Pages Zen au pays des Sakura.

Zen pages in Sakura country

silk paintings
of cherry blossoms
Sakurabana sanjuuro ku the origin of the word sakura, a generic term that refers to both
flowers, fruits
cherry tree and trees
themselves, would come from a legend, drawn from Japanese mythology,
of Princess Konohana Sakuya Hime
(literally: flower-blooming-princess tree). She would have fallen from the sky
in the flowers of a cherry tree
where, lying in a
pink cloud she found
his name, which meant
flowering and growth. The cherry blossom, or sakura,
has always been a synonym for ephemeral beauty in Japan and it is
closely associated with the story
of the feudal warrior, the samurai
or samurai in Japanese.
His life being considered
beautiful and short, a bit like
That of a cherry blossom … Regarding the illustration of cherry trees in the Japanese arts, note especially the painting on silk or paper rolls, or kakemono, which is used to decorate the reception rooms, rooms of traditional inns, ryokan,
or suspended in the alcove, the tokonoma, reserved for the hall where
practice the tea ceremony, chanoyu.

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