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The book of Joshua. Let’s back up and remember the story so far, So God chose Abraham and then his family became the people of Israel, who are then enslaved down in Egypt. So through Moses, God rescued Israel out of Egypt, he made a covenant with them at Mount Sinai and he brought them through the wilderness. So Israel then camped outside the promised land and Moses called them to obey God’s commands so that they could show all the other nations what God is like. The book of Joshua picks up right after Moses has died and Israel is ready to enter the land. So the story of Joshua is designed with four main movements. Joshua first leads Israel into the promised land, and then once they are there, they meet all this hostility from the Canaanites and so they engage them in battle, then after their victory Joshua divides up the promised land as the inheritance for the twelve tribes and then the book concludes with these final speeches that Joshua gives to the people. So let’s dive in and we will see how all of it flows together. The first section begins with Moses’ death and Joshua is appointed as Israel’s new leader, and the author intentionally presents Joshua as a new Moses, so like Moses, Joshua calls the people to obey the Torah, which means the covenant commands that they were given at Mount Sinai, and then Joshua sends spies into the land just as Moses did back in Numbers chapters 13 and 14 except it goes way better this time. In fact, some Canaanites turn and follow the God of Israel, Joshua then leads all Israel across the Jordan river and into the land. Just like the sea parted for Moses in the Exodus so here the river Jordan parts and the priests carry the Ark of the Covenant across leading all Israel with them. Now, in chapter 5 the story transitions, so the people look back to their roots as God’s covenant people and so the new generation is circumcised and they celebrate their first Passover in the land. But then, they turn prepared to go forward and Joshua has this crazy encounter with a mysterious warrior, who, it turns out is the angelic commander of God’s army, and Joshua asks, “Are you for us? Or are you for our enemies?” The warrior responds, “Neither.” Which shows that the real question here is whether Joshua is on God’s side. It makes clear that this whole story is not about Israel versus the Canaanites, rather this is God’s battle, and Israel is going to play the role of spectators or sometimes supporters in God’s plan. Which leads to the next section. We find stories about all these conflicts that Israel has with different Canaanite groups, and the first part retells the story of two battles in detail and that is followed by a series of short stories that condense years of battles into a few brief summaries. So the first two battles are against Jericho and then Ai, and they offer these contrasting portraits of God’s faithfulness versus Israel’s failure. At Jericho, Israel is to take a completely passive approach, so they let God’s presence in the Ark lead them around the city to music for six days and just like Rahab turned to the God of Israel maybe the people of Jericho would do the same, but they don’t, and so on the seventh day the priests blow the trumpets and the walls come falling down leading Israel to victory. The point of the story is that God is the one who will deliver his people; Israel simply needs to trust and wait. Now the next story, of the battle of Ai makes the opposite point. So there is this Israelite named Achan, and he steals from Jericho some of the devoted goods that were to belong to God alone and then he lies about it. It’s a pretty lame move after all that God has done for Israel, and so Israel goes into battle with the city of Ai and they are totally defeated, and it’s only after humble repentance and severely dealing with Achan’s sin that Israel gains victory. And so together these two stories are placed right up front to make an important point. If Israel is going to inherit the land, they have to be obedient and trust in God’s commands. They don’t get special treatment. Now the second part of the section begins with the Gibeonites, a Canaanite people group and they do just as Rahab did as they turn to follow the God of Israel and they make peace with Israel. This is in contrast to all these other Canaanite kings who start to form alliances and coalitions and they want to destroy Israel. So Israel engages them in battle and they win by a land slide. So this whole section concludes with this summary list of all of these victories won by Moses and then by Joshua. Now, let’s stop for a second because odds are that these stories and the violence in them, they are going to bother you, and if you are a follower of Jesus, you’re bound to wonder, like, didn’t Jesus said to love your enemies? Why is God declaring war here? So first, why the Canaanites? The main reasons are actually given earlier in the biblical story is that the culture of the Canaanites had become extremely morally corrupt, especially when it comes to sex, go check out Leviticus chapter 18, and they also widely practiced child sacrifice, go see Deuteronomy chapter 12, and so God didn’t want these practices to influence Israel, the Canaanites had to go. Which raises the second question. Did God actually command the destruction of all the Canaanites, like a genocide? So at first glance, you know, you look at the phrases used in these stories. They “totally destroyed them”, they “left no survivor or anything that breathed”, but when you look a second time more closely, you’ll see that these phrases are clearly hyperbole and not literal. So go back to the original command about the Canaanites in Deuteronomy chapter 7. Israel is first told to drive out the Canaanites, but then to totally destroy them and then that is followed by commands to not intermarry with them or enter into business deals with them. So you can’t marry someone that you’ve destroyed. I think you get the point. The same idea applies to the stories in Joshua, look closely. So for example, we’re told in Joshua chapter 10 that Israel left no survivors in the cities of Hebron or Debir, but then later in chapter 15 we see these towns and they’re still populated by Canaanites, and so what we’re seeing is that Joshua fits in with other ancient battle accounts by using non-literal hyperbolic language as part of the narrative style. And so the word genocide doesn’t actually fit what we see here. Especially in light of the stories about the Canaanites who did turn to the God of Israel, like Rahab or the Gibeonites, God was open to those who would turn to him. The last thing to think about is that these stories mark a unique moment in Israel’s history. These battles were limited to the handful of people groups living in the land of Canaan. With all other nations, Israel was commanded by God to pursue peace, go read Deuteronomy chapter 20. So the purpose of these battle stories was never to tell you, the reader, to go commit violence in God’s name. Rather, they show God bringing his justice on human evil at a unique moment in history, and how he delivered Israel from being annihilated by the Canaanites. Now, let’s go back to the book’s design. After years of battles we see an aging Joshua and he starts dividing up the land for the twelve tribes of Israel, and most of this section is like lists of boundary lines, and let us be honest, it’s kind of boring. It’s like reading a map that has no pictures. But for the Israelites these lists were super important. This was the fulfillment of God’s ancient promises to Abraham that his descendants would inherit the promised land. . And so now it was all coming to pass right down to the detail, which leads to the final section. Joshua gives two speeches to the people they’re very similar to the final speeches of Moses in Deuteronomy. Joshua reminds them of God’s generosity, how he brought them into the land and rescued them from the Canaanites. And so, he calls them to turn away from the Canaanite gods and be faithful to the covenant they made. If they do, it will lead to life and blessing in the land, but if they’re unfaithful, Israel will call down on itself the same divine judgement that the Canaanites experienced. They’ll be kicked off the land into exile, and so Joshua leaves Israel with a choice. What is Israel going to do? That’s the big question that looms as the story ends. And that’s the book of Joshua.

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  • THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO DESTROY EVERY MALE IF TERMS OF PEACE WERE NOT MEANT ) Deuteronomy 20 : 10 – 13 ) 10  “If you approach a city to fight against it, you should also announce to it TERMS of PEACE.11  If it gives a peaceful answer to you and opens up to you, all the people found there will become yours for FORCED LABOR, and they will serve you. 12  But if it refuses to make peace with you and instead goes to war with you, you should besiege it, 13  AND YAHAWAH your God will certainly GIVE IT into your hand, and you must STRIKE DOWN every MALE in it with the sword. ) The reason why you still had people from other nations there was because of a couple of reasons that I can think of. One was because they failed to push them out Joshua 15 : 63   As for the Jebʹu·sites who were dwelling in Jerusalem, the men of Judah were not able to drive them away, so the Jebʹu·sites continue dwelling with the people of Judah in Jerusalem to this day.) Joshua 17 : 12 , 13) 12  But the descendants of Ma·nasʹseh were not able to take possession of these cities; the Caʹnaan·ites persisted in dwelling in this land.13  When the Israelites grew strong, they subjected the Caʹnaan·ites to forced labor, but they did not drive them out entirely. ) Another was because they weren't allowed to have more land than they had people to inhabit. Deuteronomy 7 : 22 – 24 )   " YAHAWAH your God will certainly drive these nations away from before you little by little. You will not be allowed to put an end to them quickly, so that the wild animals of the field will not multiply against you. 23YAHAWAH your God will give them over to you and utterly defeat them until they are ANNIHILATED24  He will give their kings into your hand, and you will wipe out their names from under the heavens. Nobody will stand up to you, until you have EXTERMINATED them. ) AND IT WAS ALWAYS CONTINGENT ON THEM OBEYING. WE KNOW THEY FAILED AT THAT BECAUSE THEY WERE EXILED NOT ONCE BUT TWICE.

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    I would like to offer a simple prayer at this moment: My dear Lord- Sir. Please forgive me for being such a knucklehead. Help me to forsake my wrong behavior at this moment. I know it's not easy, but my caregivers know what is right for me. Please, give me the courage and the understanding, and the guts to do what is right on a daily basis. I pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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    In this case Israel was to wipe out all the canaanites because yes they practiced evil but also because they were of the nephilim descendants e.g King of OG whose bed was like 12 cubits long and who moses killed, Goliath was actually a direct descendant of king Og of Bashan by the way. The point is Israel did not successfully destroy these tribes like they were commanded, so God let them be taken over and defeated completely and taken into captivity by Babylon. until the return of the Messiah.

    @ The Bible Project; If your going to explain the word of God please do not change the words or downgrade meanings other wise only curses and plagues shall come down on you. Revelation 22:18 I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues which are written in this book;

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  • Jubilees also tells us that Canaan stole this land from Shem's descendants who were given the land that Canaan occupied as an inheritance. He did so knowing that he would be cursed. Hence, why God gave it to Abraham (Descendant of Shem) and the Canaanites later removal as was promised if he disobeyed by occupying the land. The portion of land given to Shem was considered blessed because it's where God dwelled. It included the holiest places the Garden of Eden (holy of holies), Mt. Sinai., Mt. Zion and Mt. of the East.

  • Maybe we're reading different translations, but Achan didn't lie about stealing. Joshua gathered all the tribes of Israel and went family by family to investigate who had stolen goods from the city conquest. When he got to Achan, Achan told the truth. He had some precious metals, an expensive Babylonian cloak, and some other items. He told Joshua exactly where it was hidden (buried), and soldiers investigated that spot. The soldiers confirmed that Achan was telling the truth about stealing these items, despite being instructed by the Lord (through Joshua) to not steal/plunder. I don't think this video does the story justice in speaking on the outcome of Achan.

    For those that are unaware, Joshua ordered all of Achan's family's possessions seized, he had Achan stoned to death, AND Joshua ordered Achan's wife and children to be burned alive.

    I personally don't think Joshua's response was right. Of all the tribes of Israel, only one man stole from the city they had just conquered? When confronted, Achan told the truth. Are we really to believe that Achan was the only guilty person? What I think is more likely, is that others did the same as Achan, but they lied to Joshua and got away with it. In the end, Achan was the scapegoat and his entire family was wiped out as punishment for his crime. I don't see much justice in this. Is god not merciful? Does god not forgive those who are truthful and ask for forgiveness?

  • I agree with the people who argue that the language isn’t hyperbolic
    Also the Gibeonites didn’t just realize their sin and repent and turn to the Lord; they did believe that The Lord would use Israel to wipe them out; so they came up with a plot to deceive Israel and trick them into a covenant that the Lord had expressly told Israel not to do

    The plot worked because Israel’s leaders did not do their due research and didn’t check with the Lord
    In order to make themselves feel better about their error; the leaders of Israel made the Gibeonites into slaves

    That’s a significant difference in reading to what this video claims
    I like a lot of what The Bible Project does; This video does highlight a few of the concerns I have with the way they portray some of their theology

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    “Then I said, “Lord, how long?” And He answered: “Until the cities are laid waste and without inhabitant, the houses are without a man, the land is utterly desolate.” (Isaiah 6:11)


    "Joshua was a conqueror of the land of Canaan just as My Son Jesus is a conqueror of the land of your heart. He was a prophecy of what was to come, even having the same name as the Saviour. But what was Joshua prophesying? He prophesied a cleansing of your heart from all its inhabitants until only My word remains. But what happened when Israel came across a land and failed to cleanse it? They became complacent and began building for themselves, leaving the foreigners in the land. Joshua indeed means salvation but if you have issues in your life that you don’t allow Him to save you from, you will be caught up in deeper problems later on in life and far more severe. Today is the day of salvation. Do not linger or get comfortable with darkness in your heart. Cleanse your heart now. You may ask Me how much cleansing you need? Until your heart is laid waste without strongholds, until every evil tree is cut down without fruit so that your heart is left desolate from all darkness, ready for My rule.

    To cleanse a land full of darkness can be a difficult thing especially when the heart has lived with it so long. That is why it is going to take more than truth to conquer. You have to possess it by force and stand at all cost. Are you willing to sacrifice all to overcome? Are you willing to face the giants in your life knowing that the Lion in you is greater? You are called to be a conqueror of the world by expanding My light. But like all conquerors, your heart must first be conquered, knowing that darkness offers nothing rewarding. Only then will you possess the wisdom and strength to overcome. "

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  • I love most of your work, but disappointed that you have chosen to disbelieve God when he required Joshua to destroy the entire Populations of the Canaanitish nation’s who surrounded them by calling it hyperbole. God expected Israel to do obey Him, and by not obeying him he said that the Canaanites would become as ‘thorns’ in their eyes from then on, and that’s what happened. You are forgetting how evil sin is in God’s eyes. Remember Samuels reaction to Saul not killing Agag, You have such an amazing knowledge of the Scriptures yet you let this slip past you???

  • One thing that the Bible didn't mention a great deal is that a lot of the cananites were Nephilim Giants. (Fallen Angel Hybrids) Which is probably the reason why some cities were so hateful and why God wiped them out. They were known as the soulless ones. And for good reason. (Hence the child sacrifices.)

  • You alleging that the Israelites didn't reeeeeallly commit genocide and plunder the other tribes belongings and take their virgins for themselves to rape and enslave, that it's "just hyperbolic language" is honestly one of the most pathetic apologetics I have ever heard in an attempt to justify the primitive brutality and malevolence of this mythological story and the deity it writes about. Same God who destroyed entire cities after the earth had just supposedly re-populated after he committed genocide and killed everyone except for eight people and two of each animal (lmao I know right?)

    "This book wasn't meant to tell you to go out and hurt people who go against God" dude. You just got done describing the Torah, a book that says you have to stone people for working on a Sunday.
    Tired. Old. Apologetics.

    "The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully."
    – Richard Dawkins

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  • My goodness, the number of triggered people hearing that the Book of Joshua more than likely has "hyperboles". As if the Bible doesn't already have a lot of symbolism, and metaphors. Just like stated in the video, Biblical text does seem to have narrative issues (I say seems because I realize we all interpret the Bible differently).

    Praytell though, how is there a command to wipe them out but then in Judges 4 Canaanites are in control of Hazor under a ruling Canaanite king? From the studying I've done, there "hyperbole" assumption could be correct. Now, please understand, I'm not saying that other accounts of mass killings of a group of people enacted by God are "hyperboles", but that when we look at the Book of Joshua and this story, that could very well be the case.

    Let us not even get into the fact that Canaanite remains have been found in Lebanon. Let us not get so up in arms, but be slow to speak and quick to listen, Brothers and Sisters.

    If anyone has different references or study material please send them my way, I do not hate constructive criticism or to learn more about the word of God.

    God Bless!

  • I love the story of Rahab, brought me to tears. God wanted to drive out the canaanites but in one moment of faith by Rahab God admired her faith and was extremely pleased with her that he accepted her into the Israelites and also let her marry with one of the men of the Israel and also through her lineage came Jesus! Shows how God loves us and our faith in him means everything to him.

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  • Great video with the exception of the way the Gibeonites are portrayed. This is deceptive and not true to what the Bible says. I don't know why the decision was made to say the Gibeonites turned to God and that was fine. The point of the story there was that the Israelite didn't consult God, and thus they had to deal with the Gibeonites which they should have wiped out, basically forever because they made peace without consulting God.

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  • This is what exactly they have experienced…NOW history will repeat again to show all humans who is the real GOD …..our FATHER….DAYS OF OUR LORD IS VERY NEAR.STAGE IS ALMOST SET……WAIT WATCH…..GLORY IN HEAVENS…

  • I know it is super important to know that the Arabian brother-in-law of Moses was asked to be guide the tribes of the Israelites through the wilderness Numbers 10:29-31. It was by Moses urging Hobab to be their guide he eventually complied and the covenant was that they would always do good to these Arabian people who were given land Judges 1:16. So Moses was married to an Arabian woman called Zipporah whose descendants were chieftains over the stores and things made holy to God during the reign of King David 1st Chronicles 26:24-26.

    I know this is super important because I was told this by an angel whom God chose when his Holy Spirit directed his chosen angel what she was to speak to me on that day. Certain prophesies have been fulfilled according to all that my Elohim has told me by his chosen Messenger.

  • i have a small pp

  • The hyperbole part is nonsense. The Canaanites were Rephaim. Giants. Much smaller than the Nephilim but giants nonetheless. God did order their literal destruction. Men, women, children, animals, everything. The Rephaim were abominations. God's word shouldn't be lightened or altered to appease. God commanded the Israelite's to utterly destroy the Canaanites just as the armies of the world will be destroyed when the Lamb of God returns.

  • this is wonderful. thank you so much for better equipping me to understand and defend the word of God

  • Wow your story is very weak brother and son, you are a punk and a coward, you are skipping the parts where people do have to become a warrior in the Spirit and kill the darken enemy.!
    God bless you…tbc

  • You are not ready to demonstrate and teach. You must wait your 20 years as Joshua prepared & waited for so long after Moses to lead God's people. In your case is the body of Christ, the bride of Christ.
    You are committing a sin by touching the bride of Christ.

  • I found these over views so helpful and insightful about how we can study the old testament. How God in his merciful way always look for his people and indeed, with the people of Israel show us (the rest of the world), the right way to be obedient to the one and only God who creates everything and everyone. We are his creatures and must obey Him simply because he wants to be with us and show us how to be in a close relationship with Him. Honor and Glorify Him. Thanks so much for your hard work. A remarkable evangelization going on!!!!

  • love this 💛

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