Night Witches – Female Soviet Pilots – Sabaton History 050 [Official]

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  • This is our 50th episode! And as we're closing in on one year of Sabaton History, we are covering a much-requested song about Female Pilots in the Soviet Army during World War Two. Also, you may have noticed that this episode didn't come out on Thursday. We had some technical difficulties and still wanted to give our Patreons two days preview access before it went live. Check out if you're also interested in getting exclusive access to the newest episode! Cheers, the Sabaton History team!

  • WAAA WAAA "Sabaton is sexist" ALSO sabaton


  • Finally, the most banger song of Sabaton have it's history told

  • Saw you guys live in Atlanta last year and Night Witches was definitely one of the tops songs on the setlist (and that's saying something, considering it was the Great War tour). No pyro (smaller venue), but certainly an… entertaining screen show – I gotta ask, where did that come from – it seems totally different from the rest?

  • Damn imagine blowing up Nazis and getting shot down. Survive the crash landing. Manage to sneak back to friendly lines. Only to be hanged as a traitor

  • Great song, great video, great topic and episode overall, Gratz on episode 50!

  • "We will Practice flying with a Biplane."

    Girls: "It's too old!"
    Boys: "Yeah! I'd rather fly a Jet!"

    Russian Girls: *Night witches starts playing*

  • The Soviets renamed a city after Friedrich Engles, of course they did!

  • Fuck yes, waited forever for this one.
    This is the song that got me into sabaton m/

  • Soviets called U2s "flying sewing machines" as well. They had a way of escaping german fighters — flying ultralow (and by ultralow I mean like touching treetops with chassis) on minimal speed, below what FW109 needed to remain airbourne, that made them easy target for groundtroops, but if the attack was successful they had other problems to deal with.

  • The rubber duck on the table????

  • Сабатон, друзья, спасибо что не даёте забыть историю !

  • Ok but now I want baby joakim photos!!!!!!!

  • The Soviet Union: women are equal to men.
    Most Russians: oh really. suuure I'll stop beating my wife

  • Now this is feminism I can get behind with.

  • They should do an episode og Sabaton History about How the band got created

  • Great episode, just as usual. Have one little, but important note on it though: those planes were NOT called Crop-Dusters (or, "kukuruznik", which literally stands for "corn-duster" in Russian) back in the 1940's, as this is how they were named in the beginning of the 1960's, after First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev announced his plans to sow the country with corn. Hence, the term "kukuruznik" is much younger than PO-2 (or, U-2) itself.

  • I'm proud to be a patron, you such amazing guys, thanks for this!

  • Another Great Video ! One of my Favorite Songs as well after Aces in Exile. Thank you for Sharing the Background of this Masterpiece with us! Looking forward to the Next one!

  • This is why in War Thunder we call the PO-2 the OP-2. Gaijin nerf pls.

  • A Napoleon song would be a good idea for a sabaton song

  • One of my favorite songs. The beats are great, the lyrics weirdly uplifting, and the story amazing.

  • Great Video! Also, does anyone think that Sabaton is missing out on some great history like the American Civil war or the Napoleonic wars?

  • 14:34
    Maybe he's born with it.
    Maybe it's Jo-a-kim!

  • True example of gender equality.

  • Well, Equalitiy. The soviets could do it 80 years befor america ;P

  • Ah! The tatical rubber ducky. Nice.

  • The song that brought me into the world of metal, fond memories

  • Sabaton, Где на русском субтитры?
    В общем – то я прекрасно знаю, о ком и очем идет речь. Но, может озвучена информация, которой в свободном доступе не было?
    Кому интересно, могу порекомендовать к прочтению: "У войны не женское лицо", в том числе там есть рассказы женщин из 588/46 гвардейского полка. И "От заката до рассвета" Натальи Кравцовой (Меклин) – писательницы, маёра 46 гвардейского полка, Героя Советского Союза.

  • Sabaton is so cool, him running out like that, with that amazing growly voice ….. so awesome.

  • Сделайте плиз русские субтитры! (please make Russian subtitles)

  • Hey Sabaton!
    I know I am 2 damn days late watching this, but want to let you know I am soooo looking forward to the Budapest show, I haven't been excited for a concert so much for at least a half a decade!!! Love you guys, keep up the good work, I'll be there in the first row going insane 😂

  • For some reason, I kinda wanna rank these episodes by proportion of Indy talking to band members talking.

  • absolute respect for the night witches for being such a badasses and sabaton for the song 😀
    sabaton, the perfect "cantastorie" /
    … night bomber regiment, 588! !!!!!!!

  • *inhale*









  • Last battle. Battle for castle itter ww2 German army and US army vs ss

  • This song definitely sparks some of the most intense mosh pits because right from the opening it just STARTS and never stops. Just like the goal of the night witches, there is no time for rest while this song is being played. I'll never forget my brother HURTLING me into the pit because he knows this is my favorite Sabaton song. Intense and beautiful!

  • Roger that sabaton “ click click click GTFO “

  • another generic sabaton song about glorifying the soviet union

  • Death From Above…For Real

  • So they were airborne guerilla fighters.  This is why I listen to this music and watch this channel: to learn something new with each new song.  Speaking of learning about something new, where'd that rubber duck come from?

  • There's a rubber duck on the coffee table. sure.

  • Ooh… that's just asking for someone who went to elementary school with him to dig up a picture. 🙂

  • when are you guys gonna make a song about the great emu war of 1932

  • When I first heard the song, I hated it. It was too quick, to chaotic for my understanding of Sabaton. Today it's one o my all-time favorites! The story behind it is also very fascinating, I learned something in this video 🙂 Like always

  • I love this channel can’t wait for the hill 3234 episode

  • Черт побери, хороша песня

  • more glorification of komunist war criminals and scum…..

  • Better than the actual History Channel

  • Pilots were expected to fight to their deaths what did you smoke to say that? And the pilots that were shot down and returned were not Interrogated but questioned on how they escaped the Germans and then cross 2 Front lines ( Several defensive lines on the German side and several on the soviet side) because tats Intel which is useful for the own recompenses troops . And execution by the commissar for what? do you know how long a pilot trains ?who wastes resources like that. If the shit you tell here was the truth the soviets would have never beat the Germans on the eastern front

  • Can you please do a song about Frivillighets kåren in Finland and Norway or about Allan Mann

  • Great vídeo, but what about the song 7734?

  • "I was born like this."

    Your picture back from Sabaton's beginnings where you look like Smash Mouth's vocalist begs to differ.

  • Calling it now. Anniversary video: Primo Victoria

  • Please do wolfpack and attack of the dead men

  • Герои!

  • sabaton history i am 500th comment

    and this is epic

  • Why didn't Dice make a Battlefield game about the night witches?

  • Was looking forward to having this song talked about for YEARS!

  • "I was born like this"
    His poor mother 😂😂😂

  • NO WOMAN IN THE ARMY !!!!!!!!!

  • "Nachthexen" almost perfect pronouced, there must be some german blood in you 😁

  • Every time I listen to this song I think theres a missed lyric opportunity. Instead of "Aviation, deviation" it could've been "Aviation, divination"

  • Night witches sounds like Red Baron, sabaton you sneaky cheeky bastards!

  • One of my favorite songs and an awesome piece of history!

  • i wanna see a song about Joan of Arc! they already did one of Red Baron, which i really wanted to see, so now they gotta do Joan of Arc! i'd be so happy if they did that.

  • One of the pilots who took part in grounding the Night Witches on july 31 1943 was Josef Kociok, an Ace pilot gained his own nickname, "Witch Hunter"

  • -hates a trait of the song
    -uses it anyway because it works best for the piece
    and that's why you guys are heroes of music and why I'm so glad you're a history-themed band. Your adherence to documented and direct events is a core part of your personal ethics. And that's so strong.

  • Saw you guys (Sabaton, unfortunately without Indie) for the first time live in Vienna last night, among others, performing this song …. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! I am thinking of playing this Sabaton History video to my wife today which was with me at the concert and was surprised how much she actually liked you! 😀 NOCH EIN BIER!!!!! NOCH EIN BIER!!!!!

  • 2:35 i can't quite tell but is that one of the lend lease Hurricanes in the background??

  • Когда будут субтитры?!((

  • Out of 261 pilots, 37 earned the USSR's highest award, Hero of the Soviet Union. That is 14.2%, practically unseen before or since.

  • Sisters of battle

  • Where is the russian subtityres

  • Pro tip, YouTube music, i dont Care for Spotify any more it is crapy App.

  • USSR was a bitch. Kill own people because they managed to stay alive behind enemy lines???
    I would switch sides and fight along with Wermaht to find and kill Stalin!!!

  • Sabaton relit the passion for history my great grandfather inspired in me with his tales of his life in the British home guard!

  • That moment when you're caught upon episodes of sabaton history and dont known what to do with your life.

  • Оу, ребята. В воспоминаниях летчиц я читал о том, что пилоты сами отказывались брать с собой парашюты от их бесполезности, т.к самолеты чаще всего работали на "бреющем" полете (на низкой высоте) и возможности выпрыгнуть просто не оставалось. И да, самолеты действительно хорошо горели. Ну и еще я не совсем понял про форму, ведь в армии СССР была женская форма одежды. Но может я чего-то не знаю.
    Но все равно спасибо и за видео, и за песню об этих отважных людях! Многих это побудило познакомится с историей. Например меня)

    Oh, you guys. In the memoirs of the pilots, I read that the pilots themselves refused to take parachutes with them because they were useless, because the planes most often worked on a "low-level" flight (at low altitude) and there was simply no way to jump out. And Yes, the planes did burn well. Well, I also did not quite understand about the form, because in the Soviet army there was a female form of clothing. But maybe I don't know something.
    But thank you all the same for the video and for the song about these brave people! This prompted many to get acquainted with the history. For example me)

  • I live in Germany.
    I hate Germany very evil shit until now

  • Commissar: Congratulations on returning to our line, I see that you lost your plane. That will be death by firing squad.
    Also commissar: Now that the war is over ima go out of my way to find all the crash sites of our pilots just to honor their memories.
    Is it just me or the "official" narrative about the USSR never quite adds up with the facts.

  • Thats why USSR was post-feminism country

  • Jaokim is very funny. I like him jokes.

  • Those women had balls…..oh wait…..well, more balls then most men these days.

  • I can see Him born with the hair, mustache, beard, and his sunglasses XD

  • I see what you did there 👀 11:50

  • I was under the impression that when the planes dove the wings made a sound similar to that of a shrieking witch. Is there any truth to this?

  • We all know the Panzer Elite struck them with the force of a furious storm.

  • URA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i wouldnt mind spending a night or 2 with some of those witches. theyre pretty easy on the eyes lol.

  • зачет

  • This channel and Sabaton is Fucking Awesome!! Metal songs with history!! What more could you ask? Sabaton is carrying the torch for Iron Maiden and Motörhead. Keep it up. Cheers from Northern British Columbia, Canada.

  • Nachthexen

  • Regularly fly this plane in IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad… of course to the sound of Nightwitches. <3

  • Strong women back then: Bombed the shit out of Nazis at night.

    "Strong" women today: I dye my armpit hair.

  • Mmm, the rubber duck.

  • Girls und bombers

  • Fun fact: These girls were very young, unexperienced, fighting in unfavorable conditions in obsolete planes and had high casualty rates and an unimpressive record.
    They most likely didn't kill a lot of germans and were not extremely succesful, nor was their presence anything more than a morale booster for the troops.

    The reason why their legacy lived on is because of their bravery and commintement and the fact that they represented the soviet woman fighting for the rodina.

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