Elephant Rock? Let’s find the elephant. (Elephant?) The eye and ear. And there’s a cave. That’s Elephant Rock. And you can see the trunk going down on the left. – An elephant. / – What? – That one’s… / – Alright then. – That’s a bit… / – An elephant. Please be open-minded, people. It goes diagonally. (Is it something only nice people can see?) If you don’t understand, you can get off here. (I’d better get off then) That’s the elephant’s trunk. (Take another look) I see it. And that’s the tail. (Now she sees the elephant) (If you use your imagination, you can see it) – The eye. / – Oh, that’s the eye. Cool beans! This is really incomparable. You should see a big pillar up ahead. That big rock is called the Post Rock. The cow of Udo has been tied to that post, so it doesn’t float away. If that rock crumbles, Udo will float away. (After the Elephant Rock) (They go to see a different sight) This is so nice! – It goes around half the island? / – Yes. It’s a 30-minute boat ride. Do you see a cave on the left? That’s Dongangyeong Cave. Legend says a blue whale used to live in there. (7th sight, Dongangyeong Cave) (It means whale cave on the east coast) It’s so beautiful in there. – Can you go in? / – Yes. You can walk in during the low tide. Every fall, they hold a music festival in the cave. My gosh! In there? Goodness… (The cave music festival from last fall) I bet it really echoes in that cave. You probably don’t even need a mic. That looks wonderful. (A special event in Udo held once a year) (The mysteries of nature) (The boat heads to the last spot) (Bye, Dongangyeong Cave) It was a great course. The best course. This next cave is Juganmyeongwol. It’s a coastal cave where you can see the moon during the day. If you go inside the cave, there is a round moon on the cave ceiling. That’s what we’re going in to see. Please remove your sunglasses in here before complaining that you can’t see anything. This is so nice. The water is so blue. – It’s turquoise. / – Yeah. (The boat goes between two cliffs) We’re going into the cave. (If you go into the cave) Do you see the white and round shape on the ceiling? Yes! This is Juganmyeongwol. (Soorin, look at this) What is it? (1st sight, Juganmyeongwol) (The moon is visible in a cave during the day) When the sun shines inside, it’s reflected. That light makes a round shape. So it becomes really bright in the cave like a moon is shining in here. That’s why this place is called Juganmyeongwol. Juganmyeongwol. It means you can see the moon in a cave in the middle of the day. Look at that water color. (The true beauty of Juganmyeongwol during the day) That looks amazing. If you go in October or November during the morning, you can see the moon properly. Come back in fall if you want a better view. From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. You should be able to see fish in the water too. (You can even see fish in the water) (This is amazing) You don’t just ride around in a boat. They explain everything too. – Yes. / – Yes. That looks like fun. It’s so beautiful! (Moved at the mystery and beauty of nature) (Unbelievable Udo) (The boat tour ends) That was moving. – Gosh, this was the highlight of today! / – Right? It was amazing to see Udo from the sea. – How many stars for this? / – How many stars? 4.2 stars! – Again? / – 4.3 stars! It’s a higher score. Highest score. (The boat tour gets 4.3 stars) It was so moving. I’m still so excited. How about ending our day at a nice cafe, so we can calm down? Okay, okay. – Let’s go that way. / – Let’s go. (With a view of the blue sea of Jeju-do) (It’s time to end their 2-day trip) (How was the trip for the two sisters?) How do you like Udo? I was worried because it wasn’t that nice out, but the hazy weather made it even nicer. The green sea. I felt like drinking it. – Down the hatch. / – Down the hatch? I wanted to chug a bowl of that seawater. It was so beautiful. Was it a therapeutic trip for you? It wasn’t just therapeutic! It was moving! Gosh, I can see through the water! (A therapeutic and moving trip) The view here is amazing! (A therapeutic and moving trip) It’s so good. (They even enjoyed a lot of good food) We have to come back to Udo. It’s very different from Jeju-do. The nature looks so clean and untouched. It was so memorable. I definitely want to come back to Udo. We have to come back to Udo. Another island within Jeju-do. Another mysterious island. This will be an unforgettable memory. They really loved Udo. (The two sisters really loved Udo) We haven’t been on many trips together. We went on one last year. This is our second one. How was it? I went to Japan with you last time. I was determined to never travel with you again. Why? (This is how sisters talk) Sisters always talk like this. “If I ever travel with you again, I’ll eat my hat.” – That’s what I thought. / – Why? I still didn’t fully trust you for this trip to Jeju-do. “I’d tear off my own toe before trusting you.” That’s what I thought. My gosh… You put me through such misery. You finally matured into a real person after aging. You’ve finally grown up. I was moved by all of your choices. I thought you’d complain a lot on this trip. So… (Upset) I was really careful about planning a trip that wouldn’t tire you out. (She planned this trip thoroughly for her sister) You had so much fun and enjoyed the food, which put me in such a good mood. It was a very satisfying trip for me. Yeah! Gosh, I see you differently now. All my hard work paid off. Let’s try to travel together often. – Cheers. / – Cheers. (We look forward to their third trip together) It’s the two of us! Therapeutic Jeju-do Tour! (That’s the end of the Jeju-do tour)

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