Nobody Showed You the History Of the US Like This (animation)

History of the US, kind of Hey, Mr. Banana, let’s be super quick about
this. This is the US. It’s a wonderful gorgeous land where the
dreams come true. All the good things are located there. Once upon a time, people in Europe, in Spain
to be specific, decided to found a colony in North America. But they failed. Many Spaniards died of disease and the survivors
abandoned the colony. Bummer. But there was this man who could make it happen. Pedro Menendez de Aviles. He built and founded the first permanent European
settlement in what is now the USA. Well done, man. Later, however, English people tried to colonize
America but they were lost on the voyage home. Losers! This is our land. Next year, they finally did it. And Queen Elizabeth allowed them to call the
place Virginia, after her. Yay! More settlers arrived. And more! The more people the less food. Simple math. Plus, the natives got really-really angry
and were ready to kill anyone who dared to chop a tree. The Queen of England wanted another colony. So, people called Separatists were strongly
critical of the Church of England and they did not wish to belong to it. They all were packed and sent to help the
new colony grow. Most of them died during the voyage. Sad. Those who survived were taught Native Americans
how to grow crops. Thank you! Furthermore, English colonists spread over
the coast of North America. By the way, did I tell you that the Europeans
introduced many diseases to which the natives had little or no resistance? As a result, many natives died and their number
declined sharply. Couldn’t they just bring wine, as civilized
people do? The colonists vs the natives’ conflict began. Eventually, all the Indian Wars were won by
the whites because of their superior technology. Everything was good and calm. BUT! From the end of the 17th century, many African
slaves were transported to work on the plantations. In the early 18th century the African slave
population in North America increased rapidly. Many black people were brought to North America
on very smelly ships. The locals gave them food, chains and the
ability to work. Yep, that was their understanding of “the
help”. Slavery flourished for many years. Britain wanted full control over its colonies
and it was kind of logical. The British felt that the colonies existed
for the benefit of the mother country. The locals didn’t feel like sharing their
toys with other kids in the playground. In the early 18th century the population of
the colonies was about 300,000 and over a million by the end of it. The land was cheap in North America and it
attracted many people hoping for a better life. That’s why Britain quite demanded that all
the locals should stay at the same place and not to explore the land any further. You can’t tell us what to do!! The colonists objected to being told by the
British government. We want freedom! At first sight, the British had many advantages. They greatly outnumbered the Americans and
had much greater resources. However, they were handicapped by long lines
of communication. (In those days it took a sailing ship 6 to
8 weeks to cross the Atlantic). The British were forced to surrender. And it worked! Meanwhile, Lewis and Clark set out to explore
more land to continue the expansion of the new states. In 1805 they reached the Pacific. Yay, we’ve got a big huge chunk of land. Let’s celebrate! The American economy also grew rapidly. It was all about cotton. Coal mining and manufacturing industries boomed
as well. The US continued to grow rapidly and by 1860
its population was 31 million. Whoa! HOWEVER! North and south were quite different economically
and culturally. Sooo… Abraham Lincoln was elected the president. The Southern states didn’t want the president
who would make them forget about free black labor. He firmly opposed the expansion of slavery
into territories of the USA. I said no! Fighting began in 1861 and ended in 1865. THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, guys. Slaves would be made free in any states still
in rebellion on 1 January 1863. And smart people also wrote the 13th amendment,
which banned slavery. Yay! So, now was the time to rebuild everything
that was destroyed and ruined and make the country shine bright like a diamond. In the late 19th century the USA was the fastest
growing industrial nation in the world. Work-work-work! Railroad network also grew rapidly. Yeah, there were a looot of trains on the
rails. Everything was really good. No, wait, it was better than good, it was
super duper great. By 1910 the USA had overtaken Britain as the
richest and most powerful nation in the world. By then the population of the USA had reached
92 million. Also in the early 20th century, the USA built
the Panama Canal. Why? No one knows. Or maybe because President Theodore Roosevelt
decided to do it. Period. There was some time when nothing happened
but then…. WAR! Again? No! The first world war! Why do we care? Right, let’s stay neutral. Something was happening in Europe and Russia,
but then Germany finally pissed the US and in 1917 they declared war on Germany. Boom! German troops were pushed back until Germany
surrendered on 11 November 1918. Meanwhile, women gained the vote. You go, girls! Many black people moved from the south to
the north, especially to the big cities. They demanded to improve conditions for black
people. And they did. Then everything became messed up again. The American economy began to falter. Many people bought stocks with borrowed money. As a result, the stock market became inflated. Prices rose to a very high level. Then they fell catastrophically. Man, what is going on?! When people lost their jobs they could no
longer buy goods and demand fell so more people lost their jobs. The Depression. However, there was a good guy. President Hoover. He increased spending on roads, bridges and
public buildings. It didn’t help. Go away, jackass! Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President. Roosevelt assured the American people that
the only thing they had to fear was fear itself. Mass unemployment ended. The second world war began. Trick or treat. In 1940 Germany conquered Denmark, Norway,
Holland, Belgium, and France. The Japanese attacked the American Pacific
fleet at Pearl Harbor. Not cool, guys, not cool. Congress declared war on Japan. Germany and Italy declared war on the USA. Some kind of a vicious circle. The country was working on a very huge dangerous
bomb, the atomic bomb. An American B-29 bomber dropped the world’s
first deployed atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The explosion wiped out 90 percent of the
city and immediately killed 80,000 people; tens of thousands more would later die of
radiation exposure. Three days later, a second B-29 dropped another
A-bomb on Nagasaki, killing an estimated 40,000 people. Omg omg omg! The American public suffered less than people
in other countries because the USA escaped occupation or air raids. Unfortunately, Roosevelt did not live to see
the end of the war. He died on 12 April 1945. This sucks. After the war, many Americans started thinking
about their civil rights. African Americans had great success with non-violent
campaigning. In December 1955 a woman called Rosa Parks
sat at the front of a bus and refused to move. She was arrested. Black people then organized a boycott of the
buses. Finally segregation on buses was ruled unconstitutional. One of the leaders of the boycotts was to
become famous. He was the Baptist Minister Martin Luther
King. Well played! Then the Kennedy era began in the country. He strengthened the American armed forces. He committed to landing a man on the moon
by the end of the decade. Kennedy also created the Peace Corps. Nice man. Was shot. Sad. But, the Americans wanted to take all necessary
measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent
further aggression in Southeast Asia. Vietnam in particular. Great. Another war. The Vietnam War became increasingly unpopular
at home. From 1965 onward anti-war demonstrations were
held. President Nixon slowly withdrew US troops
from South Vietnam. The last US troops left in 1973. From this time to the present day the US is
becoming the fastest, coolest, biggest, richest countries in the world. Well, in fact, the biggest country is technically
Russia, but they don’t seem to care about that! We have Bruce Willis, Hollywood, Taylor Swift,
Obama and the Statue of Liberty and we don’t care! Today the USA is still the most powerful country
in the world. Yay, the US! Do you want to learn a brief history of your
country? Write your country name in the comments and
it might feature in our next video!

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