Old Gays Look Back At Their Younger Selves

Do you mind if I ask you how old you are? I’m 74, I’m 65 75 I’m 62. Do you ever look back at photographs of yourself? Yes. Yes, not really I’m gonna show you pictures of your younger selves and get your response to them Okay. Okay. Let’s go for it. Oh That’s cute these men are so cute i love them Where my head was bigger than the rest of me. And what’s happening in the picture. I was two how do I remember? So that’s our little sailor. Uh-huh. I’m either three or four years old. Did your mother take you to a professional photographer? Yeah. back then, when there weren’t as many cameras around. and he still has hair I think that can be said for all of us. Were you always bald? Was I? I don’t know that first picture of you was that must be sweet little old innocent thing You’re squiting. Waiting. You had to use the restroom. I didn’t like having pictures taken at me when I was little this was 1945 right after World War Two what a time to be alive It was then not during the war. And you were a towhead? Yeah, what’s the towhead? a blonde almost platinum Nordic looking? Were you a large child? No, never chunky there was baby fat in the early years, but that wore off pretty fast. Is that you Mick? No, it’s not me. Okay. I’m just grinning. It’s me in Palm Springs in 1954 that’s the road out there. There’s no gate or anything else. The cars just pulled up. What and no wall? No protection from the street at all. And did you end up diving or is it just for show? just for show He wasn’t gonna mess that hair up. No. Oh Handsome. I had hair. Yeah you had some but it was awfully short We kept it that way. Your whole life? it was pre afro. What year was that? Whenever I was 16 count back 53 plus 16 what years that? 43 plus 16 would be… 53! oh, that’s you Look at that jawbone, you had hair too – that was my senior prom Probably the last time in my life, there was a girl standing to my left. Did you know that you were gay at that time? Oh Yeah, I had had my first gay experience about four or five years before that when I was around 12 That’s another one. You look so football-ish. Yeah, you look like a real jock. Do I? I was pretty queer I did go out to football for one Practice and I got tackled. The next day I joined the band Much safer Ohhh, we know who that is What is that you? yes, I was 20. I’ve lived on the oceanfront with a man who was 25 years older than myself This was a Polaroid he did for an oil portrait he was painting of me. I bet you had a good time? Yep, but if I knew then what I knew now Nobody would be safe. Oh That’s Bill again. Of course, it is. Look at that jacket, babe you working it! No! how old were you? I was 21. You look older there. You look like a used car salesman Yeah, well I was in the men’s clothing business at the time. Is that one of your clothing attires you sold? Yes, well, I remember when plaid was big. Oh, I had it too. Everyone had Indian madras shirts. It was the thing. Wow That’s Mr. Mick. You could have stood in for James Dean. This was my first photo shoot taken in 1981 so I would be 25 ha ha Now, he’s really smiling. At that time they were going for the blonde blue-eyed That’s why I didn’t make it. I came out here to be a movie star which didn’t happen We’ll see little late no, I it’s not late until you dead! that’s it now you look very athletic There I was I played baseball and ran track. Did you dance acrobatic type dancing? Not then no I was a good church boy and oh, we didn’t do that. Oh, oh I can still do that look. You can? with the hair if I go and purchase some Oh my God! Jiminy Christmas That’s what I expect. That’s Mr. Man. Don’t tell me that was the same year No, this was taken in 1991. So I would have been 35. I has abs then. six pack? I had a six pack I wanted one of those? Oh I guess you don’t have swim trunks on do you? the photographer did a beautiful job? He had a good eye because he just caught everything except one thing Yes, you had to ask? Wasn’t the first time In show business, it means getting your kit off No. It’s not me anymore. It’s that photo of a person at that time Ah that’s Bob! Bad hair day? You said you never did drag before? Well, I’m this is a clown. You look so innocent there. I know I was! Ahh! The lady rains forty years old. I love being a blonde those spaghetti straps Just hanging down and that cleavage. Just you know. Painted in?! You paint it to make it look deeper Oh RuPaul, where are you when we need you. Did other people beat you you look beat for the gods. That’s for sure You notice how we’re picking up the gay jargon? It’s fun looking back and seeing from where we have come and how we have grown and how we’ve changed Over the years. Yeah Physically, the four of us have taken different paths and now we’re here. Lucky to still be here to look at them. Amen. Almost Everybody in the pictures I was looking at are dead now and I’m the only one who’s alive I mean when I was growing up, I thought I’d be dead by 40 and now it’s 74 I’m just I’m amazed. Do you have any advice off for younger gays? Live, enjoy life, don’t take it for granted, but laugh. Keep the laughter because it makes you young Keep yourself around younger people because we’re learning from each other. and don’t take yourself too seriously Relax, have a good time. Smile life’s fun The younger people will get very disturbed about some little something that’ll go wrong But in the perspective of your life, it’s such a little speck It doesn’t have that much meaning so get over it. Move on Thank you for sharing with me today my brothers, thank you. You’re welcome. It’s been fun. Good

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