One Strange Rock – Trailer | National Geographic

[suspenseful music] I am going to tell you about
the most incredible place. And you know what? You’re walking on it. Our planet is literally
bursting with life. [echo] [popping] [plunk] [rhythmic vibrations] There’s so much
activity, and our planet is right in the middle of it. I really wish that everyone
could see the world the way that I’ve had a
chance to see it. The strangest place
in the whole universe might just be right here. [pulsations] “One Strange Rock,” March
26 on National Geographic.

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  • God created the Universe and is the put into motion the creation of the earth.. …

    So if it took bangs and molecules atoms etc….

    God was behind it!

  • Já assisti muito bom ,! ?

  • In episode 3, I don’t like how Will Smith said, “The Ozone was protecting us before mankind came down from the trees”. He offered this conclusion with no evidence that we evolved from monkeys. All the facts that are presented in this video, and he so easily assumed the theory of evolution. Can’t respect that.

  • The more I watch this the more I believe in Allah

  • Seen two episodes, absolutely stunning cinematography, great storylines as well.

  • Having such a blast with this series!

  • I LOVE what they're doing with this. It is so respectful of our Mother, and I love the idea that we're on the strangest, most amazing, most dangerous, most incredible thing in the universe that we know. Earth grew us, Earth bore us. We can love her.

  • Not only is this thing expectedly gorgeous-looking. The sound design is phenomenal.

  • …but is Will gonna be blue tho?

  • Best show ever!!!!!!! In every single way!!!! The narrative, photography, stories, and of course…the astronauts!!!!!!????

  • Flat earther bye

  • The best serie I ever watched ,I hope there it's another season, get to know about the perspective from the point of view of the astronauts it's just amazing, Will Smith it's perfect for this role .

  • I just watched 2 episodes on Netflix and my mind is blown! Everyone should watch this series.

  • Its God who created earth. ?

  • Informative, beautiful documentary; and then, Will Smith adds his dumb down version on things and recaps what the Scientists previously explained.

  • Soundtrack sounds like bladerunner 2049

  • 10/10 insanely interesting show

    but will smith is just a toxic. Worst cast ever

  • Amazing Show!!!!!

  • Mother Nature

  • Highly Recommend

  • Just Breathe

  • People who believe the earth is flat should watch this documentary, oh, never mind you need a brain to understand things. Just bury yourself.

  • My dad wants me to watch the movie

    Dad " watch the movie"
    Me " no I'm a 12 year old girl I don't wanna watch this"
    Dad "I give up do what u want"
    Me " lol I won again ?"

  • Bem legal, um bom documentário para uma aula de Geografia!

  • I really wish everyone could see the world the way I'd seen it. Lmao.. good acting

  • Try watching this after you’ve blazed, I swear it’s the best show ever, omg ? amazing

  • i can see this program is amazing !!!!!!!???

  • I finished the last episode last night. This is insanely incredible and a must watch for everyone!! Bravo National Geographic!

  • Fantastic!

  • it's a stunning show

  • That's hot

  • Easily the best documentary I’ve ever seen in my 40 years of existence. Incredible stuff

  • Awesome Serie, I'm watching for Netflix, and I'm loving it!!

  • Kyrie Irving will not watch this

  • They wanted a black host…to be politically correct and because black lives matter… but instead got Will Smith

  • This series is the best production of it's type for decades….should be compulsory in schools across the world.

  • Maravillosos!

  • Praise be to Jesus. Don't be deceived. The universe was created by God. We would not have the elements, space or creation of time itself without a being that does not exist in the physical plane. He is love, that although He was whole without us, He created us that we might enjoy His existence and take part in the beauty that is His Spirit. If anything the science behind the earth should point nowhere else but to that of a divine designer, for it all works in unison. No "soup" of organic matter garnered from rocks could have conceived the complexities that are life itself, that's all but straight up absurd if you really meditate on it.

  • USA = consumerism . / WIll Smith + National Geographic = "we care" / hahaha shure USA:

  • Porque siempre escojen personas de color para esta clase de programas? Será para que creamos que si venimos de los monos?

  • Hoping Tommy Lee Jones features at some point

  • amazing

  • It’s funny how they say “perfectly calibrated” but they probably believe it all happened as an accident.. some big bang billions of years ago… purposeless events can’t “perfectly calibrate” anything.

  • the trailer is not good

  • Amazing documentary but ridiculous scientists claiming a million different things to be just by luck.. At the end it has the opposite effect of making them look foolish..

  • Saw it last night with a friend and we came to similar conclusions. Photography was extraordinary, as NG always is. However, the script was almost idiotically pedantic, with sentences chopped like spinach for a two year old. The smugness of course, with the scientific community, will always be there, which is a little to much at times, especially when they made quite an effort to cover up the fact that the atmosphere is being destroyed, while the one who loves the way she looks babbled about "no loss of oxygen". The editing was too repetitive, as if someone was controlling the views with a stop watch. Wait – two more seconds please so we can appreciate the visual beauty – but no, everything has to be click click click. The carbon footprint of creating these productions must be astronomical – even more than political campaigning. Thank you anyway.

  • Will Smith is a G let’s be honest

  • Most awe inspiring video series as it's our reality in our beautiful place in this universe which transcends all cultures and creatures as we are one.

  • Es la conspiración perfecta del UNIVERSO.para dejarnos ver su poderío…

  • Incredible, indelible and beautiful. Stunning cinematography, well balanced by Will Smith"s straight-to-camera commentary, fully kept my attention throughout. An absolutely stunning series, David Aronofsky is a genius. Period.

  • It wold be nice a documentary as second part, that, all nations and people had to be stolen and slaved to get the resources to build ships, stations, fuel…. , to discovery that….

  • I'm on the second episode now on Netflix, and I can't help but notice how often they bring up the balance that keeps everything in place to allow us to live here. From the way the oxygen gets recycled from shells of ancient algae fossils feeding the Amazon rainforest, to the fact our planet is positioned exactly in the right spot in our solar system to sustain life, it makes me think that God is there. There is no way all of this came about by coincidence. It's also quite moving.

  • Will Smith is so incredibly jarring in this series

  • I love earth

  • One of the best series ever produced!

  • Hay if the earth is magnetic that reflects most of the sun's harmful rays. So have they considered making the space shuttles magnetic to protecting themselves, this could lead to creating an atmosphere with gravity and solve the problem of bone regeneration. I also think the earth is very resilient and will again be good, could me try living underground in tunnels and evolve into moles, ha ha

  • Fantastico ?

  • Flat earthers triggered!

  • Beautiful. But when it touches issue of biology, it still expound out of date theory. Serious science no longer find it useful.

  • It takes an insurmountable amount of faith to believe this. People will invent anything to try to explain where we came from. So, I came from a rock? And all my organs and my thoughts and all the complexity in this university came from chance? This is almost impossible to believe.

  • You need designer to build this beautiful thing.

  • Amazing documentary! Right now, I am watching the Season 1, ep.1. Spectacular!

  • Excellence! one of the best series i've ever seen

  • They talking about Earth, the little round graveyard?

  • Amazing , must watch!!!

  • Will.smith is funded to brain wash kids. hes the new bill nye. garbage cgi tv show. here we have a " comedian" talking about what happened millions of years ago like he knows exacly. bunch of propaganda bs . right under everyones nose

  • One of the best documentation that I ever saw, I watched all Episodes

  • documentaries like these make me appreciate Sanatan Dharma even more!!

  • Started too watch this series but had to stop due to Will Smith`s slow dullard sounding narration , he sounds like the class thicky being made to read aloud from a big print book whilst struggling to pronounce the big words. Da …. … …arn.. da..

  • Watched all 5 hours of this in the last 2 days, absolutely amazing!

  • So good guys! You have to watch it!

  • alguém socorre o Brasil! o presidente bolsonaro está destruindo a Amazônia!! SOCORROOOO

  • How about the Amazons are burning and yet no one “government wise” has done anything to help!!!! We are going to die if we don’t have our Amazonas in good standing!! They clean our air

  • I really liked how simple they explained so many complex things. Will did a terrific job too, is perfect for people that might not have a good level on science but still want to enjoy and learn through documentaries.

  • Why has space not sucked all the oxygen from earth.. ???. Let me guess.. gravity is holding it down…??

  • Wow, Will Smith doesn't believe in God and gets paid for saying that this perfect world we're living in and the universe were all just made by a big coincidence. Sad world..but hey, everyone's going to die and that day will be shocking for those who thought all of this was just a big coincidence?‍♂️

  • A 182 terraplanistas parece q no les gusto el video

  • Vim pelo Aka rasta

  • Yee Love Will Smith uwuwu

  • ok so this guy is trying to our do Sir David Attenborough ? far out will smith. take a chill pill bro. why not make another good movie or something.

  • "Wow the Earth is perfectly in sync with every element"

    Atheist: "Yeh just by chance"

  • One of the best series on Netflix! Cheers from Romania.

  • Hosted by will smith?! Why on earth would you want a scientology freak to host such an interesting show?

  • Beautiful, wonderful show!! Probably the best I've ever seen… It really moved me and made me appreciate this amazing world we live in. It's a miracle we are here, and we should be grateful for every second we can walk on our strange rock.

  • Скажите мне, как у этой гигантской работы еще нет миллиона просмотров? Ученые, астронавты, организаторы, художники, сценаристы, операторы, монтировщики и многие другие в лице канала, огромное всем спасибо! Сколько стран то объездили, сколько людей интересных встретили! Необычайно информативно о прекрасных местах на земле, о самой планете, о человеке, о жизни! Подача невероятная! Завораживает! Показывает насколько некоторые люди интересно то живут, мне есть к чему стремиться! Коллосально! Меня впечатлило!

  • Its a great series of info and images. However, be aware this is an "American" documentary, which means it is obviously stretched, I would say at least 40% of the time its nice pictures/images that do not really contribute to content. Additionally the omnipresent american I, me, mine, feeling, ego BS all the time.

  • Well done. Now i have the words ‘billions of years’ stuck in my head.

  • Will Smith is the worst possible narrator for this show! A big joke, really! Animals and stuff were cool tho!

  • Esta é a série mais impressionante que eu já assisti, produção nota 1000.000 … E para quem a viu sabe que o que ocorre com nosso planeta, só tem uma explicação; É algo DIVINO coisa de DEUS

  • Does Jesus even exist?? The earth is so old .. why is Jesus so important? It all started with unicellular organisms finding better ways to get energy.. here we are

  • This show just proves how complex, powerful, and all knowing God is. Amazing, thank you National Geographic on shedding some light on how God created earth, life, and humanity 🙂

  • From France: the best serie i've ever see. Everyone must see this. Because our planet is so so so beautiful. We must protect her

  • shooting on Tanna Island Vanuatu at the Yasur Volcanoe happening now

  • Watched this on LSD. The pictures of Wat Phra Dhammakaya in Thailand were absolutely mindblowing

  • This has become one of my favorite series. It's extremely informative on how all form of life came to be, but what makes it different is that it makes it very emotional, and personal. It doesn't just give you the information, it also makes you understand how important every single person is, and how we are all here together as one. I recommend this show to everyone on the planet.

  • I got alot to learn from this documentary…. The best documentary every!!

  • Dear Nat Geo, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. This documentary changed my Vibe.? To everyone who participated in the making of this documentary, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!? To My Planet, Thank You, I Love You!

  • After watching this – you get nirvana

  • "The strangest place in the whole universe just might be … here." Cool. That is what the Bible says.

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