Newbie Affiliate Playbook Review ?Must Have Bonuses? [Newbie Affiliate Playbook review]

Hey Everyone Will Weatherly here with a newbie affiliate playbook review So this is a new course by Richard Fairburn Paul O’Keefe and a newcomer named Steve Harvey And so what is this all about? well This is a new blueprint really for having a five-figure promotion on a Jvzoo product launch. And so Steve Harvey is the one who does most of the training. There is some additional training to by Paul O’Keefe who comes in and kind of adds to what Steve says and so the training works really well I was really impressed with this course There were a few things missing that I think I can add to Add some value to with my bonuses. And so what I’d like to do is just have a look at my written review Go to the sales page Go into the members area Have a look around and then return to look at the upgrades on my blog as well as the bonuses that I’ve put together for Those of you who pick up newbie affiliate playbook through my links so let’s go ahead and get into the review so welcome to my Affiliate newbie affiliate playbook review and so what is this all about? well this is a way that you can essentially follow the steps that Steve took to do a Five-figure promotion. He did it on jvzoo He shows you how you can do it on warrior plus or jvzoo or if you want to do Clickbank, that would be fine too and so this is I would have to say not a typical result of a Newbie marketer or a relative newbie to have this kind of 5 figure promotion so You may say to yourself. Is it even possible to do this? And I would say that if you can do a four figure promotion, that’s great You know don’t think that you have to do a five figure promotion But if you could do a strong three or four figure promotion, then you’re doing the very very well But I wouldn’t put any kind of Pressure on yourself to replicate exactly what he did here. So What does this newbie affiliate playbook reveal? Well, this is is going to show you how you can identify what are called six-figure product launches and Then you can go ahead and promote those now. This is where I have some disagreement with Steve obviously he’s had success and He did it the right way. And then when I started out doing these really big promotions, I did it the wrong way, so I didn’t do very well with my initial six-figure promotions even after I got review access even After I tried to rank for my video reviews, I got crushed essentially So if you follow through with what he tells you though, you can be very successful you just have to follow what he says step-by-step and I’m gonna go through and see what I can do to improve my showing and some of these big launches My personal take on that how I dealt with things was to do the smaller launches and then get some success there Before moving on to do bigger launches now I’m doing bigger launches not necessarily sick six-figure launches but pretty close and so really it comes down to What you want to do as far as your promotions go? But he does give some very good training on how to go after the big launches Now my final thoughts on this particular product was that I thought it was really really good overall, I thought that some of the minutiae of the step by step instruction on say How to do product reviews was missing, so I’m going to make up for that and my bonuses also where to find the best product from promote based on trend and That Falls a little outside of the launch space but this is going to help for those of you who are still looking to build your history of sales on either jvzoo, or warrior plus I’m going to show you how you can go out and promote products that are already out of launch and do that based on trend and then how to rank your product reviews and you do this through a couple different ways one of which is backlinking inside my advance backlinking strategies So that is really what I thought could really benefit those of you who picked this up And so if you pick it up through my link, you’re gonna get some bonuses that I have for you down here But first I want to go through my review and then I’ll return here To look at the OTO s the one-time offers as well as the bonuses So what I’d like to do now is have a quick look at the sales page So we can see the headline is steal the playbook that took me from a hospital bed to a multiple six-figure leaderboard so Here Steve is going to tell his story See the sub headline here is copy the step by step unique system that landed this newbie marketer. I Six-figure leaderboard, so go ahead and watch that video a really good story there and so you can see these are some of the features of the product as well as some of the income proof here, and these are outstanding results that been verified and Absolutely 100% authentic and so you may say to yourself. Well, how is this possible? Well, we’re going to look inside the members area and show you exactly what Steve did to get those results So this is the sales page you can go ahead and have a look at it on your own What I’d like to do now is have a quick look inside the members area. So When you’re here you’re going to see the Modules are these are not just individual training videos, but actual modules with multiple videos, so You’re going to get an introduction from Steve. You’re going to get a gerund a look at how to find Guaranteed six-figure product launches on a internet marketing launch calendar and then you’re going to learn how to get review access for these big product launches from Major vendors and then you’re going to have this information here on how to identify your specific audience Creating a targeted email list positioning which is really, you know your unique selling positioning Because when you’re doing affiliate marketing you’re up against others who are promoting the exact same product So, how did how do you differentiate yourself from others and there is training on that which is really good I thought that was one of the strong points at the course Maximizing opens and clicks which is really good Review video. This is good However, I think there is more in-depth training out there which I’ve cluded included in my bonuses Which is going to give you a better idea about actually how to Set up your video in a more step-by-step way than I think it’s given here how to create bonuses This is good, but I’ve got even better ways for you to create bonuses And then webinar and that’s really good stuff here. You’ve got both Steve and Paul O’Keefe, who is a top webinar? Performer, and so you’re going to get his insights in addition Steve So these guys pulling huge money from webinars? So you’re gonna want to watch that tools and resources with so many software’s and products out there It can be confusing. So here you’re going to get all of that information that you need So this is complete training and this is all-in-one which I like to see in the members area You have it all on one page. You can access it here so what I’d like to do now is have a look at the upgrades as well as the bonuses that are Going to go to those of you who pick up newbie affiliate playbook through my link so let’s go ahead and have a look at the OTO s So OTO number one is four times done for you campaigns and these include four Six-figure offers guaranteed approval to promote these products the emails used in these promos bonus pages and done for you Bonuses o to number two is a five-figure ad a campaign framework here You can take the exact email and webinar framework that Steve developed which allowed him to move from a newcomer to someone hitting leaderboards OTO number three resell rights here You can sell newbie affiliate pro playbook and earn a hundred percent across the entire funnel OTO number four is coaching with Steve here You’re going to get live coaching sessions, which cover all levels no matter what stage You’re at and your business so of these the ones that I recommend would be OTO number one for those of you who just want to have everything done for you and not do all of the setup work and Then if you can swing it to do the coaching with Steve because that will expedite your results So what I’d like to do now is have a look at the bonuses For those of you who pick up Newbie affiliate playbook through my link so my bonus number one is called I am insider’s blueprint here You’re going to get some inside information about internet marketing which will enable you to Get a blueprint that is not shared except at the kind of the high level training I paid out quite a bit of money for this high level training here. You’re going to get it as a free bonus And so it’s really invaluable information. You’re also going to get insight into how I moved 225 sales after being stagnant at I think about three sales for what seemed like forever and how I was able to move the needle and then get to 25 sales and beyond so that’s really going to help those of you who are if you’re stuck at Maybe zero sales or one or two or three sales or sales under ten on either jvzoo or warrior Plus? This is going to help you a lot bonus number two online Product creation secrets and in this tutorial I’m going to show you how I created three top-selling products on warrior Plus Which sold over a thousand units and so this is the kind of information Which will be invaluable to you because you’re going to get some information on how to create bonuses But this is going to show you not only how to create bonuses But so how to turn bonuses into full-blown courses, which is a method that I’ve been using For the last year, ok bonus number 3 ultimate vault of high converting swipes here You going to get split-testing emails that you can? use in your affiliate marketing campaigns Bonus number 4 zero to a hundred and twenty four hours and I think this is a really excellent course on creating affiliate promotions with video marketing and it goes into a lot more detail than what the newbie affiliate playbook covers so really good stuff here bonus 5 advanced backlinking And this is going to help with your video reviews which Steve covers and this is going to help rank your review videos bonus 6 secret method to promote Clickbank products with videos bonus number 7 secret method to get free traffic from latest trends and so these are my Custom bonuses and I have some premium bonuses for you as well Video wizard which is a bonus giving you over 70 videos on how to do video marketing bonus 9 affiliate wizard which is a blueprint to sell products as an affiliate and then you’re going to get all vendor bonuses which include 11 bonuses that have been given to me by the vendor to give to you So if you are on my blog, what you can do is go ahead and click the button, which is not on here yet But it’s going to be right here and it’s going to say get newbie affiliate playbook and all relevant bonuses It’s going to be right here And then that’s going to take you to the sales page And then when you check out all of my bonuses will be waiting for you The button is also going to be at the bottom of the page So you’ll be able to click there? If you’re on YouTube you can go ahead and click the link in the description that’s going to take you to the sales page and once again all of My bonuses will be waiting for you I want to thank you for watching this newbie affiliate playbook review and see you in the next one

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