OVID: Creating a Saved Search

Welcome to the HS/HSL tutorial on creating a saved search in Ovid Saving your search allows you to save search terms and strategies that you would like to re-run in the future You will need a free personal “My Account” set up in Ovid To create an account please view the tutorial “Ovid: Creating a Personal Account.” Although this demonstration uses the Ovid Medline database, the steps we will show you will also work in other Ovid databases such as Health and Psychosocial Instruments and International Pharmaceutical Abstracts To begin, go to the HS/HSL website Select Medline Ovid under “Popular Databases” Or click on “Databases” and select “Medline Ovid” Perform your search To save the entire search history we have multiple searches, click the “Save Search History” button To save a specific search, select the box by the search you wish to save in the Search History box near the top of the page and click the Save Selected button You will be prompted to enter your personal account information If you have not already created a personal account, please do so now by clicking on “Create a New Personal Account” Click “Login” You will now see a note at the top right hand corner indicating that you are logged in as “Your Name at University of Maryland, Baltimore” In the Search Name box, type the name of your search. Under “Type,” leave “Permanent” selected, click “Save” You will see a note in red indicating that your search was saved under the name you specified If you do not want to continue searching at this time, click on “Logoff” This concludes our tutorial on creating a saved search in Ovid. If you need further assistance, please contact the Reference Desk at 410-706-7996 or go to the library’s “Ask Us!” page, where you can email the Reference Desk or chat with a member of the Reference desk in real time. Thank you.

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