Old vs New: Evil Dead – Nostalgia Critic

*sighs* Critic: As flattered as I am that you would use me as a couple’s therapist, it is my non-professional opinion that you should see seek an actual professional. Hyper: But you’re the only one crazy enough to understand us! Devilboner: Yeah, and to be fair we do usually get along better when we take you against your will. Critic: Well I’ve been kidnapped so many times at this point, there’s probably a plumber constantly being “told that I’m in another castle. Devilboner: What can I say? We’re bound tighter
when you’re bound tighter! Hyper: And I can practice my arts and crafts on your manacles! Critic: Yes, they’re lovely, thanks… So, let’s get to the heart of the argument. Devilboner: Rather not talk about it… Critic: Good, I’d rather not hear about it. Key please. Hyper: It’s just that we thought that we agreed on every single thing and we found out that there’s one major hiccup. Devilboner: The Evil Dead movies. Critic: Yeah, if I had a nickel for every couple those broke up… Hyper: He prefers the remake, even though the original is the cult classic. Devilboner: It’s gooier and more realistic! Hyper: It’s demons possessing people,
how is that more realistic!? Devilboner: I can tell you some things… *arguing continues* Critic: The funny thing is it’s kind of amazing
we’re having this conversation at all. The original Evil Dead, a horror film about a
group of people being possessed by spirits, is still considered a cult classic. It put Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell on the map, led to hugely entertaining sequels and still stands as one of the most uniquely corny, yet somehow badass, horror films ever made. So, when it was announced a remake was coming out, people reacted how everybody reacts when they hear a remake is coming out. “It was betraying what was perfect!”, “Don’t fix what’s not broken!”, “Something about fucking your mother with a chainsaw”, it’s the internet, you know somebody said that. Yet when it came out, many people were surprisingly open to it. They said it was different enough to be its own thing, yet it had just enough callbacks and
practical effects to make it a loving send-up. The blood hit the fan, and a lot of people
seemed to have a gory good time. Well, most people. *HFG and DB continue arguing* *DB adds to the arguing by pulling out his gun* Critic: HEY! Devilboner: Oh, you can hear him but not me, huh?! Critic: DOUBLE HEY! Now a good therapist would tell you that disagreement is the core of compromise and being open to a new point of view helps you grow as a couple. Thankfully, i’m not a good thearpist so I say fight until somebody wins. Hyper & Devilboner: YEAH! Critic: So strap yourself in… … whether you have a choice or not; I don’t have a choice do I? Yeah. Kinda Figured. This is Old Vs. New: The Evil Dead NC: the one thing to keep in mind is we’re only doing the first Evil dead movies, not any of the sequels So, put away your phone-a-chainsaw hand from badass credit point card Hyper: Ooooh, but this is litteraly the only time that I could ever use this Devilboner: Don’t worry punches, I’ll find other times *scary glance* N.C: *looking confused* let’s start with story N.C: In many respects, the stories are very similar Two groups of people go to a cabin in the middle of the woods where they discover the Book of the Dead. They idiotically read it out loud, summoning the evil spirits, and one by one, the people are possessed, killed off, or maimed in some sort of beautifully grotesque way. Hyper: Exactly, they’re so similar, what’s even the point ? N.C: Well, the remake does have some few additions. N.C: In the original, they’re just going for a getaway, but in the new one, they’re going as a means to get their friend off drugs (Winner don’t do drugs) Not only does this already start off on a uncomfortable level, but it makes the belief of the supernatural all the more nerve-racking because they think it’s all just part of her withdraw On top of that, she and her brother have a mother that went crazy so both of them have a fear of losing control and not mentally knowing what’s going on. The story suddenly has more purpose, as the siblings are not only trying to stop these things, both mentally and physically, but also trying to figure out what’s real and what’s not. Devilboner:And also starts off as any psychologically challenging film should, VIOLENT AS HELL !! The first film, they just arrive at the cabin, but in this one, this chick is knocked out, her dad’s gonna burn her alive, for some reason that Eraser Head baby is there, and only as she’s fired up that she reveals her roasting bitch face !! Then, POP, goes the evil !! THAT’S how you start a gory movie, BLOOD!! Hyper: But what was the point of all that ? Devilboner: BLOOD !! H: How does this tie into anything ? N.C: You guys don’t mind if phone for help, do you ? H: No, go ahead. Devilboner: fine. HFG: I know it’s technically the people who were there before

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  • "You destroyed my mini-boner, I'll kill YOU!"
    Which Evil Dead wins, Evil Dead (1981) or Evil Dead (2013)?

  • 15:56 kills me every time

  • @25:36 That's alota gunz!!

  • I agree with most of your points, besides the gore part of the vid. It dosnt matter how much the actual actors got hurt and it dosnt matter how much effort or time it took. The new one looks more realistic so i feel like the gore in that one is a little better just saying :3

  • Did anybody else not get notified when critics uploading

  • Please do Amityville horror original vs 2005

  • The End is awesome! Nice job! Just like in the original.

  • i went in like cabin in the woods and came out bloody evil dead

  • You kinda did but will you do it

  • John Wayne's real name was Marion

  • Isn’t an R-rated remake of an NC-17 movie the same as a PG-13 remake of an R movie?

  • other than the fact that its a double remake.. evil dead was already remade in the 2.0 they remade and changed the story so really this might have been a 3 piece of a comparison.. they each were good before the remake that is most recent.. but to say yes the first one had ash as a different role compared to evil dead 2 that wasnt really a sequel but remastering the first go of evil dead.. where ash was more involved and developed the cult classic status.. so i think the real remake vs original should have really been evil dead 2 and the remake.. or all 3.. but good show you make dope content love the vids..

  • I prefer the original more, but this was a Damn good remake and holds up pretty well, which is more than what most remakes can say

  • I really want to enjoy this video, but the skits are so cringe and annoying. I know it’s NC’s comedy that made him what he is, but these characters and forced storylines are so annoying, I’ve made it about 12 minutes into the video and can’t watch anymore lol.

  • The new evil dead is so hardcore I can barely bring myself to watch it again. But I know I need to…I'm scared!

  • Did the remake get a sequel? No. Did the original get a sequel? Yes 2 of them and a series on Starz. Winner is the original.

  • 5:53

  • Who be Ash?

  • Cancet can go fuck itself niy even its mom loves it . There mom commited suicide because if cancer


  • I know the evil dead crossovered with the marvel universe earth 2149 making the super powered smart marvel zombie

  • What the fuck

  • Rip critic

    He missed food

  • Ha ha ha love the ending 😂👏👏

  • Wait, isn't the evil dead remake technically a sequal as the creator points out the necronomicon can repeat events so technically the remake is actually a sequal so we shouldn't be fighting at all

  • The woman in the Bloodshower is the evil entity that created the book.

  • well it's kinda fuck up to not used the 2 sequels for this batlle, since without them they're will have been no remake and you can clearly see the second evil dead inspirations in the remake.

  • Ash vs eveil dead

  • Classic is demonic, macabre, top notch music and sound effects, blood looks like real blood gory and bright red,you feel possessed thru the whole movie.

    Remake is laughable, 80% of the comment section dissing all scenes, todays Hollywood doesn’t match that Golden era as hard as they want to try

    Same reason no modern terminator movies cannot surpass T1 and T2

  • I might need to watch them both again but the only part of the remake that scared the absolute shit out of me like the original was the basement jump scare where she fucking glides.

    The original however made me cringe, and once ash is all alone I felt this sense of isolation. Those monsters are out there. And guess what? They’re fucking with you. There’s too many openings in the cabin to cover. And one of them is your girlfriend, taunting you. And another is your sister in the basement. And one is something so inconceivably horrific, the main character screams in terror as he sees it.

    Oh and the trees rape you.

    Edit: original wins

  • Horror Movies shouldn't have happy ending it's a horror movie if anything nobody should be spared and it should just end on some sort of dark note prime example of this the first Paranormal Activity movie it ended with the possessed Woman lunging at the camera that is how horror should end.

  • I thought Spider-Man put sam rami on the map

  • For a new Old vs. New, I reccomend REC vs. Quarantine. Like if you'd see that

  • 9:42 That's not a problem, though. That just makes him more interesting. If you watch THE Evil Dead with the commentary, you'll find out that they wanted to audience to assume that Scott was the main character and Ash was like his goofy sidekick or something (like the Shaggy to Scott's Fred).
    10:00 Really? Does that even count as a complaint? You didn't ever think, assuming that your first Evil Dead film was the second or third, that "Ash" was short for something? "Ashley" is an either-way name just like "Kelly."
    16:55 "The gore in these movies is awesome," you mean. "In these movies" is a prepositional phrase.
    18:15 * insert Oingo Boingo reference that no one will get *

  • The only thing I dont like about the third evil dead film its that it became more of a comedy ,I like a few of the things from it but for me was kinda of a letdown.Havent watch the reboot yet.

  • 28:06 those headphones look rather modern for this old movie,never notice that when I saw it for the first time.

  • "POP GOES THE EVIL! " is my favorite devil boner quote. Except maybe "Bruce Campbell lovin' hand"

  • In Evil dead 2 ash is amazing

  • I'm surprised the tree in the first evil dead didn't require that broad to have a bag over her head before it sodomized her.

  • Horse shit, Ash is the much better character. The only reason Mia does more is because they grafted Ash from all three of the movies on to her. Ash organically developed over time.

  • RIP Mini Boner and Puppet Fan Girl

  • As a guy who’s cousin produced all Evil Dead movies (Robert Tapert) I can say it’s a tie

  • the remake sucks end of debate

  • Hail to the king, baby.

  • Wait I thought the new Evil Dead movie was a sequel. And why I think that, is because if you wait until the credits are over, there's a short alternative scene of Ash (from the original movie). And doesn't it ties with Ash vs Evil Dead show?
    And one more thing!
    "These are really good chips!"

  • I think we can all agree that both movies are not scary. They are just really intense and shocking but not really chill inducing or something that would keep you up at night.

  • Ok but Mia or the Evil dead wouldn't be anything without Ashley or Evil Dead so….

  • I wonder what Nostalgia Critic would say about the musical.

  • His name could have been Ashton. *sigh

  • What a Cringeworthy video.

  • If someone ask me, I love the original and the remake. Both are great. Watch both, they are amazing. And the Tv Serie

  • The new wayyy best

  • Puppet thing cracked me up

  • Ash:groovy


  • Nah – first two categories go the original as well.
    It wins on all fronts.

  • I actually like the remake better. I just don't like the cheap, cheesy feel of the original one. Some people say it has a charm, but to me it's just not fun to watch.

  • Ash: Swallow this!!!
    I remembered those badass lines from Evil Dead. 😀

  • Look at Bruce, look at the remake… now look at Bruce again. need I say more?

  • I love both. Evil dead remake is one of few remakes I enjoy. Heck i have the evil dead games

  • Evil dead 2 over both.
    Army of darkness on it's own, as it's crazy and wonderful.

    Ash vs the evil dead?
    I never saw it. Always wanted to, as i heard it's a direct sequel to the first 3 done right

  • Old it’s Best

  • I think the atmosphere in th og is better because like the infamous scene in the og. The atmosphere shows they are the forests bitch.


  • The remake is a lot more of a comedy than the original. In that respect, it’s closer to Evil Dead 2

  • 24:24, devilboner put his gun down, why is it still pushed up against dougs face

  • Original was better it was more groovy

  • Evil dead 1981 for sure but Evil Dead 2013 is still good

  • Craziet couple of all time

  • This review is wank

  • I think the eraser head person was the sister grandma

  • I will forever love evil dead two, mainly the laughing dear part

  • 18:00 best line ever spoken on channel awesome

  • I’m trying to remember a movie more specifically a scene from that movie
    The scene in question is when some people enter a building full of zombies not they fans to kill them.

  • John Wayne's real name was Marion Mitchell Morrison …

  • Old good. New bad

  • They can remake the movie but they can never replace ash

  • The remake is not better u dont know poop lol

  • "Exactly! They're so similar, what's even the point?"

    Me when addressing the 2019 Lion King remake. LOL

  • Nono

  • I think the new Evil Dead is much better than the original and its one of the best horror movies ever made

  • what pusest hem is it mini boner

  • I like the original more but I know the remake has things way better like the story and effects

  • 7:50 ceiling 9:50 10:22not a very interesting guy10:00 what a bizarre naming choice10:40 is amazing11:10 kind of the victim

  • Evil Dead 2013 is best that,s it.

  • U guys suck

  • Sex in the woods will never be the same……Whenever I see the old "wood" scene in the original, I can hear the old "I Wanna Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd from the early 90's in my head, in the background.
    My hand puppet likes classical literature.
    "READ A BOOK!"- Handy

  • SCP 096



  • Love your channel, I like and push all the youtube buttons from all that i watch, I have had a drink or two LUL and i love Evil Dead, so i do appologise, but its in good faith 🙂 … As a leather worker … I'm more pissed that the 2013 book had NO face or ear or anything making it disturbing … ALL we know … its just some random cow skin they picked up at the local Tandy Leather Store …. like wtf … I Can Literally Hand tool a book in under 2 hours that'll be better served than what they showed …. "Doesn't Tie into anything" …. where did you find that lady ??? …. Simple and un assuming, yet everyone is Assuming what the movie already is because of the title ??? Hello ?? Don't know what you're in for …. Gives away too much too soon …. Without that scene, the movie would have been in line with the OG film … Only thing different is one persons a druggie and a dog dies …. other than that its how the film was delivered … And instead of Gore "Pron" like Saw or other Low Brained Writing material that can't string a plot together, This actually has a ryhme AND reason … And for the Ellen Sandwise moment with the tree … ITS HORROR … ITS A HORROR FILM …. ARE YOU NOT HORRIFIED THAT A TREE CAN ACTUALLY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU ???? HELLO Mc FLY ???!??!!? A Demon Infected Tree is the problem ?? like wtf is wrong with people that can watch a Serial Killer hack and Slash TONS of teenagers but when it comes to one Demon Tree F'ing a character, Everyone seems to be able to find the local White Horse to jump on ???? THERE WAS NO EXPLOITATION …. Its like someone making a movie about Dumbo, YOU ARE EXPLOITING ELEPHANTS …. Can't make a movie without some hipster saying its Exploiting something when the literal meaning of a film is to Exploit and broaden a persons perspective on life !!! yet people call it exploiting like its a bad thing when they can't even understand their own humanity …. The Whole Scene with the Demon tree ties in with EVERYTHING the movie is about …. wtf …. The guy who made this movie WAS NOT TAPPER …. IT WAS SAM RAMI !!! …. Tapper was a producer ALONG with Campbell … wtf … and thier carriers had JACK to do with what they did in Evil Dead !! … I'm really weary of this channel and common sense … and Critics of movies in general when they can't seem to observe simple plot points that involve chaotic demons …

  • I love devil boner his personality is one of my favorite next to the devil.

  • The original Evil Dead was filmed in my Hometown of Morristown, TN. 😂.

  • what i like about mia: shes basically eveyr horror movie character in one.
    the hot girl, the druggie, the demonic villain coming after everyone, and finally, the final girl/hero who saves the day

  • why is this age restricted ?

  • That intro skit was actually pretty good!

  • I have no idea what has just happened

  • I swear that if the original didn't exist, and the reboot was just it's own movie, it would have gotten so much more love. It IS a good horror film

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