Pelosi’s HILARIOUS Response To Trump’s Impeachment Letter

>>Pelosi did respond to this. So she was talking to reporters on Capitol
Hill, and here’s what she had to say in regard to Trump’s letter.>>Your reaction to the president’s letter.>>No reaction, it’s ridiculous.>>You have no reaction? Why not?>>No, we haven’t really fully read it, we’ve
been working. I’ve seen the essence of it though and it’s
really sick.>>So that was her response, it was really
sick, and of course that led to a number of right wingers in the media losing their minds
over what she had to say.>>Come on.>>It was just, yeah, it’s->>I mean look, so Trump yells at her at the
top of his lungs like a mad man, they’re like, bravo, and we’ll get to that in a minute. Brilliant scholarly work. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on,
you lunatics. All right, and then Pelosi says, man, that’s
sick. And they’re like how dare she? I’m so offended, can you believe she said
something so mean about Donald Trump, really? Come on, guys, you’re all unbelievable liars.>>He said in the letter, he wrote in the
letter, more due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials.>>Come on guys, it’s just ridiculous.>>Look, if you are a Republican voter, aren’t
you annoyed by your own politicians? I get it, you’re in love with Donald Trump
and I got it, I don’t wanna hear what you think of him, okay? But when your politicians come out and go
that letter by Donald Trump was perfect and it was just the right tone. But can you believe Pelosi said he was sick? Yeah, dude give it a rest, right? When Pelosi says I’m praying for the President,
we say give it a rest, we know you’re not praying for the President. I mean, I don’t know, do Republican voters
care about the truth at all anymore about anything? Or are they like yeah, my God, poor Donald
Trump, I can’t believe Pelosi called him sick.>>No, but it’s interesting. So I’m sure there’s some portion of Republican
voters, I’m not talking about lawmakers. Lawmakers know what’s going on, right? They’re there, they’re living it, but I would
venture to say that some of the voters just don’t trust the media. And for the longest time I didn’t really understand
it, cuz I’m like, I mean, but it’s right here. I mean, they’re using Trump’s own words, they’re
showing you Trump’s videos. The evidence is right in front of you. But now, more than ever, I can understand
why people are so distrustful of the media. So when the media regurgitates smears of people
they don’t like, they need to understand what they’re doing, unfortunately, is they’re losing
complete credibility, complete trust from people that we need to believe the truth,
right?>>Yeah, and look, I get it, 77% of Americans
believe there’s fake news, so how’s that for devastating? And that’s not all Republicans. But in this case, all they’re doing is quoting
Donald Trump. And Hannity, and Lou Dobbs, and the rest are
like, think this is the greatest letter ever. They don’t dispute it at all. But anytime there’s something negative, it
doesn’t matter if it’s Trump himself saying it, MAGA guys are like nope, fake news. Trump said it, how could it be fake news if
Trump said it? Nope, damaging, so it’s fake news.>>Right.>>I bet Pelosi said it. Okay, I mean, what are you gonna do with madness? But the last thing that I like here is that
I also like that he had to read six pages for the first time in his life. So anyway, he said I write this letter to
you for the purpose of history and to put my thoughts on a permanent and indelible record. First of all, he didn’t write the indelible
part, never heard of that word. He’s like, indelible, why? Did we get a pastrami sandwich from the indelible
record, okay? Anyway, but I’m amused by the idea because
he’s like yeah, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats? This is going on your permanent record.>>Let’s see if you get into college now.

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  • We can only conclude that Trump believes in Witchcraft…

  • I’m just surprised Trump or the GOP haven’t said this is worse than Auschwitz.

  • If you think your "side" can do no wrong, then you should not be able to vote.

  • gz on impeachment;), goodluck with the trial;), gz on unsmearing Cenk and Ana looking sharp as usual;) lov u guyz, keep it up…:)

  • when I see Chunk Yogurt…. I think of all the crying horses…. and puppies

  • Trump supporters don't read that's why they can get away with this bullshit

  • Republicans can say all kinds of crazy crap and get away with it because they listen only to the wackjobs at Fox News and basically living in a bubble where everyone thinks the orange yeti can do no wrong.

  • Many people would no doubt love to send Trump to the Salem Witch Trials. He would be in his element, with people as ignorant as himself, all armed with stakes and ducking stools and biblical quotations.

  • Impeachment is being voted on, and TYT barely covers it? [email protected] Impeachment is a total flop! Think of all the times tyt got you all worked up over it, and now….. Are you satisfied? Even tyt is ashamed lol. FLOP!

  • Are you fkn Jokin Anna? you didn't understand why ppl don't trust th media? are you fkn Daft, you should get more info and opinion from Jimmi Dore you will begin to understand more.

  • I love a woman who wears glasses. Ana look so hot.

  • He is sick

  • The senate won’t impeach him.

  • "There must never be a narrowly voted impeachment or an impeachment substantially supported by one of our major political parties and largely opposed by the other. Such an impeachment would lack legitimacy would produce divisiveness and bitterness in our politics for years to come. And will call into question the very legitimacy of our political institutions". Jerry Nadler Quote from 1998 Clinton Impeachment

  • Is this the same Pelosi that didn't impeached Bush for the torture reports? Mmmm..why was that??
    Oh yeah she knew about the tortures all along.

  • No one cares what skeletor Puke-losi has to say. She's a lying, hate filled demon-KKKrat that can't even clean up all the poop in her home city of Frisco CA. Their partisan sham of injustice utterly failed because the President will never be removed from office. The Republican controlled Senate will vote and dismiss it. The President always wins in the end. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!

  • Well trump got exactly what he wanted. He wanted to be famous to go down in history. Well now he is. His name will now go down in the history books in infamy. His family name forever tarnished. Whenever someone hears the name trump they will automatically think impeachment and mistrust……bravo trump you did it.

  • The government needs to stop wasting millions of taxpayers dollars 💵 on this fake impeachment trial. This money could be used to help the veterans or our school systems.

  • You know what I find funny is that the gop said that they were rushing the process, but now that Pelosi wants to wait to see the terms of the trial before she sends the articles of impeachment over to the senate, now they say shes dragging her feet. Well which is it?

  • Nasty Pelosi will be getting subpoenaed in the Senate! Get your story straight house of reps. The real subpoenas will be issued soon

  • The emperor has no clothes.

  • That isn’t hilarious.

  • Republicans are the most triggered butch of cry babies. I’ve never laughed so hard at how pathetic they truly are.

  • Pelousey didn't want to impeach Agent Orange in the first place.

  • Pelosi is a drunk hag most of the time. The balance of time she's just a hag. Love it. Boosts us! 💋 Drink up bitch.

  • i think Trump is onto something with the whole Salem witch trials thing. maybe we should put him in a cage and throw him in a river to see if he floats.

  • Trump is finally getting his due. Jail next.

  • Pelosi’s Response: TL;DNR

  • Donald is too dumb to be a witch though.

  • Brown shirt snow flakes… 'nuff said.

  • Right wingers are such massive cowards. Just listen to the giant orange Dump whine and cry daily. He's so weak like the rest of the right wing.

  • Ana’s new glasses look mint.

  • Responded thru her slurred words and pinched lip edges caused by Lithium. Change the dose. More bad news, all this infantile libtardism expressing itself insures The Don's re election.

  • Trumpy is unhinged, for sure!!

  • Orange man winning oh Gawd oy Vey!!!!

  • Good morning

  • Trump's letter was for the Senate republicans to remind them of their duty to support him no matter what. It wasn't for Pelosi or for the public record.

  • Pastrami? Really? You know tRump doesn't eat pastrami. It's not an ingredient on a Big Mac or Whopper! Please!

  • I don't usually comment on looks, but what is Anna going for here? Disheveled Lois Lane?

  • He is sick in the head

  • Hey you guys help me troll tim pools comments!!!!!

  • I feel like cenk gives Ana the belt if she doesn't laugh at his jokes

  • Nancy Pelosi is masterful at politics. She is honest and in the era of Trump.

  • Cenk's college record thing was the funniest thing he's ever done.

  • Can we please do a swimming test with this clown? Suppose he's a witch, after all…

  • An CA SD

  • "Fake news" is really just lies. Why not call them for what they are? Lies…

  • Ana, people are distrustful of the media, but most of those people don't really know why and aren't educated enough on the facts to begin with. The people that I'm talking about watch Fox News. So, they have no idea what Fake News really means.

  • guess what.trump wins in a landslide

  • Stop crying Republican snowflakes, you’re soaking my shoes

  • Orange Face you sound stressed and upset. I love it, wish I could see it up front and in person. You mis judged Americans.

  • Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk ( R-GA ) is comparing Trump to Jesus and the dems to Pontius Pilate … Now that is a sick MOFO

  • I love another part of Pelosi's response even more. She stated the equivalent of "TL;DR". Sweet.

  • Fox & Rush are not telling the truth and Americans are too lazy to think for themselves. There is nothing wrong w/ watching what you want but don't rely on any 1 source to form an opinion. I watch CSPAN more than anything. You can hear it from the horses mouth.

  • Democrats should hold off sending the impeachment documents to the Senate the same way McConnell held off of filling the empty Supreme Court seat. Hold off the Impeachment in the Senate until we see if we can get control of a Democratic Senate. Then whether Trump wins or loses the upcoming election we can still get rid of his ass.

  • If I thought donald had actually written (or even read) that twaddle, I would say he's condemned out of his own mouth as unfit for office.
    As it is, he's condemned out of Stephen Miller's mouth for appointing the little tick.

  • The glasses look dope on you queen

  • Ana's laugh is hilarious…

  • Trump could try sending over documents which would prove they did nothing wrong.  I guess he figured the transcript and his psycho letter were enough.  Since he wants to play games, Nancy should have the Sergeant-At-Arms go arrest Mulvaney and Pompeo for failure to comply.

  • Trump's letter and every word in it can be used against him if he testifies.  He's put himself into a likely perjury trap in any future criminal proceedings, cause that is an official statement, that he signed!!

  • “can I get a pastrami sandwich there” lol.

  • I really wish the FBI would arrest Giuliani and have marked as a flight risk to keep him incarcerated.  Since he's continuing to be in a conspiracy against the US, with the President, who's being impeached for it.

  • Ana is so hot.. I wish her views didn’t make her hideous.. these people are cringe…

  • 3:42 – 3:52 Hilarious but true. This is the true essence of the reason for this letter. It's his way of matching the stain of impeachment on his legacy. He figures this letter will do the same for Pelosi & the Dems.

  • It boggles my mind that Giuliani is still walking as a free man.

  • Republicans lawmakers have no backbone

  • Ana really suits those glasses.

  • "More process given to those in the Salem witch trials"
    So tie some rocks to his feet and drop him in the river… if he sinks, he is innocent

  • A real and proper higher education could enhance intelligence, if it was lacking in the beginning.

  • isnt it so that Steven miller wrote that letter? I thought i heard that from somewhere? You cant believe that Trump could even write that him self?

  • Where's the next Lee Harvey Oswald??

  • Love Trump 2020

  • I think it’s important we listen to Ana ! She’s right we can’t shun all
    The radical trumpettes, we need to educate and rehabilitate them tbh

  • Dems are taking it in the ass

  • Glad she married or i would move to LA just to meet her and talk to her she a very smart and attractive lady and very funny

  • We don't care Trump wins again 2020 meida melt down just got it there impeachment flop

  • Except for his mindless follower's I doubt many people believe that your president is capable of writing anything over the length of a tweet. His sole contribution was to sign it

  • I love it when Pelosi just dismisses Trumps ignorant comments. I may not always agree with her but I give her credit for being a very intelligent, savvy, and strong woman, which is Trumps Kryptonite.

  • Both Trump AND Pelosi have to go, along with all their corrupted enabling colleagues. I'm sick and tired of this profiteered soap opera. OF COURSE the Trump letter was sick; but OF COURSE Pelosi is just as horrible as Trump. Why does this video sound like a Pelosi endorsement? Every "sick" word out of her mouth is self-serving poison, just as surely as is Teflon Don's every word. Your cheerleading here is mere preaching to the choir, and only serves to further insulate Pelosi from being effectively primaried. Get money out of politics, Cenk, and PLEASE end these sophomoric back&forth histrionics. Let's get back to saving the country from Trump AND Pelosi.

  • Conservatives are idiots, why do people take them seriously.

  • Ah anna is trying to do the 'im wearing glasses so i appesr smart' look

  • I love you guys, I do. But if there is one piece of advice I would offer, it would be to stop putting words like hilarious in all-caps. It literally was not HILARIOUS. Like, you don't have to do that. It's not needed

  • The glasses. So beautiful today!

  • What do you know about the Lincoln project that some Republicans are promoting

  • its really sick? so she really likes it? lol. corrupt pelosi protecting trump and destroying bernie.

  • Republicans and their voters are nothing but thin skinned whimpy little motherfukers

  • Madness Mafia Stile. ..

  • Independent Media is Vital….for DEMOCRACY.

  • Keifer Sutherland is a better President than Donald Trump.

  • Stank Ogre is a misogynist and a pervert.

  • Trump: Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes? I'll go with lying eyes for $1000, Alex.

  • If the neoliberal really believe Trump is a Russian asset,why did they give him an 80 billion dollar increase for war,is it because they're really the same party,and this is just political theater?Everything they say about racism and whatever else is to give voter something to think about,because the have nothing by way of policy that's much different from the republicans.Pelosi has more in common with Trump than any person that wears a maga hat,so don't look to her to offer any positive outcome for all those tax dollars we pay them.This impeachment and Russia investigation costs millions,meanwhile most Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

  • "SICK" is Trump's buzz-word. Nancy was being quite funny. LOL They lose their minds when Nancy says (SICK). blah blah "Fake sick news." "for the purpose of history" just hideous language skills.

  • Trumpholio for my trumphole. Take me to your leadholio that an ahole … trumphole tp tp tp

  • I pray for trump every day….. to abaddon the destroyer

  • I resent that you so easily dismissed Pelosi saying she prays for the president. She might well have prayed for every president for years. Besides if anybody needs prayer it's him.

  • Why does Cenk address Trump fans in the videos. They don't listen to the videos. They just swoop in, shit all over the comment section and flies off like the shit hawks they are.

  • I knew trump was sick the day he said he wouldve married Ivanka

  • Read the constitution! Which says that during a Senate trial the president then will face his accusers! Call witness, go through a judicial process! What we just went through was the house votes! First to decide whether to investigate whether charges should be brought! Then the investigation occured! Next the house voted to take the investigatory evidence and refer it to another house committee looking to see whether crimes occurred! After this step, two impeachment articles against trump were assigned! Then last night the house voted to impeach! Meaning the house would forward their evidence to the Senate for an impeachment trial! Pelosi followed the constitution! Even inviting trump to participate , an offer he declined! Pelosi wasn't bound by law at this stage to invite trumps participation! The repubs house member who said trump got less justice than jesus did is a liar!

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