Pawn Stars: RARE REVOLVER, Rapid Fire Negotiation (Season 17) | History

[MUSIC PLAYING] RICK: So earlier a guy
came in with a percussion revolving pistol. It looks like something
that was probably built during the Civil War
as an army contract, maybe. But I’m just shooting
from the hip there. I have no idea. So I’ve called in Alex,
because he’ll actually know what he’s talking about. [LAUGHS] These are cool. I know absolutely
nothing about this. [LAUGHS] It’s Civil War-ish. It’s a pretty good guess. Yeah, it is Civil War-ish. It’s a Savage & North
figure 8 revolver. This is the model 1856. So it’s pre-Civil War. Savage & North were based
in Middletown, Connecticut. They did make revolvers for
the Union Army and the Navy. And this was an attempt to
create a rapid fire revolver. It just looks like a
terrible design to me. Well, it was
radical for its time. It has a ring trigger here. When you pull the ring
trigger back, it cocks it. And then the upper trigger
will actually fire it. So you can– and you get
a much faster rate of fire as you do that. And especially if you
were on horseback, you wanted to be able to use
one hand to fire it, not two. Because the other had
to hold onto the horse. Yeah. So here’s the thing. There were so many
variations of this type. This is actually the very
first model, second variation. So what is the difference
in the variation? So the very first model,
they only made 10 of. And those are rare
as hens’ teeth. The second variation–
this one, which was really just
used for testing, they made less than 250. So the serial numbers for these
are always on the grip frame. So to find that, I’ve
got to take off the grip. Is that all right? Yeah, if you’ve
got the right tools. Sure. If it doesn’t have it, it’s
going to impact the price, and not in a good way. OK, so right here you can
see there’s a serial number. And it looks like it’s 29. So that’s a good thing. That means it’s the 29th
first model, second variation they ever made. So overall, it’s a
really nice, rare gun. It’s definitely desirable. How much are you asking for it? I was thinking around $10,000. Frankly, that’s a
little on the high end. OK. It’s certainly
a valuable pistol. The one thing that I
think, if you’re really considering purchasing
this, that we should do is to try to fire it. And the reason I say that is
the collectors market for this is very strong just
for what it is. However, if it can function
and function properly, I think the range is not far
off from what you’re asking, depending on how it performs. Want to go to
a shooting range? Just down the street. Let’s do it. Yeah, OK. Well, you want to
put it back together? I will put it back together. [LAUGHTER] I’ve never shot the gun. I’m glad that we’re
going to go shoot it and see what it’s worth. So these pistols
can be really finicky. If it fails, it will
still be of value. It just won’t be as high value. Well, let’s hope it shoots. Yeah. So full cock. And here we go. [GUNSHOT] [LAUGHTER] Nice. That’s one. [GUNSHOT] [GLASS BREAKING] [GUNSHOT] Three. That’s indexing OK. [GUNSHOT] Four. [GUNSHOT] Five. One more. [GUNSHOT] Five out of six. It worked really well. The sixth guy would
have probably killed you. But–
– Yeah. Yeah.
[LAUGHTER] I wasn’t too far away either. So. All right, so it works. Yeah. I would say it
performed really well. You have a really fine
example of an extremely rare pistol, an early serial number. So the top of the
market for these– I know you wanted 10 grand. But $7,500 is, really,
I think, the limit. And I think this gets there. All right. Well, thanks, man.
– All right. – All right.
– Very nice to meet you. Nice meeting you. OK, so what do you want? [SIGHS] How about $7,000? No, how about $4,000. $4,000? $5,000? $4,000. It’s a really cool gun. Eventually, I will
get that number. But it will take a while. It is a very limited
number of customers out there looking for this.
– Yeah. If it was a colt,
I’d pay you more. It’d sell quicker. Sure. I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you $4,100. $4,100 today? – Today.
– Today? All right.
Yeah. Yeah? – $4,100.
– Let’s do it. – [LAUGHS]
– All right. All right. All right, so here. You take this. OK. You take it back
to the pawn shop. OK. I will gather up the mess. And I’ll be down
there in a half hour. OK?
– Perfect, thank you. All right. It’s not the $10,000
I was asking for. But you know what? I’m going to take this $4,100
and go get me a new truck.

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