Pawn Stars: Price of a Kellogg Cereal Box Surprises Corey (Season 16) | History

– Hey, how’s it going? Hi, how are you? Doing good. What do we got? I have an unused 1961
Sugar Smacks cereal box. COREY: All right. That’s Quick Draw McGraw, right? Yes. Who’s that one? Huckleberry Hound. COREY: Huckleberry Hound. It was simple advertising. If you bring a kid
down a cereal aisle and he sees his favorite
cartoon character on a box of cereal, that’s
the box of cereal he wants. That’s what got me
when I was a kid. The toys that were inside,
that’s what really prompted me. COREY: Oh yeah. Me and my brother would
fight over the toy. I have the cereal box
because I’m a collector of Hanna-Barbera items. I collect many things from
Hanna-Barbera, including lunchboxes, cereal boxes, toys. I’ve had this cereal
box for 15, 20 years. There’s no sentimental
value to me. It’s just another
thing that I collected. COREY: This is really cool. Kellogg’s is a really, really
strange and interesting company. There was John and
William Kellogg. Eventually the
brothers split up. William was more
interested in making money and selling cereal. He came with the idea to
start marketing more to kids. He’s the one that started
putting sugar in cereals, putting cartoon
characters on there– you know, Tony the Tiger. You know, those were ideals
that he came up with. So I just don’t understand how
you get an unused cereal box. Well, what it is is I
think it’s called a flat. It’s usually from an
advertising agency who made it, and they keep a sample of it. COREY: OK, so what else
do you know about it? It’s printed in 1961. COREY: OK. It’s pretty collectible. There’s a pretty big market
for cereal-box collectors. There’s also
Hanna-Barbera collectors. Yeah. So what are you
looking to do with it? Sell it. How much are you
looking to get? $500. OK. $500. This really isn’t
my game here, man. Would you take $100? No. What’s the lowest you’ll go? $400, but these things go
for $600, $700, $800 easily. Well, my man, unfortunately
it don’t look like we’re going to make a deal. Hopefully you can find one
of those $600 people for it. Thank you. I planned on
putting the cereal box back in my collection.
$100 is way too low. He really flaked
out on the price.

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