PHILOSOPHY – Nietzsche

The challenge begins with how to pronounce
his name. The first bit should sound like ‘Knee’, the second like ‘cha’ Knee – cha. Then we need to get past some of his extraordinary
and provocative statements: ‘What doesn’t kill me makes
me stronger’ ‘God is dead! And we have killed him.’ And his large moustache. But when we do, we’ll discover a thinker
who is intermittently enchanting, wise and very helpful. Friedrich Nietzsche was born in 1844 in a
quiet village in the eastern part of Germany where his father was the priest. He did exceptionally well at school and university and so excelled at ancient Greek that he was made a professor at the University of Basel when still only in his mid-twenties. But his official career didn’t work out.
He got fed up with his fellow academics, gave up his job and moved to Sils Maria in the
Swiss alps where he lived quietly, working on his masterpieces, among them: The Birth of Tragedy,
Human, All Too Human, The Gay Science, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil,
On the Genealogy of Morals, He had lots of problems:
– he didn’t get on with his family: ‘I don’t like my mother and it’s painful
even for me to hear my sister’s voice.’ – women kept rejecting him.
– his books didn’t sell – And when he was only forty-four, he had
a mental breakdown, precipitated when he saw a horse in a Turin street being beaten by its driver and ran over to embrace him shouting
‘I understand you’. He never recovered and died eleven sad years later. But his philosophy was full of heroism and
grandeur. He was a prophet of what he called: SELBSTÜBERWINDUNG or SELF-OVERCOMING, the process by which a great-souled person – what he called an ÜBERMENSCH rises above their
circumstances and difficulties to embrace whatever life throws at them. He wanted his work to teach us, as he put
it, ‘how to become who we really are’. His thought centers around 4 main recommendations: Own up to envy Envy is – Nietzsche recognised – a big
part of life. Yet the lingering effects of Christianity generally teaches to be feel ashamed of our envious feelings. They seem an indication of evil. So we hide them from ourselves
and others Yet there is nothing wrong with envy, maintained
Nietzsche, so long as we use it as a guide to what we really want. Every person who makes
us envious should be seen as an indication of what we could one day become. The envy-inducing
writer, tycoon or chef is hinting at who you are capable of one day being. It’s not that Nietzsche believed we always end up getting what we want. His own life had taught him this well enough). He simply
insisted that we must face up to our true desires, put up a heroic fight to honour them,
and only then mourn failure with solemn dignity. That is what it means to be an ÜBERMENSCH 2. Don’t be a Christian Nietzsche had some extreme things to say about Christianity ‘In the entire New Testament, there is only person worth respecting: Pilate, the
Roman governor.’ It was knockabout stuff, but his true target
was more subtle and more interesting: he resented Christianity for protecting people from their
envy. Christianity had in Nietzsche’s account
emerged in the late Roman Empire in the minds of timid slaves, who had lacked the stomach to get hold of what they really wanted and so had clung to a philosophy that made a virtue of their cowardice. He called this SKLAVENMORAL Christians – whom he rather rudely termed
DIE HEERDE, the herd – had wished to enjoy the real ingredients of fulfilment (a
position in the world, sex, intellectual mastery, creativity) but had been too inept
to get them. They had therefore fashioned a hypocritical
creed denouncing what they wanted but were too weak to fight for – while praising what they did not want but happened to have. So, in the Christian value system, sexlessness turned into purity [show text changing] weakness
became goodness, submission-to-people-one-hates became obedience and, in Nietzsche’s phrase,
“not-being-able-to-take-revenge” turned into “forgiveness.” Christianity amounted to a giant machine for
bitter denial. 3. Never drink alcohol Nietzsche himself drank only water – and
as a special treat, milk. And he thought we should do likewise. He wasn’t making a small, eccentric dietary point. The idea went to
the heart of his philosophy, as contained in his declaration: ‘There have been two
great narcotics in European civilisation: Christianity and alcohol.’ He hated alcohol for the very same reasons
that he scorned Christianity: because both numb pain, and both reassure us that things
are just fine as they are, sapping us of the will to change our lives for the better. A
few drinks usher in a transient feeling of satisfaction that can get fatally in the way
of taking the steps necessary to improve our lives. Nietzsche was obsessed with the awkward truth
that getting really valuable things done hurts. “How little you know of human happiness
– you comfortable people” he wrote “The secret of a fulfilled life is: live dangerously! Build your cities on the slopes
of Mount Vesuvius!” 4. “God is Dead” Nietzsche’s dramatic assertion that God
is dead is not, as it’s often taken to be, some kind of a celebratory statement. Despite his reservations about Christianity,
Nietzsche did not think that the end of belief was anything to cheer about. Religious beliefs were false, he knew; but
he observed that they were very beneficial in the sense of helping us cope with the problems
of life. Nietzsche felt that the gap left by religion
should ideally be filled by Culture (he meant: philosophy, art, music, literature): Culture should replace Scripture. However, Nietzsche was deeply suspicious of
the way his own era was handling culture. He believed the universities were killing the humanities, turning them into dry academic exercises, rather than using them for what they were always meant to be: guides to life. He admired the way the Greeks had used tragic drama in a practical, therapeutic way, as an occasion for catharsis and moral education
– and wished his own age to be comparably ambitious. He called for a reformation, in which people
– newly conscious of the crisis brought on by the end of faith – would fill the
gaps created by the disappearance of religion with philosophy and art. Every era faces particular psychological challenges,
thought Nietzsche, and it is the task of the philosopher to identify, and help solve, these. For Nietzsche, the 19th century was reeling under the impact of two developments: Mass Democracy and Atheism. The first threatened to unleash torrents of undigested
envy; the second to leave humans without guidance or morality. In relation to both challenges, Nietzsche
remains our endearing, fascinating often loveable and moustachioed guide.

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  • Great ideas, amazing foresight! Religion is fading away, but philosophy and culture, as Nietzsche understood it, did not take its place. Instead we have ideologies, those pseudo-religions that have all the bad features without whatever good there was. As for the ubermenchen, just look at the Germans, who once fought against the whole world, and now cannot protect their women from islamic rapists in their own country.

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  • And still.. God is alive and Nietzsche is dead. No wonder Nietzsche ended up insane for his last 11 years and died quite young, at 56. A powerless man, frustrated with women and very timid in mostly anything talking about the superhuman and the power of will. Isn't that a sad paradox? It doesn't mean that if you have a great mind, you can't be a fool in life. I don't know how many of the people who admire him and/or his philosophy so much would desire his actual life.

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    Morality is a sickness, think in terms beyond good and evil, one's virtue is one's own. All is force, force has a subjectivity, that subjectivity manifests itself in the form of a drive in all living things: the will to power. Life simply is the will to power, and that alone.

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  • I don't get jealous… so are you trying to tell me I will become nothing? but seriously though, I am living Nietzsche's ways without knowing I was. I am against religion and alcohol and I look at religion as a hope thing for people. When religion goes, something must replace it. If we have nothing to replace it, the world becomes a blinded place. In the modern era, they are the ones mindlessly shopping and listening to people like Cardi B.

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  • i feel so lost 🙁

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  • العنوان

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  • I don't think that you can just become something else that easily, and you certainly can't envy someone else to become them; or even through other methods. If people are unique, which they are, they occupy a space which is special. One which they live their lives alone in, and ultimately die alone in. That's one of the great truths, isn't it?

    Only you can know yourself. Because, only you have experienced your entire life. No-one will ever be Nietzsche, but Nietzsche, and everyone else would only be 'inspired by Nietzsche', it's also the same in one's love life.

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  • I feel that most people who don't read Nietzsche, provoke upon themselves a danger of misunderstanding that leads to less than scholarly arguments. Sartre, Kierkegaard, Camus and all these existential thinkers are trying to promote a scholarly solution to the idea that life is utterly meaningless. Their ideas are figurative and aren't mean to be taken seriously. Otherwise, we could end up with a disaster that warps our social character. Nietzsche believed that human beings can aspire to be something greater from the shadow of religious repression; however, his works haven't found momentum. In this present moment, people have no desire to relinquish their old ways of thinking. They don't question their own motives or their cognitive theories and assumptions. People need to think critically. Nietzsche wanted us to think beyond the old ways of thinking and to size up these old assumptions so that we could break free and form our own ways of thinking. However, from an psychological perspective, this method of relinquishing old views can occur over generations of people. We won't probably see the Ubermensch until thousands of generation down the road of human progress. The ubermensch will not be in our lifetime or many lifetimes to come. Nietzsche's words herald a distant future that we won't see.

  • His assertion about alcohol is quite sobering! When feeling uncertain, fearful, worried (basically any self-imposed limiting beliefs that make you believe you’re incapable), one of the easiest methods of alleviating those feelings is to drink. This fleeting, false moment that tells you everything is good. But come morning, you still have all of those worries and then some because you haven’t done the work that would create true happiness. I’ve been struggling with this for some time and this video was a much needed slap in the face lol

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