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– How’s the guy get this around his penis? – Just stretches it around. They’re big and tall and … They got like, big ones. – Oh God, please no! – Oh yeah. (playful music) – I’m Donna. These are my kids. Alisha who’s 13 and Andrew who is 10. – And annoying. – Today, we’re gonna
talk about birth control. – Eww! (laughs) – What do you know about birth control? – You take pills to make sure that you don’t have a kid. – Why do you think someone
would prevent getting pregnant? – ‘Cause they probably don’t want a child. They’re not ready for it. – Okay, what, no bananas? (laughing) – Bananas! – [Man] Almost forgot. – Awesome, I knew you’d like that. – What’s bananas have
anything to do with it? – We’ll get there. – This is an option, a good option, to prevent what? – Pregnancy. – Okay. – These are prescription. You have to have the– – You have to get it from your doctor. – Right, you have to
get it from the doctor. – It’s not 100% effective. Mommy got pregnant with you
when I was on birth control. – What do you think this is? – Liquid? – It’s a condom. – Chocolate syrup, this is candy. – Well, sometimes
there’s flavored condoms. So– – Why? – Umm, that’s another–
– Ahh … – Wait, what? A female condom? Where does this go? – What’s that? – A female condom. – Condom, oh it’s a female condom. I’ve never even seen one. – Eww, it’s oily, eww. – Why does it look wet? – It’s a lubricant and also,
I believe there’s spermicide. – Okay, why is this thing so big? – Because she has to put it inside her. To capture the sperm. – Oh, that’s nasty. – So, you put this thing in the– – Vagina. – Vagina. – The banana is kinda the
shape of a man’s penis, okay? Bleh! – Do you wanna open one up? – Mega big boy! Mega big boy! – Okay, so … – Oh good Lord. You got the right idea, dear. – Make sure there’s some air. – Some air? – Mmhmm. Gotta leave some space between the top. – Okay now, remember, there ya go. There needs to be room for
the sperm to shoot out, is it backwards? – I don’t know.
(laughing) – So, what you do is you put it on and you roll it. Do you have experience doing this, dude? – No! – When did you learn how to do this? – That ruins a perfectly good banana. – Well, I know and then
you just, you roll it down. – Just remember, this is
just as much the male’s job as the girl’s job to prevent pregnancy. – Let’s say, condom breaks, now what? – You’re S-O-L. (blows raspberries)
(laughing) – No, you’re not. Don’t use that term like you did. It’s the day after pill. – There’s a lot of forms of birth control. – There’s another one like a diaphragm. – You can get a IUD and
get inserted in your arm. – Which is something that is surgically I think placed inside her that is always releasing
some sort of spermicide or something that kills off the sperm. – But what’s this one, what is this? – Birth control women trust. The spermicide doctors recommend the most. – And then it looks
like you use your finger and you insert it into your vagina. – It kills the sperm. Now, will that prevent disease? Correct. – Wait, you don’t put
this in your mouth, right? No, I saw a lady put something– – Baby, that’s a breath mint. She put a breath mint in her mouth. – Woah! – There’s another method
called the pull out. – It don’t work half the time. – How do you know? – ‘Cause I just– Just a guess. – A man can get a vasectomy. – Does that mean we get our balls chopped off? – No. – No, we don’t. – Do you know what outercourse is? – No. – Different ways that
you can express your love and you can be sexual without having to use condoms and birth
control that won’t be risky to pregnancy. – Outercourse is where
you’re kind of having sex, but you’re not inside. The boy’s penis is not inside. – Oh, so like you’re still doing this, only he keeps his thingy out of here. – You know what dry humping is? – Yeah. – You ever dry hump a girl? – No. – So, the penis can rub on the outside. Some guys rub their penis
between the woman’s breasts, especially if they push
the breasts together. – Ugh. – I believe it’s also called oral sex. Am I correct? – I don’t know. – Blowjob? – Oh. Yeah. – What is that. – Putting his mouth or his tongue– – No. – In her umm … – I get it, I know. – My whole childhood is ruined. – Your childhood is not ruined. – There’s another way
of making sure that we prevent pregnancy and it’s actually maybe the best way, okay? That is not to practice at all. – Only way to prevent
pregnancy completely– – Is not having sex. – Which is abstinence. You abstain. – Let’s do abstinence all the time then. – I would appreciate that
until you’re married. – Well, I’ll never get married then, so. – Abstinence! Really, okay!

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