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In my church group in Greenfield, Massachusetts
at the age of about 16 or 17, I had made a deal with my mom and dad—I was very, very
close to my mom and dad. I’m a real momma’s boy and got along with them my whole life,
hardly even rough periods. And they went to the Congregationalist church: The Church of
the Covered Dish Supper in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Massachusetts is an old enough state that
you could not charter a town without having a Congregationalist church and this was the
first one in out town. I mean, from back 200 years ago. And I made a deal with my mom and dad that
I wouldn’t have to go to church services Sunday morning if I went to youth group Sunday night.
So we had a pastor—that minister at that church—that was fairly hip, you know, he
was trying to deal with the children, play a Jim Morrison song once in a while. Played
the Beatles. Far out! And he sincerely wanted us to do some inquiry into theological questions
and I took it very seriously. I may have been the only in the youth group that did take
it seriously and I read the Bible cover-to-cover and I think that anyone who is thinking about
maybe being an atheist… if you read the Bible or the Koran or the Torah cover-to-cover
I believe you will emerge from that as an atheist. I mean, you can read “The God Delusion”
by Richard Dawkins, you can read “God Is Not Great” by Hitchens… but the Bible itself,
will turn you atheist faster than anything. Question: Why would reading the Bible make
you an atheist? Penn Jillette: I think because what we get
told about the Bible is a lot of picking and choosing, when you see, you know, Lot’s daughter
gang raped and beaten, and the Lord being okay with that; when you actually read about
Abraham being willing to kill his son, when you actually read that; when you read the
insanity of the talking snake; when you read the hostility towards homosexuals, towards
women, the celebration of slavery; when you read in context, that “thou shalt not kill”
means only in your own tribe—I mean, there’s no hint that it means humanity in general;
that there’s no sense of a shared humanity, it’s all tribal; when you see a God that is
jealous and insecure; when you see that there’s contradictions that show that it was clearly
written hundreds of years after the supposed fact and full of contradictions. I think that
anybody… you know, it’s like reading The Constitution of the United States of America.
It’s been… it’s in English. You know, you don’t need someone to hold your hand. Just
pick it up and read it. Just read what the First Amendment says and then read what the
Bible says. Going back to the source material is always the best. When someone is trying to interpret something
for you, they always have an agenda. So I read the Bible and then I read Bertrand Russell
and I read a lot of other stuff because in the Greenfield public library the 900’s of
the Dewey Decimal System… I mean, one of the few people that still remembers it, the
900’s are theology. They’re only about this long but that’s all on camera. Only about
this long, the one armed guy who caught a fish this big. They’re only about this long
and so I read a lot of them. I started going go to class and, to his credit, the pastor
who was a wonderful man, wonderful man would let me talk to him about this stuff. And finally after—I don’t know, it’s so
long ago—but after months of this platonic questioning every night at youth group, the
minister called my mom and dad and said, “You know, I think maybe Penn should stop coming
to youth group, he’s no longer learning about the Bible from me. He is now converting everyone
in the class to atheism.” So I was asked to leave—very politely, very nicely—youth
group. And then with the help of Martin Mull, Randy Newman, Frank Zappa, the idea that these
three men were out-of-the-closet atheists was so inspiring to me and so important to
me. And reading interviews with somebody… And I remember being somebody in a religious—and
not a religious community like wack jobs, but, you know, in a community where most everyone
was Christian—having those people in interviews say the simple sentence “There is no God”
meant the world to me and gave me joy and gave me passion and gave me love and gave
me confidence. And I think the first time I was interviewed, as presumptuous as this
seems—and please forgive me—I remembered Frank Zappa’s interviews. And I wanted to
give a chance for someone else reading that to not feel they were alone. Now that’s less
important now. I mean, the population of atheists in this country is going through the roof.
I mean, I’m now on the side that’s winning. It’s over 20 percent by some polls and I believe
if you counted atheism as a religion it’s the fastest growing religion in the history
of the United States of America. So now I’m on the team that’s winning which is an uncomfortable
position for me. But back, you know, 30 years ago, 40 years ago, it still felt like it meant
something, you know, it’s… we’re several years behind gay rights but we’re following
a much faster path at acceptance.

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  • And this is the man who wouldn't debate the Banana Man.

  • The word Tree isn't a tree
    The word God isn't God
    Atheists and many religious peopls alike create a perception of reality in their own image and likeness of what has influenced them so far on their life's journey
    Just listen to what the geezer is saying he's been I influenced by his life experiences.
    He might well be a talented magician the irony is his magical gifts are creating his own mental and emotional illusions based upon how other people In his life have affected him.
    This channel is devoid of free thinkers it's all Intellectual hypocrisy.
    I await a torrent of abuse.
    Which will only reinforce my point.

  • I don't have anything to do with the bible or any religious books.
    I'm not an atheistic
    I'm not an agnostic
    I'm not a believer
    Im inspired by life
    Empowered healthy
    Loving caring compassionate people creative souls are rare gems in this world they inspire me
    I'm in this world for one primary reason to help the suffering
    That's it.
    All else is opinionated self serving B.S.
    How many people spew verbal diarrhoea based ( their opinions ) upon experiences they have never had.
    Everywhere I look.
    Go help someone.

    My time on here is over
    If I pissed off 100
    Made 5000 smugly look down upon me
    But helped one person
    Then I've been successful!
    When you go to bed tonight
    And put your head on the pillow
    Who have you helped today?
    Or have you only helped yourself.
    Remember we deal with the human ego (the ism in atheism is synonymous) the I self me me me.
    The greatest trick the human ego ( devil) ever played was to tell us it ain't there.
    The bible if purged of its ego driven authoritarian agenda
    Same as other religious books
    Has within it's writings eternal truth
    Take it literally and judge it
    It's got you by the short and curlies.

    Which God don't you believe in
    God isn't a noun
    God is a verb!!

    Go so something to inspire a troubled brother or sister or animal
    Or child.
    And see if it softens your armour.
    If this hasn't got through
    My self esteem will be sky rocketed!

  • Totally agree with Penn Jillette. An atheist needs to be well read and informed about the bible,quran and the foundation of all religions, Egyptology and the study of Sumeria.

  • I think there would be a lot less religious people if believers actually bothered to read their holy books.

  • For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him, but they became futile in their thinking and darkened in their foolish hearts. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images of mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles.…

  • When you start to die I seen more atheist say out load calling out to god.i am glad that you will not be in heaven with me

  • If you want it to be difficult again…move to the south east….

  • I could be an atheist, but I prefer to think instead.

  • Zappa for president

  • Atheists have some type of agenda

  • i think (i think so dont hate on me)that god is only used for if we cant answer a question we just say god like it a word oh i cant answer so im just going to say god

  • Penn is a sort of ideologue. I don’t share his insistence on an ideal. Perhaps Penn would find it impossible to convert to Judaism. If I were him, I would do it.

  • Old man stop being stupid and one sided to support athiestic prejudice and sophistry. Accept Jesus.

  • “Koran”? Lol. I bet he didn’t read the quran .

  • The bible strips people naked than imprison there mind.I see this all time.this why I will never be a freedom of a Christian. Christiansbdo not see there leash.

  • God and the bible were created by man himself, which is why we're watching christianity go down like the Titanic.

  • Reading the Bible made me fear God and fear going to Hell forever so I put my faith in what Jesus did for me and then called upon Him to forgive my sins and save me from Hell and He did ! Praise Jesus !!!

  • The atheist agenda when interpreting the bible : to help the devil deceive the world !
    You see WEEEE know that religion is devil worship , and Abraham was an ATHEIST , not a Christian nor a jew or Muslim ! The Germanic word God was created to call upon the devil , God is the center of religion and atheism !
    ? Question ? : if there is no CREATOR , then how did we (humans ) end up in a DESIGNED world with an ecosystem built specifically for humans to survive ?

  • Oh so now atheists are a religion. Super smart magic guy 👎🏻

  • It is obvious that the Bible was created and edited by different people with vastly different views and sometimes their silly ideas crept in over the ages because reproducible media was not available for a long time and subsequent versions were distorted more more until it became meaningless.
    Moreover it was written at a time of immense ignorance.

  • Do you seriously not understand God's divine humor? It's right there in Genesis Chapter 2 with Adam's quip.

  • Humans have been seeking the truth since the beginning. Why is "science" the only avenue allowed in which to find it ? Until there is absolute certainty on the origin of the universe then all ideas are worthy of consideration.

  • reading the bible made me, an ex-atheist, into a christian

  • Mere reading of anything can make you nothing

  • All Gods were Fake Escaped Prisoners from Nibiru don't worry your just fine

  • I’m amazed how ignorant this man is .I love how people make excuses for there sins and take the scriptures out of context.Gods not jealous.You notice how he takes most of what he says out of context.

  • So much wrong with this it's terrible so many know so little about the Bible.

  • Frank Zappa? Penn is close, but he doesnt come close to Zappa-level snark and cynicism about Christianity.

  • All it takes is a leap of faith with prayer and repentance. And you will get real answers from God. Not answers from our own self but of God. Jesus is King

  • Atheism is a religion too.

  • Someone forgot about the New Testament

  • When you read the first amendment" Yeah, many politicians today interpret the Constitution in their own ways for their own benefits'' just like how you interpret the bible and become an atheist…

  • Look like magic is not a very good business right now and selling his soul for the liberals, dont do that man dont sell your soul for anyone

  • Murders by Atheist Regimes include:
    65 million in the People's Republic of China
    20 million in the Soviet Union
    2 million in Cambodia
    2 million in North Korea
    1.7 million in Ethiopia
    1.5 million in Afghanistan
    1 million in the Eastern Bloc
    1 million in Vietnam
    #AtheismIsAReligion #AtheismKills

  • Liar… A liar at his best here…

  • Why are nearly all Atheist Homosexuals.

  • Penn's arguments are really bad. Where does it say that God was ok with Lot's daughters being raped? Concerning Abraham sacrificing his son, God stopped him at the last minute. The point? Abraham did not need to sacrifice his only son, because God was going to sacrifice His own son, Jesus Christ, on that same mountain.
    Instead of God creating a snake that could talk, Penn would have you believe the ridiuclous notion that intelligence came from non-intelligence and that life came from non-life. Concerning women, the Bible says that a guy must love his wife as Christ loves the church (this verse saved my marriage!). A man who follows the Bible will seek to honor, love, and bless a woman – to be a servant. How lucky a gal is to have a Bible-following husband! On a personal note, my atheist father died alone; yet, I have been happily married for 26 years. By the way, I love homosexuals just as much as I love adulterers and fornicators. I love them so much, I tell them to repent and love Jesus.
    Penn is a great guy, but he is a blind man leading the blind. Yet, Jesus Christ is the light of the world.

  • I’m waiting for Rev Chris and this guy to debate

  • It's true. The bible makes one of the best cases for atheism

  • I really understand this. But I also feel what he’s saying is being perceived the wrong direction. Many people think that the Bible is gods book for the Hebrews. And in some ways it is. The book outlines a really simple process early on to humble yourself to god, 3 simple rules backed by faith that things will be good if you choose them to be. Everything past that portion of the book, it is about what happens to those whom refuse, the confusion, the sin(meaning as in narcissism, self obvious society, and being more than god, not dogmatics). That’s why you see the Hebrews doing such atrocious things, it’s not that god is ok with it, yahweh, the Hebrew god may have been, but yahweh and god are quite a distance between one another in the actual text. The Hebrews did evil things seeking to make possession of the world and it’s resources and they were confused, and so we hear the story of the disgusting things they did to achieve godliness and how wrong it is, and all could have went by the wayside had they just stuck to those first 3 rules. The Hebrews aren’t good people, they weren’t and god continued to punish them through and through. The only single one of the Hebrews god heralds over all others was David and the most high led him to be king. At the end of his life he decided to dedicate a temple to the most high god and gods response was “why? I didn’t ask you to, and furthermore I’ll never be found inside a building made by mans hands, I will be among the cedars in the forest”. So early on in scripture when David continues to plan the temple he dies. God will not let him as he doesn’t want his soul to be remembered that way. Solomon builds it. God tells them no churches, nor organization, go to the woods, pray alone, don’t kill, don’t touch the dead, don’t bear gifts from fruits of processes, don’t get too drunk, and be as natural as you are made as possible. Point is the Hebrews failed miserably at that one request everyone was given, they even pushed people who did follow gods rules into a group the “Nazarite” (means “separated ones”). Even though they had respect for their connection to god, they and Kings did everything in their power to beat them into submission. Basically destroying the path to god and replacing it with a path to society/Babylon. The story actually is pretty clear about it. However the story is written as the Hebrews are some special people, when they truly according to history are very much the opposite. They stole their own faith and replaced the god of it with a less important god, then killed to defend that, they started a war that has lasted nearly 2000 years in the Middle East, and when they took back Israel they did it by depopulating foreign townsfolk, that’s all history up to the 1900s. They even according to history stole their language from the Canaanites, people who’s name they slay in the Bible, which in origin means “humble trader” and were well known by the Egyptians and Sumerians as being one of the most important peaceful groups of traders to exist, until the Hebrews slaughtered them, enslaved them, and pushed them into Lebanon..there’s even a large plausibility that Jesus the Jews and Christians revere was actually a canaanite priest as the scripture in many cases describing him, his sacraments, his cousin and his life(John the Baptist, also immaculantly conceived). They both practiced two half’s of the Canaanite rights to god most high, el Elyon”god the most high” (whom is also mentioned as a distinctly different god than yahweh or yahovah). It’s a purification and enchantment ritual, where you are covered in oil, then led to a fresh water spring and basically water boarded, and it changed people. Before you just choose to be atheist, maybe consider the Bible is so hard to follow because it’s been manipulated in definitions, it’s easy to read it on your own with technology and get an actual picture about what it says. But maybe the god people pray to isn’t actually god; maybe it’s nothing or maybe it’s something far less. According to the Bible anyways, god, and his wife Asharah(who is also a primary god on par with god himself) retired, and they don’t deal with us, unless we are very very sad, and at our wits end, and in that case only if we are being receptive to his love. Most of us are shut off in that regard to emotion, and god is energy, love, radiant, not controlling, manipulating and full of hate, as the book actually says “think for your self to find salvation, fear yahweh the defiled”. A line many read as “don’t think for yourself, and fear god”. As it’s said Babylon is confusion, gods not in churches and books, they are outside in the hearts of the universe we all love back so much at heart, even those of that craft evil and blame it on god.

  • You compare your atheism to gay rights…

  • Penn Jillette is a brilliant man. I studied the Bible for years with various study groups, churches and missions. I have read the Bible front to back in four versions. Old King James, New King James, Gideon's and my personal favorite, The New International Version. Which I strongly suggest to anyone that wants the most well translated version that is the easiest to understand.

    Whenever I reached the end of a chapter I would sit back and think about the context of what I had just read. I would then attempt to compare it with recorded history of other cultures in the area, if at all possible. To increase my understanding. I approached it with critical thinking.

    I have talked with hundreds if not thousands of "Christians". I have met very few that could keep up with my understanding of the Bible. In fact. I would spend countless hours talking with accredited pastors whom had spent years of their lives being "educated" at actual bible colleges. Every single one of them was impressed with what I had to say.

    Sadly most Christians are complete frauds. They are usually ignorant and dysfunctional people preying on the generosity of others while trying their best to poison the minds of everyone around them so they can appear to be a "True Christian".

    They want to be worshiped like god.

    I realized after several years that I was one of the few "real" Christians in a world of fakes… and I was a fucking atheist. This is a sad world we live in when an Atheist is a better Christian than people who pretend most of their lives to be Christians.

    P.S. God is actually a UFO. Don't believe me. He flies around in a space ship according to the bible.

  • :

    The Bible 'book' is a compendium of fire side tales and fables,

    recounted orally for generations by goat herders and primitive tribes from the stone age, until writing was invented,

    and then, many different sources, transliterations, and versions were copied and written down.

    ''The Bible was created during a time where stories were verbally passed down over thousands of years.

    Stories constantly morphed and changed over time, and the Bible is a collection of these.

    This is why it has the nearly identical flood story from Gilgamesh, and why Jesus has the same characteristics as Dionysus, Osiris, Horus, Mithra, and Krishna.

    The contradictions and immorality in the stories are not evidence that God is flawed or evil,

    but rather that humans invented him, just like the thousands of other gods that we used to, but no longer believe in.''

    …and to answer the questions of the many fears and mysteries of our universe, like 'thunder' and earthquakes, since there was no science yet.

    That was the old Testament.

    The new Testes is also hearsay since these letters, 'gospels' and stories were written by the loyal faithful, the camp followers,

    not by objective historians at that particular time,

    or by any contemporary writers,

    and these tales were written many years after the supposed events of this mythical Jesus.

    Thus, there is essentially no verifiable evidence of a Jesus in real documented history.

    Then, many of these stories, but not all, as many were not chosen,

    [ There are more than just four Gospels but only these four were agreed on ],

    were compiled for one self-absorbed converted Roman Emperor in his Nicean Council,

    for his expressed purpose of conquest


    control of the people of Europe for his Holy Roman Empire.

    He recognised that this was the perfect religion/mythology for the future domination of the populaces.

    Half of the stories were ignored by the Nicean Bishops and none have been proven to be based on fact.

    This 'Bable' book is backed up by absolutely no facts and no evidence.

    It is not proof for any god(s) ….(or of any jesus as a god…)

    The fables are intertwined within historical places and people…

    eg Egypt and the Pharaohs existed,

    whereas Moses and the Exodus did not happen…!

    It is a historical novel….


    The Bible is proof of a book ONLY (certainly not evidence of any gods…)

    Prove a god !!

  • Religion is a coping mechanism for death.We are afraid to die so we fabricate truth to make our pending demise easier to accept.I also want to point out that religion is a business more than anything.

  • I believe in God but not the Bible

  • u know whats actually funny.. bible actually acknowledges that what is preached is foolish..

    For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe.

    1 Corinthians 1:21

    this author knew that what he's preaching is foolish and he didn't know how to back it up with any rational arguments so he ended up saying that god is ok with it.. and its part of the divine plan…

    its like saying.. "what i'm saying is stupid and i know it but its ok because the people i'm preaching to .. are stupid.. so i tell whatever i want .. to convert them into my belief system"

    this verse in bible is like the caution on cigarette packets that says "smoking causes cancer.. etc"

    this always makes me giggle and chuckle

  • if animals can be jealous, if human can be jealous, why can't god who created feelings be jealous? but unlike animals and human, god keep providing for all creatures. god is insecure? no non, it's only in bible, not in quran

  • His mere intelligence is nothing less than what intelligence that he was proven to be a child of God. It's not about insanity…its about the very essence of morality and faith. You aren't required to believe all stories in the bible…just and simply God's word.

  • Many of these things he said is 100% false. This is not a teacher, go seek these things on your own research. Its not smart to believe opinions without proving the opinions true.

  • Sounds like he read the old testament only.

  • I don’t like atheists! heated debate between pastor/psychotherapist/atheist on college campus

  • god says in quran dont blame me you thought that you will not come back to me . did you create yourself?
    athiens are illogical
    please believe before dying and going to hell

  • 'When someone tries to interpret something for you they ALWAYS have an agenda.'
    I know! Screw formal education. Who needs someone telling me what to think about history and science. It's all lies anyway. As an adult, and a researcher I realized that history is shaped by those who want to hide the truth of how they acted barbarically to other nations and people.
    Science is mostly theory that was stated so many times it was taken as fact. Anyone who came forward with evidence that proved the science wrong was completely ignored because the same class that protects us from the truth of history also protects us from knowing the truth about so much science as well.

    I rarely meet a student who actually thinks critically yet I remember in school and even my own son's school having him do homework with label's like "think critically" and then they give them a choice between two scenarios that were made up and one is suppose to "think critically" for an answer to the problem between two scenarios. There is no option C or D. IF you don't answer properly concerning only your two choices, then you get the problem wrong. How is that thinking critically?

    Teachers stand in front of a captive audience who has no choice than to sit there and listen to rubbish that the teacher is forced to teach due to testing standards and the teacher's job is riding on test scores, so even if they disbelieve something themselves, who has time to even explain it and are they even allowed to? The answer is no.

    We have documented evidence that schools were created to bring up a worker bee class who doesn't question authority, who can sit quietly working all day with only a lunch break and a couple of bathroom breaks. Don't ask too many questions, be too busy to think, punish anyone who dares to step out of the box, teach mindless facts and data (based on lies) and if all that doesn't teach you how to be quiet and keep your head down, the social pressure against you if you do try to stand up and question something that the "worker bees" have accepted as fact and get laughed at and you learn pretty quickly not to say anything.
    It's like that experiment with the five monkeys and the bananas.

    On top of that, another part of the reason for public education was to get children away from the influence of their parents. creating a detachment from parents and family tradition helps kids let go of family ties and that is also helpful when creating a worker bee.

    I have two sons. One graduated from Public school and one is 14 and home schooled. The difference in creativity, and freedom to question and freedom to just be who they want to be is like black and white. Older son in college doesn't really question anyone in authority, doesn't do anything to cause attention to himself outside of normal just being silly kind of stuff, he worries about what people think about him far more than home school son.

    Home school son is always doing creative activities like making music, singing songs, acting, doing silly voices, being entertaining, dressing any way he wants without worrying about what others think and even creates his own styles from time to time. He questions everything and will spend hours learning about something on his own-even history and science stuff. He asks tons of questions and is far more secure. Both boys grew up in the same environment. Both were about the same until about 3rd grade. My older son was also creative and entertaining and secure and inquisitive but over time I saw the light go out of his eyes and he joined the worker bee class. He showed a few sparks in high school-standing up to an English teacher once, who liked to lecture her captive audience with her beliefs. She punished him by giving his written papers low grades to discourage him from thinking outside the box. I read those papers and they were well written and intelligent. It wasn't the papers that were the problem-it's that he dared to question her. And he wasn't the only one. Other kids who stood up to her faced the same fate. Once even in 8th grade he chose to answer with his own research to questions on a test and failed. He knew he was going to and he made the choice to be honest over getting an A. The teacher called me to discuss his decision. I told her I was proud of him. She never called me again about anything. But those instances were far and few between. He had it in him, but at some point it's just easier to go with the flow and be a good worker bee. He gets A's in college, made the dean's list but I worry about him. If all you have is the ability to blend in and do your job you will never truly be happy.

    I have always been the kind of mom that is involved with my boys and their friends. All of my older son's friends were from school and most of my home school son's friends are home schooled. the Home school kids are like my son-free to be themselves, entertaining and creative, research things in their spare time, ask a lot of questions. Even the few public school friends they hang out with from time to time just don't live in that kind of freedom. They stay guarded. I see it when they hang out together.

    So yeah, there are agendas everywhere. I stopped even turning on the TV. Not even for news. It's all propaganda and coercion. From the shows to the news to the commercials. I have never been more free. I spend all my time researching and writing because those are things I enjoy. Television was stealing that from me and trying to shape my thought on politics and what should be the ideal this or that-trying to convince me what I need and what I should buy and how I should think. High school and college seem like a such a waste of my years now. Realizing so much of it was lies and the other part of it was to train me to be in the worker bee population and yet here I am bucking the system. Chose to be a stay at home mom, do a little photography for my part-time job, home schooled my kid to save him from the system, turned off the tv and decided to research. So yes, I think critically everyday and question everything, but it took me until my 30's to get to that point. It takes a while to shake off the system.

    BTW-I also worked in the school system for a few years. That was another big reason I decided to home school. A lot of home school moms I know were also in the education system and didn't want that for their own kids.

    I said all this because when Penn says "When someone tries to interpret something for you they ALWAYS have an agenda" We really must think critically about even that statement. It's bigger than religion. It's everywhere. It's any person or organization or government or anything that keeps you from thinking for yourself. It's the biggest fear of anyone trying to control someone else-that they might actually begin to think and question and do their own research. And by the way, I DO believe in the Bible and have read it more than once with a critical eye and stopping to ask a LOT of questions and finding them for myself in the Bible itself without relying on someone to tell me how to see it. But then again, I began to read the Bible one night after asking God to help me see it through his lens and shake off everything I was ever told on how to interpret it. Over the years I did develop a very deep understanding of the Bible as it was written, and to whom it was written to, and at what point in time each book was written and considered all the things that were going on in the world at those times. I don't fit in with most church people. Let's just say that… But maybe we ought to consider that perhaps some of what we believe even in secular science and history was also lies and may even be keeping us from understanding the Bible because we are trained to be worker bees not only by school, but by television, books, music etc. It's all part of the system and that system doesn't want us following any religion because it gets in the way of their agenda. Just research who came up with Public schools and why. Even seminaries today are funded by the same type of people who came up with the public school system. If people are going to be religious, then they at least want some control over it. It's frightening, really. 🙁

    I would highly recommend a video recently made by "probably Alexandria" I don't agree with everything she says, but pretty close. She is certainly a critical thinker and almost too smart for her age and she's beautiful on top of it. Mesmerizing to watch as well. It's called "An inconvenient history".

  • I Love It 😻 🥰

  • Christians will never find this video because they are so self absorbed in their beliefs.

  • Now I believe in 2019, 9 out of 10 Christians don’t actually believe the Bible to be historically accurate.

    If you ask around a person. what is your religion? they may say Christian, but they don’t actually believe that stuff. They just like that be nice to your neighbor part, and they are afraid of hurting their moms feelings they come out as atheist.

  • I 1 up Penn. I believe you will be atheist by the time you finish Genesis.

  • Excellent video. I agree, religious doctrine so contradicts itself that atheism is the only logical conclusion.

  • Penn, you REALLY misunderstand the Bible. It WASN'T written in English. It was written in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic (Adamic). You do not understand Hebrew poetry. The Bible is not a secular text.
    You should stick to entertaining; it is wherein your education is founded. Evidently, you have no true spiritual education/knowledge.

  • Most christians depend on faith not facts

  • I've read The God Delusion, I've read God is not Great. I've read Ehrman's books too. I've also read the Bible, cover to cover, studied the original Greek and Hebrew as well. Not an atheist, I'm a Christian. Sorry penn, contrary to what most athiests think, most Christians do in fact read the Bible. As far as Lot's daughter's being raped, I mean where is that coming from? Lot was an idiot to be sure, but God never said he was "Ok" with what Lot said, or what his daughters later did. He didn't command it, or approve of it, so Penn is clearly in error. The "contradictions" argument is easily disproved if you actually read the Bible in context, and not just cherry pick verses, or the "Good parts"

  • Most Roman Catholics Christians and especially their clergy have never read the bible cover to cover.

  • Historians and Christian Apologetics: "Am I a joke to you?"

    This is coming from a channel called 'Big Think".

  • Penn tried to convert everyone in youth group to atheistism lmao.

  • This video is riddled with lies about the Bible passages he mentions. If you want the truth then seek it out. Read the Bible yourself and you will find that Penn is twisting the Bible to fit his atheist beliefs.

  • Posted on my birthday almost 10 years ago it means so much to me now

  • God: Thou shall not kill

    Also God: Kills people throughout the entire Bible

  • The Bible makes no sense, every family was disfunctual, the hero's were monsters, the Diety was like a dissatisfied women who couldn't take responsibility for her kids, so would blame them. If there was a perfect God, why not make everything, and everyone perfect?.

  • God creates man & woman in his own image.
    Both eats fruit of knowledge and eventually go our own way rejecting God and path the way to sin.
    Man creates robots in own image.
    Robots get the fruit of knowledge AI.
    Robots turn on creator.
    Almost a pattern.

  • Thank you Penn, that really helped me

  • That’s what happened to me…read the Bible and became free from it and all religions.

  • Iwas a Muslim and thanks to YouTube im now atheist

  • So if I read a science book then I might realize that it’s too complicated to be made randomly, so I read the Bible and turn Christian? Is that it? If it ain’t, then neither of both are true

  • Thank-you for that! I admire that even through all your doubts you still went diligently to Youth Group.
    It’s been quite the opposite with my mother. She spent most of her life searching for something then around ten years ago became Evangelical Christian. I can’t take it – some of the things she says are so hurtful.

  • This is not historically accurate.

  • If you are foolish enuff 2beleave there is no God
    My question is 2 all atheists
    Have you ever seen a Ghost?

  • Then atheists get afraid of death so they return to religion. That's why religion still exists people are afraid of death.

  • Me: I love God.
    Youtube: Recommends me this video.

  • Go to the source material? I really doubt you´ve ever done it. Have you read the Bible in Hebrew and Aramaic? It is really important – e.g. you are talking about jealous God. Well – the original term offers a different explanation – passionate God, God is interested in his creation. You also ignore the symbolical meaning of the Bible, taking it literally. You speak of killing in the Bible, that it is inhuman, ignoring the context of this book – the oldest parts 9th century BC – different morality, culture, psychology, society in general. Sorry, I´m not watching your video to the end, it is, at least, misleading.

  • Such a great guy

  • I was always taught that if I created something and something went wrong then it was my fault, because I did create it and obviously didn't do a good job. Yet god created angels and one of them ended up being Satan… God messed up big time there didn't he.. Religion is a load of bull.

  • You can either believe in the God of the Bible or "your God". The Bible God never promised a "perfect" world. You won't get that without God either so good luck with getting a perfect world.

  • “Reading the Bible in full will make you atheist”, I’m not sure that is logical. Perhaps it would be better articulated that “reading the Bible in full will cause you to not believe in the conception of God held by the Judeo-Christian tradition”? If there truly is a God that is attributed the significant accomplishments humanities tends to credit (namely creating and sustaining the universe, and having a spiritual connection to each and all of humanity), then it is highly plausible that that God transcends anything that could be communicated in book(s) composed in ancient civilizations.

  • This man is a twisted lier period,lost rebellious jesus christ is the only way truth and life

  • He follows LUNATICS instead of jesus

  • Eternity is a long time folks turn to jesus or burn forever with satan and his dominion

  • And reading atheist books will make me a Christian. Fair enough.

  • The bible lost me at 900 years old Adam…

  • If gods so powerful than why doesn't he show himself if gods so smart why doesn't he teach if gods real why is he immortal if gods immortal why do his followers portray him as a spirit and not a person.

  • bigbro20xd6… what happened bro? why'd you delete the tread? tired of having an atheist school you on your own religion? not honest enough to just leave it up and let the chips fall?

    remember how you said

    [Writing this to create discussion and debate. If you don't wanna bother, that's chill. I just wanna start the conversation …"When you see Lot's daughter, gang raped and beaten,…]

    you acted like you really thought it was important material. important ground to cover.. edification of the public and all that…. i guess you don't want a discussion when proves your claims wrong and that your bible condones the mistreatment of women. i guess any "discussion" that isn't just you telling how you want to play pretend isn't for you…

    i guess discussion and debate were never really what you were interested in at all and when you found you couldn't just stroke your own ego here, you had to burn it all down and run away.

    real integrity move there buddy. really defines what your religion is all about.

    a mote of integrity is all it would have taken from you… but i guess that's not what your fairy godmother wants from you… huh?

  • I don’t think that how it works man, that sounds parity dumb if your asking me.
    Btw still dig your magic acts are still good though.

  • Way to go penn! Christianity has become the most evil force on the planet creating their own self fulfilling prophecy based off a book!

  • If anyone becomes an atheist after reading the bible….then he have to read more.

    #7 years ago i was an engineering student, was doing pretty well….but as i learn more, i realised what i thought was right, was'nt….so basically i keep growing after going through every theories etc again and again.
    ##If you make a final decision before the finish line….trust me you will never get the answer.
    1.have an open mind.
    2. Dont stop,keep going.

    I guarantee you will not regret it.

  • I have wondered what would happen if atheists went door to door telling theists why they are wrong and there is nothing after death.

  • God is just a big toddler throwing a temper tantrum in the sky.

  • Why is it that you know, when at the end of it all, you believe you will forget? Forgetting in death is an illogical conclusion, because that is the same as saying you never happened.

  • This would be like someone picking up Euclid's Geometry and declaring it "the worst play ever…there aren't even stage directions!"

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