osu!history: Zestiny

Zestiny has become a household name for speedy
osu plays, speed as a skill in general and he has been pushing the limits of what people
thought was possible in terms of raw speed for quite a while now. While his recent plays and skill are mostly
known by the community, today I will be delving into his history to find out how he started
playing the game, how he acquired the speed he has and hopefully create a timeline of
his time on osu. It was the beginning of 2012 and Zestiny had
just begun his first year of highschool when he saw one of his friends play a weird game
on his phone. It was called osu!droid and as soon as Zestiny
saw it he was interested in playing himself. He signed up under the name bihojang and started
playing, quickly progressing and getting good on it. He kept playing osu!droid all the way up until
the end of May, when he found out that the game was also on PC and registered there under
the same username. He was already pretty well off knowing the
basics off the game from osu!droid, but he also felt like osu!droid helped him ny giving
him better finger control, which meant that he had a head start above everyone else who
started the game then and didn’t know how to play it. In 2013 he started farming and even tho most
of his old top plays are lost by time, I found some on the wayback machine, and you can see
that even back then he was farming speed maps and doing well on them as well as the usual
tv size insane maps, the replay that you see in the background is actually from 2015, so
you can see he was fast even back then on these 255bpm streams. He spent most of 2013 and 2014 farming, reaching
top 400 before losing motivation to climb further. After he played for fun, going for #1 scores
on maps, setting speedy scores and enjoying the game all the way up until 2016, when he
joined the military where he would serve until 2018. For all the time Zestiny has spent on osu
he never really considered himself to be really fast, just someone who played a lot of dt
maps, however in July of 2018, only 5 months after coming back from the military he set
a score on Rotter Tarmination with DT, you can see the replay in the background and at
the time, Zestiny was the only person to fc this map with DT at the time, and was only
beaten by Ceptin in late 2018, so it was completely understandable that after this play Zestiny
felt like he was faster then the majority of other players, if not all of them. He would go on to set impressive dt plays
that went mostly unnoticed, but after setting the only A rank on rog-limitation (not to
be confused with rog UNLIMITATION) and showing it off on Discord, people scoreposted his
play and he began getting traction, and of course a few people were accusing him of cheats
but Zestiny was quick to brush the accusations off with one of the best liveplays I’ve
ever seen. His liveplay was good quality, straight to
the point, showcased his speed perfectly and quickly after the hacking accusations stopped. People were baffled by the raw speed that
he was able to showcase and he is considered by the community to be one the fastest and
maybe THE fastest player that has ever played osu. He says that ever since he started osu he
couldn’t stream under 220bpm, before he went to the military his most comfortable
bpm was from 240 to 260, and nowadays it’s about 270-300, most people in the world will
never reach those speeds and Zestiny can reach them with ease. I asked Zestiny what his thoughts were on
speed and if anyone can accomplish them, and he said the three key things for getting good
at speed is natural talent, the keyboard you use and practice. He noted that natural talent is one of the
most important things if you want to be really fast, but the keyboard also matters a lot
as he believes that everyone should find the keyboard that suits them the most and of course,
you need to practice a lot. He believes that anyone with the right amount
of practice and the right equipment can stream up 220 bpm and burst around 270bpm, but that
for the higher bpm’s you’d need a little bit of talent. As for the future, Zestiny’s only wish is
to keep improving and getting faster and that one day the osu community will remember him
as the fastest person ever on osu. osu has been one of the only games that he
sticked to for years and hopefully we get to see his amazing scores for many more years
and that his dream comes true. Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed my content
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