Pawn Stars: Lowball Offer for Bolin Batman Guitars (Season 13) | History

COREY HARRISON: What do we got? TERRY: I got a couple
of guitars for you. DC Comics, John Bolin, Batman
and Joker guitars, a set. COREY HARRISON: Oh, wow! TERRY: And this one is even
more impressive, the Joker! COREY HARRISON: I didn’t know
the Joker had played guitar. [cackling] Cool! John Bolin, I mean, he
basically became the guy, if you wanted a bad ass custom
guitar, that you went to. And this guy’s got a
really interesting story. He went down and
apprenticed to, I believe it was Gibson
or one of them, and decided that that’s what
he wanted to do with his life. And he started making
custom-made acoustics for his friends and
friends of friends. And then one day,
he ended up making one for some folk singer. And then Billy Gibbons
from the ZZ Top is what really, really
put him on the map. And then I think he
made them for just about everybody that wanted a
really high-end, custom guitar. TERRY: Right. COREY HARRISON: When it comes
to making custom guitars, Bolin is a guy you go to. And everybody from Joe
Perry to Steve Miller have had this guy
make them for him. So if this is legit, we’re not
looking at your average guitar here. But Batman and Joker, I didn’t
know that he made them, though. TERRY: The cool
thing about the Joker is it also has this
little chip in it. And if you push this
button when it’s all hooked up to an
amplifier, you push it, and the Joker laughs. It’s a-ha ha ha ha
ha ha, really cool! COREY HARRISON: That is cool. Yeah, that’s unique. COREY HARRISON: Yeah, ever since
the success of the “Star Wars” and how much money they
made from licensing stuff, every movie they could
license out stuff did. And with the Batman
stuff, you know, there’s no exception there. I just didn’t know that
they would be Bolin guitars. Kind of unique, right? COREY HARRISON: Yeah. So what are you
looking to get for him? I want to get
$15,000 for them. OK. For the pair? TERRY: For the pair. OK. This is a little out of my
realm, I got to tell you, man. We’re talking about
really high-end guitars in a really niche market. And it just would make me
a little more comfortable if I called a buddy
of mine to come down and take a look at them. Understood.
COREY HARRISON: All right. Why don’t you hang out, and
I’ll be back in a little bit. Sounds good. When he called for
an expert, I thought it was great because I
think that these guitar speak for themselves. I know I have all
my paperwork done. And the guitars are solid. [phone ringing] JESSE AMOROSO: Hey,
what’s up, man? COREY HARRISON: Hey,
what’s up, Jesse. I got– I got two guitars, a
John Bolin Batman and Joker– I don’t know– I don’t really know
much about them. Do you think you can come
down and take a look at them? JESSE AMOROSO: Well,
if you’re legit, they’re probably anywhere from– for the pair $7,500 to $8,500. But, you know, I can’t
make it down there. But I got– I got somebody that
can come down there. I’ll send him down
your guys’ way. COREY HARRISON: Right on, man.
I appreciate it. JESSE AMOROSO: Cool, man.
No problem, dude. I’ll talk to you soon. All right, bye. Jesse sent me John Bolin. Oh wow, John Bolin, OK? The John Bolin? I am. TERRY: Wow! JOHN BOLIN: Looks like a
couple of my guitars here. TERRY: What a treat! COREY HARRISON:
Well, I guess you’d be the guy to talk to about
these then, wouldn’t you? Yeah. I made these 26 years ago. COREY HARRISON: Wow. JOHN BOLIN: My
name is John Bolin. And I’m the owner
of Bolin Guitars. And I’m a guitar maker,
known as a luthier. My buddy, Jesse, knew I was
in town, gave me a call. And he said, hey, you
won’t believe this. They’ve got a pair
of your Batman and Joker at a pawn shop. You got to go down and see them. They are absolutely
beautiful, my lord! Pretty much– looks to
me like they’re unplayed. COREY HARRISON: So how did
this will all come about? Well, it started
with the Batman. This was to celebrate
the “Batman” movie. And we did the prototype. And at that point, we make
a lot of guitars for ZZ Top. And the word got out to Billy
that we were doing this. And he’s like, oh, I have
got the perfect design for the Joker. COREY HARRISON: So Billy Gibbons
from ZZ Top designed this? JOHN BOLIN: He did. COREY HARRISON:
That’s awesome, man. I brought an amp out. I’m kind of curious to
hear the Joker laugh. [joker laughs menacingly] JOHN BOLIN: It’s a
seven-second loop, so you– [joker laughs again] COREY HARRISON: OK,
that’s pretty cool. So, I mean, you’re
the guy to ask. Are they legit? JOHN BOLIN: Oh yeah, absolutely. COREY HARRISON: OK. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I think my fingernail marks
are on there somewhere. COREY HARRISON: OK. I really appreciate
you coming down. Thank you very much.
– You’re welcome. Thank you.
TERRY: Thank you, sir. Terry, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, Corey. COREY HARRISON: So,
you wanted $15,000. Bad news is I can’t
have John Bolin give me the price of the
guitars because he built him. And I’m sure to him
they’re priceless. TERRY: OK. COREY HARRISON: So I did talk
to my buddy on the phone. And he told me that
they’d probably retail for about $7,500 for the pair. We’re so far off– I mean, you went $15,000. I mean, I’ll go $7,500 for them. TERRY: I know a Batman sold
for $7,500 by itself once. I definitely would not
sell them for $7,500. Yeah. And that’s going to
be the most I can pay. But I really appreciate it, man. It was fun. Yeah, it was. Thanks so much. COREY HARRISON: If
you hurry up, you might be able to catch him
and get him to sign them for you out there if you want.
– Thank you. COREY HARRISON: Take care. TERRY: There’s no way
I can take $7,500. I’ve seen one alone
sell for $7,500. I’m going to hop in the
Batmobile and head out of here.

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