Pawn Stars: CHUM PROFITS on Ancient Chinese Fingerguard (Season 13) | History

CHUMLEE: How can I help you? I have an antique
Chinese fingernail guard. Oh. You’re going to poke
someone’s eye out. Be careful. You better be nice. Let me see here. It doesn’t really fit me, but– but what better way to
let them know how high class you are by a– It’s your style. –not so tacky long
silver fingernail. [LAUGHS] Oh. This is pretty cool. You don’t know, like, where
it’s from or anything? It’s from China. And I think that it’s
the Manchurian era. Yeah. It does go all the
way back to there. And this is exactly what
the women would have worn who were, you know,
high class and they wanted everyone to know. Yeah. This is silver.
You know? So– It’s beautiful. Yes. They wore these to show they
didn’t have to do manual labor, to show that they had servants. And I guess the longer your nail
was, the more servants you had, and the less manual
labor you had to do. So I don’t even
think this lady had to get her own glass of water. Probably not. [LAUGHS] Fingernail guards
were worn to protect the long fingernails of the
elite during the Qing dynasty. This is a pretty amazing
artifact from the time period. And I definitely
want to make a deal. Plus, maybe I can get
some use out of it and convince Rick I
shouldn’t have to work. I wouldn’t want to break a nail. What were you trying
to do with it? I’d like to sell it. How much are you
looking to get for it? I would like to get $250 for it. Would you go 100 bucks on it? No. I don’t think I could
go $100 on that. That’s– – This–
– I mean, it’s beautiful. Look at all the
workmanship on it. It is. Would you go to $200 on it? Would you go $240 on it? You know what? I think I’ll buy it from you. Just hopefully my boss
will be proud of me. OK.
Good deal. All right. Let’s go write it up. OK. Great. I’m happy with the
deal that I got for the antique fingernail guard. I started at $250. So I’m very happy with the
$240 that we agreed on. Yo. Check this out. What is that? What do you
mean, what is this? It’s a finger guard. Is it for picking
your nose or something? [LAUGHS] No. Rich ladies wear them so
that they don’t have to do any work around the house. So I was thinking about
wearing it so I don’t have to do any work around here. [MUSIC PLAYING] Where is it from? It’s from China. It’s for ancient
empresses in China. How can you tell that? Because I know it. I’ve seen them before in a book. Now I know you’re lying. Well, on the internet. Same thing. How do you know it
wasn’t made yesterday? When you’ve been around as
long as me, you just know. How much did you
spend on it again? $240. [MUSIC PLAYING] So since you didn’t ask
me before you bought it, I’m sure you called Phineas. Why would I call Phineas? Did he even ask you about it? This is the first
I’m hearing of it. Corey don’t know
anything about this. Neither do you. That’s why you should’ve
called Phineas. I know I made a
good deal on it. That’s for sure. Stop waving it around. It’s really creepy. Will you go call Phineas
and tell him just to come by and take a look at it? Hmm. I guess I can. [INAUDIBLE] that’s broken. Yeah. Is that Phineas? Hey, how you doing Chumlee? Woo! What’s up, man? Wow. That’s quite a
fingernail you got. Check it out. Wow. This is amazing. I told you. Rick thinks I messed up. Well, you know, I find
this very interesting, because it comes from a
period in China’s history. Boom. China! And this was worn
by people in the court who absolutely did not want to
lift a finger to do anything. So can you imagine? This is just one finger. That’s what I said to him. Sorry to cut you off, Phineas. They had one of these
for every single finger. You– it’s rare that
this is in silver. Silver was, you know,
almost more precious than gold, which would
make me feel this could be a very special one– probably a very, very
high-ranking court official, maybe [INAUDIBLE] herself. Boom. Score for Chum. Really amazing. Amazing. Don’t leave me hanging. It’s pretty. I mean, I just don’t
know what it’s worth. Well, I’ll tell you. Did you get a good price? $240. $240. Well, I’m going to
say probably bidding in the right kind of auction
house, it could go to $750. $750! That’s $500 profit! Just admit that I
know what I’m doing. I’m going to leave you two with
this piece to nerd out on it. I got–
– Hey, you know something? –work to do. You did pretty
darn good, my friend. Thank you, sir. I’m proud of you. At least someone
is around here. You go put that away. [MUSIC PLAYING] I don’t think he’s going
to be doing much work in that condition, Rick. Thank you. I’m worried. [MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHS] I don’t
know how you do it. Everyone’s got their burden.

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