Pawn Stars: SUPER RARE Super Mario is SUPER EXPENSIVE (Season 17) | History

Hey, hows it going? Good, good. I have this to offer you. And this is? This is the earliest
sticker sealed Super Mario Brothers Nintendo game. [MUSIC PLAYING] RICK: That’s pretty amazing. I know some of them
go for a lot of money. Chum? What? RICK: Can you come over here
and help me for a moment? CHUMLEE: What’s up, Rick? OK, the guy has a– I guess this is a
really early one? The earliest
print, still sealed, of Super Mario
Brothers in existence. CHUMLEE: Oh, wow. Do you mind if I take a look? Absolutely, sure. CHUMLEE: Oh, this is the– yeah, this isn’t the
shrink wrapped version. This is the sticker
sealed version, which I don’t know
too much about, but I know these
are pretty rare. CUSTOMER: This one also happens
to be an incredibly high grade. Even if the other
ones are found, there’s no way it’s going to
come close to this condition. RICK: All right, how
much do you want for it? It’s a piece of history. It’s something that’s
hard for me to part with. But I would sell it
for a million dollars. A million dollars? Yep. All right. That’s a lot of
money for a video game. I agree. It is a lot of money. I know there’s video
game collecting going on. I know I’ve seen some
recent auctions where I was sort of shocked when,
like, those video games sold for $29,000– Sure. –for the cartridges. But I didn’t know
the market exists for six figure games, much
less a million dollar game. From all my research, WATA is
the company that grades these. These are the ones you trust. So I’m actually going to go call
them up and see if I can get one of their guys down here. I would really like
to get their opinion. But you know, no offense. I mean, I just never
heard of a video game going for a million dollars. And I just don’t know
if that exists or not. OK, I will be right back. OK. I think Mario hit him on
the head with a pipe wrench. [LAUGHS] So he wants a million dollars
for this thing, which I think is insane.
DENIZ KAHN: Yeah. I remember it. And I know why he’s asking
astronomical money on this one. This is probably the
most significant piece of video game history
that’s ever passed through our grading company. RICK: OK, and he also said that
this was the best condition? Yeah. So what makes this
special, there’s a lot of different indicators. First, you’re going
to see this sticker. So it’s not shrink wrapped. It’s from the test market launch
of the NES, as far as we know, which was only in 1985 and 1986. No one even knew
who Nintendo was. But back then, they were
just another company. So once they started mass
producing these and sending them across the
country, they had to have something that
would last on the shelves longer, which is also why
seeing this in this condition is just– it’s a
complete anomaly. This is the second print,
and it’s the earliest known. There’s no other second
prints or even first prints known that are still sealed. So we don’t know the exact
number of copies that were printed in the
first test market launch, but we’re estimating
it’s somewhere around the 10,000 print run. And how many of those
survived sealed? One, as far as we know. RICK: So if this went
into an auction today, your estimate would be? It’s really hard to tell. It hasn’t sold on
the open market. As video games are
starting to be viewed more as art and history, not
just these relics of nostalgia, this is it. This is the one
that started it all. It’s got the trifecta. It’s got rarity. It’s got popularity. Everyone knows Mario. And it’s got significance
to collectors. But you know, with
things like this, it’s high risk, high reward. I know of firm offers that have
been turned down at $300,000. It goes up from there. There’s no ceiling, really. RICK: OK, I learned a lot today.
DENIZ KAHN: Absolutely. My pleasure.
Anytime. Good luck. Thank you. Well, at first I
thought you were crazy. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m literally a
little bit shocked and a little bit speechless. But realistically, what
do you want for it? I’m asking a million dollars. There’s a big business
in these right here. And I’ve just been
looking into maybe getting into it a little bit. But I’m not going to get into
it with this kind of figure to start with. I understand, I understand. So have a great day. I learned a lot. And obviously, I have a
lot of research to do. Well, thank you for your time. I appreciate it. It’s good to meet you. All right, have
a good one, man. Thank you. I’m OK that no offer was made. I’m happy to keep the game. And it’s a piece of history,
so I’m happy to have it in my collection.

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