Paul Anderson’s 402 Pound Overhead Press: The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History

[music playing] We’re going to
try to replicate Paul Anderson’s record-breaking
402 pound overhead press. Paul lifted it from
the deck to his chest, and then pressed it overhead. But that takes a good couple
of months of training, and we haven’t
had that training. Paul Anderson cleaned
and pressed 402 pounds. What we’re going
to do is similar, but we’re going to do
it strongman style. I’m going to start warming up. We took out the
cleans, and we’re going to attempt the press itself. Because that’s actually what
Paul Anderson is known for. So it’s from the
shoulders to overhead. – Yeah.
– Aye. Well, look, since
we’ve got the set up– we’ve got 155 pounds on the bar,
this is a nice warm up weight. Why don’t we get an
average person to do this? Cameraman. Come on, buddy.
Get in here. Average Ian. You’re an average guy. Let’s get you on this.
– Ian! – Here he is!
– Come on, buddy. Here he is. Before every challenge,
we call in the average man just to show you exactly
how strong you have to be to do these feats of strength. I feel like I’m going to
like, just keel over backwards. No, it’s fine. If you do, don’t worry. I got my phone, I’ll
call 9-1-1 for you. Oh, thanks. Appreciate that. And I’ve got my phone,
I’ll take a video. Oh, good. [chuckling] All right. Come on! You knocked my hat off. Jeez. Right, three– Three, two– – One.
– One. Go. [groaning] [laughter] It’s heavy. And it’s how much I weigh,
so good luck, good luck. Cheers, Ian. Cheers. Four more. 310. Five on each side. All right guys, we
got the bar loaded. The bar is 45 pounds. These two big red
plates are 55 pounds. The two greens are 25s. We have a black 10. And then on the outside
here, we have a blue 5. And then the collars
on the outside are actually 5.5
pounds, which gives us a total of 406 pounds even. So we’re taking the record
up by 3 and 1/2 pounds. So this is a good weight here. It’s going to be fun. I think we can make it happen. Let’s get it. [grunting] Get up. Shoulders are my specialty. Let’s go. [grunting] I’ve got the strongest
shoulders in America. And doing the overhead
press, following after one of my heroes– I’m really excited about this. [grunting] Come on, Robby! (SCREAMING) Get up! [grunting] Good. Come on. Big press. Up! [cheering] Yeah! Nice! [applause] (SCREAMING) Yes! [applause] I felt really good
about the press. It was a little
emotional for me. Thanks, guys. Thank you. When I saw Paula and I saw
the statue, I had goosebumps. It was one of the greatest
moments of my strongman career. Come on, Ed. I’ve lifted 476
pounds above my head. And that’s the
current world record in strongman to putting a
weight above your head straight. Come on, Ed. The problem here
is I haven’t lifted anything above 300 pounds
over my head in the last year. [grunting] Come on, come on, come on. And then we get to this
lift and it’s 400 pounds. (YELLING) Let’s go, Ed! Then I’ll be honest, I don’t
know if I can do this thing. Easy up, easy up. And then I looked around, I
looked at the Anderson family, and I saw their faces waiting
in anticipation for me to do that lift. (YELLING) Come on, you got it! You got it! [screaming] (SCREAMING) Boom! [cheering] Whoa. Good job, man! To have Paul’s family
there watching on, I felt as though
that I couldn’t fail. So I had to get
really psyched up. I got really angry. [roaring] And I channeled all my energy
into getting that lift done. And I’m so glad I did, and I’m
glad I paid my respect to Paul. [growling] Let’s go, Brian, come on. Because of my training,
pressing 402 pounds has now become not
that much weight. (YELLING) Come on, Brian! Now, it’s taken
me a long, long time to be able to say that. Because for a long time,
402 pounds was a weight that was a goal weight for me. Come on. Easy. Easy! (YELLING) Yeah! [cheering] (YELLING) Yeah! Nice. Brian is one of
the strongest guys that’s ever walked this planet. And it looked so effortless. He really is a
phenomenal athlete. Paula, will you come up
here and take a photo with us? The whole family?
You guys, come on, come on. – Yeah, seriously.
– Come up. Him doing that back in
the day with 402 pounds is absolutely incredible. [laughter]

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