Pawn Stars: Chum’s Big Profit on Thrifter Items (Season 16) | History

CHUMLEE: It’s always interesting
to see what you’re going to bring in. Heck, yeah. CHUMLEE: This is
pretty cool, man. Where’d you get this? JASON: So Margie died. And I was at her estate sale, so
I bought a bunch of her stuff. She was some type of stewardess
back during the Vietnam era. What makes you think
it’s from Vietnam? JASON: The patches. I looked up the
patches, and they go with different squadrons. Black Sabbath. Rock and roll! CHUMLEE: That’s right. JASON: So these are
early Black Sabbath, when they were on the Vertigo label. That one’s got the
original poster in it. It’s almost impossible to
find it with the poster. That tear right there is
going to affect the value. But definitely
really cool, though. I mean, I’ve seen this
album hundreds of times. I’ve never seen
the poster in it. What do you want for that? $800 for the pair. I’d like to be
in them at $250. Each? Together. Oh, no. That’s way too low. If you could do
$350 for the pair? This is me taking a risk. $300? I’ll meet you in the middle. [chuckles] All right. CHUM: How much did
you want for this? JASON: I was thinking $400. $140. JASON: [chuckles] That’s the best I can do. All right. And I’m only
buying it because– I’ll do $140. I like you, and I want you
to keep bringing stuff in. RICK HARRISON: Chum. CHUMLEE: Yeah? What is this? CHUMLEE: This right here, that’s
going to be the big moneymaker. It don’t look like
any airline I ever seen. Why didn’t you call, like, MHP? Because he runs an
aviation museum. CHUMLEE: I made an
executive decision. I’m guessing that Snoopy patch
alone is worth some money. How much you pay for it? $140. And I got a feeling
it’s worth a lot more. RICK HARRISON: Maybe. CHUM: I bought these for $300. The records? Yeah. OK. I mean, Black Sabbath is cool
and everything, but like, you’re definitely
not an album expert. Jason knows a lot
about this stuff. You don’t take
advice from an item from the person
selling it to you. I always do get off his stuff. Jason is the man. No, no, you don’t always
do good off the stuff. Yes, Jason’s the man. He brings me good stuff. We’ve got a relationship going.
– No, no, no. He doesn’t care about you. He cares about our money. He cares about me. Even though I don’t need
an expert’s opinion, I’m going to have
my man Clint look at these Black Sabbath records. Let him tell me I got a
couple hits on my hand. CLINT: Everything
does look correct. Like, you have a
first press here. Which is pretty
impressive, because you don’t see these every day. Anything on the Vertigo
label is highly collectible, and just something– most
record collectors just drool over any Vertigo stuff. Wipe your chin. I know, man. I know. All right, well,
let’s move on to this. CLINT: This is a first pressing. There’s one other thing. I hope it’s in here. The picture? Ah, you know about the poster. I only know about it
because it is in there. Oh, yeah. Somebody had hung
it on their wall. CHUMLEE: Yeah. It looks like it
was taped, and– CLINT: Yeah, there’s
some tag marks and stuff. But at least you still have it. So yeah, you’re
pretty fortunate. Individually, five on
“Master of Reality” and seven on the self-titled. As a whole, you’d be
looking at $1,200. Whoa. After hitting it big
with these records, I’ve got one more stop on
the proving Rick wrong tour, and I can’t wait for the
sweet, sweet taste of victory. So I think it’s a
stewardess dress. It looks like it would
have been a stewardess dress, but it’s not. One of the things that you would
never see on a stewardess dress is patches that don’t
relate to an airline. CHUMLEE: Well, that’s not
good, because I thought these patches were really cool. That’s one of the
reasons I bought it. Well, they are. The patches are really
nice, because the patches are Vietnam era. This 100 Mission
patch, that would have been used by
someone who had done 100 missions over North Vietnam. She had a Phanton II patch,
which is a fighter plane that was used a lot in Vietnam. Snoopy at the time
was hugely popular. The fact that he
was always going after the Red Baron,
so a lot of pilots used him as a pilot image. And this is the Thai flag. Very typical patches that were
made in Thailand at the time. I think you have a very
interesting piece that does have a lot of
value, but the value is in the patches that are on it. [huge yawn] Really? Why are you grumpy? CHUMLEE: Neither one of you are
going to be grumpy after you found out what your boy did. RICK HARRISON: What did you do? CHUMLEE: Made you some money. Black Sabbath albums. I paid $300 for the pair.
$500 for “Master of Reality,” $700 for the Black
Sabbath self-titled. Not good at math, but
I think that’s $1,200. You did a good job, Chum. Can I get a pat on the back? No, I’m not going
to go that far. Just a little pat on the back. Just a little one. Feels good. Why can’t you
be more like Chum? Oh, I can be like Chum. I can be like Chum all
day long if you want.

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