Philadelphia Eagles History in 1 Minute 49 Seconds

Candid Sports Welcome to Lincoln Financial Field home of the Super Bowl champion, Philadelphia Eagles. That’s right. The Eagles finally won the big one with Nick Foles at quarterback Yeah the team is that good and it’s a great thing they won because it had been a long time before that Do you remember the 1948-1949? Seasons back-to-back championships. No, you don’t remember the Eagles themselves Don’t remember then the Eagles kind of went away Then the 1960s and 70s happened a turbulent time in America and for the Eagles with an 18-year absence from the playoffs But then the team hired a future Super Bowl winning coach and Dick Vermeil, he won that somewhere else But that’s irrelevant because the Eagles just won the Super Bowl, but Dick Vermeil did get the team to one led by Ron Jaworski No, not those highlights Yes Those they got all the way to Super Bowl 15 where they lost then the team was on the verge of going away again But then drafted these two and secured success in the form of six playoff trips Never making it past the second round The team would flirt with greatness one more time with Andy Reid with some really talented teams And then the Eagles returned to the Super Bowl But lost to the Patriots like everyone else did in the 2000 but not anymore Because the Eagles just beat the Patriots and are the defending Super Bowl champions And now the Eagles are back in 2018 with either Carson Wentz or Nick Foles either way They’re pretty good a quarterback that LeSean McCoy trade doesn’t seem so bad anymore, right? So enjoy Philadelphia really there is a lot to see Rocky and Benjamin Franklin lived here and enjoy the game and watch football the way it was meant to be watched Where you are watching the defending Super Bowl champion, Philadelphia Eagles?

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