NASA: Mars Rover Discovery “For History Books”

the mars rover has made a discovery that
nasa is saying is one for the history books but they’re not telling us what it is
apparently we’re gonna have to wait until next month to find out about it they’re saying it’s something big they are running additional test to make
sure that the discovery does hold up john graz ing girl who’s the rover
missions principal investigator said quote this data is going to be one for
the history books it’s looking really good what could this be we are now we know
that the data comes from a soil sample that was analyzed by the rover sample
analysis and uh… that that’s really all we know at this
point now we know that nasa is keeping this mostly
under wraps because it could be a false alarm but you would think if there’s
still a chance it’s a false alarm don’t tell us anything at all well i mean uh… he must be that there pretty pretty sure it is with here beijing is what do you think it could be but what could be one for the history
books uh… a i don’t know i mean you’d think if it was uh… if there was some form of microbial why
for fossilized microbial life something like that they they might be going to get more
crazy but uh… well they think for the
history books i am a treasure can you get these this is nasa scientists say
that i know one for the history books is different from this one’s going to
change everything yeah databinding t we can safely say
brightness on what do you think about this what what do you think they found uh… if it really is something that’s
been a shock the american public or the world at
large that’s gotta be something related to life uh… believe there’s something related
to life having existed or existing on mars or maybe something uh… that is found on earth that they
found on mars which means that there’s some sort of uh… connection between
the soon may be uh… some sort of uh… travel between
the two at some point in history on a do you think that they may have found a
monolith like in two thousand one a space odyssey biography collect i really doubt it brilliant they found out one on the
warner brothers that i don’t know i don’t think they need to
write additional tests and he think that that particular maybe they needed just to be totally
sure that that’s what it is uh… you know what i hope they did what
if they found uh… with a kind in newt gingrich but already setting up with a mars
colony or something that would be that be fascinating
skipping the movie’s going straight to mark this if newt gingrich’s on mars are
ready setting up a colony and is he has very fast relative ability i will never
insulted that yet

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