Pawn Stars: SELLER’S BIG PAYDAY on 1912 US Navy Watch (Season 10) | History

This is a 1912 Naval
Observatory pocket watch. Cool. Made by Longines. My dad said he won
it in a poker game. OK. We actually get that
a lot around here. GREG: It’s inscribed
Navy on the back. I’m assuming with
the box that it’s in that it was probably
made to be mounted to the nightstand of a ship. Hoping to get around
5,000 but I would probably settle for 2,000. Nice. Longines have the oldest
registered trademark of a watch logo in the world. That says a lot. Sure. They built the
timing mechanism for gymnastics in 1912. OK. And they did such
a good job of it that they used them for a
bunch of years in the Olympics and stuff like that. Now if you think about
the Navy, time of day is really important.
– Sure. The US Naval Observatory
is pretty bad ass. They’re responsible
for the positioning, navigation, and timing
for the whole US military. So any watch they issue
would be pretty awesome. So tell me, what do you
know about the watch itself? Really I don’t know
too much about it other than it’s never been
mounted, never been refinished, polished.
It’s all original. The research I’ve
done, it’s designed to be mounted down
to a nightstand of a captain or first mate. OK. You see that 800 right there? 0.8000? Yes. That means this
watch is 80% silver. Nice. Which would make sense
for it being a Navy watch, because silver
doesn’t really rust. OK. Now how much are you
looking to get out of it? – $5,000.
– $5,000? With the boxes, yes. We’re a little high. I have to tell you the boxes
definitely make it gold, but I’m going to have to
make the assumption though that this watch was
a marketing ploy. I mean, anything that time
was really important to, Longines wanted to
stamp their name on. If it was a Navy watch, it
would be a lot more intricate. It has a wind indicator
and it has a second hand. The railroad watches were
more intricate than this. – You think so?
– Absolutely. The Navy would need
something a little bit more advanced than that. I’d offer you
2,500 bucks for it. That’s a little light. I could do 3,500. As time goes on,
this name is getting more and more forgotten
with the worse and worse stuff they put out. I’ll go 3,000 bucks on it. That’s the best I can do. It really is. [MUSIC PLAYING] – I can do three grand.
– Three grand? – Yeah.
– All right. Deal.
– All right. Cool. Why don’t you leave it
here and I’ll meet you over there to write it up now. I don’t know if it
was some marketing ploy, but he knows more than
I do about the watch. So I think it was a fair price. Hopefully we can do
some good with that.

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