Pawn Stars: Most Expensive Items From Season 9 (Season 9) | History

This is really cool where the hell did you get these speechless I got to make money. Oh my god. This is practically the best What is this this is a model 1894 Marlin this is like the nicest Marlin you could order out of the catalog pierced up just about it’s a great rifle How much were you looking to get out of it? I’m looking for 41,000 I’m thinking like 20,000 I Think that’s a fair price on the gun. It’s a big drop from 41 21,000 I Take the gun. I take all the wrists I’m the one who’s got to resell it and you walk around here with money twenty-eight thousand five hundred twenty-one thousand That’s the best I will go on at 21,000. I got to make money twenty-five thousand $21,000 I’m sticking to my guns. I think oh there okay. We got a deal man. Got a 1940 Indian chief with sidecar It’s a World War two veteran. What are you looking to get out of the bike? so There’s less than 400 in the world So I was hoping to get between 55 and 60 thousand dollars I got a buddy that I’d really like to have take a look at it Let me know what it’s worth a few things like that. Wow. This thing is clean I’m speechless so why’d you bring me down here man? This thing’s beautiful. You know, I need you know what it’s worth before I give a price I mean I’d like to take a ride in and see how the suspension is in that sidecar you bet I’m really excited to go on a test ride. I know how side cars are they’re fun, but they’re bouncy This is no cool way to ride this. I like a roller coaster almost So Chrisman what do you well I seem not too long ago just the bike alone sold for forty thousand the sidecar You’re probably looking at five six thousand dollars. What’s your bottom number, man? I came in thinking the bottom line would be forty six thousand three Thirty eight grand Porton. I got to get forty out of it. Yeah. I’m a sucker for motorcycles man I’m not gonna lose it over two grand forty grand There she is. I Got a phone call earlier with a guy who had a rock krawler for sale looks cool I’m not gonna buy one of these things unless I can drive it So I told him to meet me out of the dry lakebed. Okay, let’s get in this thing. I Have been in jeeps rock crawlers, I have been vertical I rolled these things. It’s fun. Alright, let’s go Oh my god, you gotta be kidding me The thing drives great, it’s everything he says it is so what do you think? Pretty impressed. Yeah I’m thinking like 35 grand You can part the car out for 50 It’s a very very interesting toy one-of-a-kind 40 Forty-four I give you 41 that’s what I mean. I mean, that’s it that’s all I can do 41 is it I’ll do it. All right, dude. Meet me down my shop. Uh-huh. I’ll see you in like an hour I’ll have cash to check whatever you want. Sounds good. Okay, thanks, huh. I think I made a pretty good deal on it and I’m gonna have a lot of fun with it before I sell it. What is this? I have Keith Haring artwork Okay, cool Where the hell did you get these? I got them from a friend who got them from Keith Haring’s levers levar Keith Haring’s lovers lover. Yes What a tangled web we weave these might not look like much but Keith Haring’s art really did make a big Social impact in the 1980s. I mean the guy is an icon I love it when I have a recognizable artist like herring in my shop. And how much do you want for? Seventy five thousand let me have someone check these out and if He says they’re legit. We’ll Do something looking forward to it. These are the herrings you were telling me of home alleged herring alleged alleged herrings, okay These are great. The thing about Keith Haring you see a Keith Haring, you know, it’s a Keith Haring It’s definitely not a print you can see the inks you can see where they’re laid on and would be applied with a tip Now I’m looking at the signature and it looks pretty good. I think they’re legitimate pairing originals. Me, too Okay, so what do you think they’re worth in the forty to fifty thousand dollar range? Okay, so I’ll give you 45 Grand for 50,000 and they’re yours. I’ll go 48 grand. What go 49,000 No find someone else to pay you that much money cash. You won’t find it here in this town. All right Hey Rick Yes, sir. A couple questions for me. Sure. He’s the one that bought it. Hey, so what’s up? Let me interested in your cigar bot. Okay? Well, I’ve got some mixed for my light back looking for something of historical significance But that was john. F kennedy’s it sat on his desk in the Oval Office This is the one he put the cheap cigars in in terms of presidential memorabilia This is practically the best I mean there will never be any more cigar boxes owned by JFK And this is the only cigar box he placed on the Oval Office desk and that’s why it’s valuable. It’s a one-of-a-kind Just like me, you know, I’ll take 80 grand for 80 thousand. I can lure like 60,000. Give me 80 grand for it. I mean, it’s John F Kennedy cigar box I mean, well, what about 70? 75 is what I could take. It really is. It’s 75. It’s a fair price and Honestly, I’m not gonna go any less 75 75 right a model You

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