Parents Read Their Sons’ Tinder Messages

– You’re weirder than I ever thought. – Today me and my wonderful father are going to be reading
through my Tinder messages. – You’re going to be
reading the first messages that I’ve been saying to these girls. – You are a little dramatic sometimes, so I don’t know what to expect. – Do you get raunchy? – We’ll see, I don’t know. – (laughs) You’re six two, does that mean you can throw me over your
shoulder and spank my ass? – Wanna come to church tomorrow? – They didn’t reply to that one. – Are you Moroccan? ‘Cause you’re Moroccan my socks off. Do you like Moroccan girls? Is that why you asked her? – I don’t think I’ve
ever met a Moroccan girl. – Are you getting some S and M? You’re gonna be a lonely old man. – Love your profile pic, but I’d love even more to
see what’s further down. Your introductions to people are… – Netflix and chill or
Korean BBQ and some texts then mutual ghosting each other? How’s this mutual ghosting? You just scare each other? Boo! – Are you ready for your
yearly prostate exam? Who taught you this? – If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put F and ME next to each other. (Adam laughs) – Are you butt dialing me because I swear (Roland laughs)
that ass is calling me. – In order, how would you rank each season of “Arrested Development”? I never understood this
“Arrested Development”. Is that people that… – Are you a top or a bottom? In terms of, um, dancing? – It’s kind of like dancing. – Let’s do dinner, and my
dinner I mean each other. You’re gonna each other, what is that? – No, we’re not cannibals. – Take nude photos of me. That’s actually a little sick. This is inappropriate, Adam. I’m surprised at you. – Are you serious? Did you not say this
to mom when you guys– – What, no! – He’s gonna die a lonely
old man all by himself. – Oh, gosh, Adam. I’m really blown away by all this. – It’s a little dramatic,
it’s a little dramatic, it is. – Don’t show your parents this stuff. We’re gonna have a long talk. – I’m definitely glad I do
not live at home anymore. – You might need to move back. – We might need to see a specialist. – I reap for the future. (laughter)

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