People’s Climate March – SEPT 21 NYC – Make History Happen

On Sunday, September 21, 2014 in New York City, Help Make History. Join NRDC at the People’s Climate March. “Climate change is the fight of our time.”
— Van Jones “If we want our kids to have a liveable
planet we have to change things.” — Leonor Varela “We need to defy the lies and serve the
truth.” — Noah Levine “If millions of us organize and speak out…”
— Robert Redford “We can overcome the big money interests.”
— Carole King “Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary
things.” — Rabbi Sharon Brous “Get your friends and neighbors involved.”
— Carole King “It is amazing what we can do. We will be
amazed at ourselves when we do.” — Van Jones

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  • we all need to come together on this.  Think of our childrens future.  follow our progress on facebook.  George mcginness.  also march.  support the marchers in any way you can.  walk a day, a week, a month or all the way to dc.  or become a virtual marcher

  • I live in NYC and may go, but VEGAN  (Meatvideo dotcom MUST SEE/share Factory-Farms) is the leading cause of waste and greenhouse gases. Even Al Gore went Vegan for the Environment, more environmentalists need to get on board finally!  Look up videos on the animal-environment connections, many are uploaded on my youtube profile.

  • we will HAVE A STRONG ANTI NUCLEAR GRP THERE, fukushima, hello. the ELEPHANTS IN THE AIR, the answer to dirty coal IS NOT NUCLEAR, URANIUM MINES NO ANSWER FOR THE WASTE CHERNOBYL FUKUSHIMA W.I.P.P , the answer is SOLAR, it has already happened  in many places it needs to happen everywhere the SUN, , price anderson and its cash cow and nuclear weapons, MEGAN RICE GOOGLE IT we will be there in N.Y.C. 801-452-1908

  • Even if your house was on fire, it's still much more important to MARCH on sept21
    And we MUST reduce CO2 emissions by 80% for 2020. I certainly know that as a fact! And that's still a bare minimum. I also know that. Either we go wind solar NOW and do all the hard sacrifices. But, there is NO OTHER OPTION!
    I don't speak on the behalf of the groups I'm in. I speak on my own with all my intellect.

    Hope is all we have. It's why we must Exponentially increase our HOPE POOL.
    GO MARCH on the 21ST, and bring as many people as you can.
    Peace to all
    P.S. I don't have kids. I don't have $ and I don't have any personnal motivs, except I know we all are extremly rare and Unique in the Universe. Don't blow it!

  • This is the 80% CO2 Emissions Reduction Plan that must be implied
    The people who prepared work on the terrain and from sat and other data sources. They are amongst the best in their fields and are most likely the most up to date from all I checked on in the last few months.
    N.B. I always speak on my own behalf. I let others speak for themselfs… if they have the time and the will.
    Please consult it and spread it to the world. Thank you all again

  • MONTSERRAT 2020 WORLD'S 1st GREEN NATION gets newly elected Premier's Support! . . . We are attempting to create "The World's 1st Green Nation" and we would appreciate your "like" on Please share with friends and family as well so that we may obtain an overwhelming amount of support. This support we will then utilize as fuel when we approach the alternative energy firms necessary to make the Green Nation initiative a go. The more support we get, the higher the probability that we may receive their participation along with the associated exposure of their efforts and products. Thanks for all the support in advance! PEACE FOR ALL SPECIES.

    P.S. Note, having lived in Costa Rica the past 22 years, I have unfortunately seen the "canary in the mine shaft" and it is not looking well.

  • Don't believe the propaganda. Climate change is not manmade!  Every planet in the solar system is experiencing climate change. All they want is a carbon tax to take more of your money and new laws to control every aspect of your life. PLEASE, look at these few short videos. Wake up !!!!!!
    Climate Change Is Interplanetary – Earth Not Only Planet Heating Up!
    Climategate: Dr. Tim Ball on the hacked CRU emails
    Al Gore May Be Grilled on Global Warming in Senate

  • I laught in your face at the blatant hypocrisy, people of Demand Clean Power .org. They don't practice what they preach. After the demostration march you can see many and I mean many getting into their gas guzzling SUV's , talking on their cell phones and some of you own private airplanes burning fuel at such a rate it makes Exxon smile. Lol ahahahahaha. Hypocrite.

  • We welcome viewers to watch our music video slide show of photos taken at this event: Signs of the Times – People's Climate March – September 21, 2014 – New York City Also available on our channel – a five part panel discussion on climate change. The presentations were given by experts in the field.

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