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“The road of the ghosts” is one of an evil legend from Kampinos Wilderness Rumors said about paranormal activities at night flickering lights, and shadows moving through forest There is a few legends about this road, so lets go with us to check them out… we’re going through “Łączniczek AK” road in few moment, We will pass fire road nr49.. which is connected with “Road of the ghosts” where We want to check all legends about ghosts etc.. But first little history the name of this road isn’t accidental ( road of Couriers AK Army) because this was real trail for couriers.. -in WWII, sorry for interrupt but this is fire road nr 49 🙂 the perfect moment 🙂 -behind us we find few articles about “road of the ghosts”. unfortunetly they did not specify exactly where is this road (we find few diferrent spots) people indicate few spots on the maps road we going tonight, was the most indicated on the maps Even, different spots was in similar area, so i’m pretty sure. This is “the road of the ghost” yes we need go straight. This is fire road nr 49, and all sources said ghost road going that way – for me also is in this way, -ok so lets go if we don’t go, we will not convince First steps on the Road of the ghosts but remember, we need go also in deep forest to find horizontal trees one of the legends said about lady with the big dog nothing strange? legends said this dog is without head… and this lady is transparent, like a soul.. Another legend said about weird scents, in specific places If you will go for it (this scents is very intense), and you reach critical point, scents gone If you pass few metres, this scents come back In similar way, you going in deep forest to find it, scent suddenly disappears. And you stands in middle of the forest 🙂 The most realistic legends, which i can really believe is about flickering lights. And this is what we need to check radios find weird signals of unknown origin We’ ve got our radios but we check this deeper -around us is city so propably this is the problem but your radio can scan a lot radio channels so maybe we find something i got the first tree Pictures of horizontal trees, shows it increases close to the ground But honestly this one is pretty normal, we find pictures of trees going about 1-2 metres in horizontal way -and look this trees it’s still young -For me it’s look like someone cut this tree here.. – and after that branch stard growing as main trunk -Btw, always when i’m looking in deep forest at night my imagination activates 🙂 -yeah we the same somewhere about now, normal walk through forest little change the deeper in forest we go, all started being darker When We pass about 300 metres, we saw white flickering light it was hunging out in air far away from us. but it’s not finish of the story different colors lights, started show us in many spots of the roud we had an impression, they surround us, so we need to go closer to them and check what was that -I m not full of enthusiasm now… Red light again! -at what direction? for sure if you look on that way… close to this 3 trees, count from birch-tree 1, 2, 3 between them for sure ok so i go for closer look -turn on radio, which channel? classic channel 6 let see, red lights… forest, snow, moss.. moose.. you said 50-100 metres? about 50metres.. ok so i pass something about it i didn’t see any light sources that’s nothing more than trees you know what turn the right ok? You know what is the best, my radio is almost exhausted. 🙂 did you hear me? what? the radio is exhausting -what? Classic you going in middle of the forest and battery’s dies what happened? battery died you put fresh battery? -did you change battery today? not yet i got fresh in my pocket – so change it The worst thing, we standing on haunted road, everybody is absorbed by changing battery.. -and something standing behind our back 🙂 – but maybe finally we find something 🙂 -it’s working 🙂 fresh batteries it must working -all radios got fresh batteries now so check this spot one more time or it’s no sense? it’s no sense, lets go further the fact is, we actually see some lights from this place, it’s look for some kind of road, so propably there was lights from cars or something so our plan. When we come back, we go to finish of this road, and check posibility theory of car lights If We correct, it’s very easy to find “lights” 🙂 all time I’m looking for those weird trees….. Look i m just started talking about it 🙂 -perfect shot 🙂 -This is a big tree -second today. birch-tree maybe this tree, was fallen by wind when tree was young? but the roots still was in ground, so grow anyway? -diagonally? -i don’t think so.. – tree increases as high as possible tree looking for light, so always try go up – so when fall down, it anyway growth.. -and suddenly stop blow? 🙂 this branch is broken?- yes look how, it’s grown it doesn’t make sense to grown about 15 years in horizontal and after that up if your theory is correct it would grow up, just after fall down but when fall down, it was propably a big tree already I have idea, if someone know something about it, please leave the comment and explain it to us 🙂 which of us was the closest of true 🙂 From the moment, when Łukasz go to the forest i got radio turn on If anything disrupt frequencys, we heard it volume is for maximum.. in War times, here was a lot of hard battles In “Laski” village was murdered by Germans.. Something about 200 peoples.. – yes, and there is one legend which say, someone find soldier buried with his own horse And supposedly you can met him here We are in the middle of the road, so maybe try scan radio channels? ok ok lets started.. -some noises the channels changing.. look little scared.. man.. and that wind.. oh man I find it on three different channels.. -very weird sound.. -interesting I left this scanning, and lets go further left this scanning, maybe it find something more 🙂 I’ve got turn on navigation all time, to know where we actually go But it would be really hard to lose it, because it’s going straight all time 🙂 If maps are corect, there is the main road so the lights are propably from this road did you feel this cold? 🙂 another tree a lot of them here.. listen we almost in the middle of the forest 🙂 in the middle of the road of the ghost and in the middle of the forest 🙂 We should turn from the road, and go through the forrest for me yeah i have the same idea 🙂 – so let’s go on the left 🙂 there is fork of roads near us sorry, intersection i saw the light’s for 100% step back for the while.. yes there is the light i’m not sure i can catch this on camera -did you see something? – yes, please hide the flashlighter damn, i can’t catch it on camera, but i can see them.. did you see, let’s check on the left i caught it on camera, and it’s gone it’s gone.. i’don’t like this.. it was first light, second and disappeared i like it, we always read about spots like this etc.. there is myth about flashing lights and we find them 🙂 so it’s cool 🙂 a lot of people see here, souls, orbs or hear sound of marching army that’s why i made few pictures there is crossing of the roads i think indeed yes this intersection we looking for so we separated here? i tell you one more, look how we can distribute it one road straight second here and the third is here this the road with the lights, so wee need to check, maybe cars going there this in deep forest, so it’s most interesting 🙂 and someone must go there 🙂 fourth 🙂 we put infrared camera on this tripod when we separated, we left camera here Propably you wonder, why we separeted on haunted road in middle of the forest.. because when we going together, we can get scared one by one we didn’t scared nobody from our group specially, but it’s much different feeling when you going in 3 people when you go alone, the senses are more sensitive and you can see something, you normally miss you are more open-eyed we are going through haunted forest this is a strange hobby :), and honestly i didn’t like haunted places When i met someone, how explain wtf i’m doing in middle of the night.. with camera in middle of the forest 🙂 -you know i’m looking for the ghosts, 🙂 one of the trees wipes of another and it make really weird sound and some squeak.. i don’t know what was that tha name, road of the ghost came from somewhere.. from what? people must see something here Btw, the whole theory’s we talk about.. most likely as: scent, lights, short circuit on radio.. we can check lights and radio the scent is much worse because it’s winter.. and only what you can feel in air is frost in the area of that road (before it was closed) it was a normal road for the cars.. and sometimes, people find wrecks of burned cars because bad people make their buisness here 🙂 when you going in middle of night in forest.. and you empathize with.. horrors, story of ghosts, you read similar history’s i’m not suprises someone make legends similar to all story’s about this road.. beacause mood of this forest can overwhelming for a lot of people your brain create weird scenarios, all shadows make weird shapes.. imagination make all job here and people make new reality.. we came to end of the ghost road, and as we suppose this is another street ever there propably we saw the lights of the cars… and the side lights, propably was made by nearby buildings but it’s only one question. Why we saw the lights on start of the road, where is no buildings? and there is no street? people said a lot of weird story’s about this road If you was here, and something happaned to you, please leave your story at the comment this is end our journey on the road of the ghosts.. it’s hard to say it is haunted place, so we leave judgement for you If you enjoy our work, please subscribe, check one of our previous movies. And check our sponsorhips option 🙂 and? see you on next exploration! 🙂

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