Pawn Stars: Rick Makes Bank On a Strange Sculpture (Season 13) | History

RICK: What do we have here? CUSTOMER: An ugly
piece of artwork. RICK: OK. So it’s done by– CUSTOMER: Snowden. RICK: ML Snowden. Got it from a former in-law,
and I’d like to get rid of it just like I got rid of them. All right. All right. It sounds like you’re
a little bit bitter. Just a little. [laughter] RICK: It’s different. I sort of like it. I know about her. ML Snowden, she’s in her 60s. She’s been doing this ever
since she was a little kid. She worked with her father. Her father was a
pretty famous sculptor. It’s not the art everyone
likes, you know what I mean? Some people like it a little
bit more traditional or a little different, but she is a really
famous artist, and a lot of people like her work. I mean, she’s won
a ton of awards, and she actually owns some
of the tools that Rodin used, and she uses those tools
when she sculpts stuff. And it’s signed in the sculpture
there, and it’s 14 of 25. Do you know the name of it? No I don’t, but you
can buy it and call it whatever you’d like. [laughter] Even though I’m not familiar
with this exact piece, I’ve seen a lot
of Snowdens before in galleries around
the country, and they can go for a lot of money. And even though it’s not the art
for everyone, I got to admit, I sort of like it. It’s neat. I mean, how much were you
looking to get out of it? $50,000. $50,000. Normally I got a
friend who I usually call on the expensive
artwork, but he’s out of town. It is nice. This is very collectible. People love this stuff. I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you $20,000. CUSTOMER: Deal. I’ll take it. Whoa. [laughs] That was easy. OK, $20,000. All right, thanks so much. I just massively
overpaid for this. Let’s go do some paperwork.
– Sweet. All right. [laughter] Well, I was
actually pleasantly surprised with the negotiation. I seriously thought I was going
to end up with, like, $5,000 and walk out of
here disappointed, but I’m very happy
with the $20,000, and it’s going to be well spent. RICK: Chum. CHUMLEE: What? Help me get this
thing off the dolly. CHUMLEE: What is that thing? RICK: It is a statue, obviously. Grab the other side. COREY: What in the hell is this? It’s an ML Snowden. What did you pay for it? $20,000. Why? No one’s going to buy this. CHUMLEE: Your dad
just bought it. Yeah, there’s a sucker
born every minute. No, son, most
people aren’t like you two that have a picture of a
Ferrari with naked girls on it. I don’t have that, but– CHUMLEE: I have good art. RICK: Will you just grab
the other side of it? COREY: No. I’m not touching it. RICK: Just pick
up the other side! Sorry, dude. Have fun with that.
I’m out. No. RICK: Chum. Dude, I don’t want to– RICK: Just pick it up. You’re grabbing its legs. CHUMLEE: [grunting] RICK: Oh, we’re going
to need some more help. I’ve dealt in art
my whole life, and I think I’m pretty
good with this, and I think I got myself a good deal. But Corey and Chum seem to think
that they’re absolute geniuses and know so much more
than I do, so I’m calling in Chad
just to show them that I know what I’m doing. So what do you think? CHAD: Wow, ML Snowden. That is “Photon” from the
Elements of Light series. RICK: OK. Yeah, I got it off a lady,
and I paid her $20,000 for it. I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Wow. That’s– now, this piece– this series originally
sold $58,000 $60,000. OK. CHAD: Now, she parted
with her publisher, so a few pieces have
come onto the market. All right, the big question,
what’s it worth, because I paid a lot of money for it. I would put this one
probably at about $36,000. OK. But the thing about Snowden is
this is investment-quality art. And this kind of stuff,
it’s only going to go up. $36,000? I think the market
will bear that, yeah. RICK: Hold on one second. Corey, Chum. Rick paid $20,000 for it. I think that’s a
fair market price. I think he can do much better
than that upon selling it, but he definitely–
he didn’t overpay. Chad thinks I can get
right around $36,000 for it. COREY: You want to buy it, Chad? No comprende. We still have to sell it. It’s– RICK: It’ll sell. Well, it’s– RICK: You guys are not
exactly interior designers. No, we’re more of a beer
crowd, not a fine-wine crowd, and it’s still ugly as hell. Yeah. I am a good interior
designer, and I would not put that in any interior. It’s horrible. RICK: They’ll never get it. They’re not art lovers. RICK: Chum’s idea
of art is a velvet painting and a black light. [laughs]

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