Pawn Stars: RARE & UNUSUAL 1860 COLT REVOLVER (Season 10) | History

– I’ve got this
old Colt revolver. It’s been in my family
and I was looking to see what I could get for it. You got the
rifle butt with it. MIKE: Yeah, it came with this. COREY: It’s unusual
and it’s rare. I mean, I’ve read about them. I’ve seen them in books. I’ve never really seen
the rifle butt in person. It was probably one
of the best planned worst inventions of all time. [LAUGHTER] [GUNFIRE] MIKE: I’ve got this
old Colt army revolver. I need to sell it to help
of my kids through school. They’re in college and
college isn’t cheap. You know, you got one of the– one of the cooler guns
of the Civil War era. The thing is, is
that the South had the Griswold’s and the North
had the– had the Colts. MIKE: Right. And since the North controlled
all the manufacturing, they made sure that
the South didn’t get any of the Colt revolvers. And that’s pretty much
why the North won the war. And someone came up with
this bright idea where– let’s turn one of
these into a rifle and now we have the
best of both worlds. Problem is at that point
you have black powder, and what’s going to happen? MIKE: It’s going to
go all over the place. Most of the black
powder doesn’t explode so you’re getting
dirt thrown in your face. So the whole concept
of this part back here never really took off. In theory, it’s
a great idea, but the chances of going blind after
firing, it just really sucks. [WESTERN MUSIC PLAYING] What do you want to
do with it, my man? Like I said, I
just want to sell it. I’m thinking like
in the neighborhood of a couple thousand. COREY: Couple
thousand as in two? Yep. You know, the conditions
really nice on it and I really like to
get a buddy of mine down here to take a look at. You mind hanging out? Yeah. Cool. The value of a stock
like this, if it checks out and especially if it matches
the pistol, 15 grand. COREY: Oh, wow. Really? CRAIG GOTTLEIB:
Commercial failures often make great
collectibles and this stock is a case in point. Why? They didn’t make very many of
them because nobody liked them. But they’re very rare
today because of that. And so they’re very desirable
and they’re very valuable. Let me take a closer look. All right, the first
thing off the bat these are usually numbered. Yeah, but it’s
numbered inside. If you take apart
this piece right here, you’ll see the number. – This?
– Yeah. OK. OK. There you go. Humph. Well, I’ve never seen one
of these numbered here, this connector rod. I can just tell you,
I don’t like the way the numbers are stamped. They’re usually
marked right here. It’s supposed to also
say US below the number. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] I want to put it together. Why? If for some reason I’m wrong
about all these other things, and it’s still an
original set from Colt, it should at least fit
together really, really well. So let’s put it together and
see just how well it fits. All right, there we go. You know, it’s functional. You can take it to the
range and shoot it, but it’s not a good fit. You look down in here,
there’s just gaps– MIKE: OK.
CRAIG GOTTLEIB: –everywhere. You got a huge gap over here. I mean, it does tighten
down nicely but– [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] COREY: So the stock’s
not worth anything? No.
[MIKE SIGHS] The value of something
like this, tops 1,500. Here’s why. Gun’s worth 1,500. This is entirely
a spurious stock. They’re still making them today. Dude, I’m disappointed,
but you got me all excited. Sorry I wasted your time, man. CRAIG GOTTLEIB: No,
it’s not a waste. Thanks for coming down. CRAIG GOTTLEIB: It’s
always a pleasure. MIKE (VOICEOVER): Well,
the expert said that a– the stock might be
a modern version. That somebody faked
some numbers on it. I’m not happy. Maybe my grandfather was taken
for a ride when he bought it. So you came in for
asking for 2,000. Now I can offer you
like 800 bucks, man. Oh– [SIGHS] I mean,
we were up and down, and now we’re way down. Can you come up at all? [COREY SIGHS] I’ll go to 1,000 bucks. Oh. If retail’s 15, can
you do let’s say 13? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] I’ll go 1,200 bucks. Can you meet me in
the middle at 1,250? No, $1,200. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] All right, you
got yourself a deal. Cool All right, man. You got your ID on you?
– Yep. Yeah. Let’s do some paperwork. MIKE: First, I came in and I’m
thinking, it’s worth 2,000. Then I hear 15,000. And now we’re down
to less than 2,000. I’m– I’m going up and
down, and up and down and– right now, I’m just
wheeling from it. I can’t believe
that this happened.

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