Pauly D’s BEST Moments ‘Jersey Shore’ History! | MTV (Supercut) | #TBT

– Holy (beep).
– She wants to do it, so you have to. – Yeah, let’s do it.
– Nah, I’m good. – Blonde chick, she wants to go
on the real scary ride that I love.
See ya! (screaming)
Hell yeah. (laughing)
Whoo! Yeah! I go on the ride
and I come down. That was crazy. Thanks, my man.
Are you kidding me? I couldn’t even believe it.
I thought I was seeing things. – When are you going home?
– A little while. – Oh my God! That’s (beep) crazy.
– Oh, wow! – Do you understand
what I’m saying? Yo, Pauly D has
a little situation on his hands. She’s definitely
a stage five clinger. – Go home.
– I am in a few minutes. – In my head I’m like, go home. I didn’t even wanna deal
with it anymore. – Shut up. I’ll call you when I get home.
Like I told you. Now, this is the third time
I told this girl I’ll call you when I get home. I really don’t know what
I’m gonna do with this girl. – I seen her stalking us.
– Yeah, the whole time, man. It’s crazy, like I’ll call you
when I get home! – What’s gonna happen? – These girls were so nervous
about Danielle. We end up just saying
goodbye to these chicks, I got their number. We’re gonna end up
chilling with those girls later. They were fun to hang out with. (duck phone rings) – This is them, watch,
they’re not coming. – No, no, no, no,
that’s Danielle. – I’m not even answering it.
– Yeah, do not even answer it. – But, what if it’s them?
– Answer it. Just be like… Say you’re Mike. – I’m Mike?
– Hello? – Hi, can I speak
to Pauly please, Mike? – Yo, Mike’s not here. (muffled laughter) – Hello?
– Yo, yeah hello? – Yeah, who’s this? Vinny? – Nah, it’s Mike. – Mike, can I speak
to Pauly please? – Uh, he’s not here right now. He went to the boardwalk,
he went to the boardwalk. Mike’s impression goes
a little something like this. Yo, what up my main? Yo, the house is cool and you
know, everything is copacetic and I’m just going
with the flow and (beep). Yo, who this? – Alright, yo Jenny! Yo, you know
when Pauly’s coming back? – Yo, Danielle, you want me
to take a message? – No, I’m good. – You sure, you sure?
– Yeah, it’s all good, bye. – Alright, bye bye. Alright kid,
so I’ll talk to you later. Peace.
(laughing) I told you I would call you,
I will call you. But no, she can’t.
So, I’m not gonna call her and then I’m gonna wait for her
to call me again, because I know she will,
and then I’ll tell her the deal. I can’t have that,
she’s to crazy. (duck phone rings) – Take the phone off the hook.
(duck phone continues to ring) – Hello?
– Yes. – Yeah. (chuckles)
Yo, you wanna take the call? – Who is it?
– Danielle. – (gasps) Yes, yes, yes. – Yo, let me get some popcorn,
hold on. – This Danielle chick
is making me crazy. I just met the girl and she
already stalked my whole life. What’s up? – I don’t know what’s wrong
with you, seriously, but if there’s one thing
you should know about me, I don’t like to be played. – You don’t like to be played?
Okay. – I feel stupid.
– Okay. – Is it my turn to talk yet?
– Wait. – Okay. – To (beep) do what you did
yesterday is (beep) up. – Okay. My turn now? – If you’re not gonna call then
don’t say your gonna call. It’s just disrespect because
I saw you with somebody else. – Is it my turn yet?
– Wait! – Okay.
– I’m not stupid. – Okay. – If you’re that guy then
we don’t need this. Just go do your thing,
go with all the little girls. Do whatever you need to do
and that’s it. Now it’s your turn. – Okay. So, you stalked
my whole life on the boardwalk. – I didn’t stalk you!
– Then when I got home, I had every intention
of calling you, but you had already called and
you said you wasn’t gonna call. So, you stalked my whole life
on the boardwalk. It’s my turn to talk,
it’s my turn to talk. You stalked my whole
entire life, right? I don’t like that. I do nothing wrong
and you know how I feel. I’m talking now.
You know how I felt about you, you just have
no trust whatsoever, so you thought I was creeping
with those chicks, which I wasn’t. I went on one ride,
God bless me, in (beep) summer. Yes, I was upstairs
on the balcony with three chicks and three dudes.
Did I do anything? No. All we did was have
a conversation, that’s it. All those girls have boyfriends. If you weren’t
such a (beep) stalker I would’ve called you
when I got home. – I am not a stalker.
– Yes you are, it’s crazy. I can’t deal with that. – I’m not a stalker,
I’m not crazy. I don’t wanna look stupid.
– You don’t wanna look stupid? Don’t you think
that makes you look stupid? You’re like, I’m not calling
and you called 100 times. – I didn’t call 100 times.
– How many times did you call? We took the phone off
the hook last night. All I wanted to do was call you
when I got home so we could hang out.
You wouldn’t let that happen. You were so worried about
how you were gonna look because people see me
walking with three girls. Oh my God,
I don’t wanna look stupid. Well, now look
how stupid you look. (laughing) – Yeah Pauly! – Danielle is definitely out
of the picture now, I think she got the point.
I mean, I hung up on her. Danielle is not looking
for a hookup, she’s looking for a husband
and I’m not ready for that. I’m done. (laughing) She’ll come over here
with a shotgun. – Unfortunately, we’re gonna
be working this summer down in Miami
at the gelato shop. – Gelato smoothie.
– This is it. At least it has AC, man. – Hi guys, how are you doing?
– How you doing? – How are you doing today?
– Good. My name is Lorenzo. – We meet the boss,
seems like a nice guy. He seems stern but not really
too much of an (beep), so that’s always a plus. – I’m gonna tell you
to work my shop. I’m gonna teach you
how to make the ice cream. You are to wear a hat. Sorry, I don’t know
if you have to cut your hair. I don’t know
how you do the interview. – My boss seems to think that
my hair is gonna fall off and go into the ice cream.
This hair ain’t moving, my dude. 150 miles an hour on the highway
on a street bike, doesn’t move. What makes you think it’s gonna
move in a gelato shop? – T-shirt time?
– 12:10 is t-shirt time. – It is 12:10.
– [Both Singing] It’s t-shirt time! – It’s time!
– It’s t-shirt time. – Everybody knows it’s
t-shirt time. – So annoying. – T-shirt time!
– It’s t-shirt time! – Oh my God, shut up now! – I’m just trynna let everybody
know so they put their t-shirts on.
– Cab’s here! – Don’t freak me out.
– Ah! Stop! – Every single thing
that Snookie eats is living at one point. So, it just makes me laugh
that she’s not gonna eat lobster because it’s living.
It doesn’t make any sense. – Let’s save them. – Put elastic bands around
my claws, man! – Where are we gonna put them? – Me an Jenny decided to save
one of the lobsters. So, Jenny gets a bowl of water,
she brings it into the room, we’ll keep it as a pet
and we’ll feed it and save it. – I’m not sure what lobsters eat but I think they eat insects
or something. So, I was gonna
feed them like worms? – You grab one side,
I grab the other. (girls screaming)
(laughing) – Oh no, it’s upside down!
– He’s gonna drown! – They live in water.
– What the hell did you do? – We’re trying to save it!
– You’re not gonna save it, boo. – It goes in salt
water you idiot. – Aw, take him out! – Take him out!
– Something that lives in salt water,
you put it in fresh water, it’s gonna kill it faster
than we were gonna kill it. – We wanna name him Charlie. – Well, Charlie’s dead!
– Stop it! – Charlie’s dead!
Charlie’s freaking dead now! – Wah, we tried. (boys cheering) – That air boat is serious.
The propellers are huge. I mean, that’ll work better
than my hair dryer. Maybe instead of 25 minutes
to do my hair, it’ll only take me 10. – There’s an aligator
right in front of you. – Where? – [Boys] Oh! – (beep).
– Ah! – What’s up, bro!
– Yo, that right now, he’s in attack mode. (growling) – Ah! This (beep) ain’t playing.
Whatever it is, I’ll change. (laughing) – Oh, (beep). – What are you looking
at me for? (all scream)
Drive the boat! – Yo, start this thing up,
my dude. – (beep) no! – I’m getting out on
this side, bro. – I’m gonna take a shower
real quick. Showered.
(laughing) – I’ve got the fresh
to death kicks on. – Me too. – I’ve got some jeans on
and I got the shirt, but I ain’t wearing the shirt
when we go out. This is the shirt
before the shirt. – Yeah.
– Vinny knows the deal. We even got Vinny on this. Vinny is even on the shirt
before the shirt. We have an abundance
of wife beater. They’re a white
or black tank tops and we wear them
before we go out. – It’s t-shirt time Pauly.
– You sure? – We sit on the couch
with our tank top until it’s t-shirt time. – T-shirt time! – Right before we go out,
we take off the tank and then we put
on our fresh shirt. Snooks.
Purple or yellow? Purple? – Purple.
– Yeah, I’m angry at you that you didn’t
tell me that so, bye. – Well that’s kind of
a big deal, hello. – I don’t know, (beep) yourself. – I don’t want somebody
who was engaged or married. I want somebody new and fresh. – Snooks if you can’t find
a new guy tonight at Carmen, you can have me.
(duck phone ringing) – Don’t answer that phone call,
he’s annoying. – Thank you for calling
the Jersey Shore Store. We are unable to come
to the phone at this time, but if you leave
your name, number, and a brief message
after the tone, we’ll get back to you
as soon as we can. Thank you, bye. – Hey Nichole, it’s Jeff. Look, I don’t know why
you’re getting all pissed at me. We were fine all day.
I’m really sorry, I apologize. – For Snookie, press one.
For Jenny, press two. For Deena, press four. Dude pressed two, you could tell
he wanted to talk to Snooki. Idiot.
That guy’s a moron. The Jersey Shore customer you
are trying to reach, Deena, can not come to the phone
at this time. But leave a name, number,
and a brief message at the tone, her ass will get back to you,
goodbye. That was dope, yo! – So funny.
(laughing) (duck phone rings) – Yeah, Three Brothers Pizza. – I’d like an apology pizza
delivered to Nichole. – You can deliver it
to Nichole yourself. – I can’t believe
homeboy got attached. – Really attached. – Snooks, do you wanna
talk to him? – What freaking ever, jackoff. – She don’t wanna talk to you
right now, bro. She’s a good girl
and you did her dirty, dog. You better send roses
to the house, you feel me? Roses, dog, with pickles!
Fried pickles! (laughing) – I’m pissed at (beep)
Vinny and Pauly because they didn’t tell me. – Don’t be mad at me. – No, I’m pissed
at you right now. – Why?
– I’m pissed at you and Pauly. – Why? – Because you knew it before
I left and you couldn’t tell me. To the point where me and Deena
are in the back seat freaking out, like where
the (beep) were we going. And the cab wouldn’t tell us. – It wasn’t my prank. – I figured you and Pauly
would tell me and you didn’t. – It wasn’t my prank. – To the point where I was about
to call my dad and say, pick me up in the city
because I’m going home. – It wasn’t my idea
and I had nothing to do with it. – Then I appreciate
if you’d just tell me. That’s not funny. – I don’t wanna be put
in that position where I have to snitch
on somebody. I just stay out of it,
it’s not my business. It was his prank,
I didn’t do anything. If you wanna be mad at me you
can, but there’s no reason to. – I just heard that you guys
are mad at me, but I didn’t do anything.
(laughing) – Pauly. – So, I’m mad at you for being
mad at me for no reason! So, try and talk to me, I’m mad.
I’m pissed. (laughing)
I wanna know, when did you realize you weren’t
going to drinks? At what point? – I thought you guys
were gonna realize. – Really? Me and (beep) Deena?
Really? (laughing) – Hail a taxi is arrivato.
– That’s what you gotta say. Here is que.
Taxi arrivato, they arrived. – That means they arrived
but you don’t say that. You don’t go, cabs have arrived! So, in America,
Pauly’s like cabs are here. In Italy, Paul will be like,
taxi son a que! – Taxi son a que!
– Taxi son a que, taxi son a que. – Taxi son a que!
Son a que, son a que, son a que. – Ready, let’s go, let’s go.
– Taxi son a que. – Son a que.
– If she got a basket on her bicycle,
she’s too young for you man. (laughing) – If she still has the parental
controls on her TV in her bedroom,
she’s too young for you, bro! – If she only owns Snow White
on DVD, she’s too young for you, man. – Yo, if his keds
still light up, he’s to young for you, bro. (laughing) – Deener!
– You wanna wash it then? – Alright, I can wash it
in the tub. – In the sink, in the tub?
The tub works. – Come on. – Yay! I’ll wash it and then
I’ll shampoo it. – Do you have shampoo? – Really?
– I’m special. – My hair’s sacred,
it’s like my sacred crown. It means a lot to me. To even let Deena touch it,
I’m nervous. Do your thing girl,
whatever you want. – We’ll start off with this,
I guess. Trying to figure out, do I wanna
put that part up with it? Like that. – Oh my God. (laughing)
– Woo! – We gotta take
a picture of that. I look like Rodger.
– It’s cool, I like it. – Hold on, let me put
on my sunglasses. – I think it looks hot! – I got a big faux hawk.
(laughing) – Pauly looks hot
with his new hairstyle. I’d totally (beep) bang him. – Yo, I look like them guidos
on TV that be trying too hard. – I’m your new roommate, Joey D. – Oh (beep).
– Hoo-Yow! Joey D taking over Italy.
Pauly D’s a clown. Yeah Buddy! – Joey, dress me like a guido. – You gotta put
a track jacket on. (laughing) – We are dressing like
ultimate guidos right now. No one knows more about
guido tool bags than us. – Yeah, use a head band.
(laughing) Yup, you look like a guido bro. – The boys keep talking about
these track suit costumes and I’m just like,
that’s not a costume. – Wait, hold up. – That’s their normal clothes. – You got your chapstick, bro?
(laughing) – Yo, do I got
enough chapstick on, Louie? – Dude, do I have enough
chapstick on, Tony? – Need a lot of chapstick, bro.
(laughing) – Yo, oh (beep)! Louie, Louie, Louie,
you’re gonna get all the girls. I’m gonna (beep) fist bump
until my (beep) arm falls off. Fist bump like this, Louie. – Yo, you in guito
overload, bro. – Oh, you hit me
in the eye Louie! How many (beep) times do
I gotta tell you? Don’t fist pump
next to my eye. (beep)!
(laughing) FPC! (laughing) – [Both]
Fist pumps, push-ups, chapstick. Fist pumps, push-ups, chapstick. – All we need is FPC. Fist pump, push-up, chapstick.
– [Both] Fist pump, push-up, chapstick,
fist pump, push-up, chapstick! – FPC is a way of life,
I’m a guido for life! This is not a good time. Ow! Ah!
(laughing) I got no tan in Italy,
so I got a little excited. I went tanning in Jersey,
went tanning, went tanning, went tanning, went tanning.
I burnt my whole face off. Ah, it feels good
on the air conditioning. This is the best. What the hell
am I supposed to do? Yo, somebody help me!
I burnt my face off. – What’d you do? Tanning?
– Oh, you peeled it. – So, it peeled, and then
I exfoliated it and then burnt the part
that I peeled. Pauly D problems. – I never thought in my wildest
dreams that I would tell anybody in this house to stop tanning.
Does it hurt? – I can’t move my face.
– Oh my God! That’s when you know the world
is coming to an end. – You need cocoa butter.
– No more tanning. – Our GTL endurance is not up.
It’s probably what it is. – I shocked the system, bro. – Yeah. – This really is
white boy problems. It’s my last day here
and everybody’s sleeping so I gotta do my thing
and wake this house up! Oh, yeah! Wake up, yeah!
Oh, yeah! Wake up, yeah! Oh, yeah! Wake up, yeah!
Oh, yeah! Wake up, yeah! (loud beeping)
It’s our last day. – One thing I will never miss
in this house is waking up to Pauly’s oh yeah,
wake up, yeah (beep). (pounding on door) – Are you decent? Oh, yeah.
Yeah! Yes!
It’s the last day, bro. (loud beeping) I’ll leave this one here.
Wake up, yeah! – I wanna shower so bad. – This is it,
don’t get scared now. – This is what warriors are made
of right here. This is the life, bro. I wonder
what the poor people are doing. (laughing) – Oh hey guys, how was camping?
– What is this? So, I walk in and I’m like,
oh my God, they just threw us a tiki party.
Cool! See, look! – How fun!
– Three…two…one… And cue the scream. – What the (beep)! But then, I walk into my room
and there’s nothing. There’s no bed, there’s no
furniture and I’m like, really? Where the (beep)
is my (beep)? – What?
– What? – What are you guys
talking about? – What are you guys
talking about? – Oh my God. – What the (beep).
– Hey guys. – How was camping?
– Jenny’s like, speechless. The look on her face
is priceless and the same thing with Mike. Mike looks even dumber
than he normally looks. – Where’s my room?
– What is going on right now? – What are you guys
talking about? – The robbers came in. – I am freaking out right now.
Did we get robbed? It’s like, what happened,
where’s my (beep)? – What the hell?
Where are we gonna sleep? – Hey Ron, how was camping? – Where’s my room? – I don’t know,
this is the top deck. – Pauly!
– We’re outside. Go inside and check it out. – Oh my God.
– Where’s my room? – What the hell!
– Our living room is outside. – Oh my God!
– What the (beep)! – We go to the top deck and
there’s all of our beds, and dressers, and stuffed toys,
and stiletto shoes. I’m just like, bastards.
You must be kidding me? – Ah, just bask in it, bro.
I am more than happy with the way operation
inside out turns out because this prank
ends prank wars. There’s now way
that they could beat us. We are prank war champions. – Victory. (laughing)
– That’s all they got? (laughing) – Look at our living room.
This is kind of cool though. – Right? Come bask in it girls!
– (beep) this, guy. I don’t like my stuff being
moved around. It’s not cool. – He’s pissed. So, everybody’s
okay with this prank. Even Ronnie like yo,
this is the best prank ever. But Mike really hates it.
He’s in a mood, he’s pissed, he’s being
a little bitch right now. – This just really, really,
really pisses me off. – Hey, you guys better
get your stuff. It’s gonna pour out. – Huh?
– It’s gonna start raining soon. – Really?
– Yeah, within like, 20 minutes. – Oh my God, my bed! – It looks like it’s gonna be
a big storm so I grab all my shit
and I carried it to my room. Mike on the other hand,
is being stubborn and crying. – Might wanna get your stuff.
– Nah, I’m leaving it there. – It’s gonna rain.
– I didn’t bring my stuff outside
and I’m not bringing it in. Too bad when it rains
in about 10 minutes all the (beep) gonna be ruined. – Nah, we got a tarp. – People are bringing
their stuff down, we’re putting tarps over the
stuff we’re not moving right now and Mike’s just leaving
his stuff there to get ruined. It makes me feel sad that
we don’t have everybody here. We’re on vacation, it’s Miami.
I wanna be happy. So, I have a surprise
for the house and I can’t wait
to break it out. – Wait, he has a dead body.
– What the (beep) is that? – What’s happening?
– Is there someone in there? – Pauly what is that?
What is that? – Wait, wait, wait, wait. – Is that Angelina? – That is so scary,
that is so scary. – Pualy, what is it you weirdo?
– Is it a Christmas tree? – I feel like that’s a head.
(screaming) (laughing) – What the (beep) is that?
– Go take a look at this buddy. (screaming) – What the (beep) is that? There’s a (beep)
dead body in there, we’re already criminals,
that’s great. What is that? – Oh, hey Sam.
– Holy (beep) – Oh my… – Listen, listen,
listen, listen. – If you’re not a guido
then you can get the (beep) out of my face.
(laughing) – That’s a riot! – Wait, wait, if I have sex
with her is that still cheating? – Yes. (laughing)
– Guys! – Yo! Come here, I got you babe.
I missed you! – Oh my God. – She’s heavy dude.
– Ron, stop! Ron, stop. – I’m just carrying her
like we do. – Oh, that’s (beep) up.
– Oh my God. – Listen.
– Ron, stop! – I can’t.
Why is this happening? – She knew
this was gonna happen. – Really, she said she’s
in a happy place. – Yo guys,
did you read the shirt? – I’m in a really good place!
(laughing) – Oh my God!
(laughing) I hate you all. I get Pauly wanted
to bring this new Sammy in like, oh, Sammy’s with us
and this is great and the entire family’s here.
But come on, bitch. This thing is (beep) weird,
it’s gross, it looks like a dead body,
get that (beep) away from me. – I’m the sweetest bitch
you’ll ever meet. (laughing) – Salute. – Salute.
– Great job, Vin. – Yeah.
– Chop those up, chop up avocado, and put some goat cheese,
onions, and oil. So good. (phone ringing) – Yo, we’re all good now,
it’s all good. Come through. – Alright, alright. – At home it would be like
having steak and vegetables. – Girls missed a banging meal. – Do we know what time
the girls are coming in? – They said their flight was
delayed, they’ll be here soon. – It’s a three hour flight.
Anybody need anything? – The Staten Island Ferry
is about to dock. I’m excited, no I’m not.
(knocking) – Who’s that knocking?
(knocking) – Get that bro, please.
– Maybe it’s the girls? – Oh, it’s probably the girls, bro they need help
with their luggage. – Oh my God, I’m nervous.
– Me too. – Oh, yeah? You think
I’m a dirty little hamster? – Oh, shit. – Prank war champion for life.
– Yo, who sent you? (laughing)
(knocking) – Get that bro, please?
– Maybe it’s the girls? – Oh (beep), it’s probably
the girls, bro. They need help
with their luggage. – Oh my God, I’m nervous.
– Me too. – You got your popcorn
for this show? – I got my popcorn,
you got your popcorn? – I got my popcorn.
– I got candy and a soda. – Oh yeah? You think
I’m a dirty little hamster? – What the (beep).
– Get out of my face. – Yo, shut your mouth
you dirty little hamster. Oh (beep), this is the ghost
of dirty little hamsters past. Yo, who sent you, yo?
(laughing) – Mike saw a ghost
when he answered the door. – Dirty little hamster. – I’ve never seen Mike so pale
in my life. – Y’all did this? – Mic dropped. – You still think I’m a dirty
little hamster? – No, not at all? – I didn’t even know
you were alive. – [Boys] Oh!
– (beep) you! Oh my God. – Um hello?
– Damn, you’re (beep) tan Ron. – Thank you.
– Okay, all I have to say is what in dirty little hamster
is happening here? – I could also call you Popeye
on crack if I wanted to. – [Boys] Oh! – Let’s get past this.
– Alright. – Let’s get past this. – I mean, it’s been
eight (beep) years. – It’s eight years later.
– How are you? – Eight years later,
how are you? – Told you he’s nice now. – Come down and (beep).
– Don’t (beep) with me or else I’m gonna cut your hair
when you’re sleeping. – Whoo! Damn.
– Where’s the girls at? Where are they? – They’re visiting family
and they’ll be here soon. – I think the girls are gonna be
crazy, crazy freaked out. They weren’t expecting this. – But, they don’t know
you’re coming here either. – Oh, no. These girls, they hated me.
Who knows what they’re gonna do. But at the end of the day, this is the chance to redeem
myself with these people. – Alright.
– Are you engaged now? – Yes I am.
– Congrats. – For the third time.
– Third time? – Third time?
– Third time’s the charm. Is this one gonna last? – Yeah, he’s a sanitation worker
for New York so it’s good, you know.
– Full circle, full circle. It is so ironic and hilarious
that Angelina is engaged to somebody
in the sanitation department. She’s gonna have free luggage
for life. Aka, garbage bags. – Oh my God. – Wow, you guys really
got me, bro. I had no (beep) idea. – He’s still in shock right now.
– Pauly! Dude, this is one of the
craziest pranks I’ve ever seen. – He usually doesn’t talk
at the table when there’s food
in front of him. He’s the most
talkative ever now. – Can I ask, why did you
block me on Twitter? – I blocked you because
there was an article on one of the tabloids
that said something like, Angelina says
she slept with Mike ‘the Situation’
and he’s got a small piece. – I never said
that I slept with you. – We hooked up, but we never
slept with each other. – Exactly. – But you did say he had
a small (beep). – I said that, yeah.
– [All] Oh! – 100% I said it about you. I never said I slept with you
but I said you had…yeah. – Yeah, that’s fine.
I was like listen, that (beep) that we have hooked up
in the past but she never saw my (beep)
you know what I mean? Therefore,
I didn’t like the fact that she was making (beep) up, but I understand
you were pissed. – Mike is getting so defensive that Angelia is saying
he has a small penis. – Now, if you said
I had a small piece but you’ve never seen it, how could you make
such a judgment call? – This is a small issue, like it’s a tiny,
tiny, tiny problem. – I didn’t say that I hooked up
with you and had sex with you. – Okay, fine, fine, fine, fine.
– It’s minuscule. – You were just slandering
my good name. – Oh, your great name
that you had. – Yo, stay out of this. – It’s so small that
you can’t even see it. Wait, how big is it?
No, I’m kidding. (laughing) – Prove it, let’s see. – Listen, I’ll accept
your apology. – He’s like, I’ll accept your
apology if you wanna give one. – I’m sorry for saying
you had a small (beep). – Okay, thank you. And I’m sorry for being immature
and fat shaming you when we were in our 20’s. – Thank you.
– Never did I ever think that Angelina and Mike
would ever be sitting down at the same table
apologizing to each other. I feel like I’m in
the twilight zone right now. – I’m happy that you changed
and I changed because you really
kinda made me…it was bad. – Yeah, no,
but at the same time… – You gotta admit,
I was a dick to you. – You were. – And you were
a real dick to me. – Yes, yes, 1000%. – I honestly, where is Mike
and what have you done with him? Because this is not the Mike
that I remember. Holy (beep).

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