Obama claims credit for ‘longest streak of job creation’ in US history

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  • The recovery act artificially boosted employment rates through allowing the billions of money set aside for strapped home owners to help save their homes– he let go to development, to pop up housing offices to up staff that we know will go when the program ends, and Obama knows that we have stripped all workers rights so that states can force people to accept jobs that are insufficient and fail to match wealth and experience. Family incomes are still down because people are under employed but they have no choice — and the 400 we are up in income that was claimed how much of that is undercut when people go to pay taxes and find their payrole witholdings where insufficient and that is how trump manufactured the much needed bosts in take home pay.Neither of them did much to help it the average american — they chose even with the hardest hit to sell out home owners to the big banks.

  • Trump would need a "magic wand" to bring those manufacturing jobs back. The economy would "crash" if Trump won…if Obama was so confident that he fixed things he would have predicted Trump would build on his success. This woman is full of BS…Obama did not create 8.1 million jobs.

  • You know is true when even cavuto agrees

  • Obama created more government jobs, which are unproductive and are paid with taxes. These leechy governments jobs are not a good thing. Focus on productivity, growth and the jobs will come.

  • Obama > tRump …as a President, as an American, as a Man… Obama > tRump

  • Obama was president when Wal Mart and Starbucks were taking over the world. Most of those jobs should be credited to those two companies alone not Obama

  • As I remember it, everything bad during Obama's presidency was Bush's fault. Therefore, the recovering economy must also have been Bush's fault. Too, Obama told us, "You didn't build that." I would have to think that also means Obama didn't do anything to build the economy by his own logic.

  • Blahaha it's thanks to Donald Trump's policies that we have the longest record 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Why doesn't O'bama claim credit for authorizing Joe Biden to withhold aid to Ukraine unless they fired the official looking into the company that Hunter Biden was working for? Seeing as how there is video of Joe Biden implying that O'bama gave Joe the authority to do so.

  • Obama, please give us a break!…

  • TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  • The only thing O'bummer can take credit for is being the 1st rump ranger in the oval office.

  • When will Fox WAKE UP and STOP airing total lies as news. This is disgusting ! Please WAKE UP Neil Cavuto !!

  • Market cycles rise and fall regardless of who's president. They influence some things, because they have a small influence on the federal reserve, but negligible. For a president to take credit for the economy is like the breeder bull taking credit for the milk production of the entire farm… another bull would have done the exact same job, and would have little effect on the way the milk business is run.

  • Just wait 6 months you'll see trumps failings when this next recession rolls around.

  • Cavuto. Bolton. Everybody from Trump's past adm. Talks about him

  • GDP under Obama is barely 2.00%
    GDP under Trump is 2.00%+

  • They can claim anything they like. The proof is in the populace.

  • Obama wasn’t wrong!

  • Dude you can't claim credit after you said live on tv manufacturing jobs weren't coming back and then said Trump did not have a magic wand. You outright lying after you yourself denied possibility. Do you have no shame, do you think everyone is so stupid they do not remember what you say.

  • Never knew President Obama to lie.

  • So basically both Obama & Trump gets credited for making economy stronger. But clearly most of you in the comment section would rather die than give Obama an ounce of credit.

  • vote blue in November.

  • who is paying you

  • Facts are obama brought this country out if reccession… I'm fully republicans and can admit we are living off of his work… truth is TRUMP is a lying con man who embarrasses our great nation wit him corrupt political ways…. Anybody at this point is better then Trump… He is turning our nation into a banana republic

  • I miss having Obama as our president. Never thought I would say that. We NEED Obama back before Trump truly turns America into a Facist country.

  • Of course Obummer is completely FOS, and of course this will not stop him and the rest of the Democrats, including of course their lapdog Democrat "news" media, from spewing this latest lie more and more, the closer we get to the election. They know most of the media's in the tank for them, and will parrot whatever BS they're told to.

  • This is all he's done talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk NONSENSE

  • 🤣🤣🤣 he also claims he’s married to a woman

  • when i saw it was neil i knew he would be crediting obama…those shovel ready jobs and cash for clunkers really worked out huh neil?


  • How easy people forget the effect "Obama-Care" regulations had on employment. The jobs created under Obama were part time jobs, businesses were penalized for full time workers so many people lost their full time jobs and had to get multiple part time jobs. Yes having 3 part time jobs is an increase in employment, if you want to twist things that way. Proof is the side by side increase in welfare and food stamp recipients under Obama. Having 3 million more, part time, low paying jobs that require government assistance is nothing to brag about. Trump created real jobs, lowered the government assistance and median incomes increase. Apples to oranges.

  • He destroyed healthcare in America. 1/6 of America's economy. That's your legacy Barry

  • Congratulations Obama ! It isn’t your fault if most Americans don’t understand how the economy works.

  • Classy president. It is about time you claim the credit. Where have you been?

  • Lord of the lies does what he does best….

  • Shameless Marxist

  • Oh man I’m sure glad these blood and sweat jobs are being created, I always wanted to be a coal miner after graduating

  • Why do you repeat what this dumbass obama says? You do know it is only the media and liberal politicians that listen to obama right?

  • Obama is amazing he takes credit for Trumps accomplishments then in 2012 he blames previous President for why economy was growing so slowly please OBAMA GO AWAY

  • ???????????????HOW iS THAT WALL we are paying for COMING????????? :]

  • Jerk. Worst President ever


  • Obama did nothing…..

  • *&^#(*&@(#&(*@&#(*&@(*^$Talk to all the out of work miners you moron's and all the bankrupt Coal Companies.!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))

  • Amen … Thanks to president Obama for doing the hard work of getting us out of a recession created by Republicans 🤭… Sad that agent orange is getting the credit for it ☹️. Reminds me of the 1000 loan he said he got .. wait or was it 1000000 than again it could be 40000000 .. 🍊 always had a good start and run around saying he did hard world .. the hardest work he ever done was fudging people and fudging them senseless like his followers and all those who's going to say otherwise.

  • Ovomit sucks. He couldn't run a hotdog stand

  • OMG… Obama and Administration toting the premise that it was Obama and his economy acumen. Trump has literally turned around our economy without “FUDGING THE NUMBERS!”

  • Nah barry is tripping!! All he did was give free phones in the hood and kept many people in the ghetto on welfare. People are just to stupid to realize it!!! And they feed off that " lets keep the ignorant!! ignant!!! Ya mean!!!

  • Trump supporters are so stupid… they think everything the "media" says is fake news but then they believe everything they hear on some right wing youtube channel… They can't think for themselves.

  • Gtfo this ain't news smh

  • I don't have any more money

  • The only thing he can lay claim to is the biggest, longest shitstain in American history. Why are we still talking about this fool?

  • They're wrong, what CNN just said true.
    Racist Fox news just discredited him for being black and competent.
    Just look at those who lived through Obama era.

  • It's obvious that obummer never understood economics, just look at his eight years of lies as he got a on another plane to go golfing in some other country! That's what the idiot did, play golf and worked on nothing else!! A complete loser! 🇺🇸Trump 2020

  • They're building the wall of shame in the Whitehouse just for bath house Barry's presidential portrait.

  • Simple question. If the economy is the best ever, why are we bleeding Trillions?

  • I have two word's for the joke named obama. "Go Away!"

  • The only economy the Traitor Hussein made stronger was that of his family and of the Biden's Crime Syndicate. He's worth $150 mil today.Honestly earned of course, "book deals",wink wink. He turned out to be a great bestseller writer that guy and a comedian to boot.
    The Biden Family Crime Syndicate earned half a billion thanks to Sleepy Joe's negotiating skills. Worst President EVER and Durham will prove it a few months from now. Dershowitz is already starting to drop hints.

  • hahahahahahaha hahahaha hahahahahahaha nice try mr. does he have a magic wand. obama broke America and it gave birth to the Trump REVOLUTION…

  • What people forget Is the fact that the jobs Obama takes credit for were mostly minimum wage jobs which allowed for the highest number of working people in history collecting food stamps (46,000,000 people). Trump created much higher paying jobs in technology and manufacturing that people could be proud of, without the stigma of being looked at as food stamp "charity cases".

  • WoW, read the comments… trump supporters are so ignorant… One actually said Obama played too much golf…

  • OH'bama wasn't even an American!

  • cavuto just got his spin cycle debunked by the Steve Moore LOL.

  • Putin would of made a better president than what obamo could of ever dreamed of

  • When Durham releases his report, all roads will lead to Kenya…

  • Look at this idiot, why does he have a show? Cavuto you are a lowlife political hack.

  • The reason for the economic boom is probly from all the pay wages bein raised so much. Inflation seems 2 b occurring at a faster pace then b4. Jobs r at a hi level rite now but so iz that white supremacy bs, police brutality & just ALL AROUND HATE. Every1 iz so quik 2 ridicule, blame or bully others or get violent when they don't get their way, like adult temper tantrums or sumthin. Then u got folks that wud say "toughin up". Don't b such a baby. Don't b a peach. Them folks miss tha point of calm non hostile negotiation

  • I remember the recovery summer. Nothing recovered. Not then, not today. Markets are all fake.

  • Somebody please tell Obummer he's completely irrelevant .
    He should be worried about the IG report and Biden's extortion of the Ukraine that he obviously knew about.

  • OBAMA CON!!!

  • Obama you gave all that money. And we all know you pocketed some of that money to. Thief thief thief thief thief thief thief thief.


  • Not true….

  • Let’s ask the farmers how they’re doing thanks to Trump’s tariffs…
    Oh. That’s right. Trump gave the corporate farms a bailout who used the money to buy family farms that went bankrupt.

  • How convenient, blame Bush for everything bad, then take credit for the good Trump has done.

  • It’s true. Obama turned the second worst economic crisis into the longest recovery ever.

  • Obama was the president of Wall Street

  • Obama was a nothing man for the economy ,big Hee Haw man…..He wasted , bought,. sold and corrupted more then ANY OTHER PRESIDENT….I DONT GIVE OBAMA NO CREDIT…BUY OUTS, BANKS, ETC..NO WAY ..LOSS OF 401 K's…you got to be kidding…everybody knows…

  • Let's do this it's a race 400 meters the runners are Clinton,Bush,Obama and trump right Clinton starts the race has a slight lead hands of to Bush ,bush falls behind the pack hands of to Obama, Obama catches up to the pack then takes the lead expands the lead then hands of to trump, trump keeps the lead and keeps expanding the lead who gets credit for winning the race. That's the question let me see your answers.

  • Yeah so I couldnt find a job in detroit from 2011-2017 cause Obama was so great… RIGHT.
    People wanted me to have an AS-Engineering degree and pay 23$ an hour for "Shop Help" Thats what obama did. Turn 2 decent paying jobs anyone can get into 1 job only a college kid idiot can get and earn an unfair wage from a forced insurance policy..

  • I'm going to pull an Obama . I give credit to myself even though I did nothing

  • Obama is such a loser, He already said that Trump would need the magic wand. Remember.

  • Only a complete moron or a Demonrat thinks this economy is because of Obama.

  • I stopped watching worthless cavuto the 1st time he bad mouthed my president. PRESIDENT TRUMP!2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • I remember Obama saying the jobs were never going to come back. Those jobs were gone forever. I also remember the Factories were still leaving to go to China at that time. I also remember in the beginning Obama hanging around with GE President Jeffrey Immelt. I also remember Obama making him our Jobs Czar. I also remember after our new jobs Czar Immelt got a Billion Dollars from Obama he closed 2-GE Union Factories here in America. I also remember he went to China and Built Beautiful New Factory in China. Is our Jobs Czar supposed to do that? I also remember him on a talk show 6- months later saying Communism works and how Great it is. But I don’t remember him saying that Slave Labor makes it Great for him. When Trump became President he said he was Going to bring them Companies back and did. Good thing I got a good Memory.


  • Its true !!!! King barry created more minimum wage/part time jobs than anyone. People had to leave their full time good jobs cause barrys epa ran companies out of country.

  • Obama said he couldn’t bring manufacturing jobs back. Trump bought them back.

  • Hope a magic wand waves over Obama’s head and he disappears

  • Obama care didn't help me garbage looks like Obama.

  • Obama should move to China to be a communist

  • dont you remember waving the magic wand

  • I was laid off in early 2010 at age 56 due to defense-spending cut backs brought on by Obama. He campaigned on a promise to cut defense spending and the Pentagon quickly slammed its wallet shut even before he entered the White House. By late 2011 in the final year of Obama's first term I still couldn't find a job despite having excellent qualifications and being willing to accept a cut in pay. The economy sucked and my wife and I had to cash in all of our savings and retirement funds. Obama was a lame duck in his second term and I saw nothing positive coming from his White House. He actually made things worse by wasting millions if not billions of tax dollars and IMO revealed, as Americans of all stripes feared, that he was indeed a political puppet sadly lacking in experience – and that's putting it politely. Like millions of others, I never did find a job. Any claims by him and his party that he was responsible for the current economy are a sick joke spewed by a desperate and failing Democrat Party.

  • If the economy was in the tubes would Obama take credit for that? Yeah I don't think so.

  • The only thing Obama can do is take credit for what trump did… but what he can do is just talk…

  • If I can recall correctly. I swear I remember soon after Obama was elected back in Nov 2008, Unemployment went so high that the Federal Gov had to add a supplement to UI payments in a lot of states including mine state of AZ. In fact that is also around the time when the homeless rate started to incline and only gotten worse. From 2009 to 2016 the homeless here alone in Phoenix sprung up with increasing population of homeless people. So much that is a way of life with a lot of people and a lot of them ride bicycles and carry backpacks on them. They are the reason why a lot of Circle K's in certain areas don't allow you to bring your backpack with you in the store and demands that you have it leave it at the front counter. That is how bad the homeless population has grown here in Phx that I seen arise sometime in 2009 when the Unemployment rate went up so high that the Fed Gov kicked in the supplement. If I recall correctly Obama even talked about how he was going to fix our national deficit and we would struggle from it for a while. I guess his version of fixing our deficit was to give Billions of $'s to our enemies? To me all Obama did was weaken our country in many ways (Sabotage) and then gave all of our money to countries like Iran?

  • Fact check on CNN.

  • Why don't you just shut up boy nobody believes anything you say anyway

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