No Bullets Fly – Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler – Sabaton History 016 [Official]

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  • Hey all! I hope you all enjoyed the short bits of ‘the Red Baron’ that we showcased last week in our 15th episode! We continue the series with our take on ‘No Bullets Fly’, about a very remarkable encounter between two enemys. This has been requested a lot, and here it is! About that: we record our episodes in group If you ask (or in some cases demand) that we do ‘this song next’, you should know that we can’t take your preferences into account. We will get to all the other songs eventually. Instead, use your energy to ask a meaningful question in the comments!


  • Great song, better story. Keep up the great work guys. Love your music, and the history behind it.

  • A really good story I think would be perfect for a song is the Battle off Samar during the Leyte Gulf Landings of WW2. It's a true David and Goliath scenario and on paper it looks like there is no way the Americans could have won that battle. But they did, and this amazing battle is often overshadowed by other battles in the War. I absolutely think this would be a great story to make into a song.

  • The story of this song is honestly one of the most wholesome and heartwarming stories I've heard before, may franz and Charlie rest in peace, god rest their souls

  • Absolutely amazing story I hope you guys can find more like this one. I love it.

  • 12:06 why would they call him a nazi? Have they never heard of conscription? I'm so ashamed of the country I live in

  • Sad. U can see powerful emotion. Must have been hell.

  • In order to put a fire out on a Engine is to turn the engine off and turn it back on, maybe 5 seconds later. If two are on fire, do the procedure one engine at a time.

  • What an extraordinary story.

  • I've always loved that book and it's crazy I just heard about Sabaton from a buddy. And then this song is here. Just awesome!

  • Top 10 anime crossovers

  • The tail gunner, Hugh 'Ecky' Eckenrode, sadly was the only casualty, being decapitated by a 20mm cannon shell. I hope he and the other crew members of Ye Olde Pub aren't forgotten. Another thing to note is that Stigler's brother was killed just the day before this incident.

  • 7:52 what tank is that?

  • Are you guys ever going to do a song about the battle off samar

  • one word

  • Such a shame Franz Stigler died 6 years before the Heroes album came out with this song on it. Still, a hell of a good innings to reach that age.

  • hit me with that juicy history knowledge through the power of power metal, daddy


  • Look at that, Snoopy taught Charlie Brown to fly!

  • Wow!

    This is just a fantastic story!

    Each subsequent issue of Sabaton Historу impresses me more and more.

    I'm so excited about this channel, I do not know what to expect next …

    Unfortunately, I do not know much English and I have to read subtitles in Russian, but Indy Neidell tells so emotionally that I have a feeling that I am really watching the original.

    This project is unrealistically interesting and useful. Thank you very much for your work.

    Hi from Belarus!

  • Hol up they made Peanuts into a real thing 1:12

  • Wait I’m confused what did he do to protect Charlie and his crew???

  • One of the best stories of all sang by one of the best bands of all time… This is what I call amazing



  • They were the legit Lost Generation… When you're going to war with another nation and your able to put aside views to help a fellow brother out… Marvellous

    Why cant we have this generation back?

  • Am i the only one who got…teary…i mean wtf!

  • Amazing story very emotional and heart warming to hear something like that come out of war.

  • i live in Bremen and i dont have details but my grand father might have died in a bombing in a factory

  • This story always makes me cry buckets.

  • In the beginning Indy had said a flight of Focke-Wulf 190 and 109s had flown in

    Slight mistake but the interview parts had said the Bf-109s real name

  • i wonder what year they met franz steiglers family at a show…cus i live in vancouver and have been to their 2014, 2017 and 2018 shows….

    edit: since it was when the song was released it was either the may 2014, october 2014 or april 2015 show(opening for nigtwish) that they met.

  • Charlie Brown became a pilot to avenge Snoopy's death at the hands of the Red Baron

  • Franz isn't a Nazi. That's apparent

  • Countries wage war, people fight them. Even in the brutality of war , you can’t always kill the spirit of humanity and the love of each other even on two sides of a line. People will still find a way to bring the light in the dark.

    This man was a true hero and a testament to the best in us when it would be easier to do the wrong thing , he still chose right above all.

  • Man that story is fantastic… love how you put it in that song

  • How fucking awesome would it be to have Sabaton write a song about your grandfather. The Stiglers should be proud of what Franz did. He was able to see humanity in the awful hell of war. GodSpeed Franz.

  • This was the first song I ever heard from Sabaton, so this has a special place in my heart.

  • Franz was vindicated at last….

  • "It's a squadron of fuckable 190s" These captions man

  • Why does Ye Olde Pub have a swastika on it at 12:48?

  • The Soviet fury search that up are a real badass story in my opinion

  • "-it would have been the same as shooting a parachute. I just couldn't shoot."

    No Bullets Fly's intro starts

    Damn onion cutting ninjas…

  • I don't understand why people are judging people who fought in WWII. The germans was doing their duty and what they where told and ordered. Just like the Americans, british and so on. I doubt that soldiers on both sides wanted to be there. Who wants to fight really? It's nothing anyone wants, it's what people are being ordered to do, maybe the american soldiers and the german soldiers would get along just fine, maybe they both like to fish or hunt. Just beacuse a soldier fought for Germany doesn't make them a nazi, i doubt that all the soldiers shared the same ideology as the german command. Back off and salute the soldiers on both sides who fought bravely. Love the song by the way 🙂 rant over

  • So they became friends?? And like hung out? That's beautiful!

  • Damn legendary that!

  • Please czech subtitules on all videos please sabaton

  • 12:30 Treating this hero as a nazi or traitor is so dumb. The real traitors are those who call Franz a traitor, he did a honorable action.

  • The sky was not empty it was just the german Luftwaffe

  • I use this study to proven not all Nazis are evil. Shit.

  • Thank you very much! The history is so interesting because of you! You really love your work! And this story so beautiful, I'm just about to crying

  • "They will never understand" Hell, I don't too but this story brings tears to my eyes!

  • Was that a death metal song about WWII aerial combat?

  • This story is truly beutiful. Brings tears to my eyes.

  • This story is one of the reasons that B-17 got its surname – "The Fortress". and this particular story is about bravare and chivalry. Every school in the world should teach it come time of the WW2 in a history class. "To remain a man in a time of slaughter"

  • "True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but to spare one" – Gandalf the Grey

  • That's an amazing story kind of tears me up

  • Referring to Franz Stigler as a Nazi through and through would be utterly absurd. Someone loyal to the cause of the Nazis wouldn't hesitate to take a kill, let alone one that would garner praise.
    Sparing an enemy is merciful.
    Sparing an enemy that literally just bombed your home? That's nigh unthinkable.
    Doing all that, then risking your own life escorting them to safety, knowing that if anyone ever found out his life might be forfeit?!? That's only about the single furthest descriptions of the actions of some heartless Nazi.

  • Man Franz Stigler had a hard one after the war… His neighbors saw him as a Nazi and his former countrymen saw him as a traitor

  • To the German, he was a traitor….
    To the Canadians, he was a Nazi…
    To the Americans, he was a hero…
    To Charlie Brown, He was a Brother…

  • Where the fuck is this General's Sergeant Major? His uniform is fucked. Get those stars on your fucken shoulders.

    For real tho:
    "To me, it was just like they were in a parachute. I saw them, and I couldn't shoot them down."

    – Luftwaffe Oberluetenant Franz Stigler.

  • Neither people and government can understand the brotherhood of Chalie and Franz holds together but at least both of them they know , they were soldiers and not murderers.

  • Can’t listen to this song without tears now. Thanks Sabaton

  • He was weak

  • Wow! Whats the better story; the WWII story, or the daughter of Mr. Stigler, and her son being a Metalhead with a direct connection :D! Someone mentioned this channel and linked from an Animated story of Stigler and Brown – subbed. Rest in Peace Charlie and Franz as you both fly into the sunset :).

  • "I just couldn't shoot". Yes, he could. But he wouldn't. The book "A Higher Call" by Adam Makos.tells a story of WWII and German airman that you have never heard, or could even imagine. Showing mercy to this wounded B17 was not the first act of humanity Franz had shown to American airmen. To him they were not "the enemy". They were his opponent. I have a new admiration for the German Luftwaffe and its airmen. PS – Franz Stigler was never a Nazi. He and his family detested the Nazi party and Hitler.

  • "to me that man was like my brother" – franz stigler

  • What kind of fucking pussy thumbs this down????

  • Franz is a hero. If half of this world had the valor the he has in his pinky finger, we would all be better off.
    "Franz canadian neighbors shunned him as a nazi" Guess what neighbors, if you were in germany in the 30s and 40s you would be to. morons

  • Metric system

  • Heroism redefined 🥇🎖🏅

  • I have heard this story before and I am always amazed by it every time

  • Somehow makes me proud to be share the same first name like Franz.
    Even though i got teased and bullied a lot for it at my younger age.

    Though.. Sabaton. I have a suggestion for a nice song for christmas.
    How about singing about the WWII "small christmas truce":
    Where a mother with his son somehow managed to house both American GI's and some Wehrmacht soldiers in the some room, enjoying a christmas meal and even make the german medic help the american wounded.
    Even the next day they didn't start to fight but helped each other getting back to their units, as they both were lost. Also the german units helped make a makeshift stretcher for the american soldier.

  • Franz , salutes to you. Its great.

  • My wife and I got to spend two days with the Ye Olde Pub. The foundation that was putting on the tour which is called the A higher call tour. It was paying tribute to Charlie Brown amd Franz Stigler. I told them about Sabaton they were thrilled that a bamd made a song about it. Liberty Foundation is an organization that tours the country teaching history to younger generations. I did my part with our B-17 tribute car nicknamed Liberty Belle after their other B-17 liberty belle. It would be cool if the band could get a hold of the foundation and do like a music video of the Ye Olde Pub!

  • Can Franz Stigler to Tell Lies at High Command say Lies: "B-17 is Shot Down"

  • Omg. What a beautiful story. If you guys are not send by God himself, I don't know who sent you. Maybe Chuck Norris. Anyways love what you are doing. You are preserving world history. A very honorable thing to do. A biiiiig thank you!

  • This was the first Sabaton song I heard and remains on of my favourites.

  • The paintings of the wounded B-17 with the Bf-109 alongside it always strike a chord with me.
    An instrument of death turned into a guardian and saviour.

  • These guys are fantastic!!

  • Franz Stigler, a man who couldnt shoot down a bomber full of injured and dying men. true honour, seeing that they couldnt fight back and choosing instead to fly wing tip to wing tip and guide them home.

    Franz Stiglers commander in North Africa said to him years earlier "If I hear of you shooting a man in a parachute, I will kill you myself." he felt that a stricken bomber that cant fight back and barely even stay in the air was the exact same thing and that there was no honour in kicking a man while he is down.

  • I actually discovered this song in an AMV. I listened to it a bunch but eventually got curious and looked up the story… The next day i drove to a bookstore and bought the book. I got home… I read 300+ pages nonstop on the first day and the rest on the second. I have since re-read the book many times. It is my favorite book and war story. Thank you Sabaton for bringing me to this great story.

  • Excellent excellent

  • This needs a movie, and honestly most of it should be Franz Stiglers perspective, it should follow his child hood, how close he was to his brother, his brothers death, that part of his life holds all of the answers of why he spared them.

  • What is this story about and why my eyes are wet?

  • Bombed them and then shot down a few of their fighters and the other pilot spares their lives (German Pilot), that took a lot to do that I am sure and I salute him for that because he had an easy target and revenge would be on many a pilots minds at that moment.

  • 4:43 isn't that a 262?

  • Incredible story. This story should be a movie, without question.

  • "True courage is about knowing not when to take a life, but when to spare one" – Gandalf the Grey

  • I just recently (like two or three months ago) learned that germany might have actually used crashed and fixed american or british planes for missions in the air campaign against brittain. So the spotters at the atlantic wall might have thought they see a german fighter escorting a german refurbished undercover bomber out of the area of danger so they can fulfill their mission in the northsea and adjacent area.

    I mean there would be not as much danger of being shot down, for say reconissance missions when you look like an allied bomber flying over the northsea or the english channel.

    I could also completely missed the point of that information but thats what you get when reading stuff on reddit.

    Just so you people know.

  • a glimpse of humanity in the hell that is war.. your enemies will understand you, your fellow countrymen wont..

  • Wish I could give this multiple thumbs up

  • Knowing that these two men later become friends in their old age and died within a few months of each other made me cry a bit.

  • Let's go and eliminate the most beautiful cities in EU .
    Ok what we are searching for ?
    Dunno mate Germans are bad and the worst of them are the civilians .
    Ok ill pretend that there is a factory there is it ok like that ? .
    Yes mate grab trons of Bombers and at the end no one will know if there was a factory or not .

  • Great story telling.

  • Every time I watch the video I have tears in my eyes.

  • Screw you High Command!

  • MERCY yields eternal rewards

  • The start with Franz recounting the event with No Bullets Fly quietly starting as he says "I just couldn't shoot" honestly makes it hard to hold back tears.

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