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NICK BEST (VOICEOVER): hit me with old man jokes. How does that
feel having the car that you learned to
drive in on display? [laughs] But I’m
still running with them. I’m still putting
the heat on them. Well done, guys. You just lost to
a 50-year-old man. I might be getting
older, but that fire still really burns in me. [screams] Oh, my god. EDDIE HALL: Wanna
go lie down now? Uh-huh. Yeah. ANNOUNCER: “The Strongest
Man in History.” NICK BEST (VOICEOVER):
All right, guys. We’re going to do our first
Viking challenge today. So let’s see if we can
find something to carry. This one’s 345. MAN (VOICEOVER): So what’s the
weight we’ve got to pick up? NICK BEST: It’s
heavier than that. 341.
– 341? [clattering] NICK BEST: 345. Well, this is our stone. What we decided to do
is walk the stone 100 feet and see from there who could
keep going the furthest. MAN: Go, Nick! Whew! Nick’s perfect
for moving rocks, ’cause when he first started
lifting weights, that’s all they had to train with. It would be a caveman
here and a caveman there, and they would see who could
pick up the biggest rock. EDDIE HALL: I’d hold
it higher than that. ROBERT OBERST: All
right, here we go, Nick! There you go. There you go! I’m the old man in the group. I’m 50 years old. But I hold the world
record in the Shield Carry, so I knew before I even touched
the thing I was going to win. They don’t stand a chance.
ROBERT OBERST: Let’s go, Nick! Almost there, almost there.
BRIAN SHAW: Come on, buddy! ROBERT OBERST: There you go. Good job. EDDIE HALL: Yeah. Oh, he’s going for more! Oh, he’s going for more! Oh, he’s gonna do more. Oh! Way to go, Nick! EDDIE HALL: Go, Nick! What the [bleep]? [laughter] What the hell? You young little kids can’t
beat the old man at this event. This is my event. Mine. I am one step closer
now to being a Viking, and I beat the kids. Well done, guys. You just lost to
a 50-year-old man. ROBERT OBERST: Wow. That is really cool looking. We can’t leave Minnesota
without trying the most notorious Viking feat of
strength that there is– the 1,433 pound mast
of Orm Storulfsson. All right, Nick. You got us out here. We’re doing the Viking challenge
because you wanted to do it. This is your log. Pick this thing up. Let’s go. This is as Viking as it gets. ROBERT OBERST: Big breath. Give it a good
attempt here, buddy. Come on. EDDIE HALL: Get those legs set. Big breath. [shouts] EDDIE HALL: Oh. That was good. [bleep] me. Fantastic. Strongman is not
just about strength. It’s about figuring out
how to lift something so awkward that if you make a
wrong move, it could kill you. [cheering] ROBERT OBERST: Yeah! Awesome, Nick! EDDIE HALL: Well done, man. I was elated when I got that
thing completely off the rig. It’s hard trying to figure out
how to balance that right so I could put all my
force in the direction up to where it wouldn’t
roll down my back. How’s your back feeling? I feel good, and it’s shorter. [laughter] I guess the old
man’s still got it. I think it’s pretty obvious
that between the four of us, Nick won. Yeah? He fully lifted
it off, so you got– you gotta hand it to him, man. That was awesome. Well done, well done. Well done, mate. NICK BEST: Thanks, guys. You know what? Orm Storulfsson
did 1,433 pounds. Well, I’m going to call it here. You stood up with 1,450. In my eyes, that’s
a world record, and that makes you
a legend, Nick Best. Thanks, Eddie. Orm Storulfsson is obviously
a huge Viking back in the day. But from what I
heard, it crushed him. It broke his back. Nick is very lucky he
didn’t break his neck. As far as I’m concerned,
Nick beat Orm Storulfsson. Oh, my god. EDDIE HALL: Wanna
go lie down now? Uh-huh. Yeah? [applause] NICK BEST: That
looks great, huh? For our final
challenge, we wanted to take on the carousel
lift that Paul Anderson did on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” NICK BEST: I’d rather
go the heavier weight. Yeah? Yeah. You do have the world
record in this type of lift, so I think you’re
the man to beat. All right. So why don’t we do this, Nick. Will, can you step up, please? Will? EDDIE HALL: Swap William for– ALL: Will. EDDIE HALL: –for Will. Good trade.
NICK BEST: Will for William. Perfect. EDDIE HALL: Good trade. That’ll give us a grand
total of 2,791 pounds. 91 pounds over
what Paul Anderson did on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” You ready for this? Yeah. Do this for Paul. Let’s get it. Let’s go, Nick! [applause] BRIAN SHAW: Come on, Nick. Down and up, let’s go! EDDIE HALL: Get it done! Get it done! MAN: Clear! MAN: Stop! Stop, stop! [shouts] [cheering] CROWD: Yeah! Go, Nick! [applause] Don’t want to
spoil anyone’s fun– NICK BEST: Pretty sure it did. That definitely
didn’t leave the ground. Huh.
ROBERT OBERST: All right. Now we’re going to ask
him to do it again? If you want to be
respectful to Paul, that never broke the floor. Eddie called BS on my
lift, saying that I didn’t get the side off the ground. [breathing heavily] I put everything
I had into that, and it just sent
me over the edge. ROBERT OBERST: Let’s go, Nick! EDDIE HALL: Get it done! BRIAN SHAW: Nice
and straight, Nick! CROWD: Do it for Paul! That’s it. All the way. BRIAN SHAW: Yep. There you go. Yeah! [cheering] You good? EDDIE HALL: Yeah! There was no way
I was getting off that carousel without doing it
and showing everybody I had it. Yeah! They always count me out. But at the end of the
day, I’m the one that lifted more than Paul Anderson. The oldest man beat you. [laughs] BRIAN SHAW: You guys ready to
put on a show today or what? Hell, yeah. Yeah. This looks good, man. That’s freaking cool. How does that
feel having the car that you learned to
drive in on display? [laughs] Does it bring back memories? It does. [inaudible] was
a showman, and he did a lot of live performances. So I wasn’t going to
let the guys leave Las Vegas without going big. So for our final
challenge, we’re going to leg press
the Model T right in the middle of Fremont Street
and put it on our own show. He supported a car. We’re going to lift a car. EDDIE HALL: Ladies and
gentlemen, the biggest show on earth is about to go down! [cheering] Step right up! We have the most
spectacular lift! This car weighs 1,675
pounds, and the apparatus weighs 400 pounds. So these guys are lifting
2,075 pounds right now. Who wants to see Nick
Best lift this car? If you’re off just this
much with that kind of weight, you’re either not
going to lift it, or you’re going to get hurt. (CHANTING) Nick, Nick, Nick,
Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick! Are you ready? [cheering] EDDIE HALL: Come on! [shouts] ROBERT OBERST: Come on, Nick! There we go! EDDIE HALL: This
is 2,075 pounds! ROBERT OBERST: Come on, Nick. EDDIE HALL: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! [crowd cheering] EDDIE HALL: Come on, Nick! ROBERT OBERST: There it is! Come on, finish it! NICK BEST: [bleep] I don’t know what’s
going on here. I can’t find the
balance with this thing. And if I don’t do this
in front of my hometown and in front of my crowd and
my friends, I think I’m– I feel like I’m going
to ruin the show. ROBERT OBERST: Come on, Nick!
WOMAN: Come on, Nick! [cheering] [cheering] I was just– [shouts] ROBERT OBERST: Yes! Yes! Yeah! [applause] Yeah! 2,075 pounds supporting
that and lifting it, with it floating
around, is something not a whole lot of people
are going to be able to do. I guess the old
man’s still got it. [cheering] EDDIE HALL: Ladies and
gentlemen, you know what? We don’t call him
Nick Best for nothing, because he is the best. Fantastic! [cheering] Having the guys
in Vegas this week has really reminded me that a
big part of being a Strongman is being a performer. I might be getting
older, but that fire still really burns in me.

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