Nunes: Only Comey has said Mifsud is a Russian asset

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  • It's been KNOWN for over a year that Misfud had ties to BRITISH intelligence. And the fact he presented himself as having ties to the Russians to Papadopoulos is meaningless. He HAD to say that so he could plant that BS about the Russians having Hillary's emails into Papadopoulos' head. Misfud was "pump" in the "pump and dump" gambit (probably setup by Halper") so that "Australian diplomat" could do the "dump" part of the operation by telling the FBI that Papadopoulos was aware that the Russians had dirt on Hillary.

  • Nunes committed Obstruction Of Justice, and acted against our justice system.
    As of June 10 the Washington Post Fact Checker has cataloged 10,796 times Trumpo The Orange Clown has lied to the American people since taking office.

  • Nunes is pathetic.A clown in a circus with the other Republicans.He is not worth a vote.Part of Trumps swamp.

  • This is much more than politics. Its pure scripture being exposed. Evil VS good. By way of GOD , evil is on its way out and those who support satan know it. Thats why the panic to remove TRUMP.

  • Why is easy, lame stream globalist news media print or say what they are provided on a daily basis from the propaganda distribution dept where scripts and articles come from. Is this factual, no but, do I believe that they are told the agenda to follow from soros one way or another, yes.

  • When the bomb drops on Mifsud's ties to Western Intelligence….
    I just can not wait. I can not wait to find out who direct;y set him up to meet PapaD

  • Every time you Russian trolls pose as an American we will do the same to you. Happy trolling

  • Either everything I watch here is untrue or you guys, are really crap at prosecuting! I say you guys, Republicans and right wingers.

  • Look into Diplomatic Freight services and the Port of Baltimore and Nancy Pelosi and Bob Mueller and Uranium One and the Gulftainer Project and the Awan brothers and all the blackberrys and green phones and you will get the truth. I strongly suggest following George Webb as he is about 3 years ahead of you.

  • what no need for the Nunes translator lol

  • If Dan had his own fox show he'd take over cable news period. He is beyond knowledgeable.

  • RepugnantCons tinfoil conspiracies are literally being carried by no other news outlet in the world. Not even a slight mention. Just FOAX NEWS.

  • ..Blah Yes! and then!..Plus why!..and Now! Imagine!!…Is true that is hard to believe what happens in this destroyed democracy, but what this clowns are pulling looks like buggers

  • @2:00 BOOM! exactly

  • Comey who leaks more than the Titanic.

  • NunesMcCarthey 2024!

  • Don't believe anything Devin Nunes has to say. He's a hack.

  • Draft-dodging pervert Trump in a cage….Sane Americans demand it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nothings going to happen to anybody this is a soap opera it keeps us all entertained.

  • The Media are simply the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

    Which is an Organized Crime Syndicate.

  • Mifsud is dead, so…this is a dead end…why spend so much time on this dead man and not on Seth Rich?

  • James Comey knows that Misfud is dead!

  • The Media is using Orwellian tactics to brainwash Americans.

  • "WRONG"? "HOAX"? < Not right used together. ? As for 'Hoax' This was FAR WORSE than a 'hoax'.

  • While Putin & Xi are stopping USA & ISRAEL from waging illegal dirty wars in the mideast <<< TheGoyiimOfThrones

  • Mifsud was definitely one of the several paid spies sent by the FBI/CIA to entrap Papadopalous and others in the Trump campaign.

  • Im gonna unsubscribe. Fox has turned into CNN and covers them more than anything. They are now covering the Russian Hoax and we hear the same as the last 2-3 years. tc

  • Fox should give Dan his own show.

  • If you're Russian agent and your last name is Mifsud, you can visit United States and State Department anytime you want without getting arrested.

  • Guess mueller is a dud

  • This is the clown who called antifa "white supreeeemacists"
    Conservatism is a joke.

  • Don't forget about Dumbo Downer.

  • Socialism's is godless, so there is neither truth nor lie, just say (and do) whatever it takes to get their own desire. (Reprobate minds comes to mind.)

  • I give fox a thumbs down……….. No matter the excellent person like Mr. Nunes.. Fox is still pushing dem. policy. As soon as your back is turned, fox twists
    the narrative.

  • Trump tweeting I had nothing to do with Russia helping me get elected,so he admitted he is a criminal,so sad,under the oath to America!!!!

  • Ok Dan – you're doin good , but calm down 🙂 take a lesson from Maria

  • What have Nunes Gataz Jordan Gowdy… EVER ACHIEVED WITH THEIR SMEARS >>> NOTHING BURGERS.

  • How much hair dye is involved in the typical newscast on television? Well, a whole lot, it’s the breast milk that nourishes the operation totally. It would be impossible to produce a news and information program without it; I’ve even heard it referred to as the new ‘ink’ in both cable and broadcast news…

  • NUNES for POTUS 2024!

  • All these questions are so easily answered. They did ask the right questions, to protect the deep state and the puppets (congress). These people are sick treasonous demons. They aren't trying to protect, they are trying to bring down this United States. The questions they don't ask, they already know the answers to and they don't want you to, because they are responsible- they are the why.

  • Comey is as bent as a $9 note

  • trump won 3,084ridings of 3,141counties !!! killery won 57ridings !!!!!!president trump won 98.18%%% of usa ridings !!!electoral college . . trump 304!! killery 227 !!!!evil demonkkkrat traitors only won popular vote by massive 22mil to 50mil illegal aliens election voter fraud !!!!!!arrest and deport all illegal aliens !!!! !! walkaway blexit jewexit is 40%%%% !!!!in 2020 trump's win will be massive !!!!!!! arrest all evil;;; rino msm commie Marxist antifa sanctuaryofficials muslimbrotherhood demonkkkrat traitors !!!kick in all doors at 4am !! seize all assets !! ship all to rikers island !! build the wall 40ft tall '!!! trump 2020 magakag '!! Ivanka 2024 kag !!

  • Nyt wash post CNN msnbc and other news media can lie and twist and editoralize and it's hogwash not evidence

  • Devy the betacuck trying to be relevant….
    I like this clip from an article about the little cow tipper:

    “Nunes made a secret visit to the White House to find supposed proof that Trump was surveilled during the election, claims he later backed away from. Then Nunes concocted an entire news cycle around a memo he created that promised to reveal more shocking information about the investigation into Russia’s 2016 election interference, but that flopped, too.”

    -Will Sommer
    The Daily Beast
    June 13/2019

  • Both Nunes and Bongino are awesome patriots!

  • This is a klusterfuck! People should have saw this coming when Obama made that executive order to make information sharing among the Intel Community easier. I knew that's exactly what it was for. Keep people confused and so nobody can ever get to the bottom of the situation because information changes too many hands under these circumstances

  • The main stream media is part of the coup.

  • He was a British and Obama agent!

  • IF REP. NUNES said it it is true.He is a honest man.

  • I thought he was an Italian guy. What the …

  • Mueller/Weisman… Enron/Arthur Anderson prosecution techniques all over again? With impunity?

  • Main STREAM media….sad..FAKE

  • My two favorite Men Dan BONGINO and Devin Nunes

  • How do we the American Taxpayers demand the trial & prosecution of the criminal democrats/socialist for their attempted coup, election meddling and countless other crimes ? We are held accountable if we break the law, they should be aswell.

  • I don’t know where Bonjino’s jawline ends and neck begins.

  • Donald Trump is a crook.

  • Get it straight.. our tax dollars are spent by Mueller group to include LYING NEWS MEDIA REPORTS as " Evidence " ???? FAKE NEWS is not correct.. NO ! The media is the " LYING NEWS MEDIA" !!! Please pass it on ….

  • Media doesn't want the truth, Trump was not their President.

  • Misfud, Halper, Steele all Clowns hired by Hillary/DNC to frame Trump. We knew this one year ago. Funny how Mueller didn't interview these 3 Clowns that had all the so-called evidence.

  • I used to think Nunes was a scumbag, but here lately he's been proving me wrong. I hope he continues to. We have enough scumbaggery running wild.

  • Great job Dan, you and Nunes are hearoes that people can trust…God bless America! Patriots unite!..

  • Nunes you are an idiot and a gutless bastard that will do and say anything to back the traitor in Chief. You sold your soul and the country a long time ago.


  • The Media didn't .get it wrong ,they reported what they were told to say then the FBI used it to be able to spy on Trump

  • It's really incredible the duplicity of fake news sources like NYT, WaPo, CNN and ABC. I feel really bad for people who follow those sources because of badly they are being misled; why won't they cover Mifsud's obvious ties to Western Intelligence including the FBI? Even if they want to pretend to be unbiased, they are straight up plain lying to people about what's really going on. How they are able to continue to lie to the American people with no consequences is baffling to me.

  • Mifsud went missing on 6 November 2017 (aged 56–57); Rome, Italy. So why don't they look for him and ask the ?s.

  • We know that guy had connections to Italian intelligence, he probably knows Stephen Halper, the other spy who's British and worked with Christopher Steele.

  • Nowhere in this piece did either of them plainly state the significance of Misfud being a Western asset. They never cited it as evidence of a vast anti-Trump conspiracy.

  • Love Devin Nunes

  • Russia still loves and supports our Trump вол и в том числе и на

  • Nunez should be deported back to Mexico

  • Jim Comey answered, “I don’t know,” “I don’t recall,” and “I don’t

    remember” 236 times while under oath. But he remembered enough to

    write a book.

  • When are people going to jail? If it was a every day citizen we’d be under the jail.

    When are we going to hold them a countable for their evil deeds? A traitor to our nation I traded to the American people a traitor to the President Trump my goodness when are people going to jail or are we just going to be talking about it for the next 10 years and not do a thing about it !!!!!!!

  • Boycott the Census! 
    No Citizenship question, WE DO NOT CONSENT!

  • Nunes is a trade or

  • Jesus Christ is LORD not Donald Trump. Focus on Christ. Jesus said "follow me", he did not say follow Trump nor anyone else.

  • Something else must be going on in Washington for the Dems to still be getting away with this. My guess is that they’re bullies and make threats too.

  • Because the left has no agenda, so all they do is push lies and make empty promises year after year…the same stuff and stupid people fall for it every time.

  • Congressman Nunes! One of the ONLY things out of California that make me proud of my state.

  • Nunes is a traitor and will go down in history as such. Trying to hide the fact that LittleDick is also a traitor will not work. Mueller will testify and america will know the truth. Whataboutism is s sorry attempt to deflect attention from the crimes of LittleDick and his family. Dan is a complete idiot. He has no intelligence and I always wonder why anyone would listen to him.

  • Great Job Dan! Thank you for allowing Devin Nunes to Complete his answers without interrupting him!

  • Dan is great. He Mets his guests speak, unlike Sean Hannity, wjish Dan nah he his own t

  • Who is the foreign power that our media serves? It isn't the Russians. It isn't the Israelis. It isn't some vague cabal. It's the British Empire, the enemy of the founders. Our media deifies the Queen far more than the Pope. The financiers of the City of London control Wall Street as their subsidiary and control our anti American media. They are traitors to the founders, to the constitution, and to the people.

  • The reason that don't go for the truth is the same reason you don't go for the truth. All MSM is government propaganda

  • Hope the BIG news comes out soon.. gotta admit that Im getting a little tired of waiting for the hammer to drop on these idiots. Come on Nunez, Graham, Jordan, Barr and anyone else with handcuffs at the ready.

  • I disagree.. there is plenty of "smoke", and that is the "smoke" that has been blown up the American publics collective behind, by the former Administration Officials and the Very Fake News media.. also known as the Communists or Left.

  • Forget Trump & your partisan bickering. Mueller repeated the main finding which he implored Americans to understand but knew it would be lost in fighting between your parties, which was the attack by the Russians which is huge & ongoing but nobody seems to be focused on that? Instead your either trying to defend or take down the current President but as Mueller said, the important thing is to defend your country against this Russian agression! However, you're all far more invested in power politics to bother with defending your country online! Hopefully people may start to think more about this as the Mueller Report gets the detailed forensic study in the full light of public scrutiny that it deserves & instead of using it to attack or defend one current President, you'll all begin to understand that you need to stand together against your enemies who ate currently running rings around you online. Not just Russia either, although they're crowing about the success they have had & Putin is riding the wave of anti-american hostility that has always served him so well in Russia, but also China & North Korea will increase their online attacks & operations as well! Yet none of you heard Mueller when he begged you to see what's important in his report?!

  • Good old Washington compost. Fake news deep state clowns. It's time for fake news to go out of business. The people that run the compost are no friends of America

  • there aren't any ashes on the sun

  • It easier to tell a whole bucket of lies than to tell one drop of truth.

  • Mueller is a dirty Rino cop

  • Criminal trump is a disgrace and has filled the swamp with sewage and his stench will never go away. Tell the bumbling idiot criminal trump to stop taking credit for president Obama’s work it is very disrespectful and disgraceful of the bum.

  • Nunes is lying….. look at his face

  • Nunes has the look about him of a man who picked the wrong horse to bet on.

  • Where are the Marines Sniper when you need them just look at all the crooked Criminals Democrats who tried to take down a President with a Coup. so reach out a touch a liberal bastard today when are we going to get them in Court and then start hanging these Bastards for there crimes including Obama, the Clinton's and the staff of federal agencies trying a coup attempt on a President. William Barr must indict these crooked asses before America does, FBI, SD, DOD, DOJ, CIA, NSA??????? where is our Justice Department.

  • The FBI engages in "sting" operations. A sting operation is a crime. In what countries
    does the government allow its own law enforcement to commit crimes? This began
    in the US because the FBI was incompetent at bringing down the mafia. Now the FBI
    uses sting operations everywhere, and it has spread to all levels of law enforcement.

  • Comey is going to blame Brennan.
    Brennan is going to blame Consulting firm McKinzey.
    The WP and Politico articles are to give them the "cover" narrative.
    Simple as that. Why is mainstream media running cover for Comey and Brennan?

  • Nunes is a joke, not credible, a liar. He is a disgrace to this country. Trump castrated him on day one. What a spinless coward.

  • The WaPo is a western intelligence asset

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