PERSONALITY TESTS | Enneagram, Myers-Briggs & Four Tendencies

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of you who may be business owners or business oriented or entrepreneurs we
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everyone but particularly to business owners as well so before we actually
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go ahead and try to like tone myself down here for a minute and we’re gonna
do a little bit of like a live breathing intention setting little mini meditation
if you guys are all ready for that we’ll do that right before we jump in to the
slides so what I want you guys to do very the same similar as last week if
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shift I love doing that breathing again hold release and one more time together
breathe in through the nose hold it at the top two three and you guys can
continue that pattern I’m just gonna quickly set an intention for today’s
class for each of you so my purpose in creating and sharing this workshop today
is to help bring you closer to yourself so you can find clarity and purpose in
the areas of your life that may need it my intention is that taking some time to
go inside and do some introspection will help us see ourselves in a new light and
bring that light of clarity outside of ourselves to create a better life so
that is my wish for you today that is my prayer and my intention for you and with
that let’s jump into today’s workshop so I’m gonna go ahead or really quickly and
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right here okay good excellent okay so welcome to today’s live workshop its I
was calling this class know thyself but basically we’re gonna be working through
some awesome personality tests that I absolutely love the AMIA Graham
myers-briggs and four tendencies hopefully you guys
are familiar with those if not I’m gonna give you guys a really great crash
course into those right now so what are you going to learn today today you’re
gonna learn some of my favorite personality typing systems that I
believe all business owners should know and of course this goes outside of
business owners as well anybody who’s interested in personal development is
going to get a lot out of this class but I think personally that business owners
specifically entrepreneurs really should be thinking about this inferring
maybe more than the average person because of all of the struggles and
things that you know business owners go through so the classes the the tests
that we’re going to be talking about in class today are the India gram
myers-briggs Type Indicator and the four tendencies test by Gretchen Rubin I also
want to talk to you guys today a little bit more about my CEO strategy planner
because understanding your strengths and opportunities as a business owner as a
CEO will help you make better plans develop better systems and create a
stronger business so yes part of today’s workshop at the very end is me showing
you something awesome and valuable that you might consider buying but there is a
no-pressure to buy and you will still get tons of value from this class if you
keep an open mind some things you should know the goal of the process itself that
we’re going to go through today is self-awareness and personal
transformation so I heard a stack that I thought was unbelievable it said that
psychologists believe that only about 5% of people truly are self-aware meaning
that they understand what they do and why they do it right but having this
information right knowing more about yourself trying to be more self-aware
it’ll empower you to take back control of your life and stop living from your
default neural network you know I talk a lot about you know your neural network
being basically your brain the way it’s wired is very much set in stone that’s
why we often do the same things over and over again in our lives are filled with
doing the same thing so we’re getting the same results right that’s that
Einstein quote that says definition visit Einstein I forget the definition
of insanity is doing the same thing over and over on expecting different results
so we live for in this neural network pattern of both things always being the
same and therefore we always see the same thing as we get the same things
from our results but self-awareness and introspection is really a way to take
back control of our neural net and really make conscious decisions that
help benefit our life and help us advance ourselves there’s also this
quote that honestly this quote is probably the ultimate inspiration for
why I’m even doing today’s class it’s from a researcher dr. who I am obsessed
with and I love reading all his books his name is dr. Joe Dispenza
and he says that your personality creates your personal reality so we’re
doing all these personality tests so we can
stand ourselves better because our personality as it is is what is causing
the results in our life it’s what is creating our reality for us so if we can
be aware of what we’re doing and make some changes we can start seeing that
transformation into a new personal reality as well something I want you
guys to know before we begin is that none of these tests are perfect right
but I think that things don’t have to be perfect to reveal truth right so I think
that we can use these imperfect methods to come up with ideas and inspiration
that leads us closer and closer to our personal truth and so I think that’s
really important because I know a lot of times I have a lot of resistance to this
actually because of my personality type that we’re going to talk about as we go
through this class but my personality type is the kind of personality that
doesn’t like being put in the box and sees the flaws and things like this
and so even for me it was hard for me to wrap my head around some of these tests
in the past because I felt like they weren’t perfect so why do it but
obviously I’ve come to feel differently about some of these and I just want you
guys to keep that in mind that none of these tests are gonna be a hundred
percent right your personality is a blend of all the different types of
aspects that were gonna be talking about so just keep that in mind it’s it’s just
about self-awareness and seeing what’s dominant in your personality
um and here like I said here it took me a while to type myself with Enneagram
specifically right this was something where with the inner Graham I actually
originally typed well this is funny really quick funny story my friend who
got me into the inner Graham okay hey it’s Kelsey Chapman she hosts the
radiant podcast she and she was on this I did a class with her actually a few
years ago to where we talked a little bit about Mia Graham here on YouTube but
she is she got me into Enneagram and when we first met she typed me correctly
she’s like you are a this number and because my personality type is the one
that’s like do not tell me what I am I resisted and she and I went through the
process of trying to type me for awhile and we finally landed on a number that
was not the right type for me I ended up reading a book about the India Graham
that really went into things in depth and it really helped me understand what
my real type was so just want you guys to know that don’t feel the pressure to
fit yourself into a box today is just about exploration
who knows you might have gone through some of these tests before and learn
something new and now you feel like you might be a different type for these
tests so you know things can change your personality and your identity does
change to some extent so yeah just know that none of these are
perfect some of these tests are very hard for some people to be able to type
themselves this is normal don’t set the expectation that this is gonna be a
perfect two flex today in terms of you know aha moments also something else I
want to be very very clear on is that none of this information that I’m
sharing today is mine and I’m not a certified trainer or test administrator
for any of these tests I know some of them actually you can go through
training things to be certified in India gram or myers-briggs but I’ve never gone
through any of those I’m literally just sharing things from like anecdotal
experiences and I’m synthesizing what I know about these tests to give you
insight and I will be blending like some things that are from the actual sources
and some things that are my own observations synthesizing information oh
so you know all the resources and sources that I used in this video to
create this slide deck are linked in the description so I highly recommend
checking it out I have links to where you can get go to get the tests done if
you want to actually do real tests we are gonna go through tests today that
we’re gonna do as a group but obviously I’m not gonna be able to go as in-depth
as some of the online tests are so definitely check those out and yeah I
definitely read more about yourself and your type from these these extra
resources I also link some books that I recommend for additional clarity and
insight so definitely check all that stuff out just know none of this is mine
I didn’t come up with any of this and literally regurgitating information
synthesizing new information for you guys to see this right so I wanted to
also share you guys some other really wonderful things that I kind of found
during this process there is this lovely quote from Isabel Myers brakes who is
one of the co-creators of myers-briggs that I think actually perfectly
describes what we’re trying to do today not just in Myers brakes but with all
personality tests not just the ones we’re talking about today but all
personality testing and introspection it says the understanding of type can make
your perceptions clearer your judgment sounder and your life
closer to your heart’s desire and that’s really what we’re trying to do here
right we’re really trying to understand what we’re doing why we’re doing it so
that we were clear on why we make choices we’re clear on when we make
judgments we understand the places where those judgments are coming from and
we’re able to bring ourselves more in line with our dream life right love this
quote also I want you to know the process of introspection can be
challenging and filled with resistance this is so normal so if you feel any
resistance during this process I want you to take note of it because it’s
something that’s holding you back and I totally recommend like writing down like
negative thoughts or resistance or just any time maybe through this class I may
be through the process of introspection where you’re feeling like you’re getting
negative right or you’re feeling like oh I can’t do this
anything that’s not like totally positive can-do attitude write it down
and evaluate it because honestly that is probably tied to some limiting limiting
belief that’s holding you back in some area of your life from having a new
personal reality right so once you keep knowing that also love this quote from
Abraham Maslow says what is necessary to change a person is to change his
perception of himself right so I think that within the context of what we’re
doing today we are trying to see ourselves in a new light and that’s
gonna help us make changes to our productivity you know to our efficiency
like if you’re someone who follows me because of time management and you know
productivity stuff you need to know what your motivations are so that you
understand why you do what you do so you can make the right changes and use the
right bait and the right accountability and all that sort of stuff to help you
follow through more with what you want to execute on ultimately when you do the
inner work to understand yourself your relationship with the outside world
changes as well and I think I said this like multiple different times already
but it’s a fact that I just want to make sure that we’re really clear on it
everyone understands you work on yourself you understand yourself and the
outside world what you see what your results are in the world are going to
change and this is why I think doing this work and going through this class
is so important okay so let’s go ahead and jump into the first class not class
section of the class the first personality test which is the Enneagram
I want to give you guys first the history of the India gram because I feel
like it’s like shrouded in mystery it’s not really I just feel like there’s a
lot of wrong information out there about the India gram unfortunately so I want
to clear some things up about what the India Graham is Enneagram itself is a
Greek word that means nine sided symbol and you can see on the right that is the
symbol of the India gram with all of the nine types put in place okay so but the
India gram test right different than just the word is a personality
assessment where the types are arranged in the form of this symbol because of
the interplay between the flow of each type so actually this is like one of
those things where like a symbol from antiquity is being used just to
illustrate trying to map out the interplay between and the relationship
between all of these types and it’s actually done very beautifully it’s like
genius actually the test as we know it the India gram test not the word India
gram not the symbol was developed by a Bolivian native Oscar a chozo in the
1970s okay so that’s really when the test came to be now the philosophy
behind the intagram contains components from mystical Judaism Christianity Islam
taoism buddhism and ancient greek philosophy particularly Socrates Plato
and the neoplatonist all traditions that stretch back into antiquity and that
information comes it’s a direct quote from the India Graham Institute website
which I have linked down below so a lot of times you hear the India grandma talk
about this like an ancient test no it’s not an ancient test okay the test itself
is modern the philosophy of really this is the psychology of the phial
philosophy yes dates back ages and ages and ages right as soon as humans became
self-aware of themselves and start studying themselves and seeing the
patterns between humans and the way we you know we interact and the way we
interact with the world yes all of these different traditions right which you
know have been seeking to understand the world in the truth of the world have
rooted have roots in this information right this this information is rooted I
should say rather in that those traditions but the Enneagram test is not
particularly one religion or another and you know the information itself is not
like it’s not the test itself that I spend on years and years
and years ago it’s just information is being pulled in from ancient sources to
understand things and you guys if you guys saw my my tube cat or listen to my
to Cass series you guys know that something that I was kind of sharing
with you guys and those tips in the two past we’re all about the fact that I
think I truly believe that truth knowledge is found in all different
places you can really find it anywhere so that’s why I think you know there’s a
lot of beauty in the integrand that it really does draw on ultimate truths that
have been solidified throughout the ages okay now the immigrant test consists of
nine personality types associated with numbers one through nine and a general
descriptor of what the the type is so you can see the general descriptor of
what the type is by number I think it’s important to know too that there’s no
like hierarchy with these numbers there’s an interplay between numbers and
different relationships between numbers that we’re gonna get into but there’s
not like one type that’s better than any other everyone has their strengths and
weaknesses and that’s kind of why I know gram is like a nine sided symbol within
a circle you know what I mean because everyone’s equal so I just want to keep
that in mind so each type is defined by a set of core
fears and desires that originated in youth tied to a psychological wound so
that’s kind of like the basis of the inner Graham is this idea that every
type has a fear and it has a desire and that fear was a wound that happened
psychologically usually in youth that we live with for the rest of our lives
basically now because of this our personality is developed in a way so
that we began to protect ourselves from this wound by striving for some element
that we believed was missing or lacking in ourselves okay so that is what this
idea of the Enneagram is something happened to you in youth that kind of
formed a wound that you developed a personality around this wound to protect
yourself and you strive for certain things and that’s why your personality
developed into one of these types now as humans we each face most of the
struggles that are defined by each type but there’s likely one that is the
strongest desire of all so this is one of those things that makes that Nia
Graham hard and why it was personally hard for me was because
all of the elements of all of the types you are gonna experience in your life
right it’s just about finding the one that’s the strongest and deepest desire
again this is not a perfect test but it brings us great insight into the
understanding of our motivations in this way okay let’s start with a brief test
right I’m gonna give you guys a test so we can figure out our inia Graham
numbers now if you guys already know or you think you know what your inia Graham
number is let’s hold off on that for now let’s do a little quick test and we’ll
see what you get right so I want you guys to get out a piece of paper and a
pen and I want you to write out three lines of the numbers one through nine
okay so we’re gonna do this as an activity you have a paper I want a piece
of you guys have a piece of paper in front of you that’s written out like
this okay you’re gonna write out one through nine in three rows just like
that okay now I’m going to guide you through three activities to help you
identify your number as I read the descriptions for these I want you to
underline any answers that resonate with you okay so you’re gonna underline any
numbers right for the that are associated so did three I’m going to ask
you three activities three questions basically and each of those is one of
the lines in this on your paper and as I read this descriptions to you I want you
to think about the answers and if it resonates like oh yeah that sounds like
me I want you to underline it and underline the number that it relates to
but I want you to circle the number or numbers that feel right on target like
oh maybe this one’s the most of all again Enneagram everything is going to
apply to us in the one way or another or most things as well but there’s always
one maybe two that are the strongest so I want you to kind of use that framework
as you are going through this testing right okay activity one is core fears
and desires so in this first activity I’m going to read off the core fears and
desires of each number again using that first line of numbers on your paper I
want you to underline any numbers whose descriptions resonate like you’re like
oh yeah that sounds like it could be me but circle the one that feels like right
on target okay this is type number one so you’re going to set you’re going to
circle type number one if this sounds like you type number one is the
perfectionist is a principled purposeful of self-controlled and perfectionistic
the core fear of the one is being wrong bad evil inappropriate unredeemable or
corruptible and the core desire of the one is to have integrity to be good
balanced accurate virtuous and right if you’re someone who always has to be
right if you’re someone who’s very strongly perfectionistic is has any
aversion to breaking the law breaking rules like you are a rule follower right
circle or underline one depending on how strong that resonates with you okay
that is type number one type number two is the helper the helper is generous
demonstrative people-pleasing and possessive their core fear is being
rejected and unwanted being thought worthless needy inconsequential
dispensable or unworthy of love their core desire is to be appreciated loved
and wanted the helper is someone who will go out of their way to help anyone
anyone you maybe maybe not anyone but people that you love and care about you
go out of your way to help them if someone asks you for something you are
there you love to give you love to be generous sometimes you give and you’re
more generous than you should be you and this comes from this idea that
you don’t want to be rejected you want people who love you you want to be
worthy and that’s the way that you show your love by helping others being
generous accept exactly okay so circle or underline number two if that’s you
right you don’t have to underline every one of them by the way if it doesn’t
resonate with you don’t even worry about it but circle it if it strongly sounds
like you underline if you like maybe if maybe it’s a mating type number three is
the performer the performer is adaptable excelling driven and image conscious
their core fear is being exposed as or thought incompetent insufficient or
worthless we’re failing to be or appear successful their core desire is having
high status and respect being admired successful and valuable the performer is
like the networker who wants to be all things to all people right they like to
be in a position of status they want to be in a
position of power because their value comes from this there you know they feel
like their value comes from being seen right they need to be seen as valuable
because they think if they don’t not seen as valuable than they’re worthless
okay if you feel like that’s you circle or underline appropriately type four is
the romantic the romantic is expressive dramatic self-absorbed and temperamental
their core fear is being inadequate emotionally cut off plain mundane
defective flawed or insignificant their core desire is to be unique special and
authentic the four is someone who I like to think of them as the special
snowflake the person who always has to be different the person who I find them
to be a little bit more exaggerating right you like to exaggerate you like to
tell stories anything that makes you feel like you are special like you have
an identity that you have to be you know it’s it reminds me of the Coco Chanel
quote in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different right that is
the embodiment of the four okay so that sounds like you circle or underline that
and again I just want to say to you guys as I’m saying this I might be saying
things that you may feel like might be offensive right again that would be a
resistance there is no judgment in this right this is just traits of a
personality and we’re trying to use it to identify you so don’t let anything
that I say scare you away from a number I want you to actually find your real
number if we can possibly do this in today’s class okay
type five is the investigator they are perceptive innovative secretive and
isolated their core fear is being annihilated evaded or not existing being
thought incapable or ignorant having obligations placed upon you or your
energy depleted okay their core desire is being capable and competent so type
five as a person who’s like I can take care of myself usually they’re very
private more introverted types of people they you know keep things close to their
chest they like to evaluate they like to investigate get lots of information
before they make a choice this is this sound like you type number five
underline or circle appropriately type six the Loyalists is engaging respond
possible anxious and suspicious their core fear is feeling fear itself being
without support security or guidance being blamed targeted or loan or
physically abandoned their core desire is having security guidance and support
so these are people who are very loyal to other people because they feel like
they can’t make it without other people right so they’re very much people who
bring people together and they will stick to people right they often are
like worst case scenario type of planners or if you’re the kind of person
you’re like no no what are we going to do if this happens what are we gonna do
if that happens right like you play kind of like the Supporting Actor role maybe
in your life if that makes sense in a way because you are worried about
making sure that you’ve got support that you’re secure you’re guided that you’re
not alone right they really are afraid of being alone so they are loyal to the
people in their lives so that’s type six 7 is the enthusiast
they are spontaneous versatile acquisition at quiz ative and scattered
their core fear is being deprived trapped in emotional pain limited or
bored missing out on something fun their core desire is to be happy and fully
satisfied and content right so if you a lot of times in thews like the enthuse
because i have a friend who is an enthusiast of in’ who i never see this
person not happy this person is always jumping from one thing to another loves
to travel go out there experience life right I tell you I’ve never seen this
person sad or basically never seen this person in the state when they were not
openly happy now that doesn’t mean that they’re not openly happy when they’re by
themselves but they’re all about life and enjoying life and all the different
ways they they really just want to enjoy life and feel all of the benefits of
life they don’t want to be ever be in pain they avoid pain they avoid doing
things that are hard as much as possible that’s type 7 type 8 is the Challenger
the Challenger is self-confident decisive and willful and confrontational
their core fear is being weak powerless harmed controlled vulnerable manipulated
and left at the mercy of injustice their core desire is to protect themselves and
to those in their inner search so the Challenger is someone who really
is the person who’s not afraid of confrontation the person who will say
what they think at the dinner table and make that politically incorrect comment
or insensitive comment just to stir the pot and they will defend themselves if
you hurt someone close to the eight they’re going to go after you okay they
are very strong-willed very confident decisive they don’t want anyone to be
able to control them they want ultimate freedom and ultimate control of their
lives that is the eighth and finally the nine
is the peacemaker they are receptive reassuring complacent
and resigned their core fear is being in conflict tension or discord feeling shut
out and overlooked losing connection with others their core desire is having
inner stability and peace of mind so Nine’s end up being very very
people-oriented they love having people around them they love everyone being in
peace and unity you know the peacemaker that says it all right like a lot of
these descriptors are very just very dead-on they will often put other
people’s needs up in front of their own just to keep peace right and because of
that sometimes they don’t seem very driven sometimes they seem like they say
complacent and resigned right so that is the nine they want everyone to be happy
they want to feel other people’s emotions they really want inner
stability and they want peace of mind all around them okay
that’s the nine and I just want to say before we move on I’m because this is a
very long class I want to move through this I’m gonna be testing you guys for
three different personality tests so you guys can imagine hopefully having the
words on screen it makes it easier for you guys to follow along now activity
number two is the stances okay in the second activity I’m going to read you
the descriptions of the three possible stances so there’s nine total types
three stances which means there’s three numbers that belong to each stance so in
this one you’re going to use the second line of numbers on your paper and you’re
gonna underline the three numbers whose stance resonates but circle the one that
feels most right so I will say that’s no matter how many things you underlined
are circled in the top line if you could keep this to one stance okay that’s
going to make your process much simpler to figure out who
what your ultimate number is okay so I’m gonna read you a description and there’s
going to be three numbers associated with them so stands number one is the
future focused stance does this sound like you you’re high energy and focused
on improving things you are a planner you’re always looking ahead you are
often the leader in situations and if you’re not the leader necessarily you
may frequently find that you’re often steps ahead of those who are around you
and waiting for others to catch up because you’re always looking at the
future you are future focused does that sound like you if it sounds like you
dead-on circle it I would I would really recommend only circling one of these
dances if this sounds like you you’re gonna choose number three seven and
eight those bonds you’re going to circle three seven and eight okay if you’re
future focused stance two is you’re in the moment focused on now
you sound like you you live in the moment you rely on the people around you
for feedback you’re always checking in to see how you’re doing and where you
are in relation to others you want to do a good job right now on the projects
that you’re focused on you aren’t worried much about the past or what will
happen in the future you’re very in the now okay what what needs to be doing now
what do I have to do next how can I help people right now how am i doing at this
am i meeting your needs you know is that the kind of person that you are
is that your stance you’re focused on the nail what can I do right now what
work needs to be done right now if that sounds like you you’re gonna choose
numbers one two and six okay one two and six if you aren’t
focused on the now activity three I’m sorry tivity two number three number
three past focused okay so does it sound like you are you a daydreamer do you
like to think and remember observe and ponder you don’t feel particularly
action-oriented or relationship oriented you prefer to reflect and reminisce okay
so we have three stances we have the future the now and the past and I hope
you can kind of get a sense for what stand what the differences are between
those so if you are someone who is past focused you are maybe not feeling
you’re always motivated to get things done right like the future focus person
is you’re not worried about relationships and how you can help
people right now which would be the now focus right that’s second stance you’re
more of a reflector reminisce err and that’s the way you might spend a lot of
your time I mean obviously everyone has to take care of their own needs in the
nail right but you know are you more future oriented more focused on right
now what needs to be done or are you more focused on looking back at the past
if that’s you the past circle four five and nine okay now
activity three the center of intelligence in this third and final
activity I’m going to describe the three possible centers of intelligence in this
activity I want you to consider how you initially react to bad news or in
challenging situations that’s what we’re looking at here if you got really bad
news or you’re in a really challenging situation what is your first instinct
okay using the third line of numbers on your paper underline the three numbers
whose center of intelligence description resonates the circle the one that feels
most right this is just like the stances there are three centers of intelligence
that each have three numbers related to them try only to circle one set of three
right there goes all three you’re gonna circle but only choose try only to focus
on one three like you only have one stance you only have one Center of
intelligence right okay the center of intelligence one this
is the heart we’re feeling Center so when when you get bad news or you’re in
a challenging situation your first reaction is a shame response
you might feel heartbreak you wonder if it’s your own fault or if you could have
done something to change the outcome do you blame yourself or try to take
accountability for bad things that happen to others even when they’re
clearly not your fault right so imagine a bad situation happen to your worst
nightmare what is your first response in that situation okay if you feel like you
have a heart centered or feeling response where you start feeling shame
and heartbreak and you just want to fix things you want to make things right for
people you take accountability like this is all my fault if that’s you if you
hear yourself saying that’s people a lot that may be you and if that is
choose numbers two three and four okay two three and four
next set our center of intelligence is the head or thinking center so your
first reaction when bad news or a challenging situation comes is a fear
response you might be confused you’re trying to figure out why this thing
happened so you can try to fix it or prevent it in the future use you like to
use your brain to process the event to logic your way out of it or to make
sense of it okay and you know it’s really interesting right now with the
pandemic going on you might think about what your reaction was to the pandemic
you know that might be a good example right because this is something that’s a
challenging situation for sure you know what was your first reaction to it right
were you like oh my goodness how can I put you know how could this happen like
you know how could this happen is that you caused a pandemic me right like
that’s but that’s what a heart centered person to think the head center person
is like wait what is this I need to do research what is going on I don’t
understand like how could this be happening like let me try to figure this
out right let me figure out a plan for like how do we deal with this I never
want this to happen again right if that was your response then you’re ahead
thinking center of intelligence so if that sounds like you you’re gonna choose
numbers five six and seven okay final center of intelligence is the gut or
instinct Center your first reaction to bad news or a challenging situation is
an angry response you get angry you act instinctually
you don’t stop to think before you act and you don’t feel any personal shame or
internalize the situation to blame yourself you move to action quickly and
you are actually very good in a crisis okay so something bad happens what is it
I can do I’m gonna you know I’m not happy about this how am I gonna change
it what am I gonna do what action am I gonna take right think about that that’s
when you have that gut feeling like oh something bad happened you’re like oh
I’m immediately angry right so so much gives you bad news you’re like what you
know you’re kind of get mad about it right if that’s you you might be gut or
instinct centered okay and if that’s you you’re gonna choose numbers eight nine
and one okay now I want you to take a look at your paper are there any numbers
that you circled all three times right or perhaps there’s more than one that’s
normal and that we might able to work that out but your number is
with the next set of information that we’re gonna go through but hopefully you
had one number that was circled three times like oh yeah this really resonates
across all three right let me know you guys if you feel like you had that I’d
love to hear what you guys think your numbers are and what that was all you
know what your number is I’m just gonna check the comments real quickly make
sure we’re all doing good still just for you setting this to make sure that come
up to date on comments yeah cool okay so feel free to let me know what your type
is if you saw one or if you really just see a pattern with them you know you may
be able to choose what your number is but we’re gonna there’s more information
Amy Graham and your nerves complicated we’re gonna keep going so I happen to be
in eighth okay so I’m gonna use myself as an example to help you better
understand the rest of type D type of information as we go through it so if
you hear me reference myself that’s why just so I can teach you guys things so
the next set of information you won’t know about the anagram is stress and
growth numbers so each number moves in a direction of integration which is a
direction of growth and a direction of disintegration stress so this is where
the idea of the Enneagram having like these nine sides and all of the numbers
hit other numbers as well this is where that that symbol comes into play with
the way that the relationship between the numbers okay so this means that
although you are one type right you are with one dominant type you might act
like another type during a good period and you might act like another type
during a bad period because of this if you had more than one like number
circled or like a lot of you’re like oh I’m seeing these numbers a lot right
it’s possible that the additional numbers are actually on the spectrum for
your main type okay so let’s go ahead and go through the types the direction
of integration or growth and this is how the numbers work out okay and there’s
two sets of this actually because there’s two kind of like directionals
with us so if you were a one if you’re one you move to a seven in a good time
and growth if you’re seven you move to a five if you’re five you move to an eight
if you’re an 8 you move to a 2 if you’re two you move to a 4 if you’re a for you
go to one okay so in good times that’s the direction that things may go so you
may actually notice like let’s say you’ve circled let’s say you circled 8
and set I’m sorry 8 and 2 okay that may be because you that may be the
spectrum that you’re on the 8 and 2 for growth right so that may actually be a
reason because when you’re doing good as an 8 you go to 2 right
so look and kind of see if you circled more than one number if that kind of
fits now also there’s a second set there’s like a triad within the Indian
gram which is 9 3 & 6 so a 9 goes to a 3 a 3 goes to a 6 and a 6 goes back to a 9
in growth ok so if you you know had nine and three circled maybe you’re a nine
that goes to a three right where it could be in distance you could be the
number of disintegrate maybe or three that goes to a nine we’ll talk about
that in a second but look and see if you can find those patterns right because
all the numbers move to another number and they kind of mimic them in a way
when things are going really good okay then there’s a distant there’s a
direction of disintegration which is the direction of stress right and this is
the way that works one moves to 4-inch stress four moves to two two moves to
eight eight moves to five five moves to 7 seven moves to one okay and then nine
moves to six six moves to 3 three moves to 9 ok so this is just another way to
look at and evaluate those numbers because you might be able to pick out
what your pattern is if you may be circled more than one thing I’m glad
because that might actually resonate with you right and this is again
disintegration is stressed so like when times are bad when you’re feeling out of
control a one mimics of four right on the one will start acting more like a
four okay now here’s an example because I’m an eight I take on the traits of a 2
which is the helper in growth and I take on the traits of a 5 an investigator in
stress okay that’s the way it works so if I were doing this test it’s actually
this happens to me a lot like I will end up circling to a lot if I do this might
be between like 8 and 2 sometimes so because it’s like when I am normal or
what I am like really when I’m really on right so that’s can sometimes happen for
me when I go through this now another factor to consider is wing
numbers only tickets cipro quick okay wing numbers this is another thing that
goes into the integrand each number touches two numbers on either side of it
they’re known as the wings things for bird right and they’ve got two wings
right no personality as we know is purely one type the numbers to the left
or right of your main number are also factors that you may lean on so as an
eight my wings are seven and nine because you do this in sequential order
and usually people have one wing that they rely on more so I consider myself
as an eight I do see myself as a seven and I can see myself in nine but I feel
like in a day-to-day basis I think I’d probably rely more on nine right so I
feel like maybe more like a peacemaker than I do an enthusiast own like a
day-to-day basis with my number eight challenger as my mean okay again if you
had multiple numbers circled right if you had them like next to each other
circled you might see a pattern emerging when you put these details into
perspective right so like if you had so if you you know had two three and four
right it’s possible that you could be a three and you rely on two and four
because they’re your wings do you see that as well so hope that makes sense
now I’ve created a little column pattern for you here so you can check these
columns for patterns right so the type the first line is all the type numbers
right one through nine the second line is the growth number for your type the
third is your stress number the wing one and wing two for each of the numbers
right so going through number one number one goes to a seven in growth it goes to
a four inch dress and the wings of a one or nine and two so if you can see any
pattern perhaps in what you circled in these I’ll leave this up for a second
and I’ll take a little sip of water this is just to help you if you haven’t
landed on types sometimes you’re able to figure out and your number that way let’s see okay so it looks like you say I’m just
gonna go through him see you think and hope you guys okay so Kaylee said I did
not get one number circled on all three not unusual I thought I’d be a three but
the last set I circled one seven and eight
okay so three lemonis would say if you thought you were a three caitli let’s
take a look at what touches three or really maybe what yeah let’s look at
three first so just three touch one seven and eight
it does not but let’s look at one does one touch anything no 8 ah 8 touches 7
and oh something I will say okay I don’t know all of these for every number
remember earlier I said that my Enneagram I was mistyped for a while I
was typed as a 3 because 3 happens to be a look at like number four and eight
threes and eights apparently look very similar so if you think you’re a three
you could be an eight or if you think you’re Nate you could be a three so if
you think you’re a three kaylee and you’ve touched eight you might actually
just be an eighth 8 touches 7 okay Edie says I have two 7s okay where what was
the thing that if you have if you only have two of the same number star called
look at look into what that third row was about if row one was all about the
core desires and fears row 2 which I will say those are probably the hardest
to actually do you know individually distinguish
Row 2 was all about the stances so if you were future now or past oriented and
the third line was your center of intelligence which was heart feeling
head thinking gut instinctual okay okay so some of you think you found a number
which is good and I always said she’s definitely a five so so let’s keep going
because I’m gonna read you guys the description Sam said she didn’t lie to
people who looks like that too and that’s not unusual like God
only circled two of things and did you guys find that perhaps it was the core
desires and fears that you didn’t get right or do you feel like it was you’re
like what do you think is the one what is the one area that was off the core
desires the stances or the centers of intelligence because we could probably
go over those so Anna’s saying she’s thinking three with that pattern okay so
Kayla said I circled one eight and nine which is okay so that is one eight and
nine technically touch each other right so you could be a nine with your wings
would be eight and one okay so think about that okay so yeah okay good
so Jani says the stance is the one that they have the hardest time with yeah
okay so I would love to hear what you guys think is that was the hardest to
deal with them well maybe we can come back to that Jamila says I need except for Fears
okay so hopefully some of you did this and we’re able to get your type or maybe
your between two different types the final piece of the iniya Graham are in
the instincts but you can’t really move on to instincts until you have your type
because all of the instincts are different four types but we’re still
gonna talk about this okay so the three instincts each number has one of three
possible instincts okay some people call them subtypes but the integrand web site
is like no they’re not subtypes their instincts all right so it’s the way you
act instinctually one is called the self-preservation instinct one is the
sexual or attraction instinct and one is the social or adaptive instinct
so actually I’m literally just gonna write read these instincts off for you
they come from the integral Institute these are just descriptions I’m going to
read off so the self-preservation instinct people who have this as their
dominant instinct are preoccupied with the safety comfort health energy and
well-being of the physical body in a word they are concerned with having
enough resources to meet life’s demands a diet identification with the body is a
fundamental focus for all humans and we need our body to function well in order
to be alive and active in the world most people in contemporary cultures have not
faced life or death of survival in the strictest sense
thus self-preservation types tend to be concerned with food money how
medical matters and physical comfort moreover those primarily focused on
self-preservation by extension are usually interested in maintaining these
resources for others as well their focus of attention naturally goes towards
Tings or things related to these areas such as clothes
temperature shopping decorating and the like particularly if they’re not
satisfied in these areas or have a feeling of deficiency due to their
childhoods self-preservation types tend to be more grounded practical serious
and introverted than the other two instinctual types they might have active
social eyes and a satisfying intimate relationship but if they feel that their
self preservation needs are not being met they still tend to not be happy or
at ease in their primary relationships these people are nesters they seek
domestic tranquility and security with a reliable stable partner okay so that’s
the self preservation instinct and I’m literally just giving you guys this
information because after this class if you want to dig deeper it’s good to like
to kind of know these things so you can kind of find directly what your type is
instinct to number two is the sexual or attraction instinct many people
originally identified themselves as this type because they have learned that the
sexual types are interested in one-to-one relationships but all three
instinctual types are interested in one-to-one relationships for different
reasons so this does not distinguish them the key element in sexual types is
an intense drive for stimulation and a constant awareness of the chemistry
between themselves and others sexual types are immediately aware of the
attraction or lack thereof between themselves and other people further
while the basis of this instinct is related to sexuality it is not
necessarily about engaging in the sexual act there are many people that we are
excited to be around for reasons of personal chemistry that we have no
intention of getting involved with nonetheless we might be aware that we
feel stimulated in certain people’s companies and less so in others the
sexual type is constantly moving towards that sense of intense stimulation and
juicy energy in their relationships and in their activities they are the most
energized of the three instinctual types and tend to be more aggressive
competitive charged and emotionally intense than the self-preservation or
social types sexual types have an intense energetic charge in their
primary relationships or else they remain unsatisfied they enjoy being
intensely involved even merged and can become disenchanted with
partners who are unable to meet their needs for intense energetic union losing
yourself in a fusion of being is the ideal world as the ideal here and sexual
types are always looking for this state with others and with stimulating objects
in their world and that is the sexual type okay then
three is social or adaptive just as many people tend to miss identifies
themselves as sexual types because they want one-on-one relationships many
people fail to recognize themselves as social types because they get the false
idea that this means always being involved in groups meetings and parties
if self-preservation types are interested in adjusting the environment
to make themselves more secure and comfortable social types adapt
themselves to serve the needs of the social situations they find themselves
in thus social types are highly aware of other people whether they are in
intimate relationships or in groups they are also aware of how their actions and
attitudes are affecting those around them
moreover sexual types seek intimacy social types seek personal connection
they want to stay in long-term contact with people and to be involved in their
world social types are the most concerned with doing things that will
have some impact on their community or even broader domains they tend to be
warmer more open engaging and socially responsible than the other two types in
their primary relationships they seek partners with whom they can share social
activities wanting their intimates to get involved in projects and events with
them paradoxically they actually tend to avoid long periods of exclusive intimacy
and quiet solitude seeing both as potentially limiting social types lose
their sense of identity and meaning when they are not involved with others and
activities that transcend their individual interests that is the social
instinct so much for eating I’m a sexual 8 ok I just love saying that based on
this information what type do you think you are let me know leave me a comment
let’s talk about it so someone had said the self and I said the self
preservation instinct is coming at her today cool okay so yeah maybe you know your
subtype too but not subtype Instinct sorry so much talking okay so next let’s
talk about using this information the purpose of understanding our type is to
learn and grow from it for each type there is a core weakness that should be
addressed and considered and I’ll provide my feedback for watch each type
may consider working on as well okay so type ones weakness is resentment
ones are fixated on perfection they need everyone and everything buttoned up
doing things the right way because no one meets their astronomically high
standards once filled with anger the boils over in the form of resentment one
should focus on grace for themselves and others no one is perfect not even you
one have a healthy outlet for anger so it doesn’t get you in trouble
try journaling so that is my feedback for the one so okay for two twos weakness is pride twos are
keenly aware of everyone’s needs which is Noble except they ignore their own
needs while their natural givers to struggle to struggle mightily to receive
their pride comes in believing they’re indispensable more false humility than
boastfulness so two should practice what they preach more ask for help accept
help from others and turn their nurturing energy in on themselves self
care is essential for a – okay type threes weakness is deceit threes our
image-conscious they have an uncanny uncanny oh my gosh
an uncanny ability to appear successful knowledgeable and important regardless
of the crowd they deceive others yes but ultimately three is deceive themselves
by allowing their ego or persona to become their identity three should do
the spiritual work of let go of their ego identity
you should try some books by Eckhart Tolle that’s my recommendation for three
types of our weakness is envy fours are always missing something always everyone
else seems so and happy and content they are fixated
on being special different authentic and they’re often driven by their emotions
which are many and often for should focus on self-confidence issues they
project uniqueness because they don’t believe that they are actually unique
but each and every person is in their own way
avoid comparison traps and watch what you consume on social media if you are a
four ok types five weakness is avarice avarice seems archaic now by the way
these are literally lines I think that are coming from the book the road back
to you so this linked in the description so I didn’t necessarily write these just
copy pasted average seems archaic why not use greed because it’s the wrong
word greed is a thirst for more material possessions and money 5s aren’t as much
concerned with acquiring more as they are with hoarding what they have they’re
fixated on being independent and seeing a world of lack they often withhold love
and affection from those closest to them so 5s need to open themselves up and
become more generous to others with their knowledge time and with themselves
practicing gratitude is a great way for a 5 to open up and see that there is
more than enough for to go around ok that’s for 5 type 6 weakness is fear the
world is a scary dangerous place so says a six sixes are doomsday and worst case
scenario specialists they’re always looking for some Authority or leader to
make them feel secure for a six the shit is always about to hit the fan sixes
should focus on relaxation self-care gas but more importantly meditation having a
go to practice to manage their anxiety will help them control and overcome it
so if you feel like you’re like excessively anxiety and worried about
things all the time going wrong you might be a sex all right take 7 is
weakness is gluttony so don’t think food think excess 7s do everything too much
in an attempt to avoid the present in particularly they avoid anything hard or
painful sevens are fixated on immediate gratification making them especially
vulnerable to addiction so sevens to take some time to slow down
meditation self-care is and yes focusing on the present and borrowing some
confidence from their neighbor they eight to address issues and conflicts
ASAP instead of avoiding it absolutely so if you find that you’re somebody like
likes to avoid conflict and not just like you’re trying to mediate conflict
it was like oh I’m avoiding this like you always find yourself looking in the
future because you don’t want to deal with the now like very much an escapist
that is the seven type eight weakness is lust eighths aren’t lustful in a sexual
way they lust after intensity eighths are confident confrontational and
domineering their motto is act now ask for forgiveness never if they had a logo
it would be an exclamation mark it’s avoid vulnerability and their
greatest fear is being controlled I think that’s so funny that statement he
made of if they had a logo would be an exclamation point because X which mark
because that I overly use exclamation points as me okay aids need to channel
their inner strength to themselves instead of others and open themselves up
it’s okay to rely on other people without controlling them viii in order
to develop loyalty you need to remember to trust people first also detach
yourself from other people’s outcomes and lives we all have our own paths in
life right so as an eight I can totally resonate with the idea of
lusting after life like intensity and feeling the need for loyalty around you
but also like protective nature I get way too involved in other people’s lives
sometimes and in terms of not in terms of the two instinct which would be like
I get too involved with helping I get too involved with telling people what
they should do okay so that’s an 8 types 9 weakness is sloth Knights aren’t
physically lazy sloth furs too spiritual apathy 9s avoid conflict a conflict at
all cost everyone always seems too serious too demanding too angry too
clingy the world would be a much better place if everyone had a glass of wine
and a chill pill lacking focus and drive 9s can go the entirety of their lives
without a true identity or purpose so now you need to develop routines that
energize them and find causes that light them up enough to give a darn right it’s
great to set intentions for peace but not at the expense of your own needs and
your own identity so set small goals develop the habits to support them and
work on utilizing your voice of reason for yourself as well as others right so
the thing about Nine’s as they can seem like unmotivated
in life like they’re basically sit back relax chill they’re good at like you
know they love to talk things out and be close to people right but they’re not
necessarily like internally motivated to get things done for themselves right
they would rather be at peace than have anything that could potentially disturb
it okay and I realized that so many of these descriptions things just overlap
between all of the numbers and that’s intentional right we all have all of the
elements of these personalities in our own personality it’s just like to what
extent like what’s the most significant right so that was the Enneagram there is
much deeper insight to gain from your type
so please do additional research on your own I left the resources in the
description box for you to get started now I just want a quick an hour in okay
we’re doing good we’re doing good okay so I knew the inia grams maybe the
biggest want to have the most slides was like half the deck so we’re doing good okay so people are guessing what they
are social two’s self-preservation 3 Sam thinks they may be a sexual 5 Sam I will
say knowing that you are marine biologist 5s do end up very often being
drawn to like the sign the sciences so that’s very true yeah so hopefully after
hearing the weaknesses 5 sounds like more like you than a – ok did 5 go to –
at all I’m going to try to go back wait let me see I want to go back to the
lines here I did 5 go to 2 if I doesn’t go to – hmmmm 5 and 2 anywhere together
should I say 5 and 2 or anywhere in these lines together ah 8 8 goes to 2 in
growth and 5 inch dress Sam so it’s possible as well that you could
be an 8 right so this is like if you guys I think a screenshot of this to
just kind of keep working this out you want to find it would probably you know
it’s very possible that if you circled multiple numbers and you’re down to a
couple numbers that they might make sense in the context
these columns okay so we’re gonna move on though
to the next personality test which is myers-briggs there you are myers-briggs
okay okay so now myers-briggs I picked a lot of you know what your myers-briggs
is okay so that seems to be the one that everyone knows I feel like when I worked
at a company we always did myers-briggs it was always brought up bah blah blah
but I’ll say about myers-briggs though is that my myers-briggs number changed
okay maybe I this is the thing that happens to me when I take the test I can
get one of two answers there’s one element that I really wanna and some of
the tests that you can take for the myers-briggs will give you the
percentage that you are for each number for each letter and so I very often very
close to 50/50 and I’ve identified with one type of myers-briggs for a long time
but now actually like researching and this was just like in the last year
really researching in depth I and we’ll get to this I will talk about this when
we get to this point I can see now that actually I might be another type just
one letter off you know just another type so you know these things do change
they do evolve based on your area of life what’s going on with you
I would totally see that like just like the Enya Graham where you could be one
number in stress and one in growth you could be your myers-briggs could change
to you guys again all of these things are inside of us so let’s talk about the
history of the myers-briggs Type Indicator
it’s a personality typing system that evaluates the way people perceive the
world and make decisions it’s inspired by Carl Jung’s book psychological types
myers-briggs Type Indicator was developed by Katharine cook Briggs and
her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers from the 1920s until the publication of their
first book handbook on the subject which was in 1944 the myers-briggs Type
Indicator outlines sixteen personality types based on eight cognitive and
orientation based function cognitive functions starting by of the typos in
there so a sixteen personality is eight options that are two paired against each
other right the sixteen personalities are
formed by comparing four pairs of functions oh I know what that is
extraversion versus introversion sensing versus intuition thinking versus feeling
and judging versus perceiving okay so let’s work through a quick test this
would be really quickly because there’s only four things let’s get a piece of
paper and a pen to write out the following grid okay so create the grid
that looks something like this for yourself
I don’t you could put a whole line down the center if you wanted to but you’re
just you’re gonna have a versus eye and give yourself some space around it like
take notes s versus n T versus F and J versus pain okay so as we work through
the descriptions of the eight functions I want you to circle the letter that
applies to you and your track the number of statements that you agree with right
I’m gonna give you a bunch of statements agree or disagree sort of a thing kind
of track how many like maybe just like to a tally of things that and then maybe
hopefully you’ll be able to find which one you are so myers-briggs the first
set of functions have to do with your favorite world so do you prefer to focus
on the outer broad or do you focus on your own inner world so let’s focus on
extraversion the e okay II versus I did these statements sound like you I like
getting my energy from activity involvement in events and having a lot
of different activities I’m excited when I’m around people and I like to energize
other people I like moving into action and making things happen
I generally feel at home in the world I often understand a problem better when I
can talk it out loud about it and hear what others have to say so the following
statement so they generally apply to you I’m seen as an outgoing or as a people
person I feel comfortable in groups and like working in them I have a wide range
of friends and know lots of people sometimes I jump too quickly into
activity and don’t allow enough time to think it over before I start a project I
sometimes forget to stop and get clear on what I want to do and why so that was
the first thing was the description of the introvert that sounds like you and
then just a few statements to consider these come from the myers-briggs
organization by the way and there’s five statements here right so you could say
how many out of five you think apply to you I’m something else that I want to
make a point about is that a lot of times people think extraversion is the
same thing as outgoing you can be an outgoing introvert okay so if that
is a little bit different right if you’re someone I know that they seem
very similar but it is possible that when you are an introvert for you to
still be able to like perform and do things like that with people the idea of
your favorite world is really where you get your energy right do you get
energized by being around people or do you get you get energized beings by
yourself right and everybody needs time alone like self-care and things like
that but are you the kind of person that’s like oh I judge after like a big
group event or stuff like that I just feel like I’m on a high or after a big
group of that DUI like oh my god I need to sleep for 10 years right I’ll give
you an example for me I am an extrovert well after last week’s class I was
riding a high for like an hour and a half immediately afterwards and then I
crashed right so that’s you know after doing all that work preparing for the
whole time you know week for that class I was riding high and I felt it
immediately for a little while and then I did a crash right because your
Energy’s energy is always gonna deplete so I think about things like that so
introverts here’s the description I like getting my energy from dealing with
ideas pictures memories and reactions that are inside my head my inner world I
often prefer doing things alone or with one or two people I feel comfortable
with I take time to reflect so that I have a clear idea of what I’ll be doing
when I decide to act ideas are almost solid things for me sometimes I like the
idea of something better than the real thing
so the following statements do they apply to you I’m seen as reflective or
reserved I feel comfortable being alone and I like things I can do on my own I
prefer to know just a few people well I sometimes spend too much time reflecting
and don’t move into action quickly enough I sometimes forget to check with
the outside world and see if my ideas really fit the experience that was a oh
I’m sorry sorry something I was thinking about with this introvert/extrovert and
I was thinking about including this into his class but I didn’t just because
things got too long is there’s a lot of research resources that compare the inia
gram to myers-briggs so if you know your myers-briggs and you’re having trouble
with your Enya gram you may need to work backwards okay and mine works for me so
it might work for you so hear these statements
like this this introversion is very similar to the stance that is past
focused right so I’m just going to really quickly the past focus people were four five and nine so if you were a
four five or nine you might be an introvert if you are definitely an
introvert you might be a four or five or nine in Enneagram things to consider okay
just things to consider information so the second set is about how you process
information so do you prefer to focus on the basic information you take in or do
you prefer to interpret and add meaning to information so we’re talking about
sensing that’s the S paying attention to physical reality what I see hear touch
taste and smell I’m concerned with what is actually present current and real I
notice facts and I remember details that are important to me I like to see the
practical use of things and learn best when I see how to use what I’m learning
experience speaks to me at louder than words okay so the following statements
generally apply to you if you’re a sensor and s I remember events as
snapshots of what actually happened right so exactly what actually happened
I solve problems by working through facts until I understand the problem
I am pragmatic and look to the bottom line I start with facts and then I form
a big picture I trust experience first and trust words and symbols last the
last one sometimes I pay so much attention to facts either past or
present that I miss new possibilities this very often this sensing if you’re
five you’re probably a sensor it’s just the way that you’re so logical about
collecting information you could relate to you okay so think about those there’s
six statements there how many out of six apply to you now instead of being
sensing you could be intuitive so this is the description for intuition which
is n paying the most attention to impressions or the meanings and patterns
of the information that I get I would rather learn by thinking a problem
through than by hands-on experience I’m interested in new things
and what might be possible so that I think more about the future than the
past I like to work with symbols or abstract theories even if I don’t know
how I will use them I remember events more as an impression
of what it was like then as actual facts or details of what happens again here
we’re seeing something that sounds like Enneagram again right so being more
future oriented so if you were a future-oriented stance right which were 3 7 & 8 that might mean that you are an
N and that works for me being an 8 I know that I am an intuition as well so
here are the statements that I want you to evaluate I remember events by what I
read between the lines about their meaning I sighs I solve problems by
leaping between different ideas and possibilities I’m interested in doing
things that are new and different I like to see the big picture then to find out
the facts I trust impressions symbols and
metaphors more than what I actually experienced sometimes I think so much
about new possibility is that I never look at how to make them a reality okay
so how many of those statements apply to you six statements out of those six
statements how many are you right if you pair that to the sensing right and see
you know that’s all you’ll choose between the two give you guys a second
more on that okay next how you make decisions so when making decisions do
you prefer to first look at logic and consistency or first look at the people
and special circumstances this is where my number has changed my mind my
myers-briggs has changed because I realize now that this question here is
asking you about what your first initial step is when you’re making a decision
and that’s where I realized that I make I take one Avenue as the first initial
step but then I ultimately make a decision based on the other thing that
we’re going to talk about here at the session so one of them is thinking and
the other one is feeling right so this is something that you have to be
very clear on what your first step is when you’re making decisions not
necessarily the outcome that you come to so when I make a decision I like to find
the basic truth or principle to be applied regardless of the specific
situation involved I like to analyze pros and cons and then be consistent and
logical in deciding I try to be impersonal so I won’t let my personal
wishes or other people’s wishes influence me that makes me think a lot
of one to any room one the following statements generally apply to me
I enjoy technical and scientific fields where logic is important I notice
inconsistencies I look for logical explanations or solutions to most
everything I make decisions with my head and want to be fair I believe telling
the truth is more important than being captal sometimes I miss or don’t value
the people part of a situation I can be seen as too task-oriented
uncaring or indifferent so we’ve got seven statements there I think so how
many out of those apply do right like I said thinking is definitely to me feels
like a 1 and a 5 in Enneagram this is how you first approach making a decision
and it may not be we ultimately how you ultimately make the decision but it’s
your first approach to it something else that I thought about a lot is one of the
reasons I realized that my myers-briggs is it was changed is that I feel like
through life experience right you know especially me being an atemi a gram
which can be very confrontational to people I had many many experiences
throughout my life where um being confrontational being like that
strong-willed person backfired on me so women tend to be very much more
adapted in the psychological fields right like we’re able to adapt ourselves
a lot better in social situations so you know learning from experience that I
shouldn’t act a certain way right I adjusted myself so this is one of those
things where actually my number here my letter here is a T even though for a
long time I thought I was an F because oh my approach to making decision I
start okay tell me everything that happened I
want to know all the information and then I want to hear what people were
feeling about in the situation right so if you were like imagine you were
mediating something right sometimes people just think okay well what are the
people involved in this situation what are their interpretations right like
what what do they need out of this because I want to make sure they are
prioritized but for me as an 8/8 are very obsessed with making sure they have
all the information so they can make a rational decision they like need people
to always tell them the truth that’s because for in my head right thinking I
have to think through all the logical I want to think through the problem first
right and then I will bring in other people’s you know feelings right to make
ultimately make my decision I hope that makes sense okay so that’s thinking
feeling I believe I can make the best decisions by weighing what other what
people care about and the points of view of persons involved in a situation I am
concerned with values and what is best for the people involved I like to do
whatever will establish or maintain harmony and my relationships IP are
caring warm and tactful the following statements generally apply to me I have
a people or communications orientation I am concerned with harmony and nervous
when it’s missing sounds like a nine I look for what is important to others and
express concern for others I make decisions with my heart and want to be
compassionate I believe being tactful is more important than telling the cold
truth sometimes I miss seeing or communicating the hard truth of
situations I am sometimes experienced by others as too idealistic mushy or
indirect how many of those sorry so how many of those apply to you are you
thinking or are you feeling finally is structure in dealing with the
outside world do you prefer to get things decided or do you prefer to stay
open to new information and options Jay judging I use my decision-making judging
preference whether it’s thinking or feeling in my outer life to others I
seem to prefer are a planned or orderly way of life
like to have things settled and organized feel more comfortable when
decisions are made and like to bring life under control as much as possible
since this pair only describes what I prefer in the outer world I may inside
feel flexible and open to new information which I am do not confuse
judging with judgmental in its negative sense about people and events they are
not related ok so we’re talking about interior your how you interact with the
outside world not how you might feel like you might feel like a flexible
person right but still like things we ordered settled on decisions to be made
you don’t like things to be open and necessarily right and this is me I’m a
Jay so that’s I may feel like I’m a flexible person right but I still I’m
flexible and then I need to make a decision like their musical decision
needs to be settled I can’t have too many open-ended things right the
following statements generally apply to me I like to have things decided I
appear to be task oriented I like to make lists of things to do
I like to get my work done before playing that’s really big for me I
cannot do anything fun until I’m like let’s do this first in fact that’s one
of my motivators to get things done is like I’m like if you get this work done
you can now do this fun thing I plan to I plan work to avoid rushing just before
a deadline and sometimes I focus so much on the goal that I missed
new information crying does that sound like you are you a judge are now in the
negative connotation just you’re like I like to make a judgment think about like
a judge right a judge has to weigh all the information it’s like I’ve decided
right decisions must be made in fact instead of saying judging are you a
decider you’re like I’m just going to decide this for us right now
where are we going for dinner I don’t know I’ve just decided yet this is what
we’re gonna go judging okay and this is perceiving P I use my perceiving
function whether it’s sensing or intuition in my outer life to others I
seem to prefer a flexible and spontaneous way of life and I’d like to
understand and adapt to the world rather than organize it others see me staying
open to new experiences and information since this pair only describes what I
prefer in the outer world inside feel very planful or decisive which I am
remember in type language perceiving means preferring to take in information
it does not mean being perceptive as in the sense of having quick and accurate
perceptions about people and events not the same thing okay
the following statements generally apply to me I like to stay open to respond to
whatever happens I appear to be loose and casual I like to keep plans to a
minimum I like to approach work as play or mix work and play
I work in bursts of energy I am stimulated by an approaching deadline
sometimes I stay open to new information so long I miss making decisions when
they’re needed a lot of times it sounds like a seven in a degree I’m 17 okay okay
make sure you guys are drinking your beverages for going along here yep okay
now once you take a look your paper from the pair’s you should have one dominant
letter for each of those combinations and then combine the dominant letter
from each line to create your myers-briggs Type Indicator personality
okay I am ENTJ what type are you okay and I
used to think I was Ian F J but it’s how you initially respond to making
decisions not ultimately how you doing like I said there’s a list like life
experience can change you right if you’ve been smacked in the face my life
enough times because you’re a certain personality you may learn to adapt to
that but what is your first initial instinct for stuff you know someone said
here it looks like I’m changing to be a P that was different when I was younger
absolutely I do think like I said and I’ve had like a really when I realized
that I was Ian’s really probably ENTJ and said Ian FJ I had this really long
conversation of my friend who is like all into these personality test too and
basically it was the decision we made was you could be anything at any time
right so like you can adapt you can change your I could go from enfj ENTJ
like in the span of like a week depending on the situation so it’s just
about like maybe what you are most often against all about dominant things
so let’s talk about using this information I heroes they’ve got an ENFP
ENTJ I an S but it’s a tie between J and P so Kayleigh this is the thing with
that right the J and the paid you your J if you absolutely always have to have
things settled right like let’s say you’re going out with a group of friends
and they are like where should we go for dinner right are you annoyed if you’re
like oh they’re like oh let’s just go like okay as a as a J I didn’t know it
would good we’re like let’s just go walk around downtown and we’ll just find
something what looks good right that drives me nuts
as a J right so if you’re like oh yeah I love that I love just being you know
open to the dance right because you may feel like you’re flexible inside but how
you actually act outside is different right I never I’m never the go with the
flow like I’m like can we make a plan and if something needs to change we can
change it but the default is this plan right that’s a really good way to say it
to a lot of times the default the J is like to be default like we just have
this plan just in case we can’t decide something later we can keep things open
but this is the back-up plan right if you’re a back-up plan or that could be
you okay so the purpose of this and understand
our type is to learn and grow from it right there are many ways we can learn
from the myers-briggs Type Indicator but I think a great place to start is to
research your type and your opposite type to identify points of difference
that’s how I like to use this the point is not to change ourselves into
something different but to be aware of elements of the spectrum where we aren’t
normally drawn I love the descriptions of each type on
the 16 personalities website and I’ve left it linked down below for you to do
average additional research on your text so I have the myers-briggs organization
and the sixteen personalities I just like the way the sixteen personality
breaks things down so that’s the website I’m you could you know I like to use to
talk about these things but once you know your type figure out what the
opposite type is and you may want to research that one too so let’s talk
about embodying our opposites okay so extroverts extroverts get their energy
from the outside world but they often look before they leap into situations
they could benefit from embodying some of the principles of introverts such as
reflection and self-care introverts are more comfortable alone than in groups
but that often leaves the elated and out of touch they could
benefit from embodying some of the principles of extroverts such as
teamwork and general socialization okay so this is the way we can embody our
opposites sensing information is a very fact oriented way of looking at the
world but it often overlooks the role an energy and innuendo that play a
significant part of the information gathering sensors would do well to
embody some traits of intuitive’s by evaluating different possibilities and
looking at the big picture as opposed to individual details intuitive’s have a
great ability to read energy and information between the lines however
they would do well to embody their sensing counterparts by not strictly
relying on this information and sticking to facts on the situation calls right I
love this because I’m definitely like a very very intuitive person and I’m
definitely the person like if someone’s talking to me you’re saying one thing
I’m feeling your energy and I’m like that’s not really what they’re saying
right now right and there’s times where that energy reading is very useful and
there’s times where it can just cause unnecessary conflict because you know in
some situations what I think of as a lot of times like I have this example in my
head for like being intuitive right if you’re like a girl and you’re at a party
you’re getting like a bad sense right like I feel like something Bad’s gonna
happen or like this guy’s looking at me I’m feeling weird or like this guy’s
trying to talk and me talk to me and it’s making me uncomfortable right
having that gut feeling and being like I’m getting out of here
you know Damian is one thing right because maybe you can’t trust the person
the situation is maybe too vague and there’s a possibility of things going
wrong right but sometimes when you’re dealing with people right maybe you like
close relationships a person may be telling you something and you’re feel
you can sense the energy that they really mean something else is what you
think right because you’re feeling their energy you’re like I can tell they’re
conflicted they’re telling me yes but I know they mean know right but sometimes
you really do just have to listen to people because sometimes they want one
thing and internally they might be conflicted but that’s not your problem
you know what I mean sometimes reading energy as an intuitive is useful and
sometimes it can just cause you to doubt what other people are saying and so it’s
just you know you have to use your you know be rational here these you know if
you can trust other people then maybe listen to what they
say more often than what you think they’re meaning and if you can’t use
your gun instinct you know nae maeum people sometimes I think avoid their gut
instincts too often just to be polite so and that can get you into trouble so
that’s my take on those two thinking is a logical and consistent way to make
decisions in a fair and rational manner however thinkers could do well by
embodying the traits of a feeling personality by considering the needs of
real people involved over the I don’t know I said price there over the just
and fair outcome must have been a typo feeling is a compassionate means to make
decisions that focus on people over roles however feelers could benefit from
embodying some thinking traits and hold people accountable for their actions and
to the rules and situations that call for more structure so like this is
something that obviously me really feeling closely aligned to both of these
you know there are times where you know you want to look at just like the bare
facts this is the situation I don’t care the way you know you feel about this or
how you feel about this this is the situation and I have to make a judgment
on what’s fair and rational and then there’s times where it’s like okay the
outcome of this doesn’t really matter it’s not like you’re breaking the law
you know what I’m saying so hope you know what can I do to help people have
just the best result might be the mediator in a situation by using my
feelings and think about the outcomes and how things work for people over
rationale you know Damian this makes me think so much about like politics and
why I like governing people is hard because you have to do logical things
but then you also you need logic in order to be consistent right but then
you also need to think about the way decisions are affecting people on their
day to day lives right sometimes things can be good in theory but not really in
practice so it’s like a delicate balance that needs to be struck judging is a
great way to deal with the uncertainty of the outside world but judges can grow
by borrowing trace from their percieving counterparts such as loosening
expectations on outcomes and going with the flow
more often perceiving is an excellent way to manage your energy within the
outside world but perceivers can grow by borrowing the traits from their judging
counterparts try taking the time to outline a plan
and make a solid decision when the situation calls for it writes there’s
always time so we’re like going with flow make sense and there’s times where
planning makes sense right use your best you know judgment you’re here to decide
you know if a situation can be more go with the flow or if you need to stick to
a plan right and also knowing that a plan having a plan doesn’t mean that
it’s actually gonna happen being open I think the best situation to be in is to
have a plan and then be open there like if situations change I’m willing to
change that plan I’m not just going to like you know fall on the sword for my
plan you know what I mean I’m not going down with the ship just because I’ve
committed to it you know I mean there are ways to embody both and to grow from
it okay so that was myers-briggs again
there’s much deeper insight to gain from your type so please do additional
research on your own I left sources the description box so
you can get started so let’s say you have to say here since what you guys are
doing pretty good chatting I love it jameelah says I love just walking down
to help I love just walking downtown too but I need to know that there’s a
restaurant that has a reservation for me or I get panicked you know Oh anna says
that’s such a great way to put it like the plan can change but we can have a
default plan yeah that’s like the way that I like to approach it and a lot of
you were saying things about like you know walking the middle line and I think
like I said I think that a lot of times especially women being so adaptive in
social situations and interpersonal relationships we do know how to walk a
middle line you know what I mean we do know how to do that it’s a strength of
the you know the female persona okay we’re doing good you guys the next one
is really quick the four tendency is okay
so the history of the four tendencies the four tendencies is a personality
typing system that focuses on how individuals handle expectations it was
introduced by Gretchen Rubin in her book better than before and then covered in
her follow-up book the four tendencies it is a simple test with four
simple outcomes that measures the way we deal with internal and external
expectations to create accountability systems for ourselves so if you’re
someone who’s like struggles with to keeping accountable struggles with
getting things done and doing your goals and things like that knowing your
tendency type and how to manage it is going to help you get more results that
you’re looking for in your life so let’s work through a quick test so get a piece
of paper and a pen to write out the following grid okay
so I want you to create like a big X and on the top of the columns right meets
and resists okay on each of the columns and then on the rows outer expectations
intern expectations right there’s only four options here this is all about how
you meet or resist inner and outer expectations okay very simple outer
expectations so do you meet outer expectations so do you feel a sense of
pressure to complete work when a boss co-worker or family member assigns it to
you okay does having an accountability buddy keep
you focused on your goal do you enjoy tracking your progress to see how much
you have left to do does it give you more confidence when you can see the
results of your effort with frequent check-ins if you said yes to those or
lots of those then you may meet outer expectations so you could probably put a
check in that box outer expectation meets okay do you resist outer
expectations do you ignore directions and record requests that you receive do
you have to know the reason why you’re being asked to do things do you find
yourself compelled to do the opposite of what people tell you should be done is
doing things your own way in your own time important to you if those resonated
with you or you feel like most of them are you then outer expectations might be
resists okay can only be one of the two you can only meet you either meet or you
will resist outer expectations next inner expectations do you meet in
our expectations expectations meaning your own do you complete goals and
expectations you set for yourself often even without accountability so you’re
someone who can set a goal and hit it for themselves you don’t need
accountability when you say you’re going to do something and it’s decided there’s
no other option for you than completing you have to follow through do you get
the feeling that you just have to follow through things fear you’ll fall out
there do you have a sense of trust with yourself that you know you are capable
of taking on obstacles you’re like I can handle the things I’m good I follow
through generally comfortable with yourself general feeling of being
capable okay if so you may meet in our expectations in which case in our
expectations meets so we’re gonna check off there do you resist in our
expectations are you more likely to do something if it’s new and exciting then
if it’s something that’s you’ve done million times before do you resist or
question all authority even when it comes to your own authority right so
you’re like not only do I not listen to other people I don’t think it makes
sense for me to even set parameters on myself do you cling to the value of
personal freedom and independence above all else I got always just want to have
a choice I always want to be free I always won’t be independent that’s the
most important that can’t be no one has power over me not even myself
etc do you feel a strong need to always have options and not be confined to one
specific choice okay if many of these sound like you then you may under in it
inner expectations you may be resisting them okay very simple these are for only
four options here and two and two okay now take a look at your paper and
from the grid you should have one tendency for outer expectations and one
for inner to combine together okay so you should know if you meet or resist
outer expectations meet or resist in our expectations oh yeah we just did like a
really high view of this right nothing is too in-depth right so take a look at
your paper these are the four tendencies a polar
questioner obligor and rebel okay if you meet both outer and inner expectations
if you meet outer but you resist inner if you resist outer but you meet inner
or if you resist outer and inner so the options the upholder app holders meet
internal and external expectations they want to know what is expected of them
and do not want to let themselves or others down others can rely on upholders
because they follow through with what they commit to and they don’t need
external accountability because they can handle that themselves app holders do
struggle to meet expectations however when those expectations aren’t clearly
defined so that’s the thing as long as they know what the expectation is they
are gonna hit it as long as they know what the deadline is and what they know
is due at that time they will hit the expectation okay that is the upholder obligors meet external expectations but
they struggle with internal expectations so as long as someone is telling them
what to do obligers feel the pressure to get things done and they do it
successfully but they don’t feel that same pressure when it comes to their own
expectations or goals an obligor needs some form of accountability when it
comes to their goals okay so they need someone to keep them
accountable something or else they won’t do things for themselves
the questioner resists external expectations and meets internal
expectations so questioners question everything they’re told to do they don’t
mind fulfilling expectations as long as those expectations make sense to them
logically for that reason questioners are better at meeting their own
expectations than the expectations of others unless they’re giving a solid
logical reason for what they’re doing questioner questioners are motivated by
reason logic and fairness above all else if things do not make sense they’re not
even gonna do it they’re like nope but if it does they’re like okay this makes
sense I’ll do it I agree and then the rebel rebels resist
internal and external expectations above all else
rebels value their freedom of choice independence and identity they resist
inward and outward Authority unless lines with their goals and buy goals
here I also mean like they’re there it’s all about their identity it’s all about
their identity and aligning with their goal of freedom and choice despite
always despite all resisting expectations rebels can be productive
people but despite resisting all of us that was just typed wrong
despite resisting all expectations rebels can be productive people if they
understand how to motivate themselves and align expectations with their values
ok so just because you resist internal I expect on all expectations does not mean
that you’re just like totally lazy don’t do anything they have to find a way to
align themselves with their freedom with their choice with their independence and
tie everything back to the identity that it’s creating for themselves ok if you
didn’t know I’m a rebel which tendency are you I know a lot of people get
surprised when I say that I’m a rebel for those of you who are familiar with
the for Tennessee’s a lot of people think that I should be an upholder
because you guys see me as being very productive
I’m only productive because it is tied into my identity and I do not like to do
things as if people told me to do and I don’t even like to tell myself to do
things that’s why I’m very choosy about the goals that I actually set for myself
like new year’s goals and things like that I keep my goals to a minimum even
though I talk about the whole thing with you guys I’m never the person who’s like
let me do all of this we’re I’m like I’ll do these two things because it’s
gonna make me a better person at the end of the year you know what I mean like
that’s the ones I’m focused on so what is your tendency let’s see applied
you’re a serious rebel tendencies see oh the thing is with the with all four of
these is that your whatever one you are you touch to others anyway you’re noting
me in like being a rebel right I touch a pope obligor
and a questioner right because they’re kind of like with the Venn diagram at
the fore so you do have you are one and then you might feel like you’re also too
in a way just because there’s only so many options here so let’s talk about
using this information the purpose of understanding our type is to learn and
grow from it unlike other personality tests where you want to understand your
type as well as others to grow on a personal level when it comes to your
tendency you want to know what you are so that you can set up proper
accountability frameworks for yourself to manage your time energy and
expectations that’s what this is all about right it’s not about personal
growth in terms of like becoming a better person it’s personal growth in
terms of understanding what motivates you so that you can get things done in
your life right and make sure it gets done you know I mean you can set goals
and make sure you’re hitting them so it’s also great to be familiar with the
other tendencies and know the tendencies of others that you work with people at
home and in your career so that you know how to frame expectations for those that
you rely on as well okay so upholders their personal
accountability is how they create personal accountability as an a holder
you have a strong sense of personal accountability which is great just make
sure to set clear goals and give yourself a timeline or put some sort of
tracking system into place so you see the progress that you are making that is
accountability enough for you now working with an uploader app holders
react well to internal and external accountability so long as they have
clear expectations so make a plan with them and they will execute on it check
in on them and they will be glad to give you a status update or devise a tracking
system that you can share with them right so I’ll Poehler is the best the
best employee is that the best spouses and children everything right they do
everything they say they’re gonna do as long as everything is clear and they
don’t mind being micromanage they like yep sure here that’s what I was doing
here but check and love it they love it they’re so productive I’m just naturally
productive obligers per in terms of personal accountability as an obligor
you have a hard time keeping accountable to yourself
so don’t reach out to a friend or co-worker and make them your
accountability buddy there’s no harm in asking for help and relying on others
now if you’re working with an obligor obligers need external accountability to
get things done so if you’re working with one touch base with them often on
their project or whatever working on you’re working on with them together it
would be a great idea to have a regular check-in like sort of scheduled like a
reoccurring calendar event to help keep them accountable and moving in the right
direction so in a way oh I just need to be micromanaged okay so if you’re
working with one and you’re like their manager or if you have a child that’s
like this right you want to check in with them
micromanaged and you know if it’s just someone at work they like you’re also
working on work with maybe you’re not an authority to them but you can still act
like an accountability can ability bunny and like they will feel much more
comfortable doing their work because they’ve got someone watching over them
questioners in terms of personal accountability as a questioner you
question all expectations and only act on what makes logical sense there for
you sometimes resists others and are more likely to follow through on your
own expectations because they matter deal if you struggle to stick to your
own expectations make sure the goals that you were setting are tied to
significant reasons that make sense to use like a generic thing for this be
like if you’re trying to like get healthy right you’re like oh I want to
set a goal to get healthy right make sure you have it tied to something
realistic right like if you want to lose weight be like I want to lose this
amount of weight because I want to be a better mom right who’s able to you know
go on the slides with my kids and take care of them the way that they should be
taken care of and be active and things like that right tie it to something that
makes logical sense for the outcome not just a generic outcome of I’ll just be
thinner or I’ll just be healthier right that is logically important but it’s
better if you can get more specific so working with a questioner questioners
don’t react well to external expectations unless those expectations
make sense to them so let them define their expectations internally and then
check to ensure that you agree with them right so if you’re working with them let
them set the expectations right and like maybe you can guide them a little bit
but like make sure they’re like yeah I mean with that or make sure you give
them more than enough information to come to the conclusion that your
expectations are valid then let them do their own thing try only to check on
them at predefined intervals that they have also agreed or decided on they
don’t need you looking over their shoulders they’re not really good with
micromanage right right so questioners don’t need to be micromanaged once they
know what the expectation is and they agree to it they’ll get it done okay
finally rebels personal accountability for a rebel as a rebel you resist any
and all expectations instead you focus on sticking to your ultimate value of
freedom and choice being a rebel doesn’t mean you can’t meet expectations it’s
just that you will choose Wits expectations yourself with any goals you
want to set for yourself tie it to the ident
it will help you pull debate so for example here if I can create this
business I can work from wherever I’d be totally self-sufficient that’s one of
like the things in my head that people are like how are you rebel excess you’ve
run a business um yeah because it working from home
running a passive income business helps me be totally self-sufficient and free
and gives me more choice in my life so it’s tied to an identity that is totally
aligned with my goals that’s why I can hold myself to that expectation so
working with a rebel rebels don’t react well to any expectations in fact they go
against it things if you tell them what they need to do so they have to feel
like they are free to do whatever they want and to do it in their own way so
trying to tell a rebel what to do or trying to keep them on your schedule or
your process will only backfire when approaching them with expectations
make sure to present your information in a way that appeals to their sense of
freedom so something like if you can finish this by this timeframe you’ll
have more freedom to work on your own projects once that gun right so the
backbone yeah that does give me more freedom that’s why I should be on this
schedule you don’t need me and so just tie everything back to them and I give
these sort of examples just cuz I know rebels are like the hardest rebels like
the hardest to understand because like how does the rubble get anything done if
they don’t don’t have any expectations it’s just the way they manage them is
different okay how was the four tendencies okay so there’s a much deeper
insight to be gained from your tendency so please do additional research on your
own I left sources in the description so you can get started okay let’s see
comments yeah something said I wonder if I’m more of a rebel than a questioner
because I don’t really like being told what to do except it makes sense I just
has to make sense too so yeah a rebel and a questioner both have that feeling
right because the making sense to you can mean more than one thing if it just
makes logical sense while your boss is telling you to do something right you’re
like you need to do this because we have this meeting and this client is so big
it’s part of our revenue and it’s tied to your bonus right and you’re like got
it I’ll do the work right but for like a rebel it’s like the reason has to be
tied to their identity it doesn’t just have to be logical it has to be tied to
their values of and choice right so if things just have
to make sense that you just have to know why right then that would maybe make you
more of a questioner but if like the Y doesn’t matter like I know this makes
sense to you but it’s not important to me like that is a rebel so people have a
bunch of rebels here so ana says that explains so much since obligers tight
rope holders and I need clear directions but my rebel side hates micromanaging
yeah so that’s obligers and upholders tend to look alike because they meet
outer expectations like at work you might not be able to tell and up a
holder from an obligor because they’re doing they’ll always do
the work because they’re being kept accountable for things the way you know
the difference we the obligor and an upholder is if they’re successful in
their personal life you know Damien like if they can hit their own goals on their
own Becca says I may be a questioning rebel like I said rebel and questioners
will look the same because a rebel will question things too the idea here is
that if something just makes logical sense a questioner will do it a rebel
won’t do things just because it’s logical they are why has to be tied to
their identity like Alexis if you create a successful business then you can call
yourself a successful creative entrepreneur that’s identity based right
more so then Alexis you create a business because you need to have a job
you know what I mean if that’s it if you need to have a job I could just go get a
job you don’t even like if you need to make money I could just go get a job
like why would I do this choice over some other choice it’s because the
identity that of cultivates rebels it’s tied to your identity so yep okay so
that was the four tendencies now I realized that was a lot of info more
yeah almost two hours here so what are you guys thinking right now right do you
guys feel do you like this you guys enjoy this class right do you feel like
you know a little bit more about yourself I know in your grandma is
incredibly hard Enneagram is really made that slide that was like this is
challenging and you will find resistance I was talking about the intagram
Enneagram is really really personal so that’s why it’s very hard for people
like I said I was mistyped after being correctly typed by my friend who is the
inia Graham specialist she first time when she met me she’s like you are an 8
and then in puréed fashion I was like you will not tell me what I am you will
tell me everything I need to know about the anagram and I will decide for myself
so then we went through there’s long hard process of like deciding what I was
and then we ultimately landed on a three and the reason we landed on three is
three and eight look alike and she had also told me something about 1/8 she
said that there was a famous person who was an 8 that I did not like and so
again in 8 fashion I was like nope you’re not you’re not aligning me with
that person so I’m gonna go with no so we chose 8 because of 3 because that was
the one I could live with being right but then once I read Ian Crone’s book
the road back to you which is link to the description box and I was like oh my
god I am an 8 I am an 8 and what I found out was that the famous person who has
often said that they are and he’s often said that they are all Arna they haven’t
come out and like saying about the interview the person who was attributed
as being an 8 actually Ian Crone believes is actually a 6 he’s like he’s
a counter Faubourg 6 and not a name so I’m like ok good
I can now live with my anus okay so yeah great information it was great it was
awesome yeah I hope you guys have tons of fun and that this information really
helps you to make better plans be a better person see where you struggle and
just seeing sometimes just seeing the problem just turning light on it helps
it go away helps you control it so if your reaction is like some people in the
comments right now it says well I learned a lot about myself now how can I
start putting this information into practice for the benefit of my business
again if you’re I think this is most important for business people so in fact
what you’re thinking right now this next section is for you I want to introduce
you to the CEO strategy planner if you have not met it already this is
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planner will help you create a vision for your business and break that vision
down into manageable steps it’ll help you set clear objectives and outline
plans they’ll help you work more efficiently and now that you know your
tendency is you’ll be able to create the accountability systems you need to
follow through on your plans if you’ve ever struggled with those in the past
it’s gonna help you maximize your marketing efforts by organizing and
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okay so miscellaneous other things you should know about this planner the file
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purchase okay so I wanted to give you guys another discount for being here
with me live interacting spending your time with me having fun with me I’m
loving doing these classes for you guys and I know this is an amazing resource
for people I’m sure there’s already people here today that that I know there
are any people here that already own the CEO strategy planner so if you’re a
business person definitely think about this you know this whole class was about
making your business better and by knowing yourself now make your business
better by getting your plans out of your head onto paper so you can get down to
business okay so now let’s go ahead and I’ll do a
let’s do a go in back here to me hello how are you it’s been two hours we’re
doing good it’s a little bit follow-up Q&A shall we if you guys have any
questions we’ll talk in a second I’m just gonna there you go hmm so here it is there we go purchase
your copy of the CEO strategy planner today there’s a link in description
ly / CEO strategy planner okay and the codes in there as well piña so let’s see
what I’ve got here with my comments let me open my comments – where’d they go
here they are okay Sam said the four tendencies really excited me in the most
yeah so a lot of people who are already naturally planners like understanding
how to create frameworks for your expectations and accountability are so
important right because so many of us like want to do big things
and you know as a planner no matter which one of the tendencies you are you
can still plan and execute you just have to understand what motivates you Mia
says I’m little late but I’m a type 3 INFP obligor excellent user such common
like tests so now you guys know what I am so that you know in future videos
when I talk about being an eighth or being an ENTJ or being a rebel you
understand a little better – so Kylie says hey Lee says this is perfect I do
alterations and my business and very early stages excellent Kayla yeah the
CEO strategy planner is totally going to help you it has literally everything you
need to get started planning a business whether you’re getting started right now
or you’re a more experienced business person right I just designed these
inserts for myself out of a need that after five years I’m like I need to be
planning better five years later still surviving still doing great with my
business and my passive income stuff it’s like you know what I need something
to make this even easier for me right so I designed them for myself first and
foremost and then I’m like must give this to the world right so she also said
that working backwards like you mentioned in the beginning here let me
add this the broadcast helped me realize that I am indeed a three infj and
obligor right yeah so there are I wish I had that one there was a chart I had
seen that was talking about like all the meyers breaks and the iniya gram stuff i
wonder i wonder if i can find it again and pull it up for you guys so of you guys add up all of these like
do you feel like which ones I mean Mars okay for tendency is probably the
easiest one then myers-briggs and then eating your grams probably the hardest
right like who is still struggling with their type so here’s the one I saw okay
let me see if I can open this I’m gonna see if I can open this and add it to the
class really quickly you guys and we will because I think it’s just something
that could just be interesting for us to see what’s I’m just gonna try to add
this in here so we can see it actually drivers told me this let’s see Ben there we are you know we’re gonna go
back to screen sharing and okay so here is this is from type revolution
calm okay so this is gonna show you guys the myers-briggs versus the iniya gram
so let’s use me as an example the type 8 that says that I could be a estp I could
be an ENTJ which is what I am or an es TJ okay so if you know your myers-briggs
right you might want to take a look at this and see if anything goes over so
I’m int P rebel still not short Enneagram so let’s go take a look at
this for I am for divorce i n TP i n TP right here int P what were the numbers
you circled for any room because it says you could be a 5 a 6 or a 9 anyone else
has if have this issue to it would be awesome we can just like go through and you guys can see that all right
right yeah I think you can I’m gonna go up and see if I can find more people who
are struggling with what their numbers were oh okay so don’t let okay so Kayla
says weird three does not line with infj now give us now again somebody else made
this right somebody who’s likely not the founders of Enneagram and myers-briggs
right so they may not overlap so three does not line with infj are you sure you
know me and FJ and SJ is like a typical three you’re sure you’re in I so say I n
FJ 1 2 & 9 so if you thought you were 3 maybe you’re a 2 or a 4 like okay so
something I know about threes three is there’s the performer so are you like
this the person who is I think of the three as being the ultimate networker
like this is a person who will go to a networking event and they will own the
entire room everybody will know exactly what they do and who they are and they
will I hate to say it so poorly like this but I think kids sometimes to me
feel like the person who is kind of throwing their accomplishments in your
face right that’s one of the things that mean you realize that it definitely
wasn’t a three that I was an 8 because an 8 is less likely to do that they will
only use their status if they’re if they really need to a lot of times like
people you know I’m definitely the person that like if people like ask me
what I do I’m like oh you know I create media online like I don’t tell people
and you guys probably watching me like what that’s not what you do but it’s
like I don’t I don’t need to use what I do has like us as a sense of
power you know Damien like so sometimes that’s like a three so Sam says I was
all over the place with that iniya gram according to this chart I’m also
possibly a six so what was your Sam what were you again
why is type six the most common I have no clue I’m sure there are some reason
about it I don’t know but yeah and I don’t know if it said its most common
but it’s like maybe they’re the most adaptable right okay I’m going to see if I can find
Sam’s myers-briggs was an INFP okay I and FP here we go so you could be a four
you could be a six or you could be a nine Insp huh Oh what you realize you’re
an ion yeah yeah I was an infj then I only
realized I’m a centrist I and I think of it I an effete and what did you think
Sam that you were four six and nine hmm did we think you were a five Sam what do
the saying a five as an INTJ or an i n TP yeah if I would absolutely have to be
an i hmm so yeah don’t you guys you could be anything okay so Kaylee that’s a great way to put
it you don’t throw it in their faces to show they’re better than you you just
use it to prove you’re successful which is really what I mean by that right now
now let’s be clear there could be people who are three is that throw things in
their faces right three is that’s their main function not feign function but
they’re like core desire weakness they you know they feel like they need to
prove themselves in order to be valuable to people so that’s definitely a three
thing so so what were we struggling with with Kaylee we didn’t think infj yeah
honestly Keith might be an ENFJ why do you think you’re an eye and not an E Oh something else that I just kind of
know from just like knowing things um sometimes okay infj is considered the
most rare personality sometimes in hearing that information people will
claim that they are an infj in order to feel more unique right so I’m not saying
that anyone’s doing this right but that’s one of those things to watch out
for a lot of people like to be like I’m an infj and they might not actually be
an infj and that goes really for any type but that’s something that I know
has happened in the past right is that people will adjust there and like I had
to adjust my type too right I didn’t want to be the thing that someone told
me was related to somebody I didn’t like and you know so sometimes we do adjust
these things to be what we would like to be but aren’t actually the way we take
action can we review II and I super quickly yep so II and I II is extrovert
and I is introvert so the biggest thing that I think about eni is the way that
you are energized are you the kind of person who when you’re in a group
situation you are like oh my god I’m riding high like if you went to a like
in this group class we’re not all together but like are you like excited
being here like imagine we were all in a room together with the idea of is all
being in a room together talking live be exciting to you or it’d be like oh my
god that’s my worst like I’m gonna be exhausted right just having to keep up
with a bunch of people at one time right make you excited like do you feed off
other people’s energy or you like other people drain your energy that’s the
difference between he and I a lot of people think that it means you’re
extrovert or an introvert that’s the words Alexis right yeah a lot of people
think it means you’re outgoing outgoing that’s the word or not but that’s not
necessarily you can be an outgoing introvert that’s it okay so I am for deburred says 8 does
not line up with int P but then three numbers I chose were 1 8 and 8 wait why
do you have 8 twice yeah so cutely that’s that’s interesting
to think right so it doesn’t excite you but you would be as involved as you are
now an introvert would probably struggle to be active it’s hard to say it really
starts a again we just did like a very short sort of class on this you know I
mean and this does not just because you were I am you’re your myers-briggs
doesn’t line up with your intagram does not mean that it’s not that you do have
wrong numbers so I just want to make sure we’re not like let’s not think
about that too hard it’s just like if you were struggling and you’re like oh I
thought I was you know this number and it lines up with what I feel like I am
for my Myers brakes and you might just be extra confirmation for you and that’s
all like I said being that the extrovert introvert thing for me like after I get
off this call I’m gonna be excited for a while and then I’ll get tired um an
introvert would just be exhausted through the whole thing ah here we go
after a concert I ride the high for hours but after visiting family during
the holidays I need to hide out for a while
a la so that might be that might see and you might be different in different
situations a lot of people are so a concert that’s a good example of your
being somewhere with a lot of people and you might be interacting with people and
you ride a high for a while might might be might be Annie then because that’s
like me right I mean everyone gets exhausted when they have to deal with
with people right like there’s a point you reach where you get drained but just
having an interaction with people get you excited or make you feel more tired okay now says mine doesn’t align but I
think it’s right good that’s fine it can still be you can be right with two
different ones right like I said this was just something that somebody came up
with and it could be helpful or it could just not be helpful has everyone given
this a thumbs up okay so I guess we’re starting to dwindle down there I’m a
little bit over two hours so the last thing I really want to talk about with
you guys is that I’m going to be doing
like I said these live classes every Saturday and starting on starting next
week well they’re I’m really diving deep into business planning next week so let
me pull up what my my live class was live schedule let’s see a live so
Saturday April 11th I’m doing the ideal customer avatar so defining your ideal
customer for business planning so this is something where if you’re business
person you definitely want to be in it we’re gonna be good working through more
of the CEO strategy planner and then the week after that the 18th we’re doing
content keyword research right this was something we talked about doing in the
class last week how to research and use the best SEO optimized keywords for your
brand and business ok so that’s what I’m trying to Center these as much around
business people as I can if you’re not a business person you can absolutely still
join because there’s a lot of things for a lot of people’s career that’s still
overlap with this but we’re just gonna be working through worksheets in the CEO
strategy planner together a little bit more giving you guys some additional
info info to help you make the most of those so definitely join me if you are
interested in those topics i”m for the board said good gravy any
type of group of people I want to get away from and exhaust me even if it’s
just – then you’re definitely an introvert definitely okay you guys thank
you so much for joining me for today’s class I hope you enjoyed it there will
be a replay same link everything looks like it went smoothly today which is
awesome no one’s I think is so funny I wanna say
s prego because I’ve just been holding on to this I’ve been watching shows that
I don’t know how any of you guys been watching shows like late-night shows and
different you know talk shows and stuff where I guess they go live or whatnot
and so they can’t go into their studio so they’re working from home right now I
was watching The Walking Dead and then after The Walking Dead you guys know me
know is the talking dead with Chris and I’m like so taken aback with how
many of these shows are going like live on TV and it looks like people are on
their phone I’m like do people not have like good streaming setups like I’m
impressed like are you guys impressed with this setup like is this good
quality for you like with the video and the audio like is everything being doing
well like for you guys like obviously I mean I think everything looks good it
looks good down here for me when I’m looking at my little preview down here
on my phone but I’m just like so surprised that all of these shows are
going live and the best way I’ve seen so far is Colbert um
Colbert’s doing pretty good on his like his streaming whatever he’s got going on
like everything looks pretty good with him his only issue is that when he has
guests on sometimes he’s turned the wrong way like his the Talking Heads are
the wrong way which I’m like why is someone not fixing that for him like
swapping the location of the of the video feeds so this is what time on
Saturdays we’re doing this on 2 p.m. Saturday 2 p.m. Eastern Time so the same
time this started the same time the other one started and if you’re on my
email list this is what I’m doing I’m gonna send out I’m gonna send out an
email on Saturday mornings probably an hour before like I’ve been
doing maybe a little bit earlier just to remind people on I have to decide I
don’t want to over email you guys and let you guys know who we’ve got this
coming up on Sunday I think it’s probably just I’m just assuming that
everyone’s stuck at home and if you get an email on a Saturday morning and you
look at it you’re like I like this topic I’m going to join you’ll click the
button and just join that’s what I’m thinking yes Tevan Colbert’s his isn’t
looking bad but there’s just been some where I’m just like well hi does Alexis
at home in her office have a better stream than like an actual TV show like
I get it I don’t get it I’m like don’t they have professionals
like Chris Hardwick’s um has no as Latinas have no lighting I’m like please
order him studio lighting like he looks like he’s on a webcam that’s like nah
I’m on a webcam too right now but I’ve got a decent webcam like are they not
gonna like invest in supplies or him I felt so bad okay EB said I just took Enneagram
online and I got an 8 ENTJ questionnaire awesome yeah 8 yeah that’s me AT&T Jay
I’m just a rebel you know which is funny because like some of the things are like
always having to have choices like member I just argued that I don’t like
to have choices but it’s not for me it’s not the it’s the ultimate freedom right
like the time location freedom that’s more important to me I like to have like
I’d like to know things certain things are settled but it’s like you know
there’s everyone’s blends of all these things I’m saying it’s not gonna be a
hundred percent accurate salsa said Linda says I don’t mind a reminder
during the week though yes your stream rocks hmm
see I just don’t this anything I would love to let you guys know ahead of time
more often because then I feel like more people will come live and that’ll be
more fun but I also don’t wanna over what you guys think if you guys think I
should have an email during the week that’s like hey this is coming up on
Saturday I will I was just hoping I could just make one video it’s like just
one announcement and then you guys are just no ongoing Saturday is live most
Saturdays right if I’m not gonna go Saturday I’ll post something I let you
guys know but for now I do have like a couple of weeks of content like kind of
you know in the works so we’ll see how long was less hopefully I won’t be doing
this for the rest of the year but I just feel like it’s an easy thing for me to
do easy enough to replace my weekly video with a weekly live and then we
still have a video and in fact I might actually take this class I’m thinking
about taking it and breaking it down into like three videos and just posting
it so people can just watch the one they want but Linda says how long does the
test take I don’t which test all of them I mean probably take like 15-20 minutes
I’d assume all except for like the four tendencies test I think that one’s like
a five-minute test but Enneagram is like a hard one
Annie Graham is like I could take any Graham test and I could get like all
different things it is a it’s a fairly difficult if you
really were interested in India Graham I definitely recommend that book the road
back to you one caveat with that book I just like to make people aware of is
that it is written by a guy Ian Crone who is taking the inia Graham for a very
Christian perspective if you’re someone who’s familiar with Enneagram you may
have noticed that there’s a strong influence of Christian perspective in
the inia Graham like to the extent that some people believe that the integrand
is like a test for Christians or made by Christians it’s absolutely not that’s
like false information there just has been like a revival of a Mia Graham
interest by maybe will say like some influential Christian people who are
like oh use this test this is the best you know like you know in business
I feel like myers-briggs is like one that’s always kind of pushed but you
know it seems like there was like a revival of Enneagram with you know
Christian community and so a lot of people think that that means that the
integrand is Christian related and that’s why I kind of wanted to make that
point in the beginning that it really isn’t it’s just a tool that a lot of
Christian people are kind of passing around like hey this is cool my pastor
talked about this or you know what I mean like that’s kind of what it is an
Ian Crone is definitely one of those people he also has a podcast that I was
listening to before I bought the book I cannot remember what it was called I
deeply apologize but you could probably look it up just by looking up his name
in Crone podcast but it is like that it’s all about Enneagram types so yeah
and he like interviews different numbers and that was one of my things that my
friend who is a Enya Graham girl was like you should listen to podcasts and
listen to the different types and see if it applies to you because there’s lots
of different situations like lots of times different numbers will look a
different way so okay you guys I’m so glad you guys were here today and
enjoyed this and make sure to get this video a thumbs up if you haven’t already
I really appreciate seeing you guys and I can’t wait to see you guys next week
for our customer avatar video if you’re interested in that I will consider
sending out an email during the week to my email list to let you guys know that
it’s coming but yeah hope to see you soon bye

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  • I'm watching this again after attending the live, and I wonder if trauma that rocks one's basal needs can change a person's Enneagram type. I'm still trying to find our my type, but I do know I'm very self preservative.

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