Parents Take A Lie Detector Test With Their Kids

– Do you wish your daughter was dating a chubby, old polygraph guy? – Yes. – Hey! – All right, she’s good. – Today I’m going to be
doing a lie detector test on my step-mom. I’m kinda nervous, but I
think it’s gonna be funny. – I’m most excited to know
if she’s really a rebel. – We’ll see.
– Whaa! – I’m honest with my son. – Honestly, I have no idea. Define honest. – We do share some deep secrets. I consider my mother my best friend. – Sometimes I think we talk too much because I feel like he
forgets that I’m the parent. – Ask me some questions. – Well that’s what we’re
here to do today Father. – Did you do track in high-school? – Mmhmm. – True. – We both did track, that’s so cool. I thought you were just sayin’ that to like, make me like, like you more. – Do you wish I would dress more feminine. – No. – It’s a lie. (laughing) – I do like dressing more
masculine than feminine. – I know that. – Is Kenny your real name? – Yes. – True. – Was it your idea for
my dad to cut his hair? Or was it his? Literally he has had long hair for as long as I can remember. – Would you ever do an edible with me? – Yes. – True. – You know what, your
dad is getting older. He said it first and I told him no. John will tell you. – She’s havin’ a problem here. (laughs) – So, it was your idea. – I was prepping you to be on my side. – Would you ever let me shave my head? – Si. – That’s a lie. (laughing) – What if I wanna shave my head and just wear wigs all the time? – Hey Dad, do you have a favorite son? – No. – That’s a lie. – Is it me? – Yes. – That’s the truth. – Don’t show this to your brother. – Did you really meet my
dad at the grocery store? Or was it the booze cruise. – Did I meet him on the booze cruise? No. – It’s a lie. – I knew it! – I don’t think this works. – Dad. – Yes. – Do you think I’ll ever find love? – Yes. – Not true. – Come on du … – Do you think I’ll ever find lust? – Mother, would you ever use a vibrator? – Yes. – True. – Let’s go shop for one. – Did you have sexual
relations before the age of 18? – No. – True. – Oh Dad. – I’m a nerd, what do you want from me? – Was I an accident? – No. – Right on. – (laughing) That is so cool. – That time that you came over to my biological mom’s house, was that really awkward,
or was that just me? – We actually met before
you thought we met. Yes, it was awkward. – She’s telling the truth. – Have you and Mom ever done anything while I was in the house? – No. – That’s a lie. – Ho ho! – Be more specific. – Oh shit, I don’t wanna be more specific. (laughing) – Would you ever let me bring over a girl. – Yes. – True. – Cool, ’cause I’m actually
talking to one right now. – There you go. – And she’s fun. – Have you ever had an affair? – No. – True. – Let’s go! That’s all I needed to
hear, I’m outta here. – Where we goin’? – We just took our lie detector tests and we found out that my
father here is a loyal husband and that I’m his favorite son. So I think it’s been a great day. – I know my mom more now. And she’s still beautiful as she is. – I’m glad I got this off my chest. I’m tired of just holdin’ it in. – What about that booze cruise. – Oh yeah, I didn’t
wanna tell you that part.

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