No signs of military provocation were spotted in N. Korea on Christmas Day

so let’s start with the threat that
ultimately rang rather hollow in the run-up to the festive season North Korea
had warned the u.s. that it had a Christmas gift for president Trump it
hinted it could be the testing of a long-range missile but Christmas Day has
come and gone here in Korea anyway with no sign of any military provocation big
or small by the north analysts however are still paying close attention to any
developments in the coming days as the regime’s self-imposed year-end deadline
for more flexible nuclear negotiations with the u.s. is drawing ever and ever
closer Kim her son starts us off christmas has passed in korea with no
apparent gift to the US by the regime tensions were rising at North Korean
diplomats elite a song warned earlier this month that the regime could send an
undesirable Christmas gift to Washington if it does not deliver a new approach to
relations between the two sides South Korean government and military officials
said Wednesday that they are closely monitoring any developments but added no
signs of provocation had been witnessed so far the u.s. also flew four
surveillance planes over the Korean Peninsula between Tuesday and early
Wednesday as it is unusual for so many American surveillance place to conduct
missions around the region at the same time the latest movement shows the u.s.
is taking the situation very seriously however there were no signs of movements
in North Korea including preparations for a long-range missile or satellite
launch neither were there signs suggesting the fifth player a meeting of
the seven Central Committee of the ruling Workers Party of Korea is
imminent analysts say Chinese President Xi
Jinping’s indirect message to the North’s leader Kim jong-un to refrain
from any major provocations on the sidelines of the recent Seoul Beijing
summit could have played a role as we draw ever closer to the North’s
self-imposed error and deadlines for the u.s. to be more flexible in nuclear
negotiations the regime’s nodosa moon the mouthpiece of the ruling Workers
Party published an article on artificial satellites for peaceful purposes
in a piece titled global movement towards space development the paper
explained to satellite launches by China India and Egypt it pointed out that many
countries are expanding their capacities for space exploration which could imply
the regime’s intention to do so as well Kim you-sun Arirang news

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