Pages for Mac First Steps Tutorial

Choose a blank template from the template
chooser The quickest way to do this is double click
it Set up your document margins the way you like
them in the document menu. the section menu allows you to vary margin
settings within a document. Here you can change the Vertical position
of the header and footer. I find the default pages setting is too far into the page. The horizontal margins for the header and the footer are the same as for the document. To get the best out of the header and footer I suggest setting narrow margins here. Don’t worry we can set different margins for our text in the format menu which is just here. I’ll just pop in some text so you can see the effect of our changes. WE are working on the body style which will be consistently applied to all our body text. First I’ll change the font. You can decide on your own preferences with these options. Next we need to change the indents in the layout section since we made our margins so small. As you can see our first line can have a different
indent to subsequent lines. I’m going to mirror the right indent to
compensate for my narrow page margins Now that we have finished editing this style
it is important to click the blue update button that appeared the moment we started changing
things. If you don’t do this your changes will be lost. Repeat this exercise for all the styles you think you are likely to use. I strongly recommend taking time to set up headings and use them in your documents – especially
the long ones. Headings in a document gives you the option
to add an automatic contents page where each heading and subheading is indexed. This is very useful for reports and such Once the text is cleared away we are ready
to save our template by choosing File… Save as template. We want it to appear in the template
chooser. You can delete and rename templates by right clicking them. I suggest you keep
a number of templates for different jobs. A little time investment here will save you
hours in the future.

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