One Word Explains SJWs Attempt To Change Our Culture

One Word Explains SJWs Attempt To Change Our
Culture 2017 is definitely the year that social justice
warriors (SJWs) have been active in removing Confederate statues and anything else they
seem to think should be removed from our sights. Indeed most people are unaware that it actually
started in June of 2015 right after the Charleston, S.C., shooting. It was there that Dylan Roof murdered nine
African Americans in their church during their service. Since then, cities across the country began
removing monuments and memorials related to the Confederacy on public property. It seemed that these social justice warriors
believed these things glorified white supremecy and memorialized a government whose founding
principle was the perpetuation and expansion of slavery. Needless to say these idiots jumped on the
Confederate flag too. However, everyone who did so were totally
unaware (history-deficient, ill-informed, stupid?) that the flag to which they referred,
with the crossed blue banners containing stars was not the Confederate flag but a battle
flag of the northern Virginia. Everyone with a little historical knowledge
learned that the �real� flag had the �Stars and Bars�. There is a difference, doncha know? And ever since the Roof killing spree, Confederate
stuff has been removed from the sight of mankind to distant places. So what�s going on here? It�s called presentism: It�s defined in literary and historical
analysis as the anachronistic introduction of present-day ideas and perspectives into
depictions or interpretations of the past. In other words, SJWs are removing our true
history right before our very eyes. So here are some comments why presentism is
the wrong way to view history. One contributor on, a social media
website, wrote: Quit viewing the past through your modern
eyes sometimes. Yes, what Columbus did to the Indians was
terrible to us, but to really measure his worth you have to ask, �Was he a bad person
by the standards of his time?� You can�t really apply modern concepts to past events. And another one added: History seeks understanding and comprehension,
and that is best achieved in many cases by viewing the world not through the hind-sight
of 21st century righteousness, but by trying to view and understand people and events in
the contexts of their own times, places, and actions. What we really need to do is look at our past
through the WABAC Machine or Wayback Machine. It�s is a fictional time machine from segments
of �Peabody�s Improbable History�, a recurring feature of the 1960s cartoon series
The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Mr. Peabody and Sherman used it to transport
themselves back in time to visit important events in human history.

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