Pawn Stars: RARE WWII PATCHES SKYROCKET IN PRICE (Season 17) | History

Hello. How can I help you today? Hi. I found this awesome
jacket at a thrift store. I loved the style
and all the patches. I knew it meant
something to somebody. CHUMLEE: This is
definitely cool. We’ve even got some
dice right here. Perfect for Las Vegas. CUSTOMER: There we go. Yeah. How much are you
looking to get for it? I was thinking about $350. That’s not out
of the question, but I think a lot
of the value here is going to be in these
patches because there’s tons of patches, especially from
this period, World War II era, that patches are
worth, you know, $100 or several hundred dollars. You know, I’m really going
to have someone come and take a look at this
because there’s maybe a hundred patches on here. CUSTOMER: Yeah. If you have a few minutes,
I’ll make a phone call– I do. –get my guy down
here, and he’s a real nerd for military stuff. OK. CHUMLEE: He’ll probably
know all about these patches and about this jacket. CUSTOMER: That’s what we need. Give me a few
minutes, all right? OK. Thank you. I would love for an expert to
come in and look at this jacket because I’d like to know a
little bit more information about it and some
details about some of these really cool patches. Wow. CHUMLEE: Pretty
freaking cool, huh? I’m pretty sure
it’s World War II. I mean, you could
probably tell me better. EXPERT: Absolutely. Yes, this is a model
1943 field jacket, standard-issue infantry jacket. The jacket itself
is very common, but military patches, especially
from World War II, some of them are highly collectible. Now the thing that
makes a patch good, it’s the rarity of the patch
or, like, a famous division, if a division or a regiment did
something really well known. I mean, I can already tell you
in here, this is 82nd Airborne. They jumped into
Normandy on D-Day. This is the 101st Airborne. If you ever saw
“Band of Brothers”– CUSTOMER: Yeah. Yes. –that’s all
101st Airborne guys. I thought the photographer
patch was pretty cool. EXPERT: Yeah. That’s interesting. I will say this. I don’t know whose
jacket this was, but if I had to guess, being
a photographer makes sense because if you were
in World War II, you would be in a specific
infantry division. You wouldn’t get the chance
to meet all these people. A photographer might be. I think it was somebody’s
collection of their time during the war. Let me take a look at some
of these other patches. So the more I look at this,
the more excited I am by it. I mean, look, I’ll
do the big one. This was known as a blood chip. So this is a
Pacific-issued patch, and it was typically used by
American pilots and airmen. And they would sew it on the
back of their leather jackets or on the inside, and
if they went down, this would basically
translate to something like I’m an American soldier. Please help me and
you’ll be rewarded. And so that patch
is extremely rare. This is an $800 patch. $800? We’re getting closer
to that $350 you wanted. Yeah. Oh no. [LAUGHTER] CHUMLEE: So what kind
of value do you think this thing has altogether? EXPERT: I’ve been doing
this for almost two decades. I’ve never seen
anything like this. It truly is one of a kind. $6,500? Wow Yes, thank you. [LAUGHTER] CHUMLEE: Which I
gave her the $350. Thank you Sorry. Good luck. Thank you. Wow. I’m sure you liked
what he had to say. Lot more than $350. With that being
said, it’s really cool. I can give you $2,500. That’s a lot more
than you were asking. Maybe $4,000. You know, I wish I could, but
I have to be able to sell it. I mean, at $2,500 I’m
in it at a fair amount. Would you go up
about $500 more? $3,000? Just a little bit more? I’ll do $3,000. – $3,000?
– Let’s go write it up. Good deal.
Thank you. All right.
Leave it right here. Come on.
– OK. Thank you. I’m getting married soon, and
I was hoping that the $350 would at least
help with the cake. And then now getting
$3,000 is going to pay for a cake and
hopefully a photographer too.

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