Nev & Max’s 9 Craziest ‘Catfish’ Meltdowns | MTV Ranked

– [Niev] Did you just completely forget everything we just said to you about you appearing like
a total (bleep) head, and then as we’re leaving, you
make like a jest-ful remark? “Miss you all?” – No.
– Dude. Like, you really seem
like a huge (bleep) head. – So, let me just get this straight. Do you have true feelings for Jennifer? – I don’t have any emotional
feelings toward her. (melancholy music) I would never be able to have a romantic relationship with her. – Then why the (bleep) are we here? – Well, she’s actually not the only girl I spoke to. I felt like out of all the girls, this is the perfect
time, the perfect girl, to finally come clean
to, and end, like Skyler. – What are you ever
hoping to gain from all of these half-true friendships
that you have online? What’s the point? – I wanted to brush up
my game, it was just something I did. – You understand this all makes you look like a huge (bleep), right? – Yeah. – Because I don’t really give a (bleep) that you wanted to come clean and set the story straight for all the other girls
that you’re being a (bleep) to. Why did I bring this awesome amazing girl from Iowa, so that you could clear your conscience? – ‘Cause I feel like it’s good for her to finally know the truth, and… – [Max] You could’ve told her that on the phone though, right? – Yeah, but in a way,
I wanted to end Skyler and I feel like by telling Jen who I am, that ends Skyler. – Right, but that’s all about you. That’s you taking care of your business and not really caring about how that’s affecting someone else. It’s kind of selfish. – Yeah. A little bit. – I don’t really care anymore. – First of all, I’m
really impressed with how well you’re handling this.
– I’m probably going to puke. – So you’re literally fishing and hooking girls and
then tossing them back into the ocean with scars. – Yeah, I would stop speaking to them. – But are you sorry?
Or do you feel like you didn’t do anything wrong here? – I don’t know if I’m sorry, but it is what it is. I
was giving her a gift. Being in that relationship. – You were giving her a gift? – Yeah, I mean, she was
happy, and I know I was leading her on, but I
knew it would never be permanent. – It just seems really
shallow that you would lead these girls on to
brush up on your game. – I guess it could seem that way, yeah. – You’re going to have
a shallow, miserable existence and people are
going to think you’re a douche-bag. – Were you and Sarah Grace ever in on that profile together, really? – Not like together, no. – Did you take Sarah’s
pictures without her knowing and create the Kierstin profile? – Okay, no. There was
already pictures on there and I took over from
there. I didn’t create the profile myself or anything like that. – We strongly believe
that that’s not true. – That’s true though.
That’s full of (bleep). You’re looking at me like I’m lying and– – I don’t believe that. – Well you don’t have
to believe that. I’m not here to convince you. – Who started the Kierstin profile? – It wasn’t honestly me. – Who was it then? Because Sarah told us in a very honest-seeming
way, and I believe her, that she was talking to
this girl named Kendra. – (bleep) Sarah! She’s not (bleep) here. You want to fly her ass out here, let’s (bleep) fly her ass out here. – You want to get her on Skype? We can get her on Skype.
– That’s ridiculous. I’m so sick and tired
of you telling you that I’m lying when I’m
sitting here crying while my kids in the (bleep) hospital. Where the (bleep) I should be. Not here trying to (bleep) convince you of anything.
(dramatic music) – You can’t manipulate it just by crying. – I’m not manipulating anything. – You cry and then we
can’t ask you anything else.
– That’s not true. – Yes it is true. – I can cry all day long
and (bleep) talk to you because that’s the fucking truth. – Yesterday, Sarah
Grace was in on it and– – I lied. – Okay, so you were lying yesterday but now, this is– – Yeah, it took a minute because I’m going through so
much emotional (bleep) looking at my phone and
(bleep) you won’t just shut up and listen to me. Shut up. Talking to him is (bleep) pointless. – You know what? I’m
done. I don’t need to talk to you anymore. You guys can finish this without me. How about that? There. (dramatic music) – Problem solved. – Why with me for ten years? – Because I didn’t have
that bond with nobody else for ten years. I
don’t have no one else that I can call a friend. I have associates. If I really wanted you, I would’ve told you. “This is me and I’m in love with you,” I didn’t feel that way,
you know what I’m saying? I’m being real and honest.
– I don’t buy it. – I know it’s messed up. – That’s so heartless.
You’re just so needy and you don’t have anyone else to talk to and you don’t care about her feelings or how you’re affecting
her, (bleep) her over, wasting her life, because you’re like a a little baby and you need to cry, you need to cry to her?
– I care about her feelings. – Not really. Come on, man. This is like getting in a fight with
someone in kindergarten. You’re like, “I was never friends with you anyway.”
– Nah. – Yeah, it feels that immature. Like “when I told you, that was fake.” (dramatic music)
– I saw the letter. – Yeah. – That thing was written with passion. You can’t fake that. (David laughs)
– I was about to say thank you because I’m telling you… – That was fake. That
was a fake love letter? – I mean, yeah.
– I don’t believe that. – It’s not our place, but I’m just saying I know that’s not true.
– That’s the point. It wasn’t even for me
to believe, for ya’ll to believe. It was written for her to believe, she believed
it at that moment. – Because you wanted
to make sure she stayed dedicated to being your close friend. – Basically. – I just feel like it’s full of shit. – Don’t sit up here and get mad at me over something that you did
also. She lied to me too. – When did I lie? – At first you were telling me you was another female. – No, I wasn’t.
– With blonde hair. A white girl.
– A white girl? – So you’re saying when
you first met, Andrea, you thought she looked like someone else? – Yeah, she was sending
me pictures of another female.
– I was in 6th grade, how am I gonna know how
to make up somebody’s picture and put it up there? That don’t even make no sense. – The same reason that
I was able to do it. – That was you. That ain’t me. – Guys, it’s hard to
know what you’re telling the truth about and
what you’re not telling the truth about. Because
you kept some big, big lies going for ten years. – At the end of the
day, there were certain things I was telling about the truth, and certain things that I wasn’t telling about the truth. That’s all. – [Roman] Well, we looked at your page. Your real page, and
found a picture of a ring and a message that looked
like it was from me. – He sent her that ring. – I never sent her a ring at all. – When Loida opened that envelope, it had your name on it. You did
send that to her, Roman. – I never sent her a ring. – If he’s saying he didn’t send it, sorry to tell you Ramon, somebody pretend to be
him and he doesn’t know? – Loida, you want to
explain that to your mom for us?
– What? – How that all happened? – What happened? – The ring.
– The ring. – Ramon gave you money.
– It was birthday money. – You went online, you
bought yourself a ring, you mailed it yourself, and in front of your mother, you lied to her and told her he had sent it to you. Am I wrong? – Are you surprised though? That she sent the ring?
– Whatever. – No, not whatever. It’s important. These details are important. – Whatever! – You’re not really hearing.
– Yes I am. Yes I am. – No you’re not. Your daughter is a liar. – My daughter is a liar? What about Ramon? – Ramon has his own issues to deal with. – I can see that. – Okay. And part of what I hope we can do today, is everybody admits their issues. I encourage you to take this opportunity
to take responsibility for what you’ve done. Same to you, okay? I’m
just here to try and encourage you to be
honest with yourselves. – Since we’ve been making
the show, every girl or guy that’s been in
Ari’s place fears that they’re talking to some mid-40-something year old man who’s sad, sitting at home in his
crusty boxers, like, typing into the computer.
And you’re that guy. We finally met you. And that sucks for you. – Right. Totally. – Yeah. But it also
sucks even more for Ari and all the other girls
who’s time you wasted. (melancholy music) You’re not the victim here. – He’s told me that he’d break up with Liz for me. Obviously he didn’t tell you guys that story. – Nope.
– No. Whatever. – But, like I said… – It’s not whatever, if
you have this girl that you love so much, that
you’ve been having a relationship with for a year and a half, why are you–
– Right. – sending pictures of your (bleep)? – Wasn’t trying to get
any sexual conversation out of you.
– Come on, man. – Don’t pretend, and I
won’t either, that you’re holier than any other guy in the world. – No, no. – We’re the same here, okay? – Wait, time out. I don’t do that shit. – Yes, yes! Just be
realistic for a second. – Vince called us in
under the pretense that he wanted to get this girl
the hell out of his life because she’s ruining
his relationship with his girlfriend, who he loves so much– – Come on, man. You’re
making me look like a (bleep) asshole. – You’re kinda making
yourself look pretty bad. I mean, Liz has good
reason to have suspicions about why you weren’t blocking Alyssa. – I wasn’t trying to get
back in a relationship. – It was something on the
side that you wouldn’t let go of for Liz.
Which is all she wanted. – I mean, yeah. – Why don’t we go back to the hotel. We’ll be in touch with you.
– Yeah, that’s fine. – Figure out another time to meet back up. – All-right. (dramatic music) (car door shuts) – You had to know that she was going to bring that up. – I understand. I (bleep) up. I get that. What are you trying to say? – If you truly love
somebody, you got to not do anything to compromise that. That (bleep) will come out. – So you’re recording? – Yeah, our conversation. – You’re recording all this? – Are you kidding me? – That’s so (bleep) up. – Yeah. – Look, Niev, just take
a step back so he can’t look over your shoulder.
Don’t worry about him. He’ll find or not find
whatever he’s looking for. – Yeah. – I’m finding some stuff on your phone. – Okay. I mean, I didn’t scrutinize… – I know enough about how
to keep things private to know to look in your
Google Drive, which you probably didn’t think
I was going to go into. I found one list that you keep in your Google Drive list of girls,
Jamie in parenthesis, next to it it says Portland, Former Playboy model. And then you have a status list underneath.
For Megan, it says, “on the level of saying I love you,” lives in Vegas, doesn’t know she’s being cat-fished. Lauren, also
on the level of saying I love you, lives in Palm
Springs, doesn’t know she’s being cat-fished.
Deborah, been talking for a while, she lives in
Illinois, wants to meet Lucas badly, watch out for that subject, doesn’t know she’s being cat-fished. Jamie, talking since
November, Ursula told her she’s being cat-fished. So you were keeping notes. – 400 girls.
– He categorized me. – You’re not even listening. You want your damn phone back. – In the videos, which I went through, I found a lot. Weirdly,
they come up as videos, but when I go to play
them they don’t play, which is maybe because
it saved the thumbnail but it deleted the actual video. But you can see here…
– Oh, Jesus. – One of you, this is a picture of you. Lot of pictures of girls that are clearly masturbating, or… so
you still have that video. – Okay, well, the thing is… – So you have our pictures saved. – I don’t ever look at
that stuff. They’re never going to be shared with anybody. – How do we know this
is truly over? Because you don’t seem to give a (bleep). – It’s not fun anymore
at this point to have something going just to
know that it’s going to come to an end as bad as
something like this is. – There’s something
really odd and off about the way you’re talking about everything. It’s not that you’re overcome with guilt by the sheer pain and
embarrassment that you’re causing these girls, it’s
about the fact that, oh you just don’t want to
get into a relationship that you’re going to
have to end. None of it had to do with, “I’m
hurting a lot of people, and that makes me feel terrible inside.” – I thought that was obvious because it’s obvious that I’m
hurting these people, and I know that. – It’s obvious that you’re
hurting these people, but what’s not obvious is that you care about that. – Honestly, I don’t think
you even have feelings. That’s how I feel. – I think that’s how we all feel. – I do.
– I don’t believe in anything that you have to say. I don’t. – Right. Which leads me to my next thing which is, there’s only
one way to tell if you’re sorry, and that’s by stopping. – You’re right. You’re 100% right. – Prove me right. – All-right, so we’ll
be in touch and let you know about meeting back up. – Thanks, guys. – All-right. See you later. – Miss you all. (ominous music) – Wait, what did you say at the end? Miss you all?
– Yeah. – What is that? That
just sounded like a joke? Like did you really
just say “Miss you all” like a playful remark? – I do miss you. – Did you just completely
forget everything we said to you about
appearing like a total (bleep) and then as
we’re leaving you make a jest-ful remark? Miss you all?
– No. – Dude, you really seem
like a huge (bleep) head. – Yeah.
– So think about that. – Working on it. – That’s… – Thank you. (door closes) – Nailed it.
(horror music) – I want to hear a thing that you’ve been thinking that you were going to say. I want to hear how good it is. – I have nothing to say. – I don’t believe it. – You have all you have
anyway. You don’t have to have a conclusion to how a person is. – But what’s your story? – I (bleep) cat-fish people
and I’m cool with it. You don’t have to be
cool with the things… – I just want to know,
are you proud of it? – Yeah, I’m proud of myself. Because I do a damn good job. Why are you going to waste your breath saying
anything to me anymore? – I don’t want you to make other people feel like (bleep).
– They shouldn’t have to. – You put people in positions to make them feel like (bleep), admit it. – But you fell for it, though, didn’t you. I make people feel like shit because they want to, because they– – I wanted to feel like (bleep)? – You already did. You ain’t (bleep). – Your argument is “you ain’t (bleep), you already (bleep)?” (chair scraping across the floor) – Great. – [Niev] I just don’t feel like
she deserves the couch time. (ominous music) – Hey bro, how’s it
going. My name’s Kelsey. I’m Adam the Gambler. – Oh, wow.
(Adam giggles) So what’s your endgame here? – Just have fun with
you, man. That was it. You know, it was a game and it’s over now. – So this is all just fun and games. – Yeah, really, it is, yeah. – Is there something else more meaningful that you think you proved with this? – No. There’s no deeper
meaning to any of this. – Who’s pictures are you using? – Actually, a girl I
know from high school. – Do you have a job. Are you in school? – Yeah, this is like my job right now. I’ll go here, I time the
jackpots, do whatever I want on my phone, time the jackpots, win about 60 bucks for the night, go home. – How do you know you’re going to win the jackpot? – I have an algorithm,
you see. I count the number of people in here,
right? And then I have all the times on my phone, I can even show you that, I have all the times that they’ve ever gone off.
– He’s rigged it. – Yeah. In between jackpots
there’s a transition period where you’re waiting for the thing. I’d log in here, pretend to be Kelsey, talk to him a while, just something to do to pass the time. – Did you create that psychology group to lure people in to mess
with them, to carry on fake relationships with? – I took advantage of the fact that I had this group up, yeah, let’s
add this other account of mine in there and let’s see who we can mess with, you know? – How many people do you
think you’ve cat-fished? – I would say about maybe
30, 40? Around there? It’s interesting to me, and fun. – Is your relationship
with Ellie something that you even care about? Or
are you just using her? – Oh, no. I care about Ellie. She’s my girlfriend, it’s not a cover-up. I have genuine feelings for her. – I’ve talked to Ellie before. Sweet girl. Amazing girl. What in the (bleep) world makes you think you’re getting anywhere with that? – I can justify anything.
I can justify anything. – So how’d you like my (bleep) pic? – It was interesting.
Thank you for sending it to me, I really want
that on my computer. – You (bleep) yourself
off to this (bleep). (Adam giggles) – No, I deleted it quickly after. – Did you just wake up
this morning and say, you know what, I want
to play a bad guy on TV? I just want to be the
worst version of myself I can be, is that what you decided? – Yeah! – Is this really who you are right now? – This is really who I am. I’m the joker. – I mean… – This is the kind of loser that gives our show a bad name. Are we really sitting here giving him any airtime? – I’m the king of cat-fishes, right? – No you’re not.
– I am. I’m the King Catfish.
– You’re really not. – I’m done here, I’m done. I’m done. – [Niev] It’s just a
big waste, that’s all.

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