Parents Read their Kids’ Search History

– So we were searching for weed shops on Washington Boulevard. (soft music) – Well, we got my Google search history all loaded up and my father here is gonna take a look. – You’ve been workin’ on
a lot of stuff for school so it should be a lot of
stuff about that, right? – She’s a weirdo, so, everything she does is a weird thing to do. – I’m gonna start from the top. – Le sex–
– No. – Paris.
– No, that’s Le Six. – You are not going to Burning Man. I don’t even know why
you’re looking that up. – Oh my god. – Andro-gy-nus? (laughing) – Androgynous. – There you go.
(laughing) – [Stephanie] Yay. Okay.
(laughing) – Lil Wayne’s baby mama. How much money Floyd
Mayweather made at the fight. It was a lot. Does Kim really love Kanye? You are nosy. The computer cannot tell you
if Kim really loves Kanye. – What’s this one?
– A first aid kid. – A first aid kit, okay.
– Why’d I need that? – Why did you need a first aid kit? – I don’t know. This is actually more exciting for myself. I love to like go back and see what I — – Relive.
– Relive my life here. – Antonio Banderas. – Us Mexicans need to
represent in the media. – He’s not a Mexican guy.
– He’s not? I should go to you instead of Google. – So we were searching for weed shops on Washington Boulevard. – How to cook pasta.
(laughing) You boil water. You boil water. – Where are you? You had to Google where you were? – Nicki Minaj, Anaconda, Stephanie? – The music video is
just booties everywhere. (laughing) – You still lookin’ up Spongebob things? – Oh my god, dad, it was a gif. – From who? Who gave it to you?
(laughing) – We went from Tinder, and now we’re on Bumble. – It’s an app, it’s a
dating app called Bumble. – Yeah. – I think Bumble’s a lot better. – Okay and how about, what’s this? Bad hygiene habits. Why would you be Googling
bad hygiene habits? So you can do them? – I was just–
– I mean, so you can do them? – No, I can see if my
habits matched up to that, then I don’t have a problem. – How many steps does it
take to walk to Mexico? From here? From right here?
– From LA. – From LA? – This is amazing. I am blown away by this stuff here. Now what’s this? Seven types of boys you might wanna meet. – When does my inmate get out of men’s– Wait. – When does my inmate get out of– – When does my inmate get
out of men’s central jail? – Okay. – What was that? Wait, what was that? – And then you have here,
how to hide email addresses. What’s this, Adam? – What? – How to hide email addresses. – Oh, okay, okay, okay.
– Wait a minute. – No, no, no, no, no. – Wait a minute. – I really don’t remember. – Do you know somebody in jail? – No. – Okay? – Hold on, hold up. – I caught you red-handed. – Sponsoring? Are you sponsoring somebody I know? Yeah, sure they aren’t. – Hold up, remember when
I sent out the newsletter? – Uh huh. – I needed to figure out
how to make it anonymous. – That’s cool uh huh. Sure, Adam. – Yeah, yeah, you just put it in the BCC. – Definitely, I learned
that she’s a weirdo. But she’s my daughter, so. (laughing) – I need to do this more often. – I think you don’t, to be honest. – Thanks for lettin’
me look at your emails. – Well. – Or your search history.
– My search history. – But, next time you’ll
delete some of those things. – Yeah. – Delete your histories.
(laughing) Especially for things you
don’t want anyone to see. Don’t worry, I did that
and everything was cool. – You did? – Of course I did. You think that’s all I search? (upbeat music) (upbeat music)

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