Pawn Stars: Pawns Gone Wrong | History

– To be honest, I don’t know how
to respond. Come on, man. You work with this guy? – How you doing, gentleman?
– Hey. Oh, pretty good. MAN: I have a bronze
statue I’d like to sell. RICK: Do you know much about it? I don’t know what to
tell you about that. RICK: This is a
statue called Pegasus. And this is Perseus. Perseus was the mythological
figure that killed Medusa. So what can you tell
me about this thing? MAN: It was made in 1888 by the
French sculpture mile Picault. If this is a
genuine Picault, we’re talking thousands of dollars. His sculptures are
highly collectible. The patina looks right. What doesn’t look
right is there’s some [inaudible] right here. And that crack right there
is from when they cast it. It didn’t happen later. To be honest, I don’t
know how to respond. RICK: You see this?
JIM: Yeah. RICK: It says Made
in the USA below it. This was not made in 1888. What you’ve seen
and what you can prove is two different stories. I don’t care what you say. I don’t care what you tell me. But I know you’re
full of [bleep].. You know– it’s
all right, Antoine. I got it.
I got it. Um, that’s just what I see. We really appreciate
you bringing it in. But it’s not for us. That’s all I can tell you. [music playing] COREY: Earlier today,
I met with a guy who wanted to sell me a pistol. I’ve never really
seen one of these, so I had to call my buddy Sean
to come down and check it out. So this is yours? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And what do you know about it? Well, I got it at a gun show. And the seller had bought
it from an estate sale. And it’d been in the
family for generations. And I was fortunate
enough to get it. What do you think it’s worth? If it’s authentic
to the period, anywhere between
1,500 and 2,500. Unfortunately, just
right off the bat, I know that this is,
unfortunately, a reproduction. Um, OK. So– so how can you tell? The markings were punched in
as opposed to hand engraved. You would have certain markings
on the barrel that were proof marks from the Tower of London. There’s just nothing about
this gun that is of the period. It’s value would be
about $75 to $100. You know, I paid
800 bucks for this. I’m sorry. You got burned. Yeah, so OK, maybe
the thing is a fake. I– [bleep]. My wife was pissed
when I bought this gun. Now she’s really gonna kill me. [bleep] COREY: This guy
brought in the nicest looking Gibson I’ve ever seen. And it’s serial number
one of a high-end series. You said you wanted 50, man. I mean, I got to
make money on it. Yeah, I can understand that. COREY: Would you go 40? I really don’t want to come
off of that asking price. COREY: 43. 48? COREY: 45. MAN: You got to remember
this is serial number one. I’m hesitant even to drop to 48. I– I really don’t want
to move from my price. [music playing]
– All right. Deal. [music playing] Chum, you want to
go write him up? All right. I just need your ID. Kind of having some
second thoughts, man. CHUMLEE: Hey, Corey.
Come here. This guy’s having
second thoughts. COREY: Counting the money, man. I don’t think I
can sell it, man. COREY: You sure? I don’t think so. COREY: Have you seen
the new $100 bills? They’re beautiful. COREY: Have ever
seen 100 of ’em. MAN: Looks great, but,
man, this is my baby. COREY: You want 50 for it? I just don’t– Hey, that’s what you
came in here wanting. I know, man. I just don’t think
I can part with it. COREY: Well, man,
I can’t force you. But if you change your mind,
I’ll be here, all right? All right.
I’m sorry, man. Take care. CHUMLEE: Dude, I’ll
have some of that money. MAN: I got a Pez collection
I’m looking to unload today. CHUMLEE: Got any candy? MAN: No. These have no candy
in them at all. These are all from
the 1960s, 1970s. What good are candy
dispensers without candy? Come on, man. You work with this guy? These are very,
very collectible. And it’s a great hobby. I know it might look
childish to you. But there’s definitely
money into it. I have Casper the Friendly
Ghost in the original box from the 1960s. This particular Pez here
goes for, like, $300 to $400. I have the Mickey Mouse
in the original box. It’s a die-cut. One of my coolest pieces I
like is the original Batman. Very tough to find. What do you want for ’em? MAN: I’d like to
grab 2,500 for ’em. Gonna have to grab
it somewhere else. I’m gonna offer you
a grand, my friend, just because I
got to resell ’em. You could put
these on the internet individually and definitely
make your money back on these. Well, man, I’m not looking
to break even at all. MAN: I understand that. But these three pieces
alone are a G-note. – $1,000 is what I can do.
– Fine. COREY: All right, buddy. Let me get out of here, man. I can’t believe one of them
guys offered me $1,000 for them 50 pieces of Pez. That’s an insult to
the Pez community. I can’t believe it. That’s why they’re chooches. [music playing]

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