Norway’s Dramatic 1000 Years of History – Illustrated by Iconic Architecture and Stupid Selfies (2)

Now we are here. And once we were here. So what happened in between? Today, we’re gonna present thousand years of Norwegian history Through houses, homes, buildings and architecture. We’ll take you through a hilarious journey from the viking era to our darkest moment in time. And back again to when we rised as a nation. Buildings are visual and perfect for Instagram. So, of course, we have to mess and joke with social media, too Come on, join the ride. And this is a stave church. This was built by the Vikings. And this also marked the end of the Viking period. Because with Christianity. Eh … Everything changed! And this stave church, I mean, have you seen the different … You can see the dragon, those resemblances from the Viking era. You have the crosses up there and you have the beautiful ornaments. That are typical, typical Viking. And everything is built in the wood, and you know what, guys, this is Norway. This is Norwegian houses, our homes, actually. This has something to do also about how we live today and how we have lived for a thousand years. This is a treasure. I can feel the historic vibration in these walls.And just now I feel a Viking … It’s really strange. You can smell it here, the tar smell. It’s kind of nice. And you can walk. Look at these. And I mean, wood it stands for over a thousand years. That’s so cool. And here you have other ornaments. This beautiful Viking craft and carving, in a way. Here. We still have our confidence. I mean, you can see it in the building. We are still a rich Viking cultural nation. And here you can really feel the vibrations of time, of history and of Norway. This is it. This is the creme de la creme when it comes to Norwegian architecture and here you can see, yes, it is a church. This area here, you you you know, from other churches. But I think this was a hybrid between old faith, the Norse faith and the new Christianity. And where did it take Norway? That’s what we are going to find out. Eh – with this great backdrops. What do you do? Well, you know, I am a social media expert. So the best thing to do here is to update your social media profile. What kind of pose should I do here? I know. Mindfulness. That’s hot. That’s trendy. Mindfulness! What you can see now behind me here is the Akershus Festning or the fortress. They started to build this in the 1200s, I think just after the Viking era, the Viking period. We were now starting to get into union with Denmark and Sweden. This fortress or castle behind me, the kings of Sweden or Denmark, when they were visiting, they stayed there and that they moved Norway from that castle. It’s also a symbol of when we lost our nation and … after the Vikings. When the Vikings has lost their Mojo, it fhink you can say . And the Danes and the people from Europe had taken over. But it’s a lovely place to be and it’s a lovely place to take pictures. And I think I need to take maybe .. ehh … you see the moon and so on. Kind of a Game of Thrones. I need some fashion. A fashion insta, Mads? Would’nt that be nice? If you want to take a picture that really goes viral, then listen to me. Then you have to do something with fashion, of course. But most of these stupid other fashion bloggers, they take, you know ordinary fashion. Ha ha. You have to be unique. You have to think out of the box, out of your clothes. And that’s why I choose to put on clothes very wrong. That’s hot. Then I have to put the right pose. Now, we are entering. kind of a tragic period for the Norwegians. We’ve finished with the Viking era. You saw the cost of the game of Trhones Castle. And now we are here. Actually we are in front of the old town hall, the old city hall in a town called, not Oslo, even though it is Oslo. But it was called Kristiania. Why? Because that stupid king over there just came. Look at his hand pointing: “Here. The city’s gonna be – beep, beep, beep, beep, beep”. And what is the city’s gonna called? Not Smøradalen or Hakkadalen or other norwegian names. Oh, no. It was … He was King Kristian of Denmark. And what do we call the Oslo: “Kristiania” after his name.You know, Washington, it could be Trumpington. And this building it from here behind me. It’s a piece from that period. And that was a terrible time. We were chained. “KRISTIANIA” – from that stupid Danish king and the Norwegians. We were like this. We couldn’t move. We couldn’t talk. We had to change our culture, language, clothes. We had to fit into his Danish fantasy. Twi Twi! See them. And you see over there is that it is thje Kristiania sign. It’s kind of beautiful, I dont like that. But yes, it’s beautiful and the color is kind of cool. I have to admit it. Is it Insta-friendly? -Yes. (Thinking) Interesting surroundings. It is kind of an intellectual. Oh, I know! I can. I can be like a smart student, studying abroad on an elite school and taking, you know, those intellectual pictures … With some dirt on it doesn’t matter. It only looks like I’ve been working very hard. So in this picture, I’m learning “Portuguese in one hour”. I’m “looking at their open spaces and narrow spaces” and “play more, work less”. Oh, that’s a good saying, isn’t it? That’s the kind of Instagram saying … – People gonna ask. “Where are you? – Oh, yeah. And maybe they will send … “Can you give me the answer for these philosophical questions?” Let’s me see. Now. What do you think, Mads? Isn’t this very intellectual, philosophical? You know, going on Instagram, you don’t care about that surrounding history. You just want to have that pose. “Everything. I write is genius” “When all are showing off their bodies, their food, their homes, their pets,. Their children”. I am showing off my intelligence. (Music) Power to the people! Even though, the Danes, control us. The Danish king is the ruler, the monarch. The people of Norway never, ever forgot who they were. Behind me now, you see, this is the real houses of Norway. Yes, we are in Oslo, but the houses is behind me. They have everything to do with Oslo. Small places, big places, north, south, west, you name it. Small wooden buildings where we live. We lived there for five hundred years ago and we still live here now,. This is ours, period. This is Norway. The people; “power to the people, to the king, to the Swedes, to the Danes”. These people, the spirit that you find inside these houses, when the king was from Denmark and everything was ruled from that, that he never gave up. They said “we’re not gonna live like you guys in Denmark. We will for ever live like true Norwegians”. So all of the houses you see down here, there used to live only poor people. And now, we have to be quite rich, to be able to live here. But still, this is the people of Norway’s houses. (Music) I wonder what kind of social media picture do I need here? I mean, it’s it’s poor people’s neighborhood. It’s the real people. It’s the people against the power. Okay. Of course, party. Party! That’s what I’m going to do. I’m gonna celebrate the people of Norway from thousand years ago until now. And to have a party. We have to make it kind of a “Syden-party” for you guys that know us from that video. I think this is a good color for social media, that will spread around. Maybe this one here, too. Well, OK. Why not all of them? Oh, my God. I mean, this has come to spread all over the Internet. Yet, of course, I think this is the one that’s going to spread mooost! Then, to get the spirit. Do you think it will work is this a winner? Do you think this is the righ pose? “Skål! Power to the people!”. (Music). Now, you might be wondering what kind of building is this? You don’t see any one? I promise you. This building is the most popular building in Norway. Of course, it has a special place in Norwegians heart. Not mine. Not that much. This building, you know, foreigners when they see it the first time, they think, “oh, what a beautiful school. Or maybe a mansion for rich people”. But it’s not. Because now we’re going to the Norwegian castle. OK, how abut your country. I mean, we have king and queen in Norway. What do you have, guys? Do you have a president? What do you have? Do you have kings and queens anymore outside the Nordics and the UK? I’m not sure. I would love to know, actually. I have to learn about that. So subscribe, post us your story about president, queen or King, or maybe you have another. Oh, maybe you have a dictatorship. Well, I have to learn about that, too. But you know why I don’t like it? Because, I’m not sure if it’s anything Norwegian about it. Well, the size as I told you. Yes, it’s very small. And that’s typical of Norway. But the Style? Very European continental. You know, this guy over there, he was kind of king when we built this and he was from Sweden, “Karl Johan”. And so, yes, it is our in the Norwegian Castle and King and Queen and all of that. But, it lacks wood. It lacks anything Viking. And it doesn’t say anything about Norway as a nation. It says that Danish style or Swedish style, it’s cool, actually. Very stupid. It says here. “Oh, it was the Norwegian people that built this” … Eh “This memory of the Swedish king”. I’m not sure if it’s him. I don’t think so. I think it’s. I don’t think it was the Norwegians. But, hey, it’s a super place for an insta. But, I want to make this a different insta, actually. Because I feel like I want to be a Viking here! In front of the Swedish castle. And may be a viking pose. – Or, some Viking yoga. – Viking Yoga? Viking Yoga, just showing off who the rulers are. Scare everyone. Look, look. The guard is scared, too. He walks away! Finally in Norway, got rid of the Danes and the Swedes. Behind me, here, you have “The Oslo rådhus”, the city hall of Oslo. This style here is inspired from Germany. It’s called function, in Norway with say “Funkis”, functionality, decorated functionality. It’s decorated because it’s the city hall. But this is more Norway, as we know, frugal, Lutheran. We don’t have those blown up heads. Those … you know, that fancy cookie style. This is really clean cut. And this marks our separation from the other Nordic countries, especially Denmark and Sweden. This is Norway. We are starting to find our souls. We are starting to find out who we are again. And what do Norway do? When we have liberated ourselves from the Swedes and the Danes. We go directly back to the Viking period, to the stave church. And you can see here that dragon resemblance that we saw on the Stave church, that we have on the Viking ships and that we also have now on the city hall in Oslo,. “Norway, the new nation from 1905. This is all Norse mythology. Back to Tor and Odin and Freya and everything. And here you see Odin, the God, on his horse “Sleipner”. And how many legs? One, two, three, four, five, six legs. That’s “Sleipner”; This is Embla like Eve in the Bible. Embla and Ask are our Adam and Eve. Embla and Ask, not Adam and Eve. You remember this? The stave church? Well, here it’s again. Look at those carvings. Midgardsormen,. And fighting against its, Sigiurd Sveum. And this is really, really Viking, almost Viking cliches. I have to say. So now we are going to the front of the city hall. And I promise you, because no statues of kings, no statues of queens, no Swedes, absolutely not. Not even military. This is workers! Because, of course, this building, if social democracy! In the 1920s, when the working party ruled, we became one nation again. It was the workers that were the stars and nothing more. He’s working with stone. You can see it. So he’s taking out this stone that you see here. – He is a hero. Of course, our kind of hero. This one, he works his way through the wood, maybe building a house. This is all about the people, the working people, not the kings and queens anymore. Nothing. It’s the work. “we are going to build this nation together”. In these auhentic and natural Norwegian surroundings. I get so inspired for “A now filter hashtag pic”. That’s the new thing I’ve heard. So in the spirit of the workers. They didn’t have any makeup, so I don’t need it either. No filter. Yes! Mads, cant you not film over there? No, no, no. Oh, look at the houses there. See? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Mads! go away. No. It’s natural. Oh, Mads. Stop. Look at the gold over there. Look, look, look, look, look, look. Gold. Mads, Mads, Mads. Oh, the building. Stupid Mads. Luckily, he promised not to use those embarrassing scenes. How do I look? Is my face, OK? My complexion? What about my expression? My lips, my nose? Maybe some filter wont to hurt. I am sure nobody would notice. (Music) OK, now we are starting to see the new Norway. Norway with oil monhey. In the 70s. In the early, we, we knew that we had oil. We knew that we were going to go from one of the poorest countries in Europe, actually, to one of the richest. And this building here behind me, it’s a symbol of that, brutalism, oil money. Mammon. Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. So. So we need some power, maybe we need some exercise pictures or. I’m not sure what this is, Mads? Yeah. (And look at me. Am I not strong? Am I not fit? Am I missing just that … Yes. Best. That person that almost Greeks that you think? Look, look awesome. I am awesome. – 50 more. – No, finished. But you know, guys, I just want to tell you, really … And this kind of cliche, but to all your subscribers, to all of you who is watching, to all of you sharing. You are beautiful, funny, wow. Oh, my God. All your stories. I love you guys. And I think Mads,, do you love them, too? – I do. We can make a hart. Yeah, because, thank you to all of you. That’s why we are making this video. And I’m telling you, it’s a hard production. We are arguing. We have been now for 20 places. And if it hasn’t been for you guys, it would never have managed. – It’s ruining our relationship. Yea or what kind of relationship do we have? I know many of you are asking. (he he) (Music) And here we have entered the 2000. It’s been a thousand years since the Viking era. We are 2002 and you have the opera building behind me. This is our period when things starts to go right again. We are rich. We have … In this period we have become one of the richest countries on earth. We are also being crowned the most happiest people on earth. Not sure why. And it’s the best place for people to live in. Grow up. So this is the modern, Norway. Now there isn’t nobody else. Only Norwegian. We rule. We are full of ourselves, kind of. We are full of self-confidence. And this, the opera behind me. Then you can see the nature, the eyes. We are taking back. We are being experimental. We are expressing ourselves. Not other European countries, not other countries at all. This is us. Ice cold, cool and very modern. – This is one of the most insta friendly places? – Yes It is. Absolutely. So you have to be kind of …. You have to be creative here. Maybe the art make me relaxs? So I feel in touch with the ground. “Oprah music makes me feel free”… (Music) OK. But this is one of the greatest operah singers in Norway. Kirsten Flagstad. So I think I have to make a warm nice cozy, “I love you Kirsten operah- moment”. Since we are at the opera, a lot of Greek tragedy inside. So here I am Narcissus. You know the God? He was in love with himself. It’s 2010. You know, in the age of happiness and richness. Norway’s best in the Olympics. We win gold in all the Winter Olympics. We are so high on ourselves now. And behind me, this is our take on Dubai, on Manhattan, on Singapore, on whatever. The London financial district. This is Barcode. And this is how we do our skyline. This has become the Norwegian skyline, the Oslo skyline. And of course, if you turn around, Mads. Behind me, here is that one and only restaurant in Norway with three Michelin guide stars. Can you believe it? Three stars. Norway “matpakke”. Yes, we have it. Hey. But of course, the chef is danish, not Norwegian. (Thinking: OK, very modern buildings, modern architecture. Oh, I feel modern and modern, modern. Ah, ha ha ha … Why didn’t I think about it before? Of course, modern dance … As a a pro on insta and social media. I have my props with me. (SURREAL JAZZ MUSIC) Do you think this will work, Mads? I’m sure it will put social media on fire! Whooaa! I’m sure modern dance look like this. This is going to light my social media account on fire!! Talking about cool expressions. Now we have opened our own new Yourway2Norway merch shop. And just follow the link above – or in the a description. Thanks, guys, for supporting us. We are close enough to the “creme de la creme”. It’s Norway. It’s Norway in the future. It’s a fusion and it has something to do with the Vikings. You know, the Vikings went down to the Mediterranean. They even went to the Middle East. They got impulses, inspiration, motivation, and they took it with them. There has stayed on the sea now for more than a thousand a year, but I think they are finally heading home. Behind me here you see a fusion between a Spanish architect, a Greek letter and one of the biggest national icons of Norway; The very famous artist, Edvard Munch. And you go. Muuuunch? Move! Move! Whoo hoo! Moonkey. No! Watch your smileys on your phone or check out anything – and you will find the face. This face and this positure. (Screaming) Because this is eh … The new home for the “Scream”, and this is modern Norway. This is where we go “Whoooo” “We are the best. We are the greatest. We are the happiest. We are the richest – And we are so full of ourselves. Somebody, please come with a bucket of cold water! This is where you go home in Norway, you lose law of jante. You, you, you it’s like you’re not Norwegian, but you are very Norwegian. You’re not viking but you are extremely viking and all of that. And Norwegians we are supposed to be introverts and we are supposed not to brag about ourselves and you know, all that, but “bang”. This is a another world. Another story! We have to celebrate Norway with the best from Norway. And you could go like “Hooray!”, like we do. But it’s not enough. You have to do more. You have to. Oh, you have to jump of joy! “Hooray”! (Music – Norwegian national hymn). (New music) And what you see behind me, it’s kind of a cathedral. It’s kind of a stave church, just now. We are not Christians, Lutherans anymore. We have become secular. We are loaded with oil money. And our new cathedral. Yes, of course. A museum for modern art called Astrup Fearnley museum. The new stave church, that stave church for the 2000s. It has something to do with boats, sail boats. And this could be the sails. The roof could be the sail. You get some peace of mind here. – It’s wood. – Of course. And just look at the color. It even smells a little bit like the stave church. The tar impregnated … You hear the birds, you see the calm water. This is kind of a modern catherdral. Okay, Mads! We’re going to have a beautiful, you know, those picnic Instagram moments, aren’t we, Mads? Come on. On this side. We have to use this place for a picnic. Insta-picnic. You know, Mads, social media. We need a ehh very expensive wine. You can see “extra expensive wine”. Yes, like that. Glasses off course. There. It’s typical of those pictures, tasteless cheese, of course. Mmm… But with a lovely matpakke. Oh see! With “in between layer papers”. Of course, we need some napkins … Here, there and there. – Of what an effort you are doing. Are you going to have picnic all by yourself? – Yeah. Good question. Let me see. Mads! Can you be my girlfriend – just for this Instagram? Come on, come on. Come on. And now. For all of you who have waited so long. This is my girlfriend. Madeleine! Come closer Madeleine! Come closer Madelaine? Yeah. This is her. – I haven’t prepared myself. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. She’s a bit high maintenance. Yes. But she is lovely. And … Madeleine. – Isnt this a perfect insta moment. Like having a picnic? And eveything, isnt it? It is yes. And to make the best insta ever, beat all of those jerks out there. – What about … – Madeleine, can you please shut up a little bit? Dear Madeleine, you are my sunshine. You are my moonshine. And you are my ****shine sometimes. But, dear Madeleine, please. – It’s Madeleine Madeleine. Yes, Madeleine. Madeleine. Dear Madeleine. High maintenance. Dear Madeleine. Will you marry me, Madeleine? – You made my day. Do you mean this? Ohhh. I dont wanna hug you but I love you, I hate you. – Oh, okay. We have a two sheer. – Where is the wine bottle? – Oh No. This is a stand in for their wine bottle. It was lost in the wind, oh Madeleine, please. – Insta, insta, its gonna chrash insta. – yeah, insta, insta. – Cheers! I am so happy I could cry – Eh, if you have any favorite buildings, if you have anything you like in the style of your city and so on. You know what to do. We love to read. We love that you share your stories. Subscribe. Give us thumbs up. Thumbs down. For next videos. See you! Now. Me and Madeline are gonna have … Sit down, Madeleine, and we’re gonna have a. – This is the best day of my life. Except maybe when my dad gave a bottle of water. It was tap water. But anyway, thank you, Ronald. Thank you. Thumbs up for this one

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