Pizazz with Open Badges from kiwiconnexion ePortfolios

Hi I’m David Bell from kiwiconnexion.nz Welcome to episode 3 of putting pizazz into
your ePortfolio. You can see I’m logged in, and as always land
at my personal dashboard. Today you want to learn how to display Open
Badges and Awards. And, remember I really do want to encourage you
to complete your profile page and claim the Open Badge award. Digital badges are internationally recognized
now, and a great way to record your achievement. They’re a completely different way of showing
online your skills, your professional development and your volunteer commitment. You can share these badges into all kinds of social media
and job seeking sites like Linkedin. So that’s important. But the pizazz factor is really about our
own very unique suite of Badges, from micro-moocs, to ambassador, community
theologian, muso and volunteers. Let’s say you’ve received notification of
a badge to claim, and you’ve done that external step, and set up your Badge Passport. They guide you through the process with a
few straightforward steps. You can have multiple email addresses in your
Badge Passport. Make sure that one of them is the same email
address you use here in kwiwiconnexion.nz When the stars align your badge is waiting
to be displayed. To learn how to do this go to your profile
page. Your own profile page link is always sitting
up at the top of the screen. Remember click a name or a photo and you will
go to that person’s profile. Once on your profile page click edit page, and the layout becomes visible, as well as the all-important menu items on
the left. These blocks can be moved around the page,
via drag and drop, by holding down the move icon and shifting
the block around the page, or, instead of doing that a new, easier way in
our latest version is to click on the words rather than the move icon.. Then the page layout appears and you can click
the position you want the block to appear. Let’s apply that to Badges and Awards. Open Badge Passport is an external app like
YouTube, google docs, etc hence click open the menu item External. There it is. No choose a position on the page. In my opinion badges should always be given
a prominent position at the top of a column or as the second item down. The dialogue box opens up after a few seconds
and you can choose to display from both Passport or the Mozilla Backpack
or both. I’m going to choose both. Finally remember to save the changes. Now the block is in place but the badges aren’t
displaying. Why’s that? Did we do something wrong? No, not at all. It’s exactly the same as when you embed an
external google drive doc or PDF or YouTube video. These are external sources and can’t display
until you display the page. But just one final tiny but most important
step before we display the page and see those badges appear. Who do I want to share my page with, who do
I want to see my profile page? When I click it I can see a list of options. Each individual has total control over who
sees what, but in my case I want my profile page to be
public. All done. Finally, here a quick tip plus your two minute
challenges for next time. No one sees your dashboard but you, and you
can’t display to anyone else. That’s why there’s no share page link. And now the challenge or rather two challenges. First subscribe to our Channel via the purple
button below. There’s a big advantage for you doing this
if you make your subscription to YouTube public. You can earn some micro-mooc badges by adding your comments to the videos directly
in YouTube and sharing the video with someone else. That’s a very convenient tool but only available
to registered kiwiconnexion.nz #kwiconnexion.nz members. When you’ve watched a video, comment and share. That’s a win-win for everyone. You watch content you want and by adding comments and sharing you help us
grow. The second challenge is about groups. Find a group you belong to using the menus
at the top of the page rather than the handy links down the side You are auto-subscribed to main group forum. You could unsubscribe but you will lose some
important updates and info if you do. Add a short contribution to the forum, maybe
50 -70 words max. Maybe a bit longer than a YouTube comment. Next week you will learn how to participate
fully in groups and set up your own group if you want. Remember, subscribe and that’s to your advantage. We will have more about that in the next edition
of Ardet our newsletter for kiwi connexion. And in the meantime thanks for watching!

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